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Last Flight - New Screenshots

Posted by Darren Calvert

After revealing an amusing comic strip and the fact that Last Flight will be in fact a series of episodic games. WiiWare World can now exclusively reveal the latest screenshots from this upcoming WiiWare game.

We think you’ll agree that the cell shaded style looks particularly good for a downloadable title crammed into 40MB. The news about the pricing is a bit up in the air, the early word on the street was that this would cost 1500 Wii points, but our contact at Bloober Team is now suggesting a much lower price point as the game is going to be episodic. Nothing is final yet!

We’ll let you know more as soon as we hear it, but for now we can tell you that the Last Flight website should be launching early next week if you are keen to find out more.





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danik said:

Really want to see some actual gameplay shots but going to keep my eye on this



RGVEDA said:

Oh, oh! That doesn´t looks good for Germany, too! Maybe censored or banned...



Mr_Saturn said:

Haha, wow that does look pretty spiffy. I can't say that I'm too thrilled with the episodic nature, however.



Kriqz said:

I can definately see big nanny govt. having problems with this. Stay out of my house already!!!

The art style has me intrigued but I definately want to see some gameplay footage. I don't like episodic gaming either, but with size limit restrictions, pretty much anything with a decent story to it has to be broken up unfortunately.



bloober said:

The game play is in real time and divided into four episodes which are going to be released every 3-4 months. Every episode starts with reviewing of what has happened in the previous one – therefore the player can start his adventure from a chosen episode.

Best regards from Bloober Team



RGVEDA said:

@ bloober

Any thoughts about Germany? You know, the censorship is very strong here...not official but it is there. Even Rated 18 games are censored Or getting no Rating and get banned...

So...what´s about Germany? Any Chance that we get this game? Maybe uncensored and uncut?



Naturestee said:

Full. Of. Win.

@ Bloober- what is the gameplay like? Any clue as to the release of the first episode?

Personally I like episodic downloadable games. Strongbad FTW!



Loooca said:

Is... is that a head flying off in the second picture?

Ouch — I mean, no. This thing is actually being released?



RadioShadow said:

What's the betting the blood will be replaced with coins when it gets released in Europe?



Objection said:

I figure that its episodic to get around the 40MB limit. As long as I get enough slaying per episode, this looks pretty good. Like the graphics style but would like a gameplay video, of course. Is the release date for the first episode still Q1 2009?



BDPatVCR said:

"I figure that its episodic to get around the 40MB limit"

If that is the reason Nintendo makes money because of it's own mistakes
now why can't i do that



Ren said:

looks very nice. Need to see gameplay footage, but this could be pretty cool. I've wondered why even disc based games have never been released as comic style episodes at a low pricepoint. It guarantees long term sales and allows for constant new storylines. In my youth each month I'd get a chocolate bar and a spider-man comic, for a short unbeatable experience, why not do it with games now that it's possible?
Edit: Hey, is that 2-player I'm seeing or is it just a story thing?



DarkLloyd said:

im aready going to get this when i can i like slaying action suvivor horror or however it is defined as a game



Terra said:

I Agree that this looks very good, i like the cel shaded graphics but it just isn't for me.



Twilight_Crow said:

Not for me, I'm gessing it'll have a meh story and just a lot of senseless violence; I like violence but, I'm not buying a game just for that.



Ricardo91 said:

Ooooh, gritty.
Looks like some sort of hack and slash/adventure game. I like the art style and the concept, but I'll have to learn more about the gameplay and stuff before I consider getting it. The news about it being 4 individual episodes and the 1500-point price made me wince.



Objection said:

@MR CHeez-The 1500 price point was before they announced it was episodic. It may be lower per episode now.

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