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USA WiiWare Update: Mega Man 9 and Plättchen

Posted by Damien McFerran

The wait is finally over. It’s easily one of the most eagerly awaited games in the short but colourful history of WiiWare and now Mega Man 9 is at long last available for download!

Don the party hats and pop the cork on that family-sized bottle of fizzy soda, because the good times are here to stay! Well, at least until you break your Wii Remote in a fit of rage because you’ve died at the exact some point for the tenth time; this is a game that will surely separate the men from the boys. Mega Man 9 weighs in at 1000 Wii points. You probably will not need to wait for our upcoming review before buying this we think!

Today’s other WiiWare release Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint was found wanting when we reviewed the European release last week and in their infinite wisdom the powers that be have decided to put it up against the biggest WiiWare game to date. Interestingly the game has been reduced for the American market to a more reasonable 1000 Wii points which makes this sub-par game feel a bit less extortionate. We can't help feeling that this is a bit of a kick in the teeth for Europeans who bought this at 1500 Wii points last week, but clearly after the poor reviews the writing was on the wall for this shambling mockery. Given that the game is a confusing mess that comes with the added bonus of crippling RSI, we still can’t recommend it, even at the lower price point.

In Virtual Console land the long overdue Vectorman is up for grabs as a bit of an alternative to Mega Man. Europe got this over a year ago so it is good to see it finally hit North America. Technos’s excellent super deformed Super Dodge Ball also makes a surprise appearance today. River City Ransom meets volleyball, sign me up!

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User Comments (144)



Paper92 said:

Finally its here!!!!

But i can play it until after school AND football....sigh



Kevin said:

This is gonna be a fun week! Mega Man 9, Vectorman and Wario Land Shake It! tomorrow.



Ben__Harlan said:

Hope we get Megaman this week. You are sooooooooooooooo lucky. I'm waiting for the review, hope is a 9 or 10.



Jockolantern said:

I'm giddy with excitement to get my metaphorical paws on Mega Man 9! I don't know whether to stay up the extra couple hours to get a tease of it before I go to bed (being a night worker and all) or go to bed, wake up early, and dig into the game until I must resignedly abandon it for crumby old work. After nearly 15 years since the last 8-bit Mega Man... another entry has finally arrived to show all you current gen noobs what a truly challenging game is really all about. Separating the men from the boys, for sure. To quote IGN's Colin Mariarty: "Mega Man 9 harkens back to a time when games were actually hard." I can't freakin' wait to play this game. Old school is still the best school, baby.



kitroplious said:

I'm happy Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint is 1000 Wii Points here, instead of 1500.



Falk_Sturmfels said:

I guess they bring it worldwide really quick. It is definately a major title, even on the "boxed market". Its gonna come pretty fast, i guess.



Dbc said:

I hope it will come on friday ..It's worth buying a new point card just for Megaman 9 alone.

Wondering if alien crush wiiware will be on with it ....hope so



tantrumario said:

wow if there was bomberman, it would've been a week of man updates.
And now its time to pretend im sick and stay home to download mega man 9(i wished i could stay home,stupid school).



Doogle said:

LOL @ Plattchen having to reduce it's price for America! You couldn't make it up could you? What a disaster



blackknight77 said:

Wow! This is an awesome wii-kly update!!!
Mega Man 9 has already gotten a shining review from

Anyway I am posting because my avatar Magma Man is fitting the theme for today



Mr_chippy said:

@ breaderer
i want bomberman to but hay be happy with what you get next Monday hopefully



WiX said:

Congrats to you, you got the honor of getting this mega thing first! But not much wait for us either (hopefully), only four days! If not, I'm gonna be (Strong) Mad and something (Strong) Bad is going to happen and then everyone will be (Strong) Sad! So Nintendo and Capcom, don't betray us!

Sigh, I want Mega Man already...



