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New WiiWare Game: Let's Catch

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Sega has now gone live with the official site for their upcoming WiiWare title Let's Catch. The game will simulate a real life game of catch in which the player uses the Wii Remote to simulate both the throwing and catching of the ball. The game will also feature several challenges that up to 4 players can take part in that range from trying to throw the ball with the highest velocity to target challenges. There's even a game of Hot Potato where the potato is actually a time bomb. You don't want to be the one to catch the bomb when the timer reaches "0" obviously. According to the official site, the game will feature full Mii support and will retail for 1000 Wii Points.

We'll have more information on Let's Catch as it becomes available.

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Dazza said:

The official site says 1000 Wii points!

This might be fun for a while, but it really looks like a Wii Sports minigame doesn't it?



thewiirocks said:

1000 Nintendo Points? Seriously?

I often wonder if producers have taken leave of their senses. Of course, Cammie Dunaway did just call butt-surfing "true innovation", so it's been a weird day anyway!



Corbs said:

It depends on how many of those challenges there are and how fun they will be. 1000 Wii Points for a game of catch is a bit high.



Corbs said:

I don't think it's too high if there are plenty of different challenges to play and the replay value is good. We just don't know much about it yet. I'll wait until I play it to say whether or not it's worth it or not.



couthedman92 said:

I wouldn't pay to play catch in real life, let alone $10 for a simulation. In fact, you would actually have to pay me to play this game.



Objection said:

I wouldn't get this at any price...except free. Sorry, just no interest here. I don't plan on getting similar games either, like Wii Sports 2. Sure I played the first one, cause it was free. The genre is not my thing.



Starwolf_UK said:

looks at the comments
It's probably best not to ask how you react to Let's Tap; the unofficial sister game with unique controls being a ¥5800 retail release...

It could be decent*. On a tangent, it looks strangely like Family Table Tennis so I guess there is no hope of a Europe release on that ground alone

Also I remember how everyone belittled Pop for being just popping bubbles...

*-I really hope it is decent. Prope (Yuji Naka's breakway company) needs to prove itself and if it does prove itself it would prove Sonic Team was the problem; not Yuji Naka...



Twilight_Crow said:

C'mon it's a game of catch, like the one you can play with your friends in the backyard, and you can even invent your own challenges that way, 1000 is way too expensive.



thewiirocks said:

@Starwolf_UK - Yeah, but I didn't like pOp!

I do think it's too early to say this will be a bad game. I'm just boggled by the price. 1000 Nintendo Points?!?!



Cheezy said:

If it has alot of game modes and features, maybe. If it's just catch, then no, even if it is by Sega, because I love Sega.



Final_Starman said:

@Starwolf_UK: Huh! So that's what that weird game in the new trailer was. Honestly I think that looks better than this.

I mean come on! Don't they take video games seriously? I mean why don't you just go outside and play catch? I don't see how this could be remotely fun.



chiefeagle02 said:

I'd say go spend a dollar on a ball and go outside. The only way I see this game as practical is when the Ozone is destroyed making going outside a death wish. Two scoops of FAIL in every box of Shovelware.



blackknight77 said:

Its about time Sega is on the Wii Ware band wagon. How about a new Fantasy Zone! This game looks cool, but overpriced. Drop it by 400 points and I would get it



AlexSays said:

Wow, everyone on here is ridiculous.
We know next to nothing about the game, and everyone's judging it?

I'd say go spend a dollar on a ball and go outside.
That's weird. A ball costs a lot more where I live.

Oh, and the whole "go outside and play catch" thing is completely ignorant.
What if it's raining?
What about when it's dark?
What if you work during the day?
Oh, and why do you play Guitar Hero? When you can just a buy a guitar and play music for real?

People don't buy games based on the assumption it's something they can't do in real life.
People buy games because they're fun.
If this game is fun, I see no problem in buying it.
But please, continue with the comments about how this shovelware is unacceptable.



Twilight_Crow said:

Wow, you must really love to play catch, in any of the mentioned cases me and my friends would just play something else inside, like a board game, or some Smash.
Ok, if the game is good I don't care what it is about, I just complained about the price, for 1000 wiipoint, it better be one hell of a catch game.



Naturestee said:

LOL at the haters. Come on, it's a series of mini games. A series. Look at how well Pong Toss (ugh) has sold with just one dimwitted game type. And this has hot potato... with a BOMB!

I probably won't buy this, not my type of thing. But really it looks pretty good for a motion-based WiiWare game. Probably perfect for the Wii Sports types.



AlexSays said:

Why does anyone play Wii Sports?
You can play tennis, golf, go bowling, or box somewhere around town!

But let's all attack this terrible, terrible game..

