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Snakes On A Plane - Last Flight Comic Teaser

Posted by Darren Calvert

Today we can reveal a cheeky little comic strip teaser from the game which pokes fun at the Snakes on a Plane B movie of 2006. Our Polish friends must have been knocking back on the vodkas pretty hard when they came up with this latest artwork.

It turns out that Last Flight will be episodic in nature with each new episode being released 3-4 months after the last. We are told we’ll be getting some actual in-game screenshots too so we’ll have a better idea about how the game is going to play. What more do you need to know anyway? You are fighting vampires on a plane, it’s got to be good right?

Bloober told us the price of 1500 Wii points which has been mentioned previously is not set in stone, there is a possibility they will sell it for less if they can. I guess after over-confident attempts from games such as the infamous Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint it pays to err on the side of caution

Let us know your thoughts on this funky comic strip below, also check out our updated gallery for the latest Last Flight artwork.


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Terra said:

LOL. That was funny. I haven't got much interest in Last Flight but it surprises me that it will be an episodic style game. Also, who wouldn't be cautious after Plattchen for setting the price at 1500 Points? Square-Enix must have been confident when they released FFCC: MLAAK that it was good enough for the price tag



Wiiloveit said:

Didn't Samuel L Jackson present an award to Pixar at the National Film Awards t'other week? As I recall, he didn't swear or anything. He should be proud.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

This looks...interesting. The little comic here was funny but I'll wait and see for an opinion of the game. (go Polish developers!) (I'm of Polish descent)



MarkyVigoroth said:

I never liked this movie (much less watched it), but if it does go to WiiWare, then it would be very popular, possibly even knocking that alcoholic Pong Toss down/out of the Top 20 list!

By the way, what is it with the "normal-zombie" shots?



Ziondood said:

hahahaha this game looks awesome =DDD
i cant wait =D
id gladly pay 1500 for this =D



Objection said:

Thats funny. I dont know what to think of it being episodic but 1500 is definately too much for a series.



siavm said:

Hopefully it is not 1500 points. It looks promising and that comic was pretty funny.



Naturestee said:

Something good actually came out of Snakes On A Plane, lol! I actually just watched that movie for the first time. Rented, of course. From the library. For free. I want my time back.



ttplayer92 said:

Snakes On A Plane SUCKS. The worst part of the film was when that one fool put a snake in the microwave and there just so happened to be a button for snakes. Seriously, WTF?



Bensei said:

I wonder if the blood remains in the game. I heard Nintendo doesn't want Wiiware Games above a Teen (12+) Rating.

I hope they changed their policies though...



Wiiloveit said:

If Nintendo don't want games above 12+, there may be some trouble with Wii Move Pain Vs Pleasure (if it exists) and LIT.
The reasoning behind this though is probably since kids can access and download stuff straight to their Wii without need for identification if they're too young, though Nintendo could add an age restriction feature through the club Nintendo account linkage.



mailanbr said:

So basically this is just one whole comic book game? Eh, forget about it. I might as well see someone play it on youtube or something. Not worth 1500 points, or even if they reduce it to 1000. Just gonna save until more better games are out.



MarkyVigoroth said:

WiiloveitOnline-san: "If Nintendo don't want games above 12+, there may be some trouble with Wii Move Pain Vs Pleasure (if it exists) and LIT."
I doubt LIT would be Rated M (dark themes do not equal vulgarity), but you forgot Last Flight.



dark_moogle said:

Call me crazy, but I miss Luc Bernard and his philosophy on lower priced games. All these 1000+ point purchases aren't winning me over (especially with DLC that costs even more that rivals Oblivions horse armor in quality)



mummydaddy said:

errrrrr. Snakes on a plane..... has no-one seen Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (aka Plane Dead) (2007) see; That looks more like this "game".
In regards to the overpricing of games, well as much as I love my Wii, the PSN games are (in most cases) cheaper and of better quality than most of the wiiware games.As for the virtual console games the £3+ commodore 64 games up against a 3.49 playstation 1 game hmmmm. True there are far more VC games than the paltry few (and fewer decent) PS1 games but to quote Nintendo in the N64 era, "its quality over quantity". I still think that C64 ( and spectrum games should N see sense) should be released at 100 or 200 points each, thats let face it a better purchase than hanging on to the few hundred points change that probably most of us have. I myself have been hanging on to 600 points for a couple of months now because as tempted as I have been, I refuse to spend 500 points on a c64 game when 20 years ago you could have bought it for £1.99



Wiiloveit said:

@MarkyVigoroth-san: if Resident Evil had no blood or swearing, it would still have got a high age rating.

@Mummydaddy: The sad thing is that Ninty get away with it because you can't really find C64's any more and newer gamers don't realise/think about the price difference. I do think that they could still knock 100/200 points off many of the games though, especially with WiiWare advancing in sales over the classics (N64: 800