Cronogenesis said:

Nothing that picks up my interest here. I've got enough puzzle games atm so thats plattchen gone and with Megaman 1+2 already on VC, thats more mega for my money. Still, it's great to see more and more games coming to WiiWare, both original and reimaginings.



calculon said:

Err, Bplus - did you just smack European gamers around the chops for buying your product? What a bunch of loosers - I'd have accepted 1,200 points but 1,000? I'll tell you what, Dclueless: Pull yourselves out of the video games industry and go and do something - in fact, anything - right for a change.

Well done on getting MM9 America, now I'm dead jealous. Then again, we have Bomberman so I can cope for a little while longer... I think You've got a good VC week too!

Right, I'm off to design an icon with a B+ being crushed under a boot......



tasthomas said:

Lucky Americans indeed. I still say, "lucky Europeans" for having the C64. Though nothing I really want for it is out yet: Airborne Ranger, Gunship, Maniac Mansion, Roadwar Europa, Auto Duel (to name a few).



KnucklesSonic8 said:

YESS!!! PLATTCHEN IS FINALLY HERE!!! I would've gladly paid 1500 but changing the Price Poimt was a wise choice indeed. Less people will be reluctant to try it because of the price tag.

Oh and inb4 Plattchen sucks just because WWW bashed the game. <_<

I'm sure Mega Man 9 will hit #1 VERY quickly! And Vectorman is a nice addition too! But I have Sonic Gems for GC besides I don't really like the game anyway. xD



SergeEXE said:

No one says anything about Super Dodge Ball XD

That game kicks major ass actually, but I'll be getting Mega Man 9.



Justtim said:

I'm so pissed, i cant even say...
Wii Points
1000 (USA)
1500 (EU)
This is a f*cking Joke...
I really like Plättchen, but reducing the points ( considering that US-Wiipoints are also cheaper then EU) is just so... I don't find words...

But gz to MegaMan 9, cant wait



worrybomb said:

Smart move to reduce the Wii Points by Bplus knowing that Plattchen is beign released with a couple of bad reviews under its belt. Still, the Europeans that downloaded this isn't going to like that move one bit. Well, in Bplus' case, can't please them all.

Today I have a half day of work so I'll be coming to DL you, Mega. =)



Ren said:

Dodgeball rules! What an unexpected surprise! And a new megaman, and vectorman which I never got to play before. Wow, this is like sensory overload, not to mention assault on my wallet. And me having to be out of town for work this week, dang. No dodgeball fans here? That was a classic.



LAA said:

I think Bplus were sneaky in this release.
If Plattchen and megaman 9 came to the EU now and there wasnt a review for plattche yet, I'd probably get plattchen, if it was 1000points aswell.
You see, if most people are like me, then a lot of people will probably get plattchen, since its the same price as megaman 9 and it just looks like a VC game.
Thats what I thought, when I first found out about Megaman 9, if people in the US think that too, then, plattchen have set up a very sneaky move indeed.
But, after reading the review and getting to look at more megaman 9 images, I would now go for megaman 9.
Before people start judging me for not even thinking about getting megaman 9 1st, well, I never even heard of megaman before, (well not as a game), but, that is probably because the 1st nintendo console I got was a DS which was 2 years ago and a wii last year.
So, I think there is a chance that plattchen could sell more than MM9, since plattchen looks more like a wiiware game and its 3D, but I think its unlikely, but we'll have to wait and see.



Ricardo91 said:

Nice to see Plaatchen getting a price drop, but I'm still not blowin' my money on it.




Twilight_Crow said:

YAY! Megaman 9! YAHOOOOOO!
I'm getting it today as soon as I can.
I can't believe Plättchen is only 1000 wiipoints! Sweet, now I can buy it, I believe I should thank Megaman for this; Vectorman will have to wait though.



Pegasus said:

Heh. I'm going to pass on MM 9 for now. Hell, I've yet to beat the first game. Plattchen looks more enticing to me.



LAA said:

MM9 & Plattchen are now officially on the wii shop channel!
I think...I think 5pm to me is 9am to you, so enjoy!



Serpent said:

YES!!! MM9 and some other good games...I just pissed my pants.

I cant wait for the review for mm9.



Corbs said:

Is it me or is the Legacy Mode the same on both settings. I don't notice anymore sprite flicker with it on than I do with the mode off.



