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USA VC Releases: Super Dodge Ball and Vectorman

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Don't just buy Mega Man 9 on WiiWare this week and ignore the Virtual Console - There's two great games up for grabs there as well!

If you've played the excellent River City Ransom, you'll probably think Super Dodge Ball looks strangely familiar. If you do, you're right, because it's another game in the Kunio series, which all share a similar art style. Strangely, outside Japan, the link between the games was not officially recognized, but it's quite obvious just by looking at it! This particular installment of the series is not a beat 'em up, but rather a dodge ball game. And like RCR, the graphics betray the gameplay - It's not a cute simulation of the sport, as you have to smash the ball into the opponents' faces as hard as you can!

Vectorman was released in Europe waaaaay back in April last year, and was ready to be released in the US (Sega even published a press release announcing its imminent release), but it never appeared! Now, however, you can finally get it. Aside from being quite fun to play, it features a rather unique soundtrack and some spectacular graphics for the Genesis, including some 3D effects.

If you've been paying any attention you'll know what's up on WiiWare this week - Capcom's long-awaited Mega Man 9, and the not-so-awaited Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint, which strangely has been dropped from 1500 points (The European price) to 1000 points! They probably didn't expect it to do well in the US after our review! As you might be aware, you can check out more info at WiiWare World.

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slangman said:

Finaly you guys have Vectorman. I would download it myself but us europeans got palmed off with a nasty PAL conversion with S-L-O-W music. Super Dodge Ball looks cool too.



RGVEDA said:

Does that mean, that Europe get some Catch up games, too? There are some from last year:

01. 09.04.07 Bravoman (Namco, TG)
02. 05.03.07 Elevator Action (Taito, NES)
03. 11.06.07 Lode Runner (Hudson, NES)
04. 04.06.07 Milon's Secret Castle (Hudson, NES)
05. 07.05.07 Ordyne (Namco, TG)
06. 26.03.07 Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire (Koei, SNES)
07. 30.07.07 Star Soldier (Hudson, NES)
08. 12.03.07 Tecmo Bowl (Tecmo, NES)
09. 19.02.07 The Legend of Kage (Taito, NES)
10. 10.09.07 NES Play Action Football (Nintendo, NES)
11. 15.10.07 Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (NES, Tecmo)
12. 15.10.07 Metal Marines (SNES, Namco)
13. 12.11.07 Axeley (Konami, SNES)
14. 03.12.07 Zanac (Compile, NES)
15. 10.12.07 Ghosts 'n Goblins (Capcom, NES)



blackknight77 said:

Best week and month of 2009!!!

Thankyou Nintendo, I thought you forgot about Vectorman. Its one of the best Genesis titles out there! Must buy and 5 stars! Now I must go get yet another Wii points card!



slangman said:

If the americans are getting Vectorman then i hope us europeans will get Axelay soon. It's waaaaaaaaaay over due and it's only fair since the only big games NA are waiting for are ESWAT and Gradius II. And of course not forgetting getting beloved C64 games.



7th_lutz said:

This is a great week for North American Wii owners.

Vectorman's release means Crack Down and ESWAT: City Under Siege still has a chance to be release in the future on the vc in North America.



fordianslip said:

So. What time does wiiware update? I don't want to keep refreshing my wii every ten minutes.



fordianslip said:

I did some research and found my answer, but thank you. Sucks that I've been working nights and should be asleep in the next hour. I, for some reason, thought it was 6 am pdt. Shame.



Bass_X0 said:

^ You going to buy it on VC again? Or maybe you think potential bidders would rather get it on VC themselves instead of the actual NES.



Link79 said:

Guess I'll pass on Vectorman. I already have 1 and 2 on my Sonic Gems Collection. Mega man 9 is finally here so that will be keeping me busy this week. Well I gotta go trash Wily again for the ninth time. The blue bomber has returned! Yay!




yes great week been waiting for vectorman what a great game and getting mega man 9 the same day cant wait 2 go home and download both



BB_Sting said:

Oh my gosh! Vectorman can actually shoot in more directions than one I am so getting this game. I used to have it for my Genesis but I sold it to buy smokes(fags to people in the UK
I've since quite smoking so I can now afford to get this amazing game.



Kultist said:

Good week for VC, Doge Ball is pretty cool and I know some people have been waiting for Vectorman for a long time... Nothing for me here though, except for MM9, but I've no time for it right now, I've been sucked into the Yggdrasil Labyrinth of Etrian Odyssey (DS). Damn you Atlus!



worrybomb said:

I guess there wasn't a big VC game being released today.

