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Fake Man Content Pack Coming To WiiWare Next Week?

Posted by Corbie Dillard

According to an interview with Mega Man 9 producer Hironobu Takeshita, the second downloadable content pack is due for release on the WiiWare service next week. You'll remember that the first set of downloadable Mega Man 9 Content Packs were made available earlier this month and now Mega Man 9 fans who still haven't gotten enough Mega Man retro goodness are in for yet another treat.

In an interview with Gamespot, Takeshita decided to inject a little hint about what fans could expect in an upcoming downloadable content pack and this is what he had to say on the subject:

I don't mean to evade your question, but there is one boss we'd love to introduce to the fans in this occasion. His name is Fake Man. He appears on the special stage available in downloadable content. He also makes a small appearance in the main content. This is a big hint! Some of you might have already gotten it by just telling you this. The special stage will be very challenging for most of you, and you may not be able to see him often. Don't be discouraged. He is waiting for you, to battle you!

Many gaming sites have already begun to speculate that Takeshita was trying to give a hint about this next week's upcoming content pack by mentioning this special stage that will feature the quite unique robot boss Fake Man. Below is a screenshot similar to the one that was shown below this comment in the interview which has caused further speculation that this could be the pack that's coming next week for 100 Wii Points.

We'll keep you posted on any further information on this development, as well as information on any more Mega Man 9 downloadable content packs as it become available.


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megacody said:

I can't wait for this new stage, boss, and...weapon? I think that empty spot on the bottom right is what's really getting us all encouraged to get this. Am I right?



AlexSays said:

Capcom has something going here...
People are PAYING to punish themselves.

Actually, he's called Fake Man for a reason.
You pay your 100 points, and you never see him!

Brilliant idea by Capcom.
Make people pay for something fake, and make it seem legit by adding "Fake" to the title!



Corbs said:

@ Negative_Zero - Fake Man captured Dr. Light if I remember correctly.



tantrumario said:

O. Before the picture, I thought the boss would be the shadow clone of mega man or proto man in plug mans stage. It would be a good name since fake man fits.



World_1-1 said:

Can't wait for more Mega Man DLC. I hope the download packs don't end here, and they keep releasing more DLC.



Corbs said:

Well as was mentioned, the picture was just below the comment in the interview, that doesn't necessarily mean it's of the Fake Man stage.



masterof8elements said:

This is the second post of mine today that's a multiple of 5!

Anybody think you'll be able to play as various Mega Man bosses in future packs (like in MM:PU, which SHOULD'VE been on DS)?



Serpent said:

Awesome!!! can't wait until it comes out. I hope they have plans to release some other bosses.



WeeGee said:

I have a question, what should I get, Mega Man 9 or helix, before any of you say Mega Man, let me tell you that I've never played a mega man game before, and I don't really know if I'd really like it. And I really want Helix!



WeeGee said:

Well is Mega man 9 so good that it's a must have for anyone even if they haven't played Mega Man 9? If it is than screw Helix



AlexSays said:

Read the reviews, and decide for yourself.
Mega Man 9
I really can't offer you anything more than what Corbie and Paul have written in their reviews.
If it were up to me, I'd buy Mega Man 9, just because waving your ams around to a track list of songs (which are all VERY similar) can only be fun for so long. While Mega Man 9's difficulty and downloadable content will keep you occupied for a while.



Clayfrd said:

Sweet! I was going to buy it anyway, but it's a buck cheaper than I thought. I also am excited about the boss. Nice.



Mario_maniac said:

Sounds pretty cool, once I get Mega Man 9 and beat it, this'll be one of the first bits of DLC I'll get.

I daresay that the middle dot in MO8E's avatar represents Aether, which would signify the "master" bit. Might be wrong, though. = /



Objection said:

100 pts for a new boss and/or new stage AND new boss? That's what DLC is supposed to be: extra content worth the very small extra price!



Ricardo91 said:

I finally managed to get my hands on 2 Wii points cards today, so this game will soon be mine at last! Haha!
Once I get my Wii reconnected to the internet, that is.

So we're supposedly gonna get a new stage AND boss for a buck? Sweet-ness! I'm gonna DL it as soon as it pops up! Now what does Fake Man do anyway? And what power would he give you?

BTW this has nothing to do with anything, but I got Wario Land Shake It! today, and it's awesome.



pikmin95 said:

Wait, so Fake Man is the cop in Mega Man 9? The one that kidnapped "Dr. Light" supposedly?



Wesbert said:

@ SuperMario64
Depends on the stage. For all we know, it consists of one empty room, and when you enter the boss room Fake Man laughs and gloats "Sorry, Mega Man, our boss is in another castle" and vanishes in a poof of smoke. And the weapon is a flag that comes out of your blaster saying "Bang". He IS called Fake Man, after all.

Seriously though, I think the logic behind the pricing is a little different. A new stage and boss are basically additional parts of the same game, whereas a new hero character enables you to replay all the old stages with slightly altered gameplay mechanics, turning it, in a way, into a new game (not an entirely new game, but therefore the price is lower). Maybe it doesn't make too much sense, but if it means new stages cost less, I'm all for it.



Wesbert said:

@ SuperMario64
Your summary makes it sound far more logical than mine. As you might have noticed, short and to-the-point summaries aren't really my strength...



Auntman said:

@ Wesbert
But the harder difficulty levels also change the whole expirience as they complete alter the level designs and cost only 100 points. I'd say its much altering as I see Protoman only as charge and slide... and Protomans butt.



Wesbert said:

@ Auntman
That depends on one's point of view. Harder difficulty levels are frequently part of normal games (and mostly affect damage and enemy placement, so they mainly punish mistakes without altering your playing style), alternate characters not that often (and both charge and slide do change your style somewhat).
But we should consider two additional factors:
1) The difference in cost is 1-2 Euros/Dollars, so too much nitpicking is hardly a justified waste of our time.
2) I might be dead wrong. For all we know, the difference is connected to the salaries of the people required to make those add-ons (the higher difficulty setting doesn't require additional sprites, while Protoman needs a lot of them, plus playtesting in each stage; whereas Fake Man's stage might be composed of bits of other stages, him being a faker). Or they're reacting to the critisizm of some who claimed the stage should have been in the game in the first place, not DLC. Or maybe they just threw dice...



WiX said:

This sounds really good, and I still have 100 points left, so I am totally going to buy this! Well, there are those Hero and Superhero mode which are harder, but I want a new stage! And I hope we get more DLC later, like some more levels, if possible. Actually, MegaMan 10 would be better option!

BTW, I've been playin older RockMans (MegaMan in Japan, and because I have Famicom, I have RockMans) and they really are good! My favorite from 1 to 6 is 5! In the whole series, I like 5, 8 and 9 the most



Wiiloveit said:

@Mr Cheez: Finally... I was getting tired of your moaning.
In a completely unrelated comment - I've not got enough points to get the new games this Friday, and I have no money left due to Lost Season 4 and Guitar Hero World Tour sucking it all up. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH



Clayfrd said:

@Mr. Cheez- Shake It! is rather good. I've beaten it, but I keep finding myself playing it again to do more challenges/missions. The art is great.

@megacody- A level editor.. great idea! They could be shared online. I think if that were the case, though, the creator would have to beat the level before uploading it to prove its possibility. That would be ideal, anyway.

Why don't they release DLC (free, ideally) that allows Proto Man to be compatible (with separate leaderboards) with Endless Attack and Time Attack? I'd pay up to 200 points for that. I'd do it reluctantly, but I would do it.

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