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EU VC Update: NES Halloween Trio

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

This week's update falls right on Halloween - Nintendo of Europe would be fools not to take advantage of this! Thankfully they are aware of it - All three games released today have a horror theme.

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse is the final NES installment of the Castlevania series. After the rather mediocre Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Konami decided to make a game closer to the original Castlevania - The result is easily one of the greatest NES action games, as while the gameplay is largely the same as the original game, there are now additional playable characters, much better control and loads of other improvements. This is a really nice game to have on the VC - It's somewhat rare, and it was never rereleased until now!

Devil World is a bit of an oddity. The game was developed and published by Nintendo, but for some reason, while practically every single other Nintendo game became popular, this game stayed obscure. The game itself was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself - It's a bit of a Pac-Man clone, but with its own unique twists. It's actually pretty good! And yes - This is the game the Devil from Super Smash Bros. Brawl was originally from.

Ghosts 'n Goblins is today's last new game. It's a bit weird that the final VC-eligible game in the Ghosts 'n Goblins/Ghouls 'n Ghosts series was actually the first of the three to be released originally, but we can't blame Capcom. It's easily the hardest game in the series, but unlike the other two games, it doesn't feel "hard but fair" - It's downright cheap! If you enjoy hard games you'll definitely like this, but be prepared to lose sleep, and hairs!

No Secret of Mana or Mario Golf this week - But can you really say no to games developed by Nintendo, Capcom and Konami?

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User Comments (72)



Ark said:

I'd sure pick up Devil's World if it comes to North America. Good week for Europe if you ask me.



blackknight77 said:

I am so jealous you get Castlevania 3. I am glad you got Ghosts and Goblins. It holds a special place for me because it was my first NES cart I ever got for X-mas.



Nathan said:

Yes indeed ALK, I am not pleased by this turn of Halloween events.. Dracula's Curse would be the pick this week though. That is, if I cared enough about it to download it. Which I don't.



The_Fox said:

Pretty good week! Now, how about Castlevania 3 in North America, Nintendo?



Link79 said:

Oh sure Europe gets a Halloween theme complete with Castlevania 3 but screw America. Oh well at least that means Dracula's curse should be coming here soon. Now if they could just hurry up and give us Rondo of blood I'll be a happy camper.



mattyl149 said:

Another two week wait at least until Secret Of Mana. Good games, but not really of interest to me



Link79 said:

Yeah that's Trevor. Dracula's curse was a prequel to the original Castlevania. Simon was in the first two and Castlevania 4 on SNES.



Tragickingdom said:

If you guys make a mistake and lordbowser catches it, why not give props where they are due, and not delete the comments? It really is not that big of a deal, except to say that he really knows his games.



Ricardo91 said:

Drat! You guys actually got Holiday-appropriate games this week!

If you're an American and want to see Castlevania III and Devil World this coming Monday like I do, say "I".



Starwolf_UK said:

Would it have killed them to release more than NES games?

Also Secret of Mana is clearly's got Santa Claus...thats Halloween, right?



Rexy said:

Still no Secret of Mana? >.> Hmmm... fine.
'Least we got Castlevania III, and I hope you Americans get it soon as well, because that's (and I quote Homsar from the Homestar Runner toons on this) "a healthy piece of real estate".



Kevin said:

Hopefully we'll get castlevania 3 and devil world monday. Both are great.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

This is what you wanted, right? I like CV III a lot, one of my favourites in the series! The legendary soundchip is not needed since music is great in its own right, but it would have been cool if it was emulated.

I never liked Devil World, it´s a pretty simple concept. Ghost ´n Goblins? Cool, but too hard and awkward controls.



Adamant said:

Feh, GnG isn't that hard, guys.
About time Europe got it, though - it's been almost a year since the American release.



Omegastoopreme said:

So much for the so called official magazine saying SoM was out now. A least another 2 weeks. This is taking the biscuit.



Lugia2 said:

Those are some really interesting picks- I mean that in a good way. The uber-NES Castlevania, a GnG, and a game so scary that the trophy related to it in Melee was removed in the US!

Wow, we're nuts.



worrybomb said:

I kind of knew Europe was getting Castlevania 3 right on time for Halloween. Along with Devil World it's a pretty sweet VC update. Enjoy Europe and Happy Halloween!