MegaRockman_1990 said:

Im glad and at the same time jealous of you guys got megaman 9 today i have had my 1000 wii points ready just for this game from when i first heard it will come to wiiware. I hope this means it will be out here in europe this friday. all in all USA enjoy a new megaman game masterpiece



PeGe said:

Bplus reduced the price to 1000 points for the US only? Now this is hilarious, and a true kick in the balls of the European consumers. You better don't let anyone find out about this mess, Bernd, but it's probably far too late now.

This is really, really messed up. Just like Plättchen itself. Or some of Bernd's ethnics. Oh well. I'm kinda amused and glad that I didn't buy it.



Corbs said:

Hello. I'm Mega Man 9. Would you like your ass handed to you on a silver or gold platter?



Jockolantern said:

Holy. Crap. This game is much, much, MUCH harder than even I could have imagined. Take the difficulty of the original Mega Man and ramp that up about five notches. This is not a game for the faint of gaming heart, but then again every die-hard Mega Man fan should know that by now. As for you younglings out there... get ready to learn what throwing your controller in fierce, 8-bit rage is all about. You will die. You will die a LOT. And get a load of the Challenges! Most of them are absolutely terrifying in their difficulty!

I best get to work. ^_~



Jonny said:

500 points cheaper? What the hell are they playing at. Even the few supporters on our side of the bond cannot say that isn't a kick in the teeth to you who gave the game a shot regardless of the negativity.

And whats the size for mm9 gang?

Edit - 66? God my prayers have been answered. A good wiiware game at under 100 blocks? What are the odds.



Wiiloveit said:

@Corbie (42): You're not MM9, what with all the avatars and that. Oh wait - I get it now. Erm... Yeah.

66 blocks is pretty good, and I'm currently waiting for a price cut of Plattchen now over here, along with the other things I mentioned (quote: 44. WiiloveitOnline 20 Sep 2008, 20:20 GMT

Never mind a sequel, all BPlus need to do is knock it down to 1000 points (as soon as the sales plummet - right about Tuesday in the US - though they may get away with a 1200 price point) and remove the asteroids and simplify the controls a bit (I'd rather use the D-Pad than the twisting mechanism any day).

We all know that despite your lack of posts, you do still check out the posts here BPlus - so heed these words: dumb it down and knock 500 points off and you'll be in the top 5 WW sales throughout the world.)

I find this ^ quite freaky, and so maybe soon the controls will be easier just like I said. WiiBoy likes me

Or at least if the price came down in the UK too (HINTHINT). Just thinking of the fact that you would have gotten the game even cheaper anyway even if you still paid 1500 points for it makes me angry. Curse you Nintendo! You and your love of monies!

ADDED: In fact, I think that by charging the game at 1500 points for us lot was some form of experment. When they realised it would sell, they wet themselves and chopped it down 500 points for the bigger audience in the US. Why must we be guinea pigs??



Corbs said:

When you finally play this game...believe'll get it! And then some. This game is BRUTAL! Even by Mega Man standards.



Wiiloveit said:

I'll see how good I am feeling emotionally at the time, for example if I'm really happy (as in: "I just got laaaaaaaaid" happy) and I know that nothing will get me down, then I'll give it a shot. Otherwise, I'll avoid for a little while. Or maybe get the children some armour to protect themselves from flying remotes and whatnot.

How are the checkpoints in the game though - are there few, or will you not have to go back too far every time you die?

Oh, and 360 peeps don't get it 'til next week!



Serpent said:

The game is HARD!!! Just how i like it.
But it gets easier when you keep replaying the stages.



Dazza said:

Man MM9 is hard! I just whizzed through Mega Man 2 in training for this, but it is as tough as old boots! I had better keep practising!



Twilight_Crow said:

I finaly got Megaman 9 , I'll just shoot, die, jump, die, run, die and have fun all day long!
This game is the hardest megaman ever, but it's so fun that you keep coming for more.

You should recomend a price cut for every new wiiware game



Wiiloveit said:

@Corbie: Ouch. Although for a moment, I though you meant you had to restart the whole freaking game.