Regardless, as great were the weeks where Samurai Shodown II, Ys, and Super Mario RPG have been released, I think this week is so far my favorite week of 2008 for Wii downloads. Super Dodge Ball and Vectorman are both great games and of course Mega Man 9...what more can you say about the game. It's just only a matter of hours...



The_Fox said:

Pretty damn good week. I honestly never was a huge fan of Super Dodge Ball, but for 5 bucks not a bad game. And, hey! Vectorman! Plus, it goes without saying MM9 has been eagerly awaited by gamers for some time now.



North99 said:

Wow... three games I want to download this week. That's a new record I think Yay Nintendo



Tesche said:

Wow. Mega Man 9 is a must obviously, but my five favorite NES games of all time were...
1) Ninja Gaiden (check)
2) Super Mario Bros. 3 (check)
3) Mega Man 2 (check)
4) Super Dodgeball (now a check)
5) Final Fantasy ('cmon Square! Please?)

There was also an awesome robot baseball game called Base Wars that was completely reandom and pretty sweet. Dragon Warrior falls just out of the top 5 as well. Oh, and RBI Baseball....



blackknight77 said:

I have a list of Genesis games that I want on the VC.
I glad to see that Vectorman is released, so I can cross that off my very detailed list.
Now I am hoping for Super Monico GP, Outrun, California Games,
X-men, Bloodlines, and Contra Hard Corps



Rapadash6 said:

Wow, I was seriously only expecting a single VC game today what with two WiiWare titles coming out. What's more is they are both decent games, particularly Super Dodge Ball. I'll definately be getting that game today along with Mega Man 9 but I've never been all that big on Vectorman so I'll have to pass on that one. It's cool that we FINALLY got it, though. ESWAT and Crackdown should be coming soon as well, I'd assume.



BJ1 said:

Mega Man 9 is finally here! And it's about time Vectorman came out to the US (even though I have it on Sonic Gems Collection).



Ricardo91 said:

Vectorman comes to the American VC? FINALLY! I got the Genesis Collection, so I don't need it. I think I'l get Super Dodge Ball though.

And MEga Man 9! W00t!
This is shaping up to be the best year of digitally distributed software ever, on all consoles!

But alas, I must continue anguishing my lack of Wii points cards/ pre-paid credit cards.



AlphaNerd01 said:

Already have the GBA and DS version of Dodge Ball, and have Vectorman on the Genesis collection. However, Megaman 9 is tempting. Guess I'll be deleting a game off my Wii for room today...



alvieao said:

It's about time that Vectorman finally came to the Virtual Console. Even though I have unlocked it on Sonic Gems Collection, while others have played it on the PS2 Genesis/Mega Drive Collection, the Wii gamers now have their chance to play this game. I might download Super Dodge Ball at some point. Best of all, Mega Man 9 is here... Great week!



Twilight_Crow said:

I want Vectorman, even if I own the Sonic Gems Collection, I just love this game, sorry I'm out of wiipoints thanks to Megaman 9, Plättchen, and the accidental download of Bonk's Revenge .



Serpent said:

Why is everyone ignoring Super Dodge Ball, that game is awesome. I remember playing it alot as a kid.



BB_Sting said:

I wonder how much of the code had to be rearranged to get Vectorman to emulate. I mean, isn't the only reason it's called vectorman is because it uses some fancy technology called vector piece animation which allowed it to have polygonal sprites(oxymoron, I know)and 3D graphics.



Drake said:

@ Angelic Lapras King: Doubt it, Vectorman 2 would be an import, so you'll have to wait for another Hanabi Festival



Wiiloveit said:

@Tony: Oh no, I think that's hilarious. You know, like the time we got Super Mario RPG and you were all like OMGWTFBBQ. Then you got it about a week after.
As for the update: A GOOD DODGEBALLL GAME?!? I didn't know one existed. I'll look into this one, whereas vectorman doesn't appeal to me much (too many retro sidescrolly games you see).



blackknight77 said:

I was actaully going to post a comment this monday (i assumed Vectorman would not be released) stating that Nintendo of Europe had kinapped Vectorman and is holding it hostage from Nintendo of America. The asking price is one millllllllllllllllllllion dollars!



