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MadStone Coming To WiiWare On Monday

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Good news for gamers who just can't get enough puzzle goodness from the WiiWare service as RiverMan Media has announced that their new title MadStone is coming to the WiiWare service on Monday, October 6th and will cost 800 Wii Points. We recently previewed the game and were impressed with the game's simple but frantic game play. If you're looking for something a bit different in the puzzle genre, you should definitely consider picking up MadStone when its released. Below is the press release.


(RiverMan Media 2008.10.03)

Puzzle fans set to experience earth-shaking Wii exclusive puzzler

TUCSON, Ariz., October 3, 2008 - RiverMan Media announced today that its anticipated puzzler MadStone will be released onto Nintendo's WiiWare service on October 6th. MadStone will initially be released in North America for 800 Wii Points. Called "Fresh and unique" by and a "frantic game of mass destruction" by IGN, Madstone will thrill players with its fast-paced, innovative gameplay.

In the dynamic puzzle game, players must clear the path for their elemental MadStones to reach the bottom of the screen. Blocks can be broken by striking them directly or by the force of falling objects. Novices try frantically to break enough blocks while master players create cascading collapses with only a handful of direct strikes. Create a large enough combo, and players can shake the Wii Remote to cause an avalanche of destruction, leaving their opponents in ruins. MadStone features a mystical single-player journey and competitive two-player mode.

RiverMan Media is a small independent game developer located in Tuscon, Arizon. Founded by brothers Jacob and Paul Stevens, RiverMan Media's previous titles include the PC classics Cash Cow and Primate Panic.

Those wanting to get a jumpstart on playing strategies can take a look at the MadStone Strategy Guide to get some great inside tips and tricks. You can also check out the MadStone: Behind-the-Scenes #1 and MadStone: Behind-the-Scenes #2 to see some insight into the actual development of the game.

We'll have a full review of MadStone as soon as the game is released on the WiiWare service.

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Cthuloops said:

another puzzler...could be good though.

EDIT: Yay first, first post ever for me!



Riverman_Jacob said:

Hi everyone, it's Jacob from RiverMan Media. I'd like to thank WiiWare World and all its readers for the support they've shown MadStone since we announced it several months ago. All your feedback, good and bad, is what keeps us pushing forward, working to make better games for you to play.

We're really proud of what our small team has been able to accomplish. We hope you'll give one more puzzle game a shot and check out MadStone!




Corbs said:

Don't overlook this game. I had a lot of fun previewing it. Can't wait to play the WiiWare version now.



Ben__Harlan said:

World of Goo, now Mad Stone. You're getting real hits this week. Hope this week for Europe has something interesting.



Cthuloops said:

I still have 900 points left so I could buy this. It depends on what is released for the VC though.



Mario64DStyle said:

I can't wait for this game =D
yah.. another puzzler.. But this one looks like it has a good chance.
As long as the multiplayer is good.. which is what I'm most concerned with pretty much every game I buy.. Multiplayer!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

lol, yeah thats pretty cool!

I was so looking fwd to MaBoShi though,.. This means Late October at the earliest b/c of WoG and the Art Style games. Hopefully MadStone isn't alone on Monday.



WarioFan63 said:

It depends on what is released for the VC though.

Gradius 2 and Digital Champ.

I was so looking fwd to MaBoShi though,.. This means Late October at the earliest b/c of WoG and the Art Style games.

Id like MaBoShi to come out soon too but something tells me Nintendo isnt going to release 3 WiiWare games from themselves in a month.



worrybomb said:

Hope your game is a success Jacob and the rest of the Riverman team!

It's a crowded area the puzzle genre but I would give it a chance once I see a review or two. So far the impressions have been positive. As long as it's a good puzzler like Dr. Mario or Groovin' Blocks then I say keep'em coming. =)



Corbs said:

Ive' been quoted! Where's my book deal and appearance on Oprah.



Cthuloops said:


Gradius 2 looks good but I have enough shmups right now so I might actually go with MadStone, because of its very cool logo and I've heard multiplayer is quite fun.

@Riverman Jacob
Thanks for joining the site and I hope your game does well!



Ricardo91 said:

I want Maboshi too. I hope we get it this week along with this.

I might give this one a pass; For now at least. There's too much good stuff I want to DL already, and more keeps coming!

"World of Goo, now Madstone. You're getting real hits this week."

We're not getting WoG this week, we're getting it the week after.

@Breaderer. Apparently you haven't read the latest WoG article. It's already been confirmed to be 1000 points.

Edit: Nevermind. An exact price hasn't been announced yet. It was merely estimated to be between 1000-1500 points.