@Twilight Crow: I did recently request Ninty knocked off one/two hundred points off all VC games, so I wouldn't want to sound greedy (COUGH - Tetris for 1000 - COUGH)

A couple more questions: when will the review be up and what difficulty are you guys playing it on?



Starwolf_UK said:

Surley the boss room is still a checkpoint in Megaman least I hope (my small experiance from the Megaman X series found death on the boss to be most common though I know classic Megaman had some brutal levels)

I guess the real question should be what is the 'game over' penalty?



Wiiloveit said:

You'd do that for me? Awww, thanks Corbie! I won't mention the avatars for a WHOLE day now



Objection said:

LOL at PLATTCHEN's price cut, but I applaud them for fixing at least one of its huge problems. I hope other games (some of the 1000 ones) go down in price after they stop selling as well.
I cant remember who, but someone called VectorMAN coming out today because i was joking that if BomberMAN and MegaMAn both came out, it'd be a manly day. Well, we still got 2 MAN's out of 3!
I need to play this or watch a vid or something to see if it'll be too frustrating. I have a somewhat bad temper when I lose repeatedly in video games, so it might be as hazardous to my health as Megaman's actual blaster! Let me know your thoughts, MM9 buyers!



CanisWolfred said:

Yay Megaman! I'm so glad I got sick at school today! And those VC games are a real surprise too, but I'll save my excitement/surprise for VC Reviews. If you ask me, this looks to be the perfect week.



Dazza said:

@Objection_Blaster - I psychically predicted Vectorman on VC today as Drake will verify. The spirits didn't tell me about Super Dodge Ball though

If you don't like difficult games you might want to stay clear of MM9. It certainly seems a few notches higher in difficulty than MM2. Maybe you should try that first as it's generally considered the easiest in the series?



Twilight_Crow said:

I found a checkpoint at concrete man's stage right after the three elefants and, as I always die on bosses, I can tell you that the boss room is a checkpoint too.



Corbs said:

Thanks Twilight Crow. I just died on the boss and it's a checkpoint. So I was wrong. Sorry about that. I think the checkpoint is also after the mini-boss challenge as well. I think the restart point on the Jewel level looked like the beginning section and that is what confused me. It doesn't take much.



slambert215 said:

Yay MM9! I get my braces off tomorrow so I miss school. Now all I need is 1000 Wii Points and I get a day of Mega Man!



Corbs said:

Awwww thanks. I'll post more later on after work. I'll be curious to hear what everyone else has to say about the game.



Chipmunk777 said:

Wooo! Megaman 9! ....This game is freaking hard. I played through MM1 and 2 a few times the past couple of days to get myself psyched up for MM9, but holy crap man! This game is ridiculously hard! Those god damned water-platform things on splash woman's stage and the disappearing block puzzle on plug man's stage are so frustrating. Anyway, yeah the checkpoints are as usual; middle of the stage and right before the boss.

This one will take quite a bit of practice. And the leaderboards/challenge things are also quite a nice touch. Definitely a great buy for 1000 pts and 66 blocks! Could this be the first 10/10 on WWW?



Wiiloveit said:

I think the difficulty will knock it down a mark (don't judge my overrated skillz - I'm only a good pwner on smash bros and mario kart) - if there was the option for an easier difficulty, it would have been much better IMO. Still, I haven't played the game so what does my opinion matter? Lowest I can see though is an 8 out of ten. Just remember the game will be reviewed as a game - not a nostalgia collection.

@Slambert215: I got the day off on SSBB launch thanks to a teacher training day. And the same thing happened last Christmas with Link's Crossbow Training (admittedly not that good). And now that I think about it, I even got my Wii on a training day as well (of which I was overjoyed about). Just my (only) luck I suppose.



Pegasus said:

I downloaded Plattchen and I quite like it. It isn't nearly as complicated as some people would have you believe, and I like that moves require forethought later on when trying to make a combo with a color that is not on the color wheel.