Wiiloveit said:

@Tony: rofl. I call this growing trend of people saying "I was just thinking about ol' Veccy" The Vectorman Trend. Every time the same situation happens in the future, I'll quote this post.



CanisWolfred said:

WHAT?!?!?! Vectorman AND Super Dodgeball?! Aaaaand Megaman 9?!?! Holy crumpets, this is the best day ever!! I was planning on getting Final Soldier along with good old MM, but Super Dodgeball is too good to pass up! Plus, I'll have enough points left over for MM9's DLC, so I guess it's win/win( although I could just get FS instead of Ys)! I won't get Vectorman since I already have him unlocked on the Sonic Gems Collection, but it is a game I highly recommend, and will probably pull out SGC to play it( once I'm done playing MM9 and Super Dodgeball that is). It's a good thing I got sick at school today, I only got one thing of homework I gotta do, and then I can dedicate the rest of my day to video games!

Edit: one thing of homework that took me 2 freakin' hours!



Bendover83 said:

Wow. One great week. Super Dodge ball I played alot as a kid and Vectorman is amazing in itself. Then there's MM9 which everyone should get at some point.



slambert215 said:

I have Sega Genesis Collection for PSP (AWESOME GAME- if you can find it defenitly pick it up, you won't be disapointed) that has Vectorman 1 and 2 so I won't be getting it. Plus I think 2 is better



CrazyOtto said:

Vectorman, on the NA VC?
It has snowed in hell today!
I already have it on SGC though.



TXH-1138 said:

Vectorman is one of the best Genesis games ever released. I'd buy it, but I already have it and part two on the Sega Genesis Collection for the PS2. I still may buy it anyway... but not this week since Megaman 9 is out too.



Iggy said:

Gosh i wish i saved some points for MM9 didnt think it would come out so soon. Looks like i have to wait a few day then cant wait to play it.



Cocoa_Man5 said:

very nice update. i will definetly be getting super dodge ball and mega man 9, i have the cartridge of vectorman so i won't be getting that.



Clayfrd said:

@Mr. Cheez - Wait... you can use pre-paid credit cards? What do you put in for the address information?

This is the best release day of '08. Mega Man 9, Kirby Super Star Ultra, and Wario Land: Shake it! Have all come out today in the US. w00t! 1337 g4m35 FTW! But, oh noes, I just got Mario Kart Wii (which is one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long time), and I don't want to abandon it! How will I fit all these games into my schedule?



As expected, Mega Man 9 did come out. I downloaded it, and even beat Galaxy Man! It's just as boring as the other Mega Man games, but I've been looking forward to it anyway.

Other than that, what a boring VC week. I already have Vectorman on three different consoles, and I definitely don't care about that "Dodge Ball" game. Hopefully something good will come out next week.

Oh, and these are my opinions, I'm not putting words in anyone's mouth.



MrPoo6321 said:

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!! FINALLY!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!! Vectorman is my favorite game on the Sega Genesis ever! I've been wanting this game since the VC started almost 2 years ago. I haven't played it since middle school, this is going to be awesome.... too bad I only have 1700 points though, looks like I'll have to wait on Mega Man 9, but that's okay because I'm still playing Mega Man 1 & 2. What a great week for the Virtual Console.



Adamant said:

So the US got Vectorman... now it's time for Europe to get Tecmo Bowl, eh?

Seriously, Nintendo, people like football over there too.



lockelocke said:

Nice, now we just need Crash N The Boyz, another sports game with the River City dudes.



Devastator said:

I like to know gamers' opinions on Mega Man 9 that have actually played it. Is it the best one ever, or just a decent Mega Man game. It would be great to get Earthworm Jim next week.



As a huge Mega Man fan, especially of the classic series, I would personally have to say it's the best one ever. It couldn't be any further from being "just a decent Mega Man game", rest assured. It is totally impressive.



classicmike said:

@ Badknux: Well it looks like you were right, we got Mega Man 9! I'm downloading that as quickly as possible. As for the virtual console games, they look pretty interesting, so I might get them.



carson said:

Vectorman is a cool game. but this weeks VC releases arent that exciting



Jolted85 said:

Finally Vectorman! I don't know how long this has been rated, but I'm glad it's out, I might get this one later, I already downloaded Mega Man 9 and it's awesome, I might get Super Dodge Ball, but this is a very good week for the US, 2 WiiWare and 2 VC games, not bad.



