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Studio Walljump Announces Liight For WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

Studio Walljump, a start-up developer recently contacted us about their upcoming WiiWare game, called Liight. And no, that's not a typo in the title.

The studio is apparently founded by a former Nintendo artist, which should grab your attention. Liight appears to be some kind of puzzle game, and the developer is pretty confident that it will find favour with both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Here's some of the blurb from the studio's website:

I’m very excited to finally announce our first game, Liight, for WiiWare!  So... what is it?

Liight is a puzzle solving game where the pieces are colored lights and the goal is to make cool music!  Anyone can play!  Just illuminate all the targets in each puzzle with light of the matching color... but it's not always so easy!  You'll have to mix colors, cast shadows and make the most of your limited resources to solve these brain teasers.  Solve 100 challenging puzzles!  Create your own puzzles, and Share them with your friends via WiiConnect24.  Host a Contest to see who can solve your puzzle the fastest.  If you’re ready, take on Nonstop mode, a whole new way to play where arcade-style scoring meets split-second strategy!

So there you have it!  With Liight, we wanted to hit a halfway point between casual and core games, and I think it's coming out right on the money.  The core puzzle solving gameplay is tight, and everyone who played the prototype had a lot fun.  Anyone really can play it, I showed it on an airplane to a lady who had never played a video game before, and even she was enjoying the easier puzzles.  Thats not to say it's not fun for real gamers though.  Nonstop mode can get pretty hardcore as far as gameplay goes.  I'm looking forward to playing it myself, actually.  You know like, on something other than a dev-kit, where my score actually counts.  

For the record, you can pronounce it anyway you want.  I just say it like "light", but I think "leet" is ok, too.

On a unrelated note, the head of the studio has a kid named Link. Don't believe us? Check this out (taken from the Studio Walljump site):

This is not Walljump related, but I suspect anyone reading this will find it totally awesome just the same.

For starters, you have to know I have a two year old son named Link.  Yeah...  I know, the story is awesome already, right?  So, I took Link to a place around here where you can work and use free wi-fi while your kid plays.  We were eating a snack and I thought I overheard "blah blah blah Ganon" from one of the moms.  I'm thinking to myself... yeah right, thats just what would be awesome to hear.  But then later I heard it again and I was pretty sure she said Ganon.  So I asked.... What did you say your son's name was?  And yeah.  It was Ganon.  So Link and Ganon were playing together today.  Craaaaazay!  Ganon's parents didn't even know about the whole Zelda thing until after they had named him, they said they picked it because it's a cool celtic name...  which is true I guess.  Except that it's also the name of an evil pig-man boss that rules over Hyrule with an iron fist.  Seriously, that didn't come up even once?  Google?

And no, they didn't fight.  But I think its better that way, Link didn't have the master sword with him.

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Terra said:

Interesting Game and an even more interesting story about the kids



calculon said:

Looks seriously weird but somehow quite interesting. I think I've seen the light (sorry) as to how it plays and the sharing aspects will add quite a bit to the game.

And yes, the Link/Ganon bit was pretty awesome. Just hope the rest of the world doesn't catch on, resulting in hundreds of Tingles.

And with that (szwup! wup!, cabang! - or whatever Tingle says) I wish you guys all the best on your project.



WiiBoy said:

Cool concept to allow the Player using LIGHT to create MUSIC =D I loved Electro Plankton and JamSessions so I will buy this for sure!
But I did not find the point where the game is for 'hardcore gamers'? I hope my eyes will get dizzy with that Sound-Game =)



Chunky_Droid said:

Sounds really interesting, would love to hear more and will definitely be on the look out for any gameplay videos

and yeah, that Link/Ganon story would've been even better if my wife let me call our daughter Zelda, I almost had it! But we settled on Maya instead



MarkyVigoroth said:

chunky_droid-san: I read in a Zelda Wiki that someone named his daughter Zelda after the games. (I wonder what happens if the real-world Link and Ganon met the real-world Zelda...)

P.S. I wonder if Link and Ganon would meet again...



Bensei said:

@WiiBoy: Everything that isn't a Minigame collection gets called "Hardcore" these days I can't hear those two words anymore



blackknight77 said:

If young Link did have the master swoard he could jump to 20 years old overnight. Anyway game looks cool! Very innovative



Dazza said:

Nick @ Studio Walljump - if you are reading this, you should know your email address is bouncing when we try to reply to you!



