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Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (3rd Sept)

Posted by Darren Calvert

It’s Wednesday again, time to look at what the most popular games are in the Wii Shop. To check for yourself simply log on to your Wii Shop channel, go into the WiiWare section and then view “Popular Games”.

We are checking the list for the USA region, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Remember the list below is a measure of sales made recently, not the total time the game has been on sale.

Here is the list for 3rd September:

1 (1) - Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
2 (2) - My Pokémon Ranch
3 (5) - Defend your Castle
4 (4) - Dr Mario Online Rx
5 (3) - Wild West Guns
6 (N) - My Aquarium
7 (6) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss
8 (8) - Midnight Pool
9 (17) - Helix
10 (7) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
11 (9) - TV Show King
12 (10) - LostWinds
13 (11) - Family Table Tennis
14 (12) - Cocoto Fishing Master
15 (13) - Gyrostarr
16 (16) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
17 (14) - Block Breaker Deluxe
18 (15) - Pirates - The Key of Dreams
19 (18) - SPOGS Racing
20 (R) - Magnetica Twist

N denotes a new entry, R denotes a re-entry

Strong Bad again shows us how awesome he is and hogs the top of the charts. Telltale recently stated that WiiWare sales had outstripped PC sales of the game so this is good going. There is no stopping Defend Your Castle, which bounces back to 3rd place after being 5th last week.

My Aquarium debuted at an impressive #6, expect this to get even higher next week if the European charts are anything to go by. Helix has jumped to 9th place after an unremarkable start at #17. Way to go!

There was a small surprise this week as Magnetica Twist makes a re-entry into the chart after falling off last week. That means there are two victims this week! Major League Eating and Pop !

Lets your thoughts on this week’s findings be known below!

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Paper92 said:

Nice to see that DYC is still holding out strong, I still play that game at least half and hour every day!

Let's just hope that magnetica twist stays on the charts and we lose SPOGS next!



DarkLloyd said:

well everyone has thier type of game they want cant
really blame them for what they buy if they like it



professorlayton said:

Canadian Chart - WiiWare

1. [1] Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner
2. [4] Defend Your Castle
3. [3] Dr. Mario Online Rx
4. [2] My Pokemon Ranch
5. [6] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
6. [7] Midnight Pool
7. [NEW] My Aquarium
8. [5] Wild West Guns
9. [10] Helix
10. [9] TV Show King
11. [8] LostWinds
12. [11] Family Table Tennis
13. [12] Cocoto Fishing Master
14. [14] Gyrostarr
15. [13] Pirates: The Key of Dreams
16. [15] SPOGS Racing
17. [16] Block Breaker Deluxe
18. [19] Magnetica Twist
19. [18] V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
20. [20] Toki Tori



Wiiloveit said:

Bye Bye Pop
As for Europe - no time to check now, but I think it goes: My Aquarium, DYC, StrongBad. I'll post it tommorrow, but right now I'm off to watch The Riches (we've only just got season two over here - sorry)

EDIT: I paused the TV so I'm ok. Here's the UK chart:
1) My Aquarium
2) Defend Your Castle
3) My Pokémon Ranch
4) Wild West Guns
5) Strongbad Episode 1
6) Tv Show King
7) Lost Winds
9) Cocoto Fishing Master
10) SPOGS Racing
11) Pop
12) Dr Mario / GB
13) Pirates: TKOD
14) Block Breaker Deluxe
15) MaBoShi - Three Shape Arcade
16) Toki Tori
17) Star Soldier R
18) Critter Round Up
19) Actionloop Twist



calculon said:

Hopefully a damned sight better than your top ten Then again, WiiWare is crap in the EU. Outside of FFCC, DYC and Magnetica Twist put me on record as saying "There's no accounting for quality on that list"

I've finally pinned WiiWare down as a one in five quality service. I don't think WiiWare World should publish these lists until WiiWare's at least a year old and hence will have had some sort of chance of getting 20 good titles. Until then, these lists will always be rather pointless and really quite uninspired.



professorlayton said:

According to IGN, Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free is coming on September 15th...
I don't know if they're accurate or not...



Ian_Daemon said:

Hmph, the Canada chart is different from the U.S.A. chart? Isn't there an N.A. service?



Terra said:

I was wondering what R meant. good to see it back at the expense of MLE and Pop, though SPOGS is the game i was gunning for to get the drop.