Why does anyone buy Helix? You can wave your arms anywhere! For free!
Why does anyone buy DDR? You can dance anywhere, to your own music!



Twilight_Crow said:

Take it easy, I understand what you mentioned about the other games, but a comparison with Wii Sports has no sence, you can't just go outside and play tennis, golf or bowling, you have to go to a club and pay for play in there, besides you have to rent the equipment, unless you want to buy it. Wii Sports made to play this games a lot simpler and cheaper, but playing catch can't get any simpler, all you need is a ball (where I live you can buy one for 1 dollar) and some space.



AlexSays said:

Same goes for Helix, same goes for DDR.
It doesn't matter if the game is fun.

You'll all hate Wii Sports 2.
The games include throwing a frisbee, and sword fighting.
Well a frisbee only costs a dollar, and you can sword fight with two sticks, soo.....
Wii SPORTS 2 SUCKZZ!!!1111



PoisonRamune said:

@ x.SuperMario.x
Hence, why I don't play any of those games...
In fact, the only sports simulation game I'll be getting is Skate It. As I now have a pretty thrashed hip, but would still like to shred (without the risk of hurting myself away from home and having to limp/drag myself back).



AlexSays said:

Hence, why I don't play any of those games...

Well that's good and all.
I could care less if you like the games or not.
But the fact that some people will criticize one game, but not another for the same reasons, is ridiculous.
You dislike all of them equally, so you're okay!



AlexSays said:

Nintendo is getting waaaaaaaaay to casual.

Congratulations, you have no idea what you're talking about.
The game is being made by Sega.



Serpent said:

@: x.SuperMario.x
Wow you really get offended when a game gets negative comments.



AlexSays said:

Wow you really get offended when a game gets negative comments.

You new here too?
I'm the first one to criticize a game.
Do I really have to remind everyone of my Plattchen and EC predictions?

The fact of the matter is, people criticize this game for no reason at all.
These same people who refuse to play catch in a video game, will be throwing a frisbee to a virtual dog when Wii Sports 2 comes out next year.

I'm really surprised at how the members of this site are acting towards this game.
The only sensible ones who've posted on this article are Corbie, Dazza, and StarWolf_UK.

See the comment below?



Boringman54 said:

You're kidding right? Wooo, a game where you can play catch. How about going outside and actually playing catch.



TopHatPangolin said:

You need SKILLS to play the guitar, the sports in WiiSports require a bit of skill, equipment, a few freinds, etc., and the same goes for WiiSports2, if not even more so (how many spare jet-skis do you have lying around your house?). I can buy a wiffle ball for cheap and play some catch with someone, and talk about stuff. That's what I do when I play catch, anyway (because trusting me with a real baseball is dangerous! xD) If it's good and costs 500 Points, I might get it.



AlexSays said:

If it's good and costs 500 Points, I might get it.
Well today isn't your lucky day.
The game costs 1000.

You need SKILLS to play the guitar
You need skills to throw a ball. After six years of baseball and another two of American football, I know all too well.

how many spare jet-skis do you have lying around your house?
How many sticks do you have lying around?
Now do you have a frisbee?
Assuming you said to both, you'll only be buying Wii Sports 2 for the jet skis.
And paying $50 for a jet ski mini game doesn't help your argument any.



Serpent said:

No i have been a member since around the Wii's launch. Based on the screen shots and info this doesn't look interesting at all to me (maybe if they had much more to do). There are a lot of horrible casual third party wii games out there and this one seems to be no different.

How do you know the new Wii sports game will cost $50??



shadows262 said:

you have issues im sorry wii sports 2 looks really good

1000 points? hmmm idk i think a 2/10



TopHatPangolin said:

Well, to throw a ball well enough to play sport, definitely, but how long do you need to train to play a game of catch?
Aren't the swords used in Kendo a little bit more than sticks? I'm also pretty sure there will be more than frisbee, kendo, and jet skiing when it comes out, but I haven't been paying very close attention to the game so I can't be sure.



AlexSays said:

you have issues im sorry wii sports 2 looks really good
I'm glad you don't understand my point.... at all.

@ TopHatPangolin- The whole point of Wii Sports 2 is to mimic real-life movements with Wii Motion Plus.
Now why bother mimicking real life movements when you can make the movements in real life?



TopHatPangolin said:

@x.SuperMario.x ... because it comes with Wii Motion Plus? Wii Sports was pretty much a tech demo (though a really fun one for a while). I'm sure WiiSports2 will be the same (but still really fun for a while) and that SOME games will use Wii Motion Plus in a fun way afterward. On the other hand... for this, my expectations are low. If it turns out awesome, well, I'll gladly be proven wrong.
P.S. Sorry! I got really far off topic with this comment! ^^;



AlexSays said:

So people will buy Wii Sports 2 ONLY because it's packaged with Wii Motion Plus?
Why not spend a few bucks less, and only buy the peripheral?

