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World Of Goo Submitted To Nintendo For Approval

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Good news for all you Goo fans out there. 2D Boy has just announced that they've submitted their upcoming WiiWare title World of Goo to Nintendo for approval. If the game passes approval, they should have a release date soon. It would seem that the game is still on track for an October release date.

There's been no more word yet on the possibility of a European retail release of World of Goo, but we'll keep you posted if we receive any new information.

You can also check out WiiWare World's exclusive interview with World of Goo creator 2-D Boy.

Source: 2-D Boy

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1080BOMBER said:

Sorry I was in a rush but world of Goo is ready for approval hopefully it'll come to Europe
D'oh nearly first comment



AlexSays said:

How long after approval does it usually take for the game to hit the service?

Do we know when MM9, for example, was submitted for approval?



1080BOMBER said:

I think it takes about a week cuz Nintendo have to play through to see if there is any violence and once they know it's alright they rate it then release it.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

You people do know that Nintendo doesn't rate the games, right? That's the ESRB's job. Nintendo simply makes sure the game is playable and then release it when they feel the time is right (although with some guidance from the creator's too)



Supermarioman said:

I like the overall structure of this game and I sure hope it is not another flunk just like Plattchen was and is, but I accept flunks and if I didn't Iw ould miss out on some pretty good games like Mario PArty games and oter games, but I was actully kina sad that europe gets an extra world that we don't, this sucks big time in that ase I would pay $60 fo this game, it looks so totally awsoem and I hope It comes out in two weeks. Thanks Supermarioman. Thanks for letting me be a member of this site thak you!



1080BOMBER said:

Sorry Tides of Chaos yeah it is ESRB's job cuz they rate all games actually over here it's PEGI I think and that's Nintendo's job to make sure the game is playable and release it when they feel ready.
And thanx WiiWare World for not kicking me out thanx



Supermarioman said:

1080BOMBER: Thats our only warning and I better quit commenting so much, who's with me for 3 puzzle WiiWare games next week, Maboshi, Bomberman, and this awsome World of Goo, I'll start a petition to Nintendo for both VC and WW.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I hope Maboshi comes out here soon. Not sure why Plattchen got here before that.....although it would be even better if World of Goo came next week!



Kriqz said:

Nintendo will playtest it to make sure it meets their standard of quality (bugs etc.)
If it passes it should be out within a couple weeks. Otherwise they''ll send it back to 2-D Boy which could mean months. I'm sure though 2-D Boy is smart enough to work out all the bugs before hand, at least if they ever want to make another game again.



Cthuloops said:

I actually do want this game. I betting 1000 points. Anyone want to make a guess?



Mario64DStyle said:

This game has always sent off a small spark of interest in the back of my mind.. hmm.
Can't wait =P



Corbs said:

Call me pessimistic, but I'm betting 1500 points for World of Goo.



shadows262 said:

Call me pessimistic, but I`m betting 800 wii points.
And hopefully, and yet pray to god theirs DLC!!!



shadows262 said:

Now all we need is Tetris Party, Swords and Soldiers, Alien Crush Returns, Gradius Rebirth, and Bomberman Blast!!



AlexSays said:

@ Pessimistic- I think you're right.
This looks like it could sell for 1500 though.



Kriqz said:

If it is 1500 points they better hope to have a good game on their hands. Anything less than 8/10 will pretty much be a flop at that price. I'll give them props so far in that they're aren't over-hyping it.

5-7/10 could survive with 500-800 points, but any more is pushing it IMO.



deadbattery said:

1500 points would be a freakin' rip-off. For me to drop $15 on a WiiWare game, it better be a PHENOMENAL, Christmas-morning-esque experience of a game.



Ark said:

Yeah, I can see where Corbie's coming from. Especially since Europeans have to pay more for the disk title.



mailanbr said:

Well, usually a games "approval" takes about a week-ish if they have no other game to approve. Just needs to make sure it passes the epilipsy stages, and that the difficulty level isnt set like to IMPOSSIBLE! They also need to give it a rating (E, T, M, AO). After that, they just set a price for it, and it is on selling row. Can't wait for this game to come out though, it has this "touch" to it that makes me look at it like this



KnucklesSonic8 said:

For those that haven't been tracking it, it was originally going to be 2000 Wii Points. Now, 1500 or 1000 is much more likely.

I knew about those a couple hours ago and once I found out, I was pretty excited.

And can people stop criticizing Plattchen if they haven't tried it. It's getting annoying.

I'm REALLY hoping for Bomberman Blast or MaBoShi this coming Monday.

@Tides of Chaos:
Plattchen deserved to come here way before Maboshi. Plattchen was one of the very first WiiWare titles to be announced.



mailanbr said:

No Ameican but FFCC:MLAK has been 1500. I am hoping it will just stay with the reoccuring price: 1000. If its anything more than that, I just say screw it. Maybe I shall use Homebrew Channel, but I just wouldnt feel right about that.



Objection said:

Of course I would love for it to be 1000, but why isnt anyone mentioning the middle ground of 1200 points? If Tetris can do it, so can World of Goo! I hope to have you in my Wii soon. (That sounded weird.) Anyway, this looks to be at least a solid release.



1080BOMBER said:

Go on WindOnFire it probably has more stuff in it, maybe? Then again probably not, NO, no it doesn't.



whalleywhat said:

I certainly wouldn't mind paying 1500, but 1000 would be awesome. Maybe you guys don't realize how full featured this game is. Can't freakin wait.



SilentJ said:

I'm so tired of waiting for this game!!! This was the very first wii ware game I wanted. I can't wait to finally play it when it's finally released sometime next year!!! I hate waiting!!!



Objection said:

I think most of us hav emissed the main point here: it's almost here!! We've just been bickering around the price.

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