WiiBoy said:

Austrian Charts. Also in Europa but German speaking so nobody likes/knows Strong Bad.
1.) My Aquarium
2.) My Pokémon Farm
3.) TV Show King
4.) Defend your Castle
5.) Wild West Guns
6.) Lost Winds
7.) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
8.) MaBoShi - Drei-Formen-Action
9.) Dr. Mario & Bazillenjagd
10.) Strong Bad Episode 1

11.) Cocoto Fishing Master
12.) SPOGS Racing
13.) Pirates: The key of Dreams
14.) Block Breaker Deluxe
15.) pOp
16.) Critter Round-up
17.) Toki Tori (buy it!)
18.) Actionloop Twist (Magnetica Twist)
19.) Star Soldier R

I wonder where PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint is listed =D



professorlayton said:

I could care less about PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint .
I once was interested in the game but something came up.
I contacted Bplus a few months ago and things... well... never exactly worked out.



WiiBoy said:

@Dazza ... now I am very sad...
@+mathew² ... oh man thank you for reminding - you will get the interview tomorrow! If you have new Questions - just send an e-mail! Making a game can be very stressful!



Drake said:

Dutch Top 20 (Or rather 19):

1. My Aquarium
2. TV Show King
3. Defend Your Castle
4. My Pokemon Ranch
5. Wild West Guns
6. LostWinds
7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
8. Cocoto Fishing Master
9. SPOGS Racing
10. Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner
11. Toki Tori (Yay Two Tribes still has Dutch support)
12. Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
13. Block Breaker Deluxe
14. Pirates: The Key of Dreams
15. Actionloop Twist
16. Critter Round-Up
17. Pop
18. MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade
19. Star Soldier R



Ricardo91 said:

DYC back to #3!!!

Pong Toss dropping by another position!!!

SPOGS almost off the charts!!!

I think this is a pretty good week!

Now all I want is Toki Tori back on the charts.



Dazza said:

@WiiBoy - Haha I'm only joking! I am just teasing you because you've been pimping Plattchen so much lately on here



WiiBoy said:

I just love PLÄTTCHEN so much - sure we have built it but that is not the reason. But if you want, just open up a topic where we can discuss why I am thinking that every Nintendofan over here will have much fun with PLÄTTCHEN =) by the way ... where are the WW-World-Forums?



Objection said:

I love DYC's healing up 2 spots but Magnetica's Phoenix Down back on the charts?! Zetta cool. OKay I am writing weird...



Hyper_Metal_Sonic said:

I hope My Aquarium does well so Hudson continues making Wii Ware games! Particularly classic games, but games like that are cool too _.



Grumple said:

Wow, count on us American's to be the only ones to actually download the Pong Toss game.



Stratos said:

So if Strong Bad 2 really does come out on the 15th, I wonder what it will do to the charts. Will #2 nab the top spot and #1 drop down a few or will we begin to see the SBCG4AP series flood the top five?



Super_Sonic said:

Get Spogs and Pong Toss off the top 20 and Toki Tori back on now! Everybody download Toki Tori!



Objection said:

Stratos, you rule for having a TWEWY avatar. That's what my "zetta slow" comment is from.
Bplus, give WWW an interview! We want to be excited for PLATTCHEN but it just disappeared from sight...



Virus said:

It's great to see a re-entry. I like a list that is "unstable" because it shows that old games won't always be forgotten. We're still early in the WiiWare's life, but I bet we'll see more of this shifting once we get more games.



Jauko said:

Helix deserves to make it to number 1 for a couple of Weeks. I downloaded it last night and it is by far one of the top Wii Ware games. My arms are sore though. =)



StarDust4Ever said:

Speaking of the US top 20, on the Virtual Console side, SMRPG just knocked SMB3 off the top tier of the totem pole for the #1 slot!!!



WiiBoy said:

SM RPG was Nr 1 in Austria the day after its release!
WiiWare-World has no more questions on Plättchen =D and of course it is hard to excite Players without spoiling them. I think SECRETS are important for a game and I hope that PLÄTTCHEN is a secret for you all =)



WiiBoy said:

You will get one on the day PLÄTTCHEN will be released! Because we don't want to spoil the people who decided to get the game at its Release Day. The less you know the greater the experience when you play it the first time, believe me! I promise a very fun and new gameplay and some great surprises if you play PLÄTTCHEN long enough! =)



Dazza said:

Surely showing a video a few weeks in advance is going to whet our reader's appetites and ultimately help sales of the game. I find it a little strange as a marketing decision to hold back on this.