Ark said:

So the next two weeks for North America have puzzle games, eh? Hmm...Both look good, but I'm kinda torn. Guess this is why I read the reviews on this site.



Twilight_Crow said:

This looks better every time I read about it, and it's only 800, I may give it a shot.

@Riverman Jacob
Good luck next monday, may the downloads be with you (or at least with your game).



ttplayer92 said:

And I like the developers that are mostly quiet. Their games seem to do better in the end.



AlexSays said:

And I like the developers that are mostly quiet.

Me too.
I like the developers of this game.
They haven't made us feel like we HAVE to buy the game, and haven't advertised the game all over this site.
Hopefully the game's good, and people buy it!



Cthuloops said:

Still bitter about Bplus I see. And for good reason too. The game is only 800 points however, so it isn't so much a jump off the deep end like Plattchen's 1000-1500 price tag.



Objection said:

Let's just pretend PLATTCHEN never happened. So, a new puzzler? Only had one wink wink recently, so could be good. Actually, if it has decent multiplayer and some kind of campaign, I'm fairly likely to get this.



Kenji510 said:

Oh hell yeah!!... i been waitin for this game to be out in the wiiware and we are gettin this monday, that is so cool... once again, one of my type of favorite kind of games!!... cant wait!!



Gitaroo_Dude said:

Was checking out the site for the developer, and I thought it was pretty cool how it's comprised of two brothers who went into the game business.

I really wish Nintendo had spaced out the Wiiware releases a little better. MM9, World of Goo, the Strong Bad series, Bomberman, Orbient... so much stuff in such a short time.

That said, I need a good Wiiware puzzler that isn't Tetris, so it's either this or Groovin' Blocks.

Actually, I just noticed that they listed Meteos and Tetris Attack as the inspirations for Madstone.

Definitely leaning towards this game now.



Ricardo91 said:

@ttplayer and x.Supermario.x. I completely agree. These guys are actually telling us what we need to know, rather than plainly boast about how great their game is gonna be. I respect that. And I might've enjoyed Brawl more if Nintendo didn't give away every painstaking detail about it on a weekly basis before the game released. Overhyping is bad for the soul.



Starwolf_UK said:

I hope Europe gets this or groovin' blocks on the 10th...oh who am I kidding we'll probably be getting Protothea and Family Table Tennis...

For some reason inspite of how well the puzzlers do on WiiWare here (when I say Puzzlers I mean Pop) we seem to get them either mega-early (Actionloop, MaBoShi) or mega-late.



Wiiloveit said:

It does look good, but it also looks very confusing and frantic. I'm going to wait for the review before I think about purchasing it's UK release, but I bet it's going to be an 8.
Next Friday on WiiWare: Gyrostarr, Potpurri or Groovin' Blocks maybe? Or perhaps we can stick Alien Crush in the faces of Americans and laugh uproariously with glee. We'll most likely end up with rubbish/average games though.



Virus said:

I hope this game does well critically. There have been too many small companies that have ruined their image and the image of others by releasing sub-par or worse games.



Kenji510 said:

1 more day to go until it hits Monday the 6th and i got my wii points stocked up and ready to go... bought a 5000 wii points on the wii shop!.. gonna be usin that for Madstone and World of Goo.



Mario64DStyle said:

Yes =D
I just noticed this is going to be 800 wii points, and I have exactly 1800..
After these two weeks.. I'm only going to be waiting for Tetris party, Gravitronix, Crescendo, Mabisho(sp?), and Swords and Soldiers.



Outrunner said:

Nah I dont want any more puzzlers. I hope developers start pushing more original idea's on Wiiware. The next game I want is Gradius Rebirth but I don't see much beyond that at present.



Gitaroo_Dude said:

@ Outrunner

So you want more original games, but then say the next game you plan on getting is Gradius?



Outrunner said:

Yes. I'm allowed to like retro stuff too...
Plus you could look at it from the perspective that releasing sequels to old games is, in it's own way, an original idea.
Perhaps I phrased it wrong. I should've said I want to see a bit more diversity.



Ren said:

so much good new stuff and so little time to dive into it all! It's so cheap, too, but adds up if I get it all. What should I get first/next Mega Man, Strong Bad 2, Madstone, Groovin' Blocks, or that Artstyle thing? Even if I wanted to get them all I don't think they'd all fit without buying an SD card. Jeez, decisions. So good to see Nintendo doing well again, reminds me of renting NES games in middle school.
Hey, weird, how'd I get a Ren picture here? Thanks, whoever did it. I like it.



Corbs said:

Hey, weird, how'd I get a Ren picture here? Thanks, whoever did it. I like it.

You're welcome!

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