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OFLC Update: Mega Man 3

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

PAL gamers rejoice - Mega Man 3, the third installment of the original NES Mega Man series is heading our way! We got Mega Man 2 way back in December, so it really was a no-brainer that this would happen sometime soon, but the OFLC has now confirmed our suspicions.

Strangely enough the game was rated on the 2nd of October, but wasn't actually added to the OFLC database until today, meaning newer ratings pushed it way down the list. Thankfully we spotted it!

Almost everybody who thinks that Mega Man 2 is not the best game in the series (Me included) thinks that this one is. Aside from more detailed graphics and another stunning soundtrack, the game introduces Rush and Proto Man, together with 8 new classic Robot Masters. Shadow Man and Snake Man are fan favourites! There's also two weakness chains instead of one, a first in the series.

We have no idea when the game will be released on the VC, but we expect it to be before the year is over.

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worrybomb said:

In my opinion, Mega Man 2 was a masterpiece while Mega Man 3 I would consider as a summer blockbuster movie.

That's not to knock Mega Man 3 in anyway just it wasn't enough to knock off MM2 as my number one Mega Man game. Still it's a great addition to the VC and a must own if you're still fiending for some Mega. Plus it's the only game where the developers didn't mess up the Rush Jet.



slangman said:

Awesome. to current Mega Man games on the VC and WiiWare are awesome so this is going straight to my "VC games to download list" lol.



slangman said:

The more Mega Man games Capcom bring to the VC the more money Capcom will get from my wallet.



Bass_X0 said:

Excellent. I expected a long gap between Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 3 since normally companies would rather gamers download the WiiWare remake of an old game than release the old game itself or hold off on putting out VC sequels to the series if they put out a WiiWare game.



blackknight77 said:

Capcom please keep supporting Mega Man on the VC. Lets get 3-6 out soon and don't forget to put out Mega Man Wiley Wars since it was a Sega Channel only game



timp29 said:

I 'think' this was the first mega man I played all those years ago. Good to see its on its way!



Rapadash6 said:

Easilly my favorite in the series for sure. Hopefully North America won't have to wait until a potential MM10 Wiiware release to get it like we did with the first two games. Still I'm just happy to hear that it's definately in the pipeline to come out SOMETIME in the future. Can't wait!



ness said:

Really cool, and because i've never played the game (only MM 1, 2 & 4 (and 9 of course^^)) i'm very exciting to do so after so many years of abstinence^^.



Phantom5800 said:

Good news for you guys. I thoroughly enjoyed Mega Man 3 the most on the Anniversary Collection out of all the other games.



Link79 said:

Well I didn't expect this to be coming so soon. Now that we are getting the classic series games released I think it would be a good time to get the X games added soon. I'm looking forward to Mega man X3 on VC. The original cartridge is quite rare and usually goes for $70 bucks or more on E-bay. It's my favorite of the X series and would be a steal on VC for only 8 bucks.



Terra said:

It Was Only a Matter of Time, though i suspect MM9 may have been why we've had to wait for MM3 so long (In Europe anyway)



Bendover83 said:

I still think Capcom needs to release one Mega Man game a month now. Ex. In America anyway we had MM1 in August MM2&9 in September. So I think 3 in October, 4 in November, and etc. until Megaman 7 on SNES comes out then release MMX to X3.



Rexy said:

I never got the chance to play Mega Man 3, but after loving Mega Man 2, I am so willing to embark on this one. This is definitely high on my wishlist now



WolfLink22 said:

I can't wait for when or if this gets ESRB Rated for USA.Sure it was not my personal Favorite or nor did i consider it the best nor the worst i did however still thought it came in a close 3rd behind Mega Man 2 and the first game.



Devastator said:

I do not know why people keep buying these games seperately instead of just getting the collection. It is only 10 or 13 dollars at Gamestop. That will save you money from downloading them seperately, plus the time you have to wait for it to be available for the VC.