It's surprisingly hard for some people to admit they'll have fun throwing a frisbee to a virtual dog.



TopHatPangolin said:

@x.SuperMario.x - Because it comes with a game for only ten bucks mo-
Okay, you got me there. Still, though, I'd bet good money that WiiSportsResort will turn out better than this. You never know, though! xD
@shadows262 - Um, what are you on about? And... I was just playing Sin and Punishment earlier again, I'd recommend that. 'Played Cave Story when it was a freeware title and really liked that game too.



shadows262 said:

its cool to see that x.supermario.x some what likes catch but deep down is a... WII HATER!!! dude if u are get off this website and if your a true WII LOVER like i am please name ten good games that look good that are comin out from now `til april either wiiware or normal game



AlexSays said:

I'd bet good money that WiiSportsResort will turn out better than this
Wii Sports 2 is the same thing as Wii Sports Resort.
I just call it Wii Sports 2, because it's the sequel to the original Wii Sports.

@ Comment 58- Ohhkay. You mean "Let's Catch" though, right?
Because Nintendo isn't making this game..

Added: It doesn't matter, I have a feeling I'll be having this same talk with someone else tomorrow. Maybe if I leave my comments up, I can thwart debates before they start. Besides, they're all on topic. If WWW finds it necessary, they'll take care of them.



TopHatPangolin said:

xD I should have been more specific. And yeah, Sega. It's easier to put a "Wii" in front of everything.
P.S. Do you think we should delete all the comments that went off track so we don't clutter this comment page up?



Naturestee said:

@shadows262 I think x.SuperMario.x is just trying to show how silly people are being by instantly hating Let's Catch for the same reasons that make people like Wii Sports.

And I agree with him. Like I said before, Let's Catch will appeal to the same people who love Wii Sports and play it a lot.



Mr_Saturn said:

I love Wii Sports and play it a lot. Let's Catch sounds like a boring idea for a game.



Twilight_Crow said:

This topic became really interesting thanks to x.supermario.x. I want to know how good or bad this game will actually be. I don't think this is crap, but if it is like Wiisports, lets consider something: that one was included with our wii, and lets catch is 1000 wiipoints, which one would you pick, if you wanted to play a simple casual game?



Objection said:

@supermario--You're right. People shouldn't judge a game right off. But they will. As for your comment that "It's surprisingly hard for some people to admit they'll have fun throwing a frisbee to a virtual dog" you are very correct. The "Famed" Famitsu gave Nintendogs a 40/40. I'll leave it at that. I'm with you on what you're saying, even if I'm one of the ones who has written this game off.



Virus said:

Boy, what controversy...

Well, this game appears rather boring to me, as it does to others. The throwing concept just doesn't seem that enjoyable--even with its multiple modes of play--but if the game does end up being entertaining, hey, that's just awesome for me and everyone else, ain't it? Otherwise, my low expectations will do me no harm.

Hmmm, this strangely sounds familiar...



that_dan_guy said:

I'll wait until I've seen more on this before I judge it, it might turn out fun. While people are pointing out that games are taking on everyday subject matters to appeal to the new casual market it is worth remembering that we saw games go through a phase like this in the mid eighties. California Games featured Frisbee throwing and Hacky Sack and was a bestselling game, and even earlier arcade games tackled everyday tasks like cutting down trees (Timber) and collecting eggs from chickens (Chicken Shift), admittedly with mixed results. I think it is great that developers are once again looking at all aspects of life for inspiration for video games instead of a few basic genres as we have seen for over a decade. While we are bound to get some dodgy games along the way, some new gems are bound to be in the mix...



Starwolf_UK said:

Well today isn't your lucky day. The game costs 1000
In Japan at least. We have seen little price flucuations between regions. Platchan being the most infamous (1500 Euopre, 1000 USA), though Toki Tori (900 Europe, 1000 Japan) and Pop (its 500 points in Japan, 700 elsewhere...but EA publishes it in Japan so Nnooo gets less revenue) are the other WiiWare ones I know of.
Looks like this will be another Pong Toss with better controls
Does this include the high sales bit?

The main point of videogames is to be fun or entertainment. If that means doing things you could in real life, so be it.

Edit: Italics are not my buddy today



Wiiloveit said:

i honestlydon't know why they bother - especially at the price. If it were 600/700, I still wouldn't be confident though.



Ricardo91 said:

@Supermario. As much as I want to stay back and let other people do the bitching here, I can't help but state the errors in what you're saying. Here goes:

"Why spend a few bucks less, and only buy the preipheral?"
Jee I dunno. Maybe it's because they want the included game? Try talking to the millions of people who are still buying Wii Play for the extra wiimote. They really like the idea of getting a bonus with their new controller/peripheral.

