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Mega Man 9 Press Kit Fetches $750 on eBay

Posted by Damien McFerran

Remember those awesome Mega Man 9 press kits we told you about not so long ago? Well one dedicated Blue Bomber fan is soon going to be cozying up to an assets CD in a NES cartridge-shaped case and will find their bank account significantly reduced as a result, because one of these kits has just sold for an eye-watering $750 on auction site eBay.

Worth every penny? Well, not really – especially when you consider that Capcom is about to make the kits available to the public for the more reasonable price of $49.95. (On sale at 3 PM PST today, keep F5ing the page folks, these will sell out fast!)

Source: Kotaku

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Corbs said:

What a waste of money. It's not even a real NES game cartridge. I think some people in this world just have too much money for their own good. I think I'll contact this person about some prime swampland...err I mean real estate I have for sale.



KeeperBvK said:

I actually feel quite a bit sorry for this guy, hearing Capcom's gonna sell them for 50 bucks. ^^



WiiMan192 said:

Poor gullible guy...
Looks like he could use a gullibility cookie. Come grab it! ( :: )
Back on topic, what a waste. If you really needed to blow that much money again, I'll be here The cartridge isn't real, and Capcom's releasing the proper one for $700 less anyway. What a shame



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Those 50 buck kits will be extremely limited, won´t they? You´ll have to be lycky if you can lay your hands on one of the 200.

Still, she/he sure had money to waste.



Mayhem said:

Won't even be 200, as they've already given out codes to let prominent Megaman fans on the Capcom Unity site buy them already (know a couple of people who got them). I'd say there will be about 150 left, the mass scrum down is 11pm BST tonight! Their site is gonna die...!

Even though it is US only shipping. Fingers crossed though, I might have secured one for myself...



Objection said:

@mayhem64--good luck on securing yours.
Sucks to be this guy, but if you're willing to pay that much for something like this, ya gotta do your reasearch. Personally, since it isn't a NES cartridge, I'm not too interested, even for $50.



blackknight77 said:

In this economy no way! $50.00 is way too much when I can get a new Wii game at that price. I'll supported MM9 buy getting the game and protoman. I think thats enough



tantrumario said:

Wow.......................That guy is loaded with gold.Or he's a die hard mega man fan. It's time for some midnight stealing =).



Stuffgamer1 said:

Wow. I don't think I'd spend $10 on this thing (almost regret spending $10 on the game, it's SO DANG HARD!!!). So in my opinion, this person is either rich or a certifiable nut.



Ricardo91 said:

Man, that guy got jipped big time! XD

But, I guess he could've done worse, like spend $25,000 bucks on a grilled cheese sandwich shaped like the Virgin Mary.



tantrumario said:

Atleast you go to heaven if you buy that.(time to make some more virgin mary shaped grilled cheese sandwiches).



Twilight_Crow said:

Well, if that guy wants it so badly, and has some money to spend, is his problem; personally I wouldn't buy it for more than $20.



Draygone said:

What the... Guess it already sold out. Darn, and I wasn't around to see it go up.



dr_mario said:

Yeah it is sold out, I'm quite upset, I checked the site at least 100 times today (literally) and only now did I realise they "hid" it on their site, you couldn't find it by browsing the store, you had to search the store for Megaman 9 to find it.

Also active members from capcom-unity could get guaranteed copies of it.

If I would of known that, I would have made an account there and became very active, I never even knew that site existed till now since I only post here. I like Megaman even more then Dr.Mario!

We should have gotten copies of the press kit for members here, we are all huge Megaman fans and this site actually provides a service for people buying wiiware games!



NESgamer said:

Overpriced, i'm a Megaman fan but nah that's TOO MUCH, i would rather get something more useful than something that is just sitting in there for you to watch...

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