Ski_Deuce said:

I totally agree with you all the way. However, the GC's d-pad wasn't the most amazing thing ever. Fortunately, you can buy retro controller converters now, or if you're particularly stingy like me, sometimes I buy games, and play the back up copies on my PC. For example, I recently bought cartridge copies of both Toe Jam and Earl Games for the genesis at the measly price of $6. I have a genesis at home but it's not at college, so emulation comes in handy. I even have a SNES pad to usb adapter to play older games with.



Drake said:

@ Devastator: Mega Man Anniversary Collection wasn't released in Europe, so most Europeans will not consider it as an option.



Iggy said:

Sweet hopefully they give us more allready got a megaman collection going on in my wii.



Cthuloops said:

Hopefully we get this and the X series, and possibly the Wily Wars as I haven't played that one ever. That is probably wishing too much though.



Corbs said:

I still think Mega Man 5 is the best of the 8-bit titles, but Mega Man 3 would be right behind it.



antihero82 said:

My first Mega Man title when I was a kid. This game brings back childhood memories. Easily IMO the best in series.



Digiki said:

Cool I want 5 and 6 the most though as I actually have nostalgia for those ones



Twilight_Crow said:

I got tired of the GC controller d-pad and button configuration, so now I'm getting the anniversary collection for the PS2, is still cheaper than buying them separately; besides, who knows when MM3 will come to NA VC, or if they're actually gonna release all MM games on it.



classicmike said:

Well this was going to happen at some time around the release of Mega Man 9. Good game actually, one of the best but is tied as #1 Mega Man along with Mega Man 2 and 9.



WaddleWave said:

This is best! You get the MM3 bosses and MM2 bosses plus Wily stages! You will be blasting hours with this title. I say, in gameplay hours to complete the game, this surpasses Mega Man 9, the only thing Mega Man 9 has is the replay.



Starwolf_UK said:

Hopefully we get this and the X series, and possibly the Wily Wars as I haven't played that one ever.
From what 'im told the Wily Tower bit of Wily Wars is great but the rest of it not so. You've got slightly-off versions of Mega Man games with a mess in the graphics department (some graphics were upgraded while others are the same as the NES counter part; not a good mix)

At this rate, it will be a long time till the United States gets the third installment...
What makes you say that? I think much of the holdup was Capcom crying because they couldn't all the Mega Man games at once onto the VC at Wii Launch. Capcom Europe; being the bastard child didn't have such issues. Capcom have since gotten over them selves hence Mega Man 1 and 2 coming out...



BJ1 said:

Mega Man 3 was my first game in the series, just like Sonic 3 was my first game in the series.



Atlantis1982 said:

This and 4 were my favorites. Again, no point in buying this as I got the Anniversary Collection on the GameCube!



deadly_by_design said:

There's no way I'm buying the collection, due to its bass-ackwards control scheme. I'd rather play it correctly via VC.

Megaman 3 has music ranging from great to meh, and if I recall from playing it yeeeaars ago, I never liked it as much as 2. Still glad to see it hit the VC though, and hope it comes to the US sooner rather than later.



Jolted85 said:

Mega Man 3 is probably the hardest for me out of all the Mega Man series, it's still an awesome game, and it introduced the slide, as well as Mega Man's brother ProtoMan, I'll buy this when it comes out.



Surgical_Precision said:

I actually never got the Anniversary Collection for the GC but being since I could find it with little effort online, Picking up each game one by one is kinda a bum deal...

The only major cons I can think of is the AC has reversed button controls & the poorly emulated MM7 short ending...

Where as the VC release's (Besides for being paid for separately) Will never see MM8 added to the list, thus making a vary expensive collection of virtual software incomplete...

I suppose I'm wondering... What's more important... Value & completeness... OR... Quality (But at a costs)



NESgamer said:

Mega Man 3 is awesome, it's my favorite! (yes i also treasure MM 2 and the very first one), the debate of which one is the best will go on forever! Both are very enjoyable experiences and i hope this time America get it at the same time than Europe Capcom trolled us with the release dates of MM 1 and 2!

