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USA WiiWare Update: Potpourrii and Strong Bad Episode 2

Posted by Darren Calvert

Two new WiiWare games are up in the Wii shop later today. A cheeky little puzzler by the name of Potpourrii and the second in the Strong Bad episodic series, Strong Badia The Free.

Everyone will pretty much have a good idea of what to expect with the new Strong Bad game, generally you will only be buying this if you enjoyed the first game Homestar Ruiner. If you liked the first one then this is a safe bet. Watch out for our review which will be revealed at 9am Pacific time (5pm GMT) today.

What about the mysterious Potpourii though? If in doubt about buying before our review goes up in the next few days, you might find our exclusive interview with Abstraction Games quite useful to get a flavour of what this puzzler is all about.

Here’s the press release:

Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free (Telltale Games, 1 player, Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older - Crude Humor, Mild Cartoon Violence, Use of Alcohol, 1,000 Wii Points): Strong Badia the Free is the second of five monthly episodes starring Strong Bad - the self-proclaimed “coolest person ever” - and the rest of the cast from the popular Homestar Runner Web cartoons. When Strong Bad fails to obey the King of Town’s totally unfair e-mail tax, he’s placed under house arrest. Once freed from his wrongful imprisonment, Strong Bad goes on a mission to unite the local warring factions under the Strong Badian flag. Is Free Country USA ready for such an awesome ruler? Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free also has the Videlectrix arcade classic “Math Kickers Featuring the Algebros,” plus all-new achievements, collectibles, costumes and Teen Girl Squad comics. You can even use Strong Bad’s Lappy to send e-mails and pictures to your Wii Friends. So what are you waiting for? Fire up Strong Badia the Free and get ready to kick some doughy King of Town butt.

Potpourrii (Abstraction Games, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 800 Wii Points): In the puzzle game Potpourrii, everything revolves around the seasons. For centuries, the seasons have followed a set pattern. But then things start to go awry in the forest. Suddenly it's snowing while the sun shines and flowers bloom while leaves are falling. Then a strange purple goo appears. The leprechauns are stunned. Even worse, the magic oak of life loses its power. It all turns out to be the fault of an evil wizard. You must help the leprechauns defeat him and restore natural order. To do this, you need to collect seasonal spirits. Pick them up with the spirit cannon, shoot them at the center of the screen, group them and make them disappear. But watch out - they get faster and faster. In short: Potpourrii is a puzzle game that keeps you hooked with its colorful visuals, beautiful effects and easy-to-use controls using the Wii Remote controller. Play alone or with a second player, and even use your Mii character.

In the crazy world of the Virtual Console the sublime Mega Man 2 is up for grabs. There are no prizes for guessing what game might be released on WiiWare next week!!

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User Comments (41)



Mario64DStyle said:

"There are no prizes for guessing what game might be released on WiiWare next week!!"

Does that mean I should know it?



Dathcha said:

I am guessing the WiiWare game of next week will be the secretly in development Pong Toss 2: Revenge Of The Tossers!!!
Which will of course will swiftly be followed by Pong Toss 3: Chucking Extreme

Sounds like great times ahead



tantrumario said:

O heck yea. CAnt wait for next week. No 10 for review= buildings burnt.
I kinda wished it came out during summer though. Don't foget Pong Toss 4: arm cancer, death, and world peace.



Kevin said:

Lol! It should get a 10 and I suppose this means we won't get bomberman until two mondays from now if 9 is released next week.



thewiirocks said:

I doubt that Mega Man 9 would be released so shortly after Mega Man 2. My guess is that it will be a few weeks (October, most likely) before we see the new game.

On the matter of Strong Bad, I wonder if you have to pay the King's "totally unfair" email tax to use your lappy to send emails to your friends?

Speaking of which, here's a riddle for you guys: What does Strong Badia the Free have in common with the American Revolution?