"You new here too?"
Um, I've seen Serpent's comments date as far back as March '07, so he's pretty familiar here. I think he either posts before you do or just ignores you.

"You also need skills to throw a ball"
True, but you don't need 6 years of baseball and 2 of football to throw a ball in catch.
And playing a real guitar is a tad more complex than pressing 5 buttons and jiggling a piece of plastic like you do on the GH controller.

And here's a few reasons why I'd rather have Wii Sports that this:
1. The activities in WSR look far more exciting than catch.
2. Resort is reported to include 10 games. Let's Catch is storage space-clogging standalone game that costs $10. Resort would be a lot more bang for your buck.
3. As of now, Catch doesn't have mii or Motionplus support (top that!)

I'm surprised that you're even defending this game in the first place, considering that you're the guy that usually writes off a game on sight (* coughEternityschildcoughplaatchencough*). Pong Toss is also a game based on something you can easily do in real life, yet I never saw you defend THAT. You must either be a rabid Sega fanboy, have a real passion for catch, or a combination of the two.

But honestly, this is just my opinion. And no matter what I say, I'm sure you'll find some loophole in my statements, say no one cares about my opinions, and claim my comment will be deleted or I'm gonna get banned, and probably add some funny pic to go with it. There are other things rong with your statement, but I'll save myself from the risk of carpal tunnel and shut up now.

NOTE: I was gonna post my response yesterday, but I was busy with homework and thus, didn't have time to do so.



Ian_Daemon said:

Let's Catch looks and sounds like a bore, but I must not be in the target demographic.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Don't mention DDR, Helix or another rhythm game in such a light. <_<

Annyway, for 1000, it seems ridiculous.



AlexSays said:

1. The activities in WSR look far more exciting than catch.
Your opinion is nice.

3. As of now, Catch doesn't have mii or Motionplus support (top that!)
Are you a developer or something?
Because confirmation for either has not been confirmed nor denied.

Try talking to the millions of people who are still buying Wii Play for the extra wiimote.
So you're saying nobody plays Wii Play?
That makes tons of sense.
Motion Plus, on it's own, will cost less than Wii Sports 2 + Motion Plus.
So you mean to tell me people will pay extra for a game they'll never play?

you don't need 6 years of baseball and 2 of football to throw a ball in catch.
And I don't need guitar lessons to move my hands up and down and create some type of music.
Girls, little kids, and old people are rarely able to play catch AT ALL. So isn't this game nice for someone who doesn't want to actually go outside and force physical effort they don't have?

You must either be a rabid Sega fanboy, have a real passion for catch, or a combination of the two.
I can recognize people are attacking this game for no reason.
Your idea is good and all, but let's go with mine.



Ricardo91 said:

"Confirmation for either has not been confirmed nor denied."

Right, that's why I said as of now, meaning that it wasn't announced so far, but could be added in the future. And I stress "COULD BE".

"So you're saying no one plays Wii Play?"
That's not what I said at all! You're putting words in my mouth! Nobody would spend extra money on a game they'll never play. I meant that people would prefer spending extra money on a Wiimote with an included game, rather than a standalone one for cheap. Though they're mainly drawn in by the Wiimote.

"Girls, little kids, and old people are rarely able to play catch AT ALL. So Isn't this game nice for someone who doesn't want to actually go outside and not have to force physical effort they don't have?"
OK, good point there. Most people who play catch are usually so physically challenged they can't even throw the ball straight. Or farther than their feet.

What I'm basically trying to say is this: If Sega expects me to pay 10 bucks for a game of virtual catch, it better be damn good.



JoshZTP said:

You can't blame this will end up for the casual crowd... and I wouldn't be nit picky already but if I predict this is going to be as popular as Pog Toss, then it'll stay up on the charts for quite some time... so don't go blaming yourselves or the developers of the game if its review is bad, or if it sells and stays on the charts like I said!

And Lastly STOP giving x.SuperMario.x a hard time... he's just stating his opinions and stating the obvious reason why not to BASH this game already and so soon! If you prefer regular catch, then by all means go ahead; and don't download this game when it comes out! Same goes for all of the Pong Toss haters! >



AlexSays said:

What I'm basically trying to say is this
Who cares?
It's your birthday, I can't argue with you!

And Lastly STOP giving x.SuperMario.x a hard time...
You're my favorite person on this entire site!



Ricardo91 said:

You KNEW!? aww thanks.
And you're right, let's end the argument from here. I wasn't trying to give you a hard time, I just didn't agree with your arguments, and wanted to add my 2 cents. After all, it's not like you're forcing me to get this game.

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