@Surgical Precision:If you can get the Anniversary collection i encourage you to do so, it contains also the rare Megaman the powerbattle and the powerfighters (arcade) and some other stuff, not to mention Megaman 1 to 8. I have all the NES games but that didn't stop me from getting the aniversary collection for the equivalent of $10! (not getting them for the VC i must confess for the same arguments you said).

The VC has the advantage that if someone doesn't want the whole package they can still get to play high profile MM 2 and 3 for example, without paying attention to the least popular.

(yes i see Megaman 10 comming, in the near future like 2009)



Surgical_Precision said:

@NESgamer Thanks for your response!...

Well apparently the average cost of getting the AC new nowadays is between $35-$40...

I never buy used unless I can actually inspect the game before buying (Namely to make sure the disc isn't starting to fracture/split from normal use)

So at $5 a pop per NES game & $8 for MM7 my grand total would be $38... Putting the a VC collection more or less directly in the same price point as the AC...

So now that I know there's no real price advantage either way, My question is overall value...

You seem to favor the AC because of the completeness factor which is something I more or less understand quite well... (I would probably try to find some way to track down MM8 just for the sake of having it, thus upping the costs to myself even higher)

But at the same time I'm also a quality freak and the things I've read about the AC don't exactly inspire much hope...

How would you compare the AC's emulation to the quality of the originals/VC's?

Is it really not as big of a deal as everyone seems to be making of it? (Including your experience with the reversed button's learning curve)



NESgamer said:

@Surgical Precision. There is no big difference on the emulation of them you only notice if you play BOTH, the only thing which i really find annoying is the inverse buttons, that was a wtf move from them, like what's the point of changing the button configuration that we grow up with!, they added a "rapid fire" however.

I think people exaggerated about the problems of the game, but they exist

Megaman 7 suffered some changes, mostly on the ending (it's all true). I never played Megaman 8 before so i really can't comment what changed and what not.

The AC should be cheaper than that :s if you can find a better price i say go for it. I favored the AC because i found it cheaper (used but in good condition) which i think is an advantage to independent downloads, but if you will pay the same for each then probably the VC is a good option as well because it has better controls and you can avoid the worst of the series (MM 8 imo), you will have to wait until they become available though xP MM 3 is not even up yet!. However that will always be just "data", the AC will have some collection value in the future (maybe), not to mention you don't waste some precious Wii memory.

Whatever you do is alright, there are a lot of pros and cons about it.



Serpent said:

My second favorite mega man game!! (mm2 being first)
Hope it comes out here soon.



Surgical_Precision said:


Thanks... With that all in mind I'm now probably looking at going down the VC route... I've never seen a used copy of the AC at ANY one of the game stores that I frequently visit... So odds being whenever I eventually do find one, It probably won't be in vary good condition...

Also there's the slight possibly of the Wily Wars coming to the VC as well... (Which would replace MM1-3 for me)



x10power said:

Well I have all of the Original Megamans and the X's series do the discs for the Gamecube but I would love for that Genesis one to come out I think it was Willy Wars I saw here. There is also the possibility of a import of Megaman and Bass that was release in Japan for the Falicom. There is also a sport title featuring Megaman known as Megaman Soccer. I bet we won't get his is a very long time but there is also Megaman 64 which I love the story to. (For anyone confused MM 64 is known as Legends on the Playstation 1). Besides those games that all of the Megaman games left leavin 8 Megaman games left to be release. Of course I may of forgot one or two but I'm 95% sure I got them all.



Big_A2 said:

Too bad the Mega Man collections never came out here in Australia.

Now I'm all hyped up for Mega Man 3, I really hope it comes out here this Friday.



NESgamer said:

Haha Megaman soccer was amusing... that is of course if you like soccer and megaman xP.

If Willy Wars comes to the VC i'll get it!, never played it before, just on emulators (cough).



Bass_X0 said:

I didn't get into Megaman Soccer much. But then I'm not a fan of soccer games...



JoshZTP said:

I'm seriously hoping for Megaman 3 will come out with Castlevania 3... maybe for an October 27 release, in time for Halloween... if I keep predicting it... it will shortly become my all time dream come true!!!

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