Rotating the colors via nunchuck takes a bit getting used to, but it's more than manageable; I wouldn't recommend playing with only the Wiimote, though.



Objection said:

@Corbie Thats a shame. If it had multiple difficulties, i might get it but I don't want to buy a game that will frustrate unstable ole me.
@thewiirock- Good work, soldier! Here's the list (summarized):
Endless AttackCost: 300 pointsSize: 3 blocks Available: 10/6/08
(Never-ending stage)
Hero ModeCost: 100 pointsSize: 2 blocks Available: 10/20/08
Even more difficult!
Superhero ModeCost: 100 pointsSize: 2 blocks Available: 10/20/08
Another even more difficult thing!
Proto Man ModeCost: 200 pointsSize: 2 blocks Available: 10/6/08
As it states...
Special StageCost: 100 points Size: 2 blocks Available: 10/20/08
Gives you another Time Attack Stage to try, including a new Boss at the end!
~~~Thats a lot of cool DLC!



Mayhem said:

MM9 is hard... oh, no surprise to find others who think that! Played an hour and I've reached most of the midway checkpoints so far but no bosses! The rotating platforms on Tornadoman are doing my head in. I've been using the Wii remote and I think the buttons are a little spongy and not quite responsive enough. I was going to switch over to the Cube pad but if someone says it ain't working right... I guess I will try the Classic Controller instead.

Time to begin again... I deliberately quit out without saving cos I just wanted to see what all the stages were like so far... already sampled the music a fair bit due to certain "sites" hosting the soundtrack CD...



Wiiloveit said:


Superhero Mode
Cost: 100 points
Size: 2 blocks
Available: 10/20/08
Play the game with a super difficult level of enemy distribution. Not compatible with Rankings or Challenges.


I imagine GHIII's Through the Fire and Flames is gonna look like Kirby compared to this.



worrybomb said:

Argh, my first Robot Master handed my a** to me on a silver platter. Curse you Concrete Man!!!

Yet I want more. Bunch of masochists Capcom are. =P



Hilanderous said:

This game doesn't mess aground! I've beaten all the original Mega Mans but this is much MUCH harder. I feel like the developers are trying to overcompensate for there not being an original Mega Man game in years and make it cheaply hard. What I mean is that while the old ones are hard, if you can master the first game the rest are just variations of the same thing. In this one, I feel like you need to play the stages over and over again in order to memorize everything because things you didn't expect will kill you instantly. That's just my view. It's still pretty damn fun though.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Mega Man 9 is the first WiiWare game that i've DLed. After seeing that you can DL extra content, im very happy about this choice.

Eat that Magma Man!



CanisWolfred said:

Okay, homework's done, be back in a mo...

Edit: Okay, I decided to check out the Nintendo Channel before I deleted it, I watched the Plattchen video, and I have to say, THAT is how you advertise a game! My mouth was hanging open the entire time I watched it, it was amazing! I might actually consider getting it! Not today, obviously, as Mega Man and Super Dodgeball came out, but it is on my list.



calculon said:

Oh man, why couldn't we get Mega Man 9 instead of Plattchen..... we'd better get it this week Nintendo!



cangelo said:

I've beaten two levels now...Concrete Man and Galaxy Man....(only two I've tried so far)

It's perfect!!! Feels like the old mega man games...I'm even getting a blister on my thumb just like the old days First game to give me a blister in years!!!

Online 'time attack' record board for each level.
Checklist for completing certain achievements (ie: finish game, beat a level with only mega buster, get through level without being damaged, beat the game with out dying, etc...around 50+ achievements).

Downloadable content on it's way for more challenges.
This game has mega replay all over it. Hopefully I can beat some of the time records, but some are good and I'm getting old

It's better than expected so far, but I've only played two levels and spent about 90 minutes on it. Perfect retro game!



cangelo said:

Yeah...concrete man is probably best to be saved for later since it takes awhile with the mega buster...but I did it after many tries (2 of them where I died when Concrete Man had 1 stinking life var left)...if I can do it, y'all will get it faster than I did.



PHANTOM93 said:

Woah, I just checked the Shop Channel, Mega Man 9 is at #6 already! Looks like the Blue Bomber is going to PWN the shop channel



battledevil789 said:

dang i want bomberman too well looks like next week it could come so i for now will wait for review of megaman 9



kitroplious said:

@calculon - The chances of your region getting this game is very high because Japan is also getting Mega Man 9 on Wednesday!

@Cartoty - That's a very good score!
I would give this game an 8 or 9 out of 10.



AlexSays said:

Amazing game.
Definitely not noob-friendly though.
I was great at Mega Man 2, but this game is wipin' the floor with me.



Ark said:

I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but when's the review coming? XD I'll get the game anyway, but I just love reading these reviews.



Twilight_Crow said:

Well it seems like everyone that have downloaded MM9 is having fun with it, I had to vacuum clean the house and clean my hamster's cage, and now to play for a few hours, I may defeat one boss, with luck

As hard as "humanly" possible, personally I'm not getting those DLC difficuties I have enough with the first one.

Don't mention it, and don't apologize it wasn't a review.



CanisWolfred said:

Wow, this game is even harder than I imagined, yet it never quite feels cheap, and I do get better as I go along. Even the disappearing blocks don't feel as cheap as it did in MM1( or ZX, for that matter).



AlexSays said:

LOL @ Plattchen.
You know your game sucks when you reduce the price before it's even released.
Hopefully Europe will get a price cut as well. It's just a shame some people got ripped off for the full 1500.

Oh, and who's doing the Mega Man 9 review?
I think this game has a really good shot at being this site's perfect 10.
So far, I think it's flawless.



MrPoo6321 said:

This is a really good Monday! I only have 1700 points right now, so that means I can't get Vectorman and Mega Man 9..... I think I'm gonna get Vectorman because it's my all-time favorite Sega Genesis game and I've been jealous of Europe forever for having it. I'll hold off a little while before I get Mega Man 9..... I still need to finish playing Mega Man 1 and 2!



lockelocke said:

Just copped Mega Man 9 and played for about an hour. I feel like I'm five years old again. I LOVE the "legacy" setting, which is the ability to turn the sprite flicker on/off, it really puts me back in the early 90's. The music is dead-on, and all the classic mega man sounds are intact. The shop is a lot of fun, and its great cause it kind of levels the playing field if you're having trouble with a more difficult level, you can always buy a few lives to get you through it. Overall, the game is hella fun, is a top notch production, and to me is a perfect 10. Don't sleep on Mega Man 9!



Terra said:

No pun intended, but i reckon Mega Man 9 won't hit 10. I think it will be a 9



Objection said:

These 2 threads are what is keeping me going at a mandatory after school event. Please tell me your thoughts on MM9's gameplay and especially what you think of its difficulty, as thats what keeping me from jumping on it as of now!



Terra said:

I Didn't think the GC controller would be too good on this as it seems more suited for a Wii Remote control style



Mayhem said:

Having now played with the Classic Controller, much MUCH better than the Wii remote. Just beat Galaxy Man on the second attempt. Onto Jewel Man now...!



maka said:

Well, I agree the price cut is quite unfair for European gamers that bought it at full price. The fair thing to do would be to cut the price here too and give us back those 500 points, but it's not going to happen

MM9 seems very nice, but I don't think it's a game for me... unless it had a way to save your progress... In that way, Patchen (with all its confusing gameplay) seems to be the easier game of the two... Still, I'll probably get MM2 on VC before I commit to getting MM9 and see how I enjoy it.



Chipmunk777 said:


The gameplay is perfect. Authentic Mega Man. So, if you have played any of them, you know what to expect. If not, it's hard to say. Mega Man games present one of the most challenging gaming experiences out there.

Mega Man 9 is not unfairly challenging (a few things are REALLY frustrating though ), but make no mistake; Capcom made this game truly authentic. The game is hard. MM9 fits in perfectly with the rest of them, I'd go as far as to say it's one of THE hardest (certainly more-so than MM1 or 2, in my opinion. but, that may just be because I'm not as familiar with this one) mega man games.