Thores said:

@wiirocks: Capcom has already announced that Mega Man 9 is confirmed for a September release. I personally think next week is too soon as well, but the week after would make plenty of sense, and it would still be this month.



andy836 said:

Megaman 9 will either be released this coming Monday or the Monday afterward for sure.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic said:

Needs moar Bomberman Blast :3. . . and Mega Man 9 but I honestly didn't expect it this week since the embargo on the IGN review. Oh my, what a predicament it shall be this coming monday if both Mega Man 9 AND Bomberman Blast comes out I only have 1,100 wii points left DX. I think I'd have to resort to randomly selecting DX. . .or beg people for money .



xSJx said:

If we get megaman 9 and bomberman blast next week I'm gonna freak out. Either one of them paired with MaBoShi would be really nice too (and probably more likely).

These games are both a maybe for me. I don't have the first strong bad yet but I think I'll get it soon. I've been watching homestar runner vids since the reviews all say if you like the cartoon you'll probably like the game. I've laughed pretty hard at some of the cartoons (great jorb homestar! hahaha) so we'll see. I'm gonna go read the interview for potpourrii, I think I'll be getting groovin blocks if I buy a puzzle game though. Or Dr. Mario, I've got some catching up to do.

You stumped me . What an ignorant Canadian, eh? (see what I did there? )

Umm, launch day?

Holy crap why do I always post such huge replys 0_o



Corbs said:

Still about half an hour before the games appear on the US WiiWare service. I'll be picking up as my curiosity has gotten the best of me with this title. Plus how can you not love the little gnomes?



thewiirocks said:

@xSJx - Hey now, let's not be self deprecating. It was only a riddle. And one designed for those with an interest in history at that.

The answer is that Strong Bad is a total parody of the American Revolution. From the "email tax" (tea tax? stamp act? etc.) imposed by "King of Town" (analogous to "King George III") to Strong Bad attempting to unite various country-states in revolt (Colonies -> States) to even the flag he's flying! (The flag is a parody of the Gadsden Flag flown by the early revolutionaries. Snake + Tire == Don't Tread on Me. Get it? ) I'm sure there are even more parallels that can be drawn, but those are the obvious ones that stick out.

As for MM9, I still don't believe it's coming out next week. Nintendo has been playing fast and loose with release dates. Capcom might put pressure on Nintendo with fixed PS3 and 360 release dates, but feel free to flip a coin as to whether Nintendo will cave or not. (They don't seem to like having pressure applied to them.) Especially since the original plan was one Mega Man title per month, and not more than one title from a given developer per month. (Though one could argue that VC doesn't count. )



Virus said:

My God...just when I thought I got away from it for good, someone haunts me again with American history....

Awesome week! I won't get either of the releases but I'm delighted to be able to say "either." I hope this trend keeps up. I also hope Bomberman Blast comes out next week instead of another certain game...



Twilight_Crow said:

Well, for someone who doesn't have wiipoints or money, this week is a bless since I don't want any of those games, now lets save some money for Megaman 9, Bomberman and Plättchen; two of them may come out next week, hurray for double releases!!!!

I agree with andy836, Megaman 9 will come out next monday or the one afterwards.



Wiiloveit said:

My (very rough) predictions for next week:
Next week (US): any two of MaBoShi, Plattchen, Bomberman Blast or MegaMan 9
Next week (EU): SBCG4APE2: Strong Badia The Free, Gyrostarr (just an inkling) and some tosh that the US got ages ago - though it is slightly possible we'll get PotPourri or MM9 (emphasis on slightly for the latter).

Oh, and when can the PotPourri review be expected and who's doing it (Drake?). I think it looks good and (Tetris aside) it's one of the few puzzle games I'm looking forward to.



Corbs said:

Drake does European reviews. Potpourrii is a US release. I'm not doing it, but I'm not sure who's taking it. I've played it some, and it seems rather sluggish and slow-paced. There's also no tutorial, so it takes awhile to figure out what's going on.



