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Marvelous Bringing Discipline To WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Marvelous Entertainment has recently announced that they will soon be bringing a game simply entitled Discipline to the WiiWare service.

Not much is currently known about the title other than a few facts released by the company during their press conference announcing the game. The game takes place inside of a high security prison called "Discipline" and requires the player to take part in top secret tests and perform various trials. It will soon be discovered that these tests hide a dangerous secret which will lead the main character to attempt an escape from the facility.

The game is a "real-time simulation" that's being directed by Tail of the Sun director Kazutoshi Iida and will supposedly make use of the Wii Remote's motion controls.

We'll have more information on this upcoming WiiWare title as it becomes available. Until then, you can take a look at one of the few screen grab photos taken at the press conference below.


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DDR_Paladin356 said:

I've honestly never heard of this game before....

Whoa, first post! Nice.

Anywho...Game sounds a bit interesting...I just wish there were more available about it...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Glad you guys got the tip-off!! I'm so excited for this. The premise sounds fabulous and holds a LOT of promise!



Mario64DStyle said:

Sounds like it could be a very interesting game..
I became a little lost when I saw the Bunny looking thing in the background of that screenshot



Ferret75 said:

I don't care what style they are trying to do with the graphics, it's wierd.



Loooca said:

The graphics look rather unique, in my opinion. Very simplistic, if they're planning to carry it out throughout the game.

Interesting... theme, shall I say? Definitely interesting. There seems to be a lot of potential in there, I hope to hear more about it soon.



Objection said:

I'm surprised I'm the first to say this, but doesn't this ring PORTAL in the story area? I won't care if the gameplay is fresh and awesome but that instantly came to me as I read this description...



Adam said:

Sounds and looks quite cool. These are the same guys responsible for Contact (DS), right? I was definitely not impressed by No More Heroes, but this seems like a step in the right direction.



Peznaze said:

Interesting... I didn't think Tail of the Sun would ever be used as a positive credit... It does tell me volumes about the title, though... I think I will enjoy this one.



Demonic_St33V said:

Personally, I thought Tail of the Sun was brilliant. This is a title I will definitely have to keep an eye on.



MarkyVigoroth said:

For some reason, the title of this game reminds me of that fake WiiWare game: Pain and Pleasure (the one in which you punish people for them not doing exercise).



Wiiloveit said:

When I heard the name, I immediately thought of fake game We Move Pain Vs Pleasure



Ian_Daemon said:

The graphic-style looks cool and would lend itself really well to a deep, drawn-out story in-game.



Crazynoodle said:

This looks pretty promising. I like when games use cool controls with the wii. I wonder what it is going to be about, kinda sounds like portal



MarkyVigoroth said:

WiiLoveItOnline-san, I suspect that some elements of Pain & Pleasure would be implemented (most likely unknowingly) into Discipline.



AVahne said:

marvelous is doing...well, marvelous with arc rise fantasia. i hope discipline turns out good too



Ricardo91 said:

The animatic-style look kind of annoys me, but from what I read, it could turn out to be a very interesting adventure-puzzler.

@Marky V. and Wiiloveitonline. Yeah, the name kind of remind me of PVP too. Let's pray that Marvelous doesn't get any ideas.

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