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Mega Man 9 DLC Round-up

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

As of last week, all Mega Man 9 DLC is available. With some people still having doubts on what to buy, we've taken a look at which of the new modes and stages are most worth your hard-earned money.

Here are our thoughts on the value of the DLC on offer:

Special Stage - 100 Wii points

A whole new stage? Yes please! The Special Stage is pretty much just like any stage in the regular game, but much more challenging. Aside from having to deal with minor enemies from every single Robot Master stage, you'll have to rebattle four minibosses, one of the Dr. Wily stage bosses, and you have to take down Fake Man, one of Wily's police robots! Since this stage only appears under Time Attack, you'll have every weapon in the game available to you, but for a challenge, try only using the Mega Buster. Another thing worth mentioning is that the stage features what is quite easily one of the best songs in the game. For 100 Wii Points, you can't really go wrong here. Our score: 9/10

Endless Stage - 300 Wii points

Ever wanted to test how long you could play a Mega Man game before losing a life? Well, you can finally try it in the Endless Stage. The stage is entirely random - You'll start off in one out of a 34 different rooms, usually only about 6 screens long, and have to make it to the end. Once you've made it, you'll find a teleporter, which leads you to another random room! After every 30 "screens" you clear, you won't be teleported to another short "stage" - You'll instead be teleported to a random Robot Master! You have all weapons available to you though, so you'll probably make short work of them. If you manage to beat all 8 Robot Masters without dying, the Endless Stage will still go on - But now, all enemies will deal 1 point of damage more than normal. If you beat the Robot Masters again, it'll happen again, so eventually, you better dodge every single enemy, or you'll die in one hit! The Endless Stage also seems to have lot of spikes - Not Mega Man's favourite object! Like with Time Attack's times, you can try to get the most screens cleared and show off online, but good luck doing this now, as the highest scores are in the thousands! The Endless Stage's only drawback is the price - At 300 Wii Points it's the most expensive DLC available. It's worth it though! Our score: 8/10

Proto Man Mode - 200 Wii points

If you're one of those people who were disappointed that Mega Man 9 had no charge shots (Save for the Magma Bazooka) or slide ability, Proto Man mode is for you - Mega Man's brother can do both of these, but of course there are some drawbacks - He'll take double damage, he'll get knocked back twice as far by hits, and he can't buy things in Auto's shop! He can also only have two shots on-screen at any one time, while Mega Man can have three. To top it all off, Proto Man can use his shield, just like how Mega Man could use it in Mega Man 7 - If you jump, Proto Man will automatically take out his shield, meaning it's less likely you'll get hit by airborne projectiles. Aside from the different abilities, the game is exactly the same, but you have to admit there's a certain appeal to playing as Proto Man - He has never been playable outside of the arcade fighting games and Battle & Chase, a racing game, meaning this is the first time you can play as him in a platformer. Proto Man's price is the middle ground - 200 Wii Points is neither cheap nor expensive, so decide for yourself it he's worth it. Our score: 8/10

Superhero Mode - 100 Wii points

Superhero Mode is probably what you'd get if you let some sadistic Mega Man fan change the game - Extra enemies, much more difficult platforming sections, less common powerup drops and almost no "natural" powerups (Powerups which you will always find in a certain place). During the battles with Concrete Man's robotic elephants, birds will fly by to drop rocks on you, in Galaxy Man and Dr. Wily's stages you'll be grabbed by the annoying grabber enemies and pulled right into spikes on the wall, and there's fake 1ups in almost every single stage! It might seem unfair at times, but it's still totally beatable, and good for a laugh. At 100 Wii Points it's also not really expensive. Our score: 7/10

Hero Mode - 100 Wii points

Hero Mode is basically a "light" version of Superhero Mode - There's a bunch of additional enemies here and there, and some slightly more difficult platforming sections, but all in all there's not many changes. There's not much else to say, really - If you didn't exactly "breeze through" the standard game and think Superhero Mode is too much of a challenge, this could be a decent download, but if you don't have any trouble beating the main game you're not going to find this worth it. Our score: 4/10

It's a bit disappointing there will probably be no more Mega Man 9 DLC - We certainly would've liked even more extra stages or playable characters. Oh well, maybe we should just begin hoping for Mega Man 10 now?

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Yasume said:

"It's a bit disappointing there will probably be no more Mega Man 9 DLC"

Is that confirmed?