Pegasus said:

Potpourrii isn't bad, but it is surely a bit slower going than your average puzzler. I don't really think it needs a tutorial mode. Reading through the instructions once I pretty much knew what to do; it only takes only the first couple stages to figure out what's going on.

I'll probably have the review by tonight/tomorrow morning.



Wiiloveit said:

Thanks Pegasus and Corbie, although I must say I'm waiting for the review before I decide whether or not to buy it, it looks like I'm also waiting for the UK release. Ah well.



blackknight77 said:

I agree with Wii love it online. Next week will be a one VC game week and 2 wii ware. I hope we get Bomberman Blast or Alien Crush



Corbs said:

As Pegasus said, it really only takes a few stages to get the hang of the game. I'm just not finding it very much fun so far. To be fair, I'm not a big puzzler fan, but I'll put some more time into it to see if it grows on me.



Outrunner said:

What?! No Bomberman Blast? But I was looking forward to playing my friends online.



AlexSays said:

@ Outrunner- Me too!
As much as I love Mega Man, I'd almost rather have Bomberman next week, if not both.
Nothing beats blowing up your friends online!



CanisWolfred said:

Nothing here for me today. I'm waiting for some sort of compilation before I get StrongBad, and Potpurrii just looks boring to me.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Rockman 9 might not have come out today because of the de facto standard of "3 games per week", yet I can imagine Rockman 9 going into Virtual Console next week...



Icyfrodo said:

Could you imagine Bomberman Blast and Megaman 9 next week ? It would be hell awesome



Objection said:

I think I will probably get Bomberman. Even if my WIFI is spotty, the offline multiplayer sounds good too. I'll make my fiends play it with me. I also hope this will eb the start of 2 Wiiware every week but I won't hold my breath ( * . * )



Mayhem said:

So for those who've played it, Potpourri is like a circular version of Puzzle Bobble?



Stratos said:

I may have to just drop $50 on points at this rate. Strong Bad 2, Mega Man2 & 9, Bomberman...and I've yet to get Mario RPG on VC so thats 4300 points alone...ouch.

Thanks for the Strong Bad/American history comparison. I figured that the game would allude to it but thats quite a bit of parallels.



MarkyVigoroth said:

lockelocke-san has a fuuny (yet accurate) quote!

(By the way, I am also planning to get Rockman 9...)



Wiiloveit said:

For us lot in Europe, the longer the wait for you guys to get BMB, the better. Not because we get the chance to get better than you, but because once you get it, the servers will fill with people. Once everyone gets bored and you're lucky if you can get three or more people to play against, it's the end of the online mode, so the longer it can last, the better. If you see what I mean.



Big_Sexy said:

@WiiloveitOnline: I know exactly what you mean. Empty lobbies are a chore to sit through.

Potpourri looks less interesting every time I see it. It just seems slow, but I guess I'll wait for the review like everyone else. Really, I want to play the SBCG4AP series, but I'm low on points at the moment.

I'm starting to really hate this month, if only for the fact of the oodles of amazing games being released - not just WiiWare and VC, but on retail as well. There's no way we can afford this much awesome.

Also, am I the only one who gets lulz from the fact that US owners have waited 9 months to get a Megaman sequel? Anyone?



Ian_Daemon said:

Strong Bad Episode 2 is different enough from Strong Bad Episode 1 to warrant a purchase, yet Strong Badia The Free still contains all the same humor and references... I'm diggin' it.



Wiiloveit said:

@Big Sexy: I agree with you on PP. If it can go faster quicker, I'd be more than happy to buy it.
As for the online lobby thing: it is probably the most boring thing about online play, but is appearing in fortnight-old games more and more often: Smash Bros Brawl is a recent example of this (for me at least). At least I always get action packed races on Mario Kart.



mailanbr said:

Strong Bad. I am probably like the only American that has never watched a single episode of that. But the question is... does the game have replay value? Also, I probably will wait until all 5 are out, then I can just pick the best one according to other peeps.

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