Starwolf_UK said:

Reminds me a little of Prism: Light the Way for the DS (the basic concept is the same, lighting areas up but the execution is where the differences lie)...only I hope it'll have more than 2 tracks of music though.



Wiiloveit said:

@Starwolf_UK: I was about to say the same thing! This game does look more vibrant and exciting though, and here's hoping the gameplay is just a good.



WiiBoy said:

I wonder if you can change the direction of the spots with your wrist ... a kind of twist 'n' light - to change the angle



Metal_Slime said:

Hey guys!! I'm Nick from Studio Walljump.
Sorry about my email... make sure you're using nicholas@ and not nick@.
@wiiboy... yeah, its all about moving the light with the pointer and twisting your wrist to aim the light. You can break it down into two movements to make it easier too, so that you can do one without messing up the other.



WiiBoy said:

Do you also include any Nunchuck support so you can point with the Wii Remote and twist the light with the Nunchuck like we did it in PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint?



Dazza said:

Liight looks like a real Plattchen beater. I bet it's more keenly priced than 1500 points too

@Metal Slime - I tried again, so far so good!



Peznaze said:

Looking good! I especially have hope for the "create, share, host contests!" part. That sort of open-ended gameplay mechanic really stretches your Wii Points.



CanisWolfred said:

Wow, sounds interesting! Puzzle games that don't use falling blocks are my personal preference, and I think I'll enjoy this one. Another game added to my list!

Edit: Looked at the screen shots and now I'm quite impressed! Can't wait for it!



Ricardo91 said:

Sounds like a pretty interesting concept, but I want to see a game play video first before I consider buying it.

As for the Link/Ganon story, that's pretty funny!



Objection said:

I'm trying not to write this off as "yet another wiiware puzzler", but its hard. I'll reserve judgement till I see some videos or reviews though.



Virus said:

Game developers talking to each other on these comment pages? Epic...



Metal_Slime said:

Hey again. Just wanted to address the 'hardcore' comments real quick. Obviously Liight is a casual game at its core... on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Bejeweled, 2 being WiiSports and 10 being Ikaruga, I'd give it a 3.5.
Nonstop mode however is more of a 5, and if you play seriously for points, its more like a 7 imho. If you've played Ikaruga for example, you know theres a huge difference between simply playing for survival and playing for a huge chain bonus. Nonstop has that same duality. I suspect most casual gamers wont even notice it exists until they realize how big other people's scores are getting!
Anyway.... glad to see people are interested in the game!



WiiBoy said:

I really like the light-engine you have done! I think it looks great in Motion because the other spots are not letting light through its shape. Great engine! =)

Following your scale PLÄTTCHEN would get a 1 in the easiest Levels and a 10 in the hard ones. They are kind of mixed because it depends on HOW YOU ARE THINKING - HOW YOUR SENSE FOR TACTICAL THINKING IS WORKING. MissionMode and Copycat more would get a 10 in he most cases because there is a hard time limit too.

Please tell me that there is a kind of Multiplayer in Liight ... maybe it is just Cooperative but it must have one =) Please =) I love playing together with friends =)



Corbs said:

Did someone say Ikaruga. Even the mere mention of it brings a smile to my face.

I have to say, this Liight game has really started to interest me. I'm a sucker for a puzzler, but this looks like it could be really cool. Even the logo itself looks sweet.



Terra said:

There are too many puzzle games but when was that ever a bad thing if they're good?



lockelocke said:

Really cool concept, I love music games that break the DDR/Guitar Hero Rhythm-Game mold. I'm glad there's an objective to each level, versus Electroplankton which was purely for the sake of making "music"



that_dan_guy said:


I believe lockelocke was talking about this game, if you read the first line of the description it says "Liight is a puzzle solving game where the pieces are colored lights and the goal is to make cool music!

It looks like we'll be receiving more than one music based puzzler.

@Super Sonic

The description only makes mention of the ability to share your own level creations and host high score competitions. There is no mention of actual online play, but lets hope it is included.



Metal_Slime said:

No real-time online play, sorry. It doesn't really make sense in this game anyway, so its not like you're going to be playing Liight and think, "man i wish i could play this online right now!!". Pretty much everything you would want to do can be done with WiiConnect24 for this game.

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