Virus said:

Four releases in one week? Holy cow, it is a miracle. With that said, none of this week's releases are for me. I guess it's just an atheist miracle for me...



Sharecrow said:

both great games - I want them both! These past few weeks have been wonderful!!! I hope it stays that way, but then I'll never catch up. I guess I won't anyway but I enjoy trying



CanisWolfred said:

I was about to ask( or wonder outloud, rather) what I should get with my 1000 points, but then I remembered that, even though I 've been obsessed with fighting games this week, I didn't even own the most classic fighting game of them all! Finally, I legally own Super Street Fighter II! I was gonna wait until I could get my hands on Super Street Fighter II Turbo, but I figured I might as well go with the quickest( cheapest) option.



classicmike said:

@ Mickeymac: Wow that was one long homework, and now you probably have even more work to do since you didn't go to school today, so that's even worse.



CanisWolfred said:


Don't remind me, I need some reason to go back to there, and a little Blue Bomber is making a strong arguement toward the contrary... That, and this acking pain in my stomach that is killing me!

Also wanted to mention, Ken is absolutely unstoppable! I tried every character and I couldn't even get close to beating him!



Captain_Konami said:

After an inconceivable number of soul crushing weeks of marginal vc games (and FAR too few classic NES games, which was the deal maker for me buying a Wii), "They" finally warmed things up bit by bit with Y's and then Mario RPG, and now MM2 last week followed by Super Dodgeball this week (perhaps two of the most completely fun and well made games in the history of games IMHO).

And in the same week a true heir to the original NES Megaman trilogy emerges?! I have MM2 for my NES and I bought the VC version in the blink of an eye! And even though I have Super Dodgeball for my NES, and I will ABsolutely be buying it (one of the most repeat pickup-and-playable games ever) for my Wii's VC. My shiny new Super Dodgeball VC game, playable wirelessly and finally looking decent on a 40 inch screen, might even delay me starting in on the new MM for an extra day or two.......

Finally a week to stir pride in being a VC focused Wii owner.



Rexy said:

@Serpent, comment #32: Everyone's "ignoring" Super Dodge Ball because that game hadn't been high in demand for the VC over the past few weeks, much unlike Vectorman since its arrival in Europe and Australia and the heavy promotions for Mega Man 9.
But I do see what you're saying - it's a fun and charismatic little title for the NES, so there we go



Bass_X0 said:

"" I was gonna wait until I could get my hands on Super Street Fighter II Turbo""

You would have to wait until the Virtual Console supported 3DO games.



Ricardo91 said:

@Rexy. I personally am more excited about Super Dodge Ball than I am Vectorman.

@Mickeymac. I agree that Ken is a real pain in the ass. He's the only guy I haven't eventually beaten. He just keeps slugging me with shoryukens and that spinning kick attack and I can't even get a move on him!
Try seting it to easiest difficulty. That's what Bass XO told me to do.

@Devastator. Mega Man 9 opinions? Go visit the folks @ Wiiware World. They seem to like it quite a lot.

@Clayfrd. There's a lot of information you need to enter when you use a credit card, pre-paid or otherwise. You need to enter your state, CC number, security number, county, and city, and some other things. And if you do so much as misspell a county name, you have to do the whole thing over again . It's worth the hassle though, as you can add 5000 wii points at one time rather than type in 3 Wii points card numbers.

@Badknux. "It's just as boring as the other Mega Man games."

Cut Man shall kill you in your sleep for saying that.



Clayfrd said:

@ Mr. Cheez-
I've used regular credit cards before, but I don't understand how a prepaid credit card would be linked to any personal info. How would they know a prepaid card I got at Wal-Mart (or wherever) belongs to me, who lives in Wherever, USA? What info would you put for a prepaid card?



Kevin said:

I didn't know you guys never got vectorman 2. The game's awesome. I love the two tank levels.



Junichi said:

Quote: Badknux

"As expected, Mega Man 9 did come out. I downloaded it, and even beat Galaxy Man! It's just as boring as the other Mega Man games, but I've been looking forward to it anyway.

Other than that, what a boring VC week. I already have Vectorman on three different consoles, and I definitely don't care about that volleyball game. Hopefully something good will come out next week.

Oh, and these are my opinions, I'm not putting words in anyone's mouth."

I know it's your opinion, but who can anyone take your opinion seriously when you can't even get the facts right? Super Dodge Ball is not a volleyball game, it is a dodge ball game. I would of thought the name Super DODGE BALL would be a clear enough hint.



