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Okiraku Putter Golf Coming To Japanese WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It seems that the Arc System Works, the creators of Family Table Tennis have another game heading to the WiiWare service soon. Okiraku Putter Golf has just been announced for WiiWare and is due out for release in Japan before the end of 2008 at the bargain price of only 500 Wii Points.

Not much information was released alongside this announcement other than the fact that it will make use of the Wii Fit Balance Board accessory. Players can adjust their golfer's stance by shifting their weight on the Balance Board.

We'll have more information on Okiraku Putter Golf as it becomes available, but until then you can take a look at the only two screenshots of the game in action below.



Source: Balance Board Blog

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Djungelurban said:

Very nice... Looks like a truly ambitious mini-golf game... Not too many of those around so I'm all for this one.



Terra said:

I can't help but feel that this will completely crushed in competition with the other Mini Golf game that Shin'en are making, Fun! Fun! Minigolf. Sad fact as this looks like it could have potential and the balance board to adjust your stance certainly makes for a more realistic game and adds a layer of depth to it. I reckon that this will trump Table Tennis but still fail from the competition.

Also, what about Arc System Works other WiiWare Games, Family Glide-Hockey and Family Slot Cars?



Ricardo91 said:

Maybe since it's cheap and has Balance Board support, it'll be slightly less crappy than Family Table Tennis. Though it'll still likely be crushed under the might of Fun! Fun! Minigolf.



Objection said:

This is a different game than Fun-Fun Minigolf or whatever its called, right? I hope its good because I have exactly 500 points.



Virus said:

It'll take a lot to make me buy a golf game on WiiWare...and this game doesn't look "a lot."



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Same developer is also making other games too featuring the same characters, including Parcheesi and Air Hockey! Certainly something to keep an eye on.



KDR_11k said:

The courses certainly look more interesting than standard minigolf courses. I still think it'd have more appeal to most people with Miis (then you can't blame anyone but yourself if you don't like the look of the character ) and the Wii does seem to have a larger than usual number of golf games but who knows how it'll turn out? We can definitely use more 500 point Wiiware.



Wiiloveit said:

I can't wait for FFM!, but due to the apparant crappiness of FTT, I think I'll give this a miss, though BB support makes it fairly good value at 500 points. The price probably means that this one will still sell more than FFM!, however good/bad it may be.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'd care but since Arc System works don't seem to be aware of PAL, I can't. Though that said the last thing I need now is more crap (FTT) to clog the pipeline that is NOEs WiiWare rleease schedule...

Given the fact this one has environments I'd guess it takes up more blocks



Twilight_Crow said:

No thanks, I'm happy with the Wii Sports golf, also, If the balance board support is the only improvement of this game, it's just meh, as I'm not planning on getting one just yet.



KDR_11k said:

It's minigolf, not regular golf so it's not trying to be the same as Wii Sports golf.



jorenmartijn said:

And still we haven't got a Mario Golf on a retail disc (Camelot is the best!). However, this doesn't look bad at all from the screenshots.



blackknight77 said:

"However, this doesn't look bad at all from the screenshots."

Family Table Tennis was a nice looking game. I have it, so I'll vouche for the nice visuals

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