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Brand New Sorcery Blade Screenshots

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It seems that information about the upcoming Kemco WiiWare title Sorcery Blade is slowly beginning to leak out. The game is based on the mobile phone Sorcery Sword series of games and is set on the planet Mars in the year 3000.

The game will make use of special attacks that can be executed by drawing shapes on the screen using the Wii Remote. You'll also be able to roam around town where you can pick up information by speaking to the various residents.

From what we can tell, the game doesn't appear to be the epic quest that most people associate with an RPG, so don't expect anything too in-depth when this game does finally hit the WiiWare service. Of course that's if the game somehow finds a release outside of Japan, which certainly isn't a foregone conclusion.

We were able to get our hands on a few direct-feed screenshots courtesy of the guys at Famitsu for you to take a look at below. At least these screenshots begin to give more of an indication of exactly how the game will play.

We'll have more information on Sorcery Blade as it becomes available.





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Corbs said:

It looks interesting, but I'm not terribly familiar with this series of rpgs.



calculon said:

@SepticLemon - it does look like PSO, which is kind of depressing considering the game sucked quite badly and was probably my favourite in the series (I absolutely hate the 2D Phantasy Star games)

Hopefully Kemco can do a better job then - we are talking about Kemco here though ...



Starwolf_UK said:

looks at the Miis
I thought Nintenod didn't allow people to use Miis if the art style of the game didn't fit. You've got this town populated by bobble headed midgits...



vherub said:

miis could have been used well in opoona, here they look a little odd



Fleeman said:

the game does look great even if its not a huge rpg atleast its something different for the wiiware



Naturestee said:

I'm really interested in this. If it comes out in NA I'll definitely give it a shot. Have to at least give credit to the dev for doing a WiiWare game from a genre nobody else has doen yet.



Ricardo91 said:

Despite the fact that it looks like a blatant PSO ripoff and the Miis looking drastically out of place, this could be good. Now I'd like to see more games of this genre not just on Wiiware, but on Wii in general. Γ_Γ

@Calculon. I haven't played PSO, but I did play the 2D PSs (sans #1) and didn't like them either. PS IV was good, but PS II was far too clunky, difficult and tedious for my tastes, and III was just plain boring.



Corbs said:

I love all four 2-D Phantasy Star games but I hate the online stuff. I just don't care for online gaming at all.



AVahne said:

looking pretty good,the Miis look a bit retarded in a game like this but i guess they're there to reduce memory usage

[EDIT] now all Nintendo has to do is make an RPG about the Miis themselves! Wiiware would be nice.



Twilight_Crow said:

I really like the idea of an RPG on wiiware, but with all this graphics it must be around the 40mb; if it gets to NA I may consider to buy it, but it must be long enough, I don't want a very short game with good graphics.



chiefeagle02 said:

Being is how Mii-support is a luxury rarely afforded by Nintendo, it'd be cool to see charicatures of friends walking around (albeit, a bit out of context). Also, an RPG on the Wii is a rare commodity in and of itself (let alone WiiWare). I'm keeping my eye on this one.



Virus said:

Will this be the first of an epic onslaught of epic games for WiiWare? I hope so, but I think not...



Serpent said:

Looks good, but i find it hard to believe this will all fit 40mb unless its a short RPG.

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