Hopefully Castlevania 3 will come this Monday to NA.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Eh, no CV III review yet? Sheesh, you'd think vc-reviews would have had that ready ahead of time considering it's Halloween time. Ah, I'm just poking fun, I'd never get worked up over something so little. And I wonder if Devil World will ever come to the US VC considering it never came here before and it's trophy wasn't in the NA version of Melee as well. Stupid sensitive Americans need to calm down, it's just a game.



HVGN_Nerd said:

they should give everyone the same damn stuff every week its so retarded that we get dicked then you guys get dicked



Devastator said:

@Mr. Cheez: My computer messed up that is why my comment accidently got posted 5 times



marktheshark said:

I wonder if the VC version of Castlevania III will have the NES version's music or the Famicom version's music?



Virus said:

Well, this is sure a kick to my face. I should've held back on my holiday claims until the holiday passed.



Twilight_Crow said:

Well, at least NoE thought about a Halloween related update, I think festive updates are fun, I believe ours will be on monday, are you listening NoA.
"I" we want Castlevania III.



whalleywhat said:

Lol, the European announcements always fill the comments with North Americans being jealous and the North American announcements are filled with Europeans being jealous. I guess there's no winning.



Wesbert said:

It's funny, because a lot of Europeans think Halloween is a purely American holiday, imported solely for marketing reasons. So the Europeans, many of which don't actually 'celebrate' this holiday, get a themed update, while the Americans, who do, don't.
So it's trick (for the US) and treat (for the EU).
Still, Happy Halloween to all Americans, and remember there's always next Monday!



Most-Excellent said:

I totally agree with your post there!!

The only thing I was anxiously awaiting for this previous Monday Oct 27 was Castlevania 3... yet I've been majorly P.O.ed... then just dissapointed it didn't come!!! >

So the obvious question is it might appear on the VC sometime in November close to Castlevania Judgement's release!




RGVEDA said:

The Castlevania Video isn´t working. Could please someone fix this? Thanks!



Dazza said:

Well spotted, I have fixed the video now.

What a great update, it's good to see Nintendo cashing in on the Halloween season. What perfect timing!



Corbs said:

Okay the Castlevania III review is up. We goofed up and let it slip under our radar.



Klaarover said:

Since when was halloween bigger in Europe ever since it was spawned?

I'm so glad I live in Europe right now.



Kawaiipikachu said:

3 games for each pal country but that's doesn't mean the same 3 games as Australia Finally got the Megadrive Street Fighter .



Bass_X0 said:

Wouldn't Devil's World for America be on an import week? It didn't come out there originally did it? Nothing for me today. I'll play Secret of Mana today, I don't feel bad about playing the ROM now since Nintendo and Square clearly don't want my money.



Starwolf_UK said:

I wonder if the VC version of Castlevania III will have the NES version's music or the Famicom version's music?
Given the fact NOE can't even be bothered to remove the fat borders and make castlevania 3 run at the full speed I really, really doubt them changing the music.

Since when was halloween bigger in Europe ever since it was spawned??
Ever since the the VC update coincided with the festival...

So much for the so called official magazine saying SoM was out now. A least another 2 weeks. This is taking the biscuit.
And another one learns that ONM is usually unreliable. Being serious for a moment it is possible NOE had a European Secret of Mana release planned but other things came up putting it on a back burner.

The monthly Japanese release lists rarely 100% tell the truth either...



RadioShadow said:

Not a bad update I suppose.

US - Get Earthworm Jim - Evil the Cat can be considered spooky enough (well his 9 lives anyway)
JP - METAL SLUG 2 - The mummies of course.
EU - No rubbis NES Halloween theme games. Be glad of that.



ness said:

Sad to see that there is no 'Mario Golf 64' or 'Secret of Mana', but nevertheless i'm pleased with the release of the three games =).



Bass_X0 said:

Maybe in two weeks. They also owe us Super Turrican 2 and Donkey Kong 3 amongst others. I was expecting Secret of Mana for sure today... *sigh*



Wiiloveit said:

@Starwolf: Brilliant interviews aside, ONM's a load of cak. NGamer don't do VC overviews as well, but it is still the superior UK Ninty mag as far as I'm concerned.



Mario_maniac said:

It sucks that we didn't get Ghosts 'n Goblins, but at least we got Street Fighter. Hopefully we can catch up properly next time.

Oh, and wooh! Castlevania!



Bass_X0 said:

NGamer looks back at the past month, ONM tries to predict whats coming up.



