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New Screenshots for Bang!

Posted by Darren Calvert

We just got word from the guys at Engine Software regarding their upcoming WiiWare puzzler known simply as Bang! The game is now in the final stages of being checked by Nintendo so it should not be too long before we can all get to check it out for ourselves.

We have been informed that there were some delays due to improve the 2-player mode and add other refinements to make for a better game experience. The price point is expected to be only 600 Wii points so it is not going to break the bank.

See below the fold to see 12 new screenshots of Bang! in our gallery.

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Big_Sexy said:

Well, it's about time we got some new word on this thing. Looks kinda fun.



Ian_Daemon said:

Please stop with the puzzle games unless you come up with something new...which NO ONE has.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Big=Sexy: My thoughts exactly! I was right in predicting it would be 600. Anything higher than that wouldn't be reasonable.

And for the once again, having so many puzzles on the WiiWare service isn't a bad thing, especially if they're quality, ace titles. And besides, when a game from a different genre DOES come along, it'll stand out even more!



Auntman said:

And then little cute developers little cute puzzlers have no chance competing against titles like Tetris



Djungelurban said:

Seriously, another puzzler?! It's like someone is conducting some kind of experiment, testing how saturated the puzzle market can become before it implodes on itself and goes the way of the brawler. I'm seriously starting resent the entire concept of a puzzle game.



Bensei said:

Not another block-puzzler
Nothing against the game, maybe it's outstanding, but there are so much Puzzlers for Wii and DS already that I'm tired of new ones...

Tetris and Puzzle Bobble are the only ones I can't get enough of



Wiiloveit said:

@Apocalypse: that's what I thought! The 600 point price means I'll definitely look into this one - especially at just 2/5 of Plattchens price.



Corbs said:

Well PuzzleWare...err I mean WiiWare is getting quite a few puzzlers lately. This one does look interesting though. Worth keeping an eye on.



Cthuloops said:

Groovin' Blocks and maybe Tetris are the only puzzlers I need. I believe we need more action and shmup games on WiiWare or maybe a good Strategy RPG ala Fire Emblem would be nice.



JoshZTP said:

Will you people GIVE IT UP... all Puzzle games can't be that bad! >

And I think this WiiWare game, "Bang", could show some promise and potential!

It's one I'm looking forward to seeing... and yes I was wondering when we'd get more info come from it sometime soon; glad it's as of now today!



Objection said:

If this is like Bejeweled with some kind of twist, I have to admit, I'd probably get it. Puzzlequest is a great example of how to make the genre new again IMHO.



WeeGee said:

Oh come on. I need something new, puzzlers are very annoying, world of Goo was good, but these are just annoying!!!



Twilight_Crow said:

I agree that wiiware is getting many puzzlers, but thats only bad If you don't like them, besides companies stoping making them won't necessarily add more of other kind of games to the service. If it's a good puzzle game, I'll gladly consider this one.



JoshZTP said:

Well then GO SUCK AN EGG... or either enjoy you other mediocre puzzle wiiware games!!!! >

I'll say it again... I'd be interested in how this game turns out!



Nintendude92 said:

The puzzlers had their chance at fortune. Seen the top twenty lately? Tetris, Dr.Mario and Cubello. World of Goo if you count it. All the other puzzle games got the boot. For as long as I can remember about wiiware there has been a puzzler every week in US. You have to come out with something very unique to topple the kings. I already have 3 puzzlers, I'm done.

Platformers or arcade games plz

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