StarDust4Ever said:

I still don't get why we never got Mario Picross. Dang it people; it's a Mario game AND an Import as well, D'oh!



blackknight77 said:

I agree as happy as I am about Vectorman and MM9 being released Super dodgeball should not be ignored



CanisWolfred said:

@Bass X0

Yeah I realized that, so I gave in and got New Challengers, and so far it's been a pretty good trade-off.

@Mr. Cheez

That's probably what I'll end up doing, even though I really like where the difficulty is right now for every other character.

@Captain_Konami & Rexy

I forgot about that game! I downloaded it last night, but I was too busy with Mega Man and Street Fighters that I forgot to play it, vector Man, too! Thanks for reminding me, I'll go play them right now!


I think he did know it was Dodgeball, he just doesn't care.


That actually looks worse than the NES version, the art is pretty ugly.



CanisWolfred said:

Super Dodgeball and Vectorman are definitely awesome! Even on easy, Vectorman is pretty hard, but this run was at least better than last time( well, until I got to level 5, anyways)! Super Dodgeball was really easy to get into and it was a ton of fun! Incidently, it's also the first time I've seen the credit screen on a VC game. They were a lot shorter back then, over before I realized it, and I still can't remember a single name.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Finally, Vectorman comes! Now a lot of people are happy! (This also proves that Nintendo believes in nice surprises.) Granted, one of my brothers has Sonic Gems Collection, which has both Vectormans...

BB Sting-san: "I am so getting this game. I used to have it for my Genesis but I sold it to buy smokes[.] I've since quite smoking so I can now afford to get this amazing game."
That gives me another of the apparently killion reasons why not to start smoking or to quit smoking, whichever applies.

/hopefully mutters something about Mother 2/



classicmike said:

After reading about both of these games, I think I might get Super Dodge Ball over Vectorman because I want to try a different kind sports game other than football, baseball, basketball, racing (if that is considered a sport), and hockey.



BB_Sting said:

/hopefully mutters something about Mother 2/

If they would just give us the prequel to mother 2 that would make me happy. Then we could all beg for a very unlikely import, or....they could just give us Earthbound



The_Joker_72190 said:

With all these great releases week after week I have a feeling will be seeing an EarthBound release pretty soon




BB_Sting said:

I forget sometimes that Earthbound is actually the sequel to another game. We should get a translated version of it's predecessor before we get it. As far as mother 3 goes, it was a hand held only, so don't count on it coming to the vc.



The_Joker_72190 said:

I know this is off topic but its a shame that Square Enix wont release any of the Final Fantasy games on vc.

I understand that Square Enix wants to make money with there re-makes on the PSP and DS. But, wouldn't they make even more money if its released on vc as well???

Hmm...whats wrong with this picture? lol



Captain_Konami said:

@Clayfrd - There were indeed one or two more Mega Man titles after the first 3...... ......but after #3 followed #2's formula so closely, I felt I saw a downward future for the series and got off the ride before the series had an inevitable decline by being too derivative of #2's style and formula too many times. Two full length NES style Mega Man games were enough to keep my Mega interests satiated. (Though how can one not hunger for the new MM, with such great artistic taste to use the old NES style?? It simply MUST be purchased! )

But, from what I've read from other folks here and there, #4 and so on may not have been too poor. But for me, in my own strange little universe, I saw #2 as the high point, #3 as a nearly as good follow on, and called it at that. And #1 I never actually owned, but from the renting, I did enjoy it quite a bit (when I wasn't utter angered by it kicking my arse up one side and down the other.......hated the guts man level with a passion. But the sort of hate that was mixed with respect for a tough AND good/fun game.

For me, 3 was enough and 3 is all there was.

Speaking of tough/fun games, I'm now reminded to wonder where my Strider is for the VC??

@The Joker: I too was troubled by the whole Square standoff nonsense for quite a while, but after some thought I'm now suggesting that folks not fret too much. As pathetic as it is, I'm pretty sure that plain old greed will fetch them round, just as it is leading them to play it the way they are currently, disrespecting all their loyal NES and SNES fans who paid their exorbitant prices back in the days of the original FF releases (I seem to recall managing to talk my mom into putting down something like 60 to 70 dollars for FF2 (US numbering) early in my SNES days........... could that possibly be right?? I must be imagining things.....