What are you hiding Bplus?



calculon said:

Lack of publicity means one of two things:
1) They're trying to make us think the game is 'Nintendo Good' or
2) They're not really sure that the game will sell that well and hence are hoping that people will buy it because WiiBoy's been spanking off about it for the past few weeks and people will just buy it through his obscure self-promotions.

Let's face it, WiiWare proves that people will buy something on a whim - no matter how dire the content - just because sites like WiiWare World will hype a game without having one clue about how they really play. It's not a criticism of the sites, just the fact that the way the games are released is fundamentally flawed.

Personally if I had to predict why there's a lack of promotion on Plattchen, I'd go for a bit of both options but expect the reasoning to be more towards the latter.



Objection said:

@Dazza I know, but its been a while and we still know very little.
I personally am not a fan of the "less is more" publicty of PLATTCHEN



WiiBoy said:

We just wait until everybody is able to buy it. I for my self hate it to wait for example 2 years or more for a Zelda which I had the chance to see in motion in a video. If the game is released you can buy it if you have just the impulse to get it now.

If you are not sure, just wait for videos and/or reviews. Videos be released by the day of its release but reviews may take a while because there is so much to discover in PLÄTTCHEN. But if you like the concept so far and want to get surprised in every case, get it right when it is up.

We have got very positive response from 'Nintendo' but I think I am not allowed to quote them. :_(

What is the most interesting thing on PLÄTTCHEN? What do you want to know about it? What will it make for you a 'Nintendo Good' game? I think if you like Bomberman and Meteos you can't go wrong with PLÄTTCHEN. If you like pOp and Wild West guns you can't go wrong with it too. If you like Gradius you also can't get wrong with the twist 'n' paint game... it is just too hard to explain but EVERYONE who had the chance to play PLÄTTCHEN for a while was fascinated in every case. The only thing you should really know is, that it is very demanding and hard to master! So if you are afraid of a high level of difficulcy keep in mind that you will just able to play about one third of the game - which means about 30 hours (without Multiplayer). But maybe the 4-Player Cooperative-Mode and a Wii Zapper will help you out then.



blackknight77 said:

@ aaronjay head

I enjoy my Aquarium. Just know it more of an interactive screen saver with music. Great for napping:) Honetly I think its a steal for 500 points



calculon said:

That's not really a very good argument for Plattchen, WiiBoy. Firstly, a lot of people know what to expect from games like Wild West Guns, Gradius and Bomberman because they're based on proven franchises and familiar concepts. Plattchen is not.

Stating that the game is going to get very difficult only 1/3 of the way through is also quite off-putting. How many of those 30 hours will involve replay after replay of the latter levels of the first 1/3rd of the game? Are you really sure that the multiplayer gameplay mechanic will work in an environment where usually there will be maybe only one or two game players (and in the latter case, the second is not likely to be 'hardcore')

Forced failure (i.e. absolute failure by design, not difficulty that is surmountable through persistance) should never be the defining reason to encourage other people to play and quite frankly, expecting a multi-gamer (certainly in excess of two dedicated gamers) household is poor planning. It's very easy to test a game by having friends and family come around en-mass but in real life multiplayer gaming is usually limited to common, very received and well understood games and usually involves on average two people. In all honesty I can see many people's opinions turning from 'fascinating' to 'frustrating'.

Good luck anyway and I hope you make your money on the project. From what you've just said though, I won't be coming from me.



Damo said:

Wiiboy - It all sounds excellent, but surely the appeal of puzzle games is that they give instant enjoyment? Titles like Tetris, Lumines, Puzzle Bobble and Metoes all reveal their greatness within the first 30 seconds; anything that follows after that is merely an expansion on that greatness.

If you have to play Plattchen for 30 hours to get the best out of it, then I think many people simply won't bother.



WiiBoy said:

I see it is hard to understand but that is because it is a very new concept which plays different. A lot of different people tried PLÄTTCHEN they showed us that playing PLÄTTCHEN is pure fun.
And yes, if you have to play a game for 30 hours to get the best out of it would be silly - that is why PLÄTTCHEN is fun from the beginning but also delivers surprises and new feelings until you have seen 100% of the game.