Betagam7 said:

Because of there cheapness NES games are some of the few non PAL optimised games I bother to pick up from the VC but I'm starting to resent doing that now that the C64 is here.
Sorry Nintendo, I'll play Castevania IV instead as I still need to beat it and ignore your trio of 50hz border-fests. Another £7 profit down the drain for you until you bother to correct the problem



slangman said:

Still no SoM or Super Turrican 2 but i guess the halloween themed VC week still makes downloading a couple of games.

@Omegastoopreme You can't go by ONMs magazine just to look at VC releases. They did this with Super Street Fighter II, Sonic on the master system and Ghosts and Goblins. Besides they don't bother reviewing most VC releases anymore even skipping quite a few very good games.



Sebb630 said:

I loved Devil World when I was young! I'm from Canada and I had some of those 115 Games NES cartridges and Devil World was included!
I only played Castlevania 1 so I can't tell about the third!
And of course, Ghosts 'n Goblins is a great game! But damn it's hard!



Wiiloveit said:

Did anyone else notice the halloween themed Wii Shop Channel icon on the Wii Menu? A picture of Boo appears (in the same way that the Hanabi Festival, C64, Master System and WiiWare logo's have done in the past) with the message "Happy Halloween"



Rapadash6 said:

Kind of wish we got Castlevania III on Monday. I'm not really complaining mind you but I was really hoping to get a holloween themed release this year. At least this means us yanks will be getting it soon... I hope.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Lugia2 and Tides of Chaos: A Devil World trophy was removed from Melee? I never knew that... I don't think that'll keep the game from the American VC now, seeing as the Devil is an assist trophy in Brawl.

@Mr. Cheez: Either it was some weird joke, or you didn't realize that you should've been asking people to say "aye," not "I." It's a fairly common misconception, I suppose, but people around here should know by now that I can be a bit of a stickler... Anyway, you have my "aye."

@Wiiloveit: That's pretty cool? I don't think the American VC has EVER had a themed Shop Channel icon... A small loss, but still...

Regarding the story in general, I think we'll probably see one or both Halloween-appropriate games on Monday. TECHNICALLY, this Monday is closer to Halloween than last Monday, and I wouldn't put it past Nintendo to work on such a stupid technicality. We'll see soon enough, I guess...



Alejandro_Talavera said:

Personally I'd prefer Devil World and Mayhem in monsterland (from last EU VC updates) instead of Mario Golf, Secret of Mana and Earthworm Jim (last NA updates) together. I hate golf and some RPGs, Jim may have charisma but not great games and its a shame that we didnt get Devil World for NES thanks to religious fanatism much in the way of the middle age, but today you are yet on time to make up for your mistakes NOA.

I know that there will inevitably be gamers and religious in disagreement as to what I said, therefore, you can "throw the first rock" at me guys.

@ Mr. Cheez : "I"

EDIT: To religion fanatics: yes I am the devil, just look at the number of my post, BUUU! Now, seriously, our society needs to stop being that influenced and "close-minded" and be more reasonable, specially in my country and latin America.



Castlevania III is pretty neat, and I love Ghosts 'n Goblins, even if I can never beat it. All in all, pretty good releases. I wouldn't download them though. I don't have the space on the Wii, and I don't really want them all that much.



megacody said:

I knew EU was going to get Castlevania III for Halloween. Please be reasonable NOA.



Captain_Konami said:

Major congrats Europe. Castlevania 3 is a great classic (not quite the character of 2 in my opinion, but nice graphics, a new posse system, and some great bosses).

And Ghosts and Goblins.......not the perfect arcade port I would have asked the Big N for back in the day, but it was still one of those games I loved to impale myself on semi-regularly.

A pair of true classics......... and......... a Pac Man game with Gannondorf up top dancing around, looking like it came from an Atari 2600........ uh, well, two out of three ain't bad!

In total, definitely a great gift to find in the ol candy bag!



CanisWolfred said:

Cool, two great games, and one good-but-frustrating one. Castlevania III is the Castlevania game that I've been looking forward too, and Devil World looks very interesting, hope they show up in NA Monday. All-in-all, a pretty good week.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I would download Devil World mainly because he's an Assist Trophy in Brawl (although his actual assistance is questionable at best...). I've also seen some videos for it online, and I think it looks...interesting. It'd be cheap, anyway (in fact, as an import NES game, it'd use up my last 600 points!).



WoRMaSTeR said:

No SoM, I might actually have to play a game from this millenium... Maybe I'll open up that collector's edition of Fallout 3... see you in 2 weeks and you better have mana by then...



slangman said:

@ Bass X0 I know that, and most games on that system are well worth a download.

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