WiX said:

I bought the speial stage and it's totally worth the points! The fact that you have to clear it right away with no continues or such really makes it challenging and - of course - fun! I had some good time trying to get to beat that nasty Fake Man! But actually, I hoped that I will not see him for a while, because I didn't want the stage to stop So, that's why that endless mode really interests me after reading the text. And yes, the music for the stage was good!

Like I imagined, Hero Mode seems to be waste of points, too lame... But you really got me interested in Superhero Mode! As you probably have noticed at this point, I love challenges!

Last, but definetely not least, Proto Man! I would love to get that one too! Ah, I can't get enough of this 8bit madness, gimme more! I actually have cleared 3, 5 and 9 in short period of time and 2 and 4 are just the last castle away from credits. I love these games and the challenge they give! Shame that no more DLC is coming out (?) But if they give MM10, it doesn't matter at all!

I guess that I have to save the next 1000 Points for MM9 and use the rest 400 Points for Guitar Hero World Tour DLC if and when I get that (Good that we are getting that on Wii!)



Bass_X0 said:

I think Mega Man 10 should use the graphics from Mega Man 8 or brand new modern graphics. They gave us a retro game so another retro game won't really do too well I think.



Jockolantern said:

I actually think Hero and Superhero modes are the second and third best DLC options for Mega Man 9. First would definitely have to go to Proto Man; it's a blessing and a curse being able to play as him. Double damage and double knockback are highly problematic; charge shot, slide and reflector shield are highly helpful in a clutch.

The Special Stage was great fun, but certainly didn't do enough for me to warrant it as being near-perfect; I get a lot more enjoyment trying to see how far I can get in the Endless stage, to be honest. Playing through Hero and Superhero has been a blast, though. Gradually building up the difficulty is a great test of platforming skills and provides just the right run-n-gun challenge curve to get the player up to snuff for finally being competent at Superhero. I'm a much bigger fan of the core game, I guess, which is why those two modes are my cup of tea. Not to say the Special and Endless stages aren't fun (they certainly are); they're just not as solid as the original game itself.



Wiiloveit said:

Thanks WWW. Before, hardly anything was said about most of these extras. I like tje sound of the endless stage, though I'll wait a bit at 300 points.
@WiX: I want some points for GHWT DLC as well, though at 200 points a song, I won't be doing this often - especially since there's already 80-some songs on the disc. Thank god for the free GHTunes downloads, then. Here's hoping someone makes a rendition of Spanish Flea!



Wiiloveit said:

I may never see the end of any of the levels. Except Galaxy Man. Now that I can do.



Objection said:

Thanks for this article. If I get MM9, I'll have 500 points left over and maybe that'll go to some of the DLC.



World_1-1 said:

Yeah, is it confirmed there won't be any more? I'd love to see some more. Like a new stage and Bass as a playable character.



Drake said:

It's pretty obvious there won't be any more DLC, there's no more space on the game's menus and the operations guide only mentions these five



Yasume said:

So? They can easily add more DLC. They can create space on the game menu, if they want.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that all of the FFCC DLC wasn't announced beforehand either.



calculon said:

Meh, looking at the DLC I think it has limited appeal. Let's face it, the main game was probably a bit too harsh for most of the mere mortals that Nintendo are looking to to pick up WiiWare. Most will probably struggle to complete the main game, let alone an extra (harder) content. Just be appreciative that Capcom have even bothered to add extra content for you MM lovers out there.

Don't forget that Capcom are probably working on other stuff for WiiWare too - like more accessible games. I'm not saying easy, non-gamer stuff but games along the lines of Street Fighter which will probably be more profitable (and less prone to cries of tortured souls) in the long run.

If it's old bosses you're after revisiting - particularly from MM2 - why not just download the NES games on the VC? They're not that expensive and you get a whole game as an added bonus.



Ricardo91 said:

Having Hero and Superhero mode as DLC was a really stupid decision on Capcom's part. They could've easily included them (or at least Hero mode) in the game itself for free.



MarkyVigoroth said:

"Like with Time Attack's times, you can try to get the most screens cleared and show off online, but good luck doing this now, as the highest scores are in the thousands! "
That is odd, since, one month ago (or so), this game was not released!



megacody said:

I've beaten superhero and hero mode, and I love them both. Both get 8/10 for me.

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