But the best is to try PLÄTTCHEN out because all the other concepts available now are to far away. Try it at a friend or buy it ... I am not trying to force everyone to buy the game - I just want to tell you that it is fun to play! It wasn't my decision to out me at member of Bplus that was an idea of WiiWare-World. I just want to give my comments like everyone else =)

But if you have any question about PLÄTTCHEN just feel free to ask! I played it for over one year now and I just cannot stop playing it. That is what I try to communicate =)



Damo said:

Wiiboy - we 'outed' you as a member of Bplus because every single comment you made was about the game!

But now that you're here it's nice that you can reply to questions from readers. I know a lot of people are looking forward to the game.



WiiBoy said:

I am doing my best, but remember that I am from Austria and German is my mother tongue, so I am sorry if it is sometimes not so easy to understand =)
We could also switch to German but I think this would be less comfortable. =)



Wiiloveit said:

Loving the support you're giving Plattchen WiiBoy (and your English is really good too), but can I ask roughly how many points it will cost, and roughly when it should be out?

@Other people: although I (think I) understand BPlus's reasons for no videos of the game (see above comments), I think it may partially be because it's not a very appealing game when watching it - which is what many people did with MaBoShi (which should've got higher in the charts btw).

As for pOp falling off - I'd rather that than Magnetica, since pOp is currently the only game I've SD-ed and removed from the Wii menu.



MuljoStpho said:

I've been looking around trying to find some info on Plattchen. (just curious because I don't think I'd ever heard of it before this)

Yeah, ummm... WTF is it? The descriptions I'm finding almost make it sound like a Zuma / Magnetica clone with MORE COLORS. ("color wheel"? The pieces can be ANY color and we're supposed to match four together? How close do different shades of colors have to be to be considered a match?) They also describe the game as being a shooter and I'm not sure what to make of that. The only hint of what the game will look like is a logo with colored tiles like some sort of color coded version of Scrabble. There's mention of being able to use the bongo controller (WTF?) and of local 12 player matches... 4 remote + 4 nunchuk + 4 GC controller, I'm assuming? Everything seems to be saying that the game is built around motion controls and tries not to use buttons... yet somehow the controls can be adapted to the bongo controller? How does that work?

I seriously have no idea what to expect out of this.



BrainDance said:


Judging from the interview WWW did with Bplus, its gonna be 1500 points.

I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea really how its played, but it looks neat. As long as the controls work and aren't to picky, that would really cripple this game and make it unbelievably frustrating (assuming its played how I sort of maybe think in general its played. Which as I said before, I don't really know.)



Super_Sonic said:

Really Stardust? I though Super Mario Bros. 3 would reign much longer or kicked off the 1# spot by Megaman 1.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I was actually hoping that My Pokémon Ranch would be in the top 5. I even wanted it to be top 1! However, I have to be realistic and giving; it was already top 1 for some time, and there will be better games. (After all, My Pokémon Ranch had a 4/10; that gives a lot of room for better games.)
What? I like Pokémon.

sigh I so wish that Pong Toss would leave, though... It is nice that My Aquarium beat Pong Toss to the spot. (Hopefully Pong Toss would leave when there are more WiiWare games to download...)

But stll, I am rather nervous about downloading new WiiWare games; at least Virtual Console games have already been released; WiiWare has a lot of unfamiliar games! (Plus, I was not 100% satsfied with GyroStar, even though it is fun.) Heh, I should just go for it at times; I doubt GyroStar gave me a good start to WiiWare...



WiiBoy said:

Yes, buy Toki Tori! The quality of that game is very good and it is FUN for a long time!!! Dr. Kawashima would also be proud if you buy it because your brain will get crazy with this title =)



Airola said:

Finnish list:

1. [1] My Aquarium
2. [3] LostWinds
3. [4] Defend Your Castle
4. [5] Wild West Guns
5. [2] Strong Bad
6. [7] FFCC
7. [6] My Pokemon Ranch
8. [8] SPOGS
9. [11] Dr. Mario
10. [-] MaBoShi
11. [13] Block Breaker Deluxe
12. [9] Cocoto Fishing Master
13. [10] Toki Tori
14. [12] TV Show King
15. [14] Star Soldier R
16. [16] Pirates
17. [-] Critter Round-Up
18. [15] Pop
19. [17] Actionloop Twist

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