I'm really enjoying it, in spite of it completely kicking my a**



Mayhem said:

@Maka - you can save your progress after you complete each stage or lose all your lives. Three down now, onto Tornado Man, those platforms yummy!



Objection said:

Thank you for the save info! That makes me 20% more likely to get MM9! (AKA I'm closer to wanting to get it but not quite--yet)



LucBernard said:

a little birdie told me about another classic that is coming to wiiware

god EC will have alot of rivals damn lol



Corbs said:

I agree. Mega Man 9 is brutal, but fun. I just got off work and I'm about to begin playing again. (If I can drag myself away from Dragon Quest IV DS long enough)



AlexSays said:

a little birdie told me about another classic that is coming to wiiware
Yeah I hope we get Tetris sometime soon.

On a Mega note..
Are people finding easier to use the Classic controller or just the Wii remote?

@ Corbie- Did you draw the right straw to review this?



Twilight_Crow said:

Alright, having played MM9 for almost two hours and having defeated two bosses , I give this game a solid 9/10, chipmunk777 is right it's so authentic, and it's also so much fun, this game is perfect, but is not for everyone, some parts can be really hard, caution casual players, you need to be an old school crosspad fan to enjoy this.

I'm eagerly waiting for your review, would this get to be the first 10/10?



Corbs said:

@ x.SuperMario.x - I've found the Classic Controller to work pretty well. Of course I'm using the Super Famicom Classic Controller, so I haven't tried the regular Wii Classic Controller yet. I might do that before I write up the review tomorrow. Great game so far.



Chipmunk777 said:

@ x.supermario.x

I've found the wiimote to be the best thus far. the buttons config on the classic controller just feels weird. and, correct me if I'm wrong but the GC pad doesn't work? it was listed as an option, but I can't get it to work for me.. Either way, I probably wouldn't use the GC config anyway



Luigi said:

Hey, I've never played a Mega Man game before, but they look really cool. Should I buy this, or Mega Man 2? I know about these games' difficulties. Which has better music, is more playable, and will last longer? Thanks!



Twilight_Crow said:

I like to play this with the wiimote, I rather the way the buttons are located.

Essentialy MM9 is based on MM2 so their gameplay is almost the same but MM2 is easier, MM2 has great music but, so far, the music is in MM9 is also very good, still, with all the DLC for MM9, this is really gonna last more. I say: buy MM9, if you don't care how hard it is.



Corbs said:

@ Luigi - Depends. Mega Man 2 is only 500 points and a great game. Mega Man 9 is 1000 points and also a great game. The games are very similar and since you've never played a Mega Man game before, it might be less of a risk to blow the 500 points and see if you like it.



Luigi said:

I don't care about challenge, really. I'm pretty sure I can catch on, or can I?



Objection said:

Does the whole Checkpoint/Save thing work the same in MM1 and MM2 as it does in MM9 or do you have to use passwords? Cause passwords suck



AlexSays said:

@ Objection_Blaster
No checkpoints or passwords. There's an option to save your game. It's pretty convenient.



Mario64DStyle said:

So far this game has been intense o.O
I felt really dumb by dying on the first hole of Concrete Man's stage lol >_>

Anyway. Time to put this down, Heroes is going to start soon =D

Also: I hope that storage solution comes out soon.. After making some more room open for my wii memory, I noticed I have about 15 wiiware/VC games sitting on my SD card... and possibly 3-5 I would have to redownload



Naturestee said:

Are there multiple save files? As in my hubby and I can have our own save files? That's my one problem with getting VC games, whichever of us gets at it first essentially owns it.



Kenji510 said:

Alright!!!!!!! Time for me to download both of these wiiware games right now and play them too!

This is really a great update today for us in NA!



MarkyVigoroth said:

Whoa! It took some time for the last one to achieve 99 comments, yet this one reached 100 in the same day it was posted?