@ Classicmike

Wikipedia was right, and boy was I happy about that! Even though I don't like the Mega Man games so much, I still do. I think the characters, stories, and environments are what allures me, rather than the actual gameplay.

@ Mickeymac

You were right, I didn't really pay attention to the name of the game. This is because (as I said above) I am completely uninterested.

@ Junichi

You mean "fact". You said I didn't get my "facts" right, then only named one thing I screwed up on. See, I removed the "s" from "facts" because you only listed one fault on my part. If I had said two things wrong, you would have said "facts". Pay more attention next time! Also, I corrected the aforementioned mistake, check it out!

@ Mr. Cheez

I'll keep one eye open when I sleep from now on!

Oh, and this is off topic, but I got Kirby Super Star Ultra today, and it is a lot of fun. The only problem, is that they took out Megaton Punch and the Samurai Kirby sub-games! I was a little dissapointed, and will probably download it on the VC still (if it ever comes out anyway). Did anyone else pick it up?



Rexy said:

No, I don't plan to (on the case of finding the original too easy as it was)... and I never knew it was even out. O.o; Kirby can be good at times though, and I do agree, but I just wish that there'd be a future release out there that could even match Kirby 64 in terms of challenge.



You know Rexy, there is a new Kirby in the works headed for the Wii, and according to what I've read, it borrows elements from many titles in the Kirby series. It might be right up your alley. No release date as of yet, however. Have you heard of it, by chance? If not, go check it out!

Also, what is your avatar from? Did you make it, or is it from a cartoon? It's neat.



Bendover83 said:

Isn't it one of the humans in the digimon series? The next VC games I'm waiting for is Secret of Mana and Earthworm Jim. Hopefully in the next couple of months.



Rexy said:

It's Ema Skye from the Ace Attorney series, thank you very much.

I've heard of the Kirby Wii title coming at least, and I've been keeping an eye on it for any developments (and the complete sparsity thereof). But since Nightmare in Dreamland came out I've been pretty much let down on the platformer front so I can't say I feel all that optomistic about it at this time.



slambert215 said:

@Badknux and Rexy

The Wii Kirby was originally a GameCube game when it was announced a few years ago, but nothing was heard of it for a long time but now apparently its heading to the Wii, but still nothing was shown of the title. Guess will have to wait and see what happens.



MarkyVigoroth said:

BB Sting-san:"As far as mother 3 goes, it was a hand held only, so don't count on it coming to the vc."
I would be pleased if GameBoy/GameBoy Color games go into Virtual Console! (Then again,GBA games going to VC are like GameCube games going into VC...)



Bass_X0 said:

"It's Ema Skye from the Ace Attorney series, thank you very much. "

Its how I picture you looking. Just because its your avatar.



Bass_X0 said:

I actually do look like my avatar.

And do you look like your MySpace profile pic?



classicmike said:

@ Badknux: A kirby game for the Wii, huh? I wonder if it will be like all the other kirby games in 2-D (most likely how it will be) or in 3-D (highly doubtful). But first, lets see if Nintendo or Husdon will release any information about this game before we start saying anything.



CanisWolfred said:

I finally kicked Ken's arse, and I didn't even have to tone down the difficulty! Vega rocks! Barely even got a scratch, too!

So I wasn't the only one who sees Rexy as Ema Skye.

I heard about that Kirby Wii game a while back, but haven't heard much else about it since.

How are you suppose to figure out the stats of your players on Super Dodgeball? Do you have to just judge by how they do on the field, or does the game give them to you somewhere? If it's the latter, then where is it?



Captain_Konami said:

@Mickeymac: I needed to warm it up and take a look to be sure my memory was right, but it was. You can get a look at both your teams player by player stats, as well as your opponent team's, by pressing the Select (or minus button as it is on Wii) button while it is showing doing the intro for the current round of play and your next opponent (when the players keep running across the screen). The first time you press Select, it will show your teams players and their stats, press it a second time and it'll show you the opposing team, press it a third time to cycle back to the Round/Opponent intro screen. It'll just keep cycling in that order with each press. You can do it for each level while playing through the World tournament and get a look at all the players, team by team.

But things like who has which kind of power shot on each team is something that is trial and error. And as I recall one player on each team even has a standing jump "power shot" (it makes the sound, does the extra damage, but doesn't glow or do any unusual flight path)...... I can't recall if it is Bill, Steve, or Randy on the US team, but I think one of them has it for the US squad.

