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Wii Chess Comes to WiiWare in Japan

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you keep up with retail Wii games, you're probably aware that way back in January, Europe got the game Wii Chess, which was basically just chess (With Wi-Fi) at the price of a budget title. Nintendo never announced the title for release in any other region - Not even Australia - Until now!

Next week, Japanese players can download the renamed World Chess on WiiWare - This is exactly the same as Wii Chess, except in downloadable form, and thus cheaper! It doesn't look like it'll have any additional features, and Japanese players will even be able to play against Europeans who own the retail game (And vice versa of course). We don't think this will be released in Europe, but it might happen in the US - Who knows!

Source: Nintendo of Japan - World Chess


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Ricardo91 said:

I suck at chess, so I won't be loking out for this one. I always forget how the pieces work. P

3rd first comment in a month! I'm on a roll!!!



Vortex99 said:

Okay, so now Nintendo tell me i've wasted at least £13 by buying Wii Chess?

Please, Nintendo - bring this over here, so I can trade in my copy of Wii Chess and download this instead. Man, i'm so ripped off...



Cipher said:

This makes way more sense. Good move by Nintendo for overseas regions, just not so good for Europe.



Bensei said:

Maybe Australia will get it (since they didn't get SPOGS )
If they get it in Australia I'll maybe try changing regions



chiefeagle02 said:

I hardly play the Chess game on my copy of Clubhouse Games (or 42 Classics, depending on which side of the pond you're on), so I may pass on this one.



Ben__Harlan said:

Is this a joke? Hope Nintendo doesnt laugh at the people who bought a DVD with Wii Chess bringing it again by WiiWare.



Bass_X0 said:

Vortex, return or sell the game. Then when and if this game comes out here, download it. Whatever money you lose out on from buying the full game is the "rental fee" for playing it before it comes out on WiiWare.



Ian_Daemon said:

Good to hear about the cross-continent-cross-purchasing-method gameplay. I feel for Europe, but then again this is chess. So I don't feel AS bad considering these are "chess freaks". (And they're probably small in number.)



Objection said:

I hope it comes to NA. I really like chess. Hope you can play random online opponents and not just your registered friends...



Starwolf_UK said:

As if World of Goo wasn't bad enou...

Wait, difference is World of Goo is something people actually wanted while Wii Chess...I'm not too sure about that...Chess is fine and i'm sure the AI and online can be fine but this kind of thing has been done better on the PC...



1080BOMBER said:

I love chess but I might get it just for WI-FI since I already have a chess board but I'd probably get a whopping good game from Japan cuz I like myself a good opponent but I do hope this comes to EU.



Twilight_Crow said:

What's with nintendo? They should have made this game for wiiware from the begginig; well, I have some friends that would like this to come overseas, especially for the wi-fi, I may buy it myself, if the price is right.



PALgamer said:

Funny thing is, when we first heard of Wii Chess we all thought it was WiiWare.



Adam said:

You could just play chess online through the Internet Channel...
If they threw in Shogi, Xiang qi, and maybe some other related games, maybe it'd be worth it just to have a nice, Nintendo presentation and an all-in-one package quick to access through the Wii channels, but the problem is... you'll still be paying for games that you can play free on a computer, and these free games will have online players to compete against much longer than a WiiWare title.
Either that, or they'd need to provide some outstanding and customizable AI to make it a long-lasting title, and that wouldn't be worth the effort for them.



JoshZTP said:

I also think it's just wierd Wii Chess is just a Wii game for Europe, and yet how did they have it as of now?! Been a good long time anyway...

But yes, anytime soon would be nice Nintendo to give us this new Wii Chess WiiWare version to us greedy WiiWare US players!

Just probably will be a good long while until it happens though... sigh!



PHANTOM93 said:

I would get this.... but I found a flash version of Chess that works on the Internet Channel



mailanbr said:

The trailer makes the game look a little different from normal chess, but this just isnt for me. Chess IMO is extremely fun (let me explain), but you can only like play 1 game a day. Just gets boring real fast.



CanisWolfred said:

I think I'll just wait for Wii Checkers. I love checkers, but I never have anyone to play it with, and I'm sick of playing against myself, I always lose!



Mario_maniac said:

I wonder if it'll reach Australia... we didn't get the game. = / A WiiWare version sounds MUCH more appealing that the disc...



MarkyVigoroth said:

Given the popluarity of Chess ANYWHERE, I bet that this will place in the Top 20, even though I doubt that it will beat Pong Toss.

Then again, I already have at least 2 Chess programs, so I may skip this.



Vortex99 said:

@ 1080BOMBER (Comment 11) - It already has, in the form of a Wii game called Wii Chess...

As I said in my earlier post, I own the retail version of the game, and was hoping for the WiiWare version to be released in Europe as part of my plan. But now, scrash that - I have realized that I actually got it by a Chess addict who was so nice he bought the game for me. Plus, I kinda like the game boxed - it saves my Wii Memory...

And by the way, I noticed loads of negitave comments here. Let me explain why Wii Chess is so good:

1. Fantastic AI
Some people here are not expecting the AI to be good at all, so let me prove them wrong. Wii Chess uses the Loop Chess engine, which ranked 3rd in the World Computer Chess Championship in Amsterdam. I've tried it too - and I can say myself the AI is very good too..

2. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Oh come on, every game with Nintendo WFC has to be good! And Wii Chess is no different. The Online play is superb, with zilch lag and a clear design. Okay, so there are countless websites that do the same thing for free, but this feels much more...clean. Oh - and don't forget Friend Codes!

3. Analysis
If you've finished a game, you can actually replay every move so you can figure out how you managed to take them out or go wrong. Plus, in the games you can activate a black box which tells you all of the moves in chess algebra.

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