Anyways, I played Persona 3 a lot, watched The Mr. Men Show (It is a good thing one of my brothers called me of the show.), played some more Persona 3, slept some (I got tired of the game), had to wait more due to my mother being in the room (Her TV is the only one that works with the Wii now.), finding out that I did not really need to study much of Programing Logic, managed to get to the Wii Channel after a struggle with one of my brothers, finally reading about the new releases (even though there was a mess due to my brothers), doing other things, and playing Persona 3 again before I had to leave. (I did not do much after that.)

Heh... Rockman 9 got #3... Puerto Ricans must have taken advantage of the rainy day... at least Pong Toss is #9 instead of #8...



Twilight_Crow said:

Ok, now lets download and play Plättchen, and see what happens.

Edit: Well, after playing for awhile I believe Plättchent is not that bad, 6/10, I enjoy the challenge of paying attention to all those things at the same time, I understand what I have to do but the puzzle is how to do it, I like the classic and copy mode, but the missions are crap. I think this is an average 1000 wiipoints game, but, to be honest, if I had paid 1500 I would feel disappointed.



CanisWolfred said:

I was planning on playing all of the Mega Man games in order, but MM9 was too good to resist! I finally beat Galaxy Man, then I went on to Jewel Man's stage and got creamed! I loved every minute of it, this is an awesome game!



Corbs said:

You get spoiled with Galaxy Man's stage. I went to Plug Man and got ripped. Anyone beaten the game yet?



mailanbr said:

Nope, so far only been able to beat Galaxy Man and Aqua (dont remember her name) Woman. Ya, the only girl boss, LOL. But anyways, this game is just what I am sure any true Megaman gamer would want. I am so glad I got it.



Virus said:

Ba hum bug. Despite Mega Man 9's already apparent success, I hate it no less than I did when it was announced. I'm more than pleased that others are enjoying this game, but I will be quietly hoping that no more games will follow Mega Man 9's style other than the ones already made or planned.

I wanted Bomberman Blast anyway....



Chipmunk777 said:

Nah, I've beaten Galaxy Man, Jewel man, and Plug man. Next time I play I'll go for Splash Woman's stage, although that damn moving water-filled platform section always kicks my a**. I think I'll just buy a crap load of lives before I try it again



Virus said:

Funny, funny, funny. No, I didn't have a terrible childhood. The "nostalgia style" just doesn't click with me. I believe for our retro needs, we should look to the VC and not our current generation consoles. Basically, I'm one of those people who wanted Mega Man 9 to have current generation graphics, gameplay, etc.

From what I've heard, MM9 is a great game, and I'll respect that. I just don't like the idea MM9 may be sending out to other developers. I could just see some lazy company revive a crappy game franchise, create it with terrible 3D graphics, awful sound, and a wonky camera, and then say it is a throwback to the 64-bit days. One could say there is a fallacy to my reasoning, but I'll stick to it nonetheless.

You had a terrible childhood too?



Corbs said:

Well I can safely say after 9 hours of playing Mega Man 9, it's the first game that's made me throw down a controller in years. If I had a cursing jar, it would be running over with quarters right about now.

Time to write it up now.



calculon said:

Do it Corbie. Do it do it do it do it!

Ahem - sorry about that - just a little enthusiastic about seeing the review on this one



Mayhem said:

@Chipmunk - Tornado Man should be your next target, the electric spark does him a mischief... if the platforms don't kill you first. Oh they are nasty



AlexSays said:

Is this the same Calculon that wasn't looking forward to this game AT ALL until like a week ago? lol



Bensei said:

As an Austrian gamer, I really feel kicked by having to pay 500 points more for a game that was made in Austria.



Chipmunk777 said:


Oh really? lol You'd think the water person would be weak against electricity But then again, most of the robot masters' weaknesses never made sense. And, Tornado Man's stage drives me absolutely insane! That damn rainy/windy part is so annoying..



Objection said:

@Virus-Not particularly. I just don't care for tough games. I don't play games so much for the challenge as I do to enjoy its content-story, music, gameplay, etc. There are exceptions, though.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm wondering if MM9 is worth it since I have MM2 and I'm not a huge Megaman fan but I love Time Trials/Rankings/improving my scores and times in games. I'm wondering if this is right for me?

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