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New Swords & Soldiers Instructional Video

Posted by Corbie Dillard

So far very little information is known about Ronimo Games' upcoming WiiWare strategy title Swords & Soldiers other than the title of the game and a handful of gorgeous screenshots. Several developers at Ronimo Games were responsible for the original PC version of the hit Wii game de Blob and have now set their sights on Nintendo's WiiWare service.

Ronimo Games has just sent us a brand new instructional video for the game that provides some insight into how the game is played. The game will feature side-scrolling real time strategy game play and some of the most beautiful visuals we've seen yet on the WiiWare service.

Sword & Soldiers is due out in the various regions sometimes in the 4th Quarter of 2008 and looks to be quite a unique title for the service.

You can check out the instructional video below to find out a bit more about the title and we'll have more information on the game as it becomes available.

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Wiiloveit said:

Got this trailer on my YouTube subs an hour ago. I must say though, I don't think it's going to be as bad as I first thought, and depending on the price, I'll certainly give it a go and see if it can be the game that actually makes me like RTS games (for anyone who doesn't know: I hate RTS, RPG and MMOG's)



Gitaroo_Dude said:

This is my most anticipated Wiiware title.

It pretty much looks like Glory Days 2 with an awesome art style and cooler setting.

I'm pretty much in love with Wiiware atm.



Sage_Joch said:

This is my most anticipated wiiware title. I hope there is enough depth to ensure furious multiplayer battles!



danik said:

This looks pretty cool, im quite interested in this now just hope it has enough for single player aswell as online to make it a worth purchase.



Ferret75 said:

Doesn't look like it will be in my top 3, but still looks good nonetheless.



Lemmy_the_Koopa said:

This instruction video looks hilarious for itself. Explaining every obvious parts etc.

Love it. It raises the interest in the game and also gives a short glimpse what awaits you if you get the game, without giving too much away, dood



Wiiloveit said:

My most anticipated title is still Tetris Party, followed by Alien Crush, LostWinds 2, Liight and StrongBad 3-5.



Adam said:

Om nom nom, instructional video not that interesting. Hopefully they will release the rest of the instructions soon so we can see the more advance stuff. I'd rather see it demonstrated in the actual game, too, rather than the stick figures.

Whoops, I am critiquing an instructional video. Um, nevermind. I still can't wait for this game!



Crazynoodle said:

Looks preety fun. Kinda seems like a more advanced version og the flash game age of war, in which u advance through the ages and try to killl the other fort. It would be pretty cool if there was a split screen 2 playa bttl mode



Pegasus said:

I'm in the same boat as Jogurt. My reflexes are generally too slow for these types of games. However, it might still be worthwhile checking out if it turns out to be a decent game.



Objection said:

Now that World of Goo is out, this has moved up to my most wanted Wiiware game! I like how it combines what I loved of RTS's like Age of Empires and a cool side-scrolling style. This looks to be a no-brainer.
EDIT: This is a much better informational video than a certain other Wiiware game...



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Adam: What, you didn't like the stick figures? I'd kinda like it if the game had a mode to play it with the stick figures. Minimalistic graphics FTW!



Chipmunk777 said:

It seems like fun, it's a lot like the many "defense" flash games you find on Newgrounds though.. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing (the success of Defend Your Castle has shown this); I like those games! And this one seems like it will have a certain charm to it.



shadows262 said:

i consider Defend Your Castle an RTS because depending on what level your on it takes strategy to beat it
swords and soldiers looks fantastic better than most games on wiiware



Mr_chippy said:

this would be great ... if youtube worked on my computer. is there any other site this is on other than youtube?



Paper92 said:

I always did love games like this, hopeful it will live up 2 my expecations, just being a fun game to play and a local and Wi-Fi multiplayer game!



Serpent said:

looks strange but intresting...i see no swords and soldiers in the screenshots...only axes and vikings



Virus said:

Looks nowhere near like DYC to me, but heck, cheers for those who find connections.

I must say the instructional video didn't help my opinion of the game. I wish it had been with the game's "real" graphics rather than stick figures, but what little I did see of the character's animation has worried me. However, considering what this video is, I know I shouldn't be too worried.



KDR_11k said:

I agree with the Glory Days 2 comment except instead of plane dogfights and bombing runs you have spells.



Atlantis1982 said:

Oh damn, I was wondering what that arrow thingie that is in the middle of my screen was suppose to do. (Moves it around) Weeeeeeeeeee!

(Nomomomomom @ turkey leg)



xSJx said:

Oh man, glory days 2 is such a good game, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's played it. If anyone sees that game on sale I'd snap it up if you like RTS games. Soooooo fun!

This and Animales (and MaBoShi) are the games I'm waiting on. Since when does wiiware kick this much ass? I'm still playin World of Goo and mm9. No time for this many good games, and I dont even have my 360 back yet...



Mayhem said:

Could be interesting indeed, depends on how good the controls are...



Cthuloops said:

Does anyone else think that the music, word choice, and style of the How to Play seem reminiscent of the Super Smash Bros. How to Play videos?



Ricardo91 said:

Looks like a slightly more complex version of Defend Your Castle, except no one gets thrown in the air and you can destroy other people's castles. This is gonna be awesome! Just so long as it controls well.



battledevil789 said:

i cant wait for this game i love RTS games hopefully they dont waggle up the controls and just keep it simple with buttons or with multiple control methods

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