And incase the stat categories don't all make sense right out:
Energy = life
Ball PW = throwing power/damage
Throw TQ = Throw Technique which measures liklihood of successful catching of the throws (as I recall)
Break = measure of how much control you have to change the path of the throw after its released (always cool with Sam's running power shot..... )
Agility = your classic RCR running speed measure
Catch TQ = how capable (likely) your player is at successfully catching a ball (I think perfect timing will catch every time, but better numbers here make up for imperfectly timed press of the catch button)
Damage = Ironically, it's the players ability to give up as little life as possible when hit (kinda like RCR's "Strength" measure) John Stone is Da Man on the US for toughness, too bad his power shots are inversely impressive in the damage and deception categories....

And now I'm all excited to play a run through the World Tournament (GOTTA love the Iceland level..........the cheap is to just keep tossing Sam's running power throw and watch them either get nailed, or catch it and slide back into the wall and get knocked down anyway (while also handing you the ball to keep "running the table").



CanisWolfred said:


Wow, that was a really in-depth reply! Thanks, I should've known it was the select button, that was the only one I didn't press.

Thanks for the tips, I'll need it, considering I barely made it through the World Tournament on EASY, now I gotta go for NORMAL! You're right about John though, he can take a hit but can't quite dish it out, yet he still saved my arse during the last round of the WT( the Russian team is brutal!)!



Captain_Konami said:

Ah YUP. My best squad usually is made up John for survival, and the Sam and either Randy or Steve (more often Randy, since both his super shots seem highly effective against the computer, especially on Hard mode, where the computer suddenly catches more often than not, and will come up with properly executed super shots at least half the time (or so).

A couple more tricks, in case they might help:

Jumping power shots from as deep into the enemy's side as possible are highly effective (leaves the computer the least amount of time, from the moment you release your shot, to react/adjust to your shot......just be careful of being exposed while your guy automatically runs back to your own side.

Also, even though it may SEEM suicidal, sometimes the best way to survive the computers throws (most especially the power throws) is to stand up front, as close to mid court line as possible (maybe just one step back....that works best for my catch timing)....... not only will this allow you to do a catch based on the running speed of the opponent throwing (rather than their ball speed after release), but you can even get the comp to throw it's jumping super shot BEHIND you and straight into the ground, handing you a free possession.

Other than that, try to also get John up front and use his great catching skills and energy durability as often as possible, then hand it off to a better dude to counter attack. Also, learning to time your jumps to steal the ball when the comp tries to feed it back to it's teammates on the three sides of your half of the court...... stealing those are free possessions, which become HUGE in Hard mode.

As for beating the final team......the one you play when you don't lose anyone in the process of beating the Russian team........ use the Sam, gamer.......let GO your other players (for attacking)....... use the Sam.

Oh yeah, about Sam......his running supershot is like a bowling ball and as long as it's not caught (only beaten by his jumping SS for uncatchableness by the computer), it'll barrel through the enemies and go right to your guy in back. You can take some teams down without ever giving them a shot (see Iceland.... )

Anyway, hope some thing of all that might help. The great thing about fun BASIC games, at least for me, is the chance to strategze the limited options into some cool stuff.

And when the World Tournament gets old, Bean Ball presents a different kind of challenge. It actually is the more challenging of the two gaming modes, at least once you get your locations and strategies down for the World Tournament.



CanisWolfred said:


Thanks for the tips, they really came in handy! I ended up winning with out losing a single man, and ended up playing a secret round! And I won that without any loses too!



Captain_Konami said:

@Mickeymac: Hey, congrats! That secret round is really clever in how they went about making it the most challenging battle of the game. The opponents scale to your team, just by nature. Really pretty cool.



Ricardo91 said:

I always saw Rexy looking like Emma Skye too.

@Captain Konami. Wow, your comments sure are long and thurough.

@Classicmike. The Wii Kirby game is that one that was planned for Gamecube but was cancelled. Unfortunately, it's in 2D like all the other ones. I'd love for Ninty to make a truly 3D kirby game at some point. I loved moving him around a 3D environment in Air Ride!



Captain_Konami said:

Bah..... you should see the size of my emails.

And it helps that NES games have always been a passion of mine. Woe was the day the big N broke my heart and tuned away from the awe and majesty of the cartridge with Gamecube.



Devastator said:

Mega Man 9 was released for all three systems. Is there a difference quality among the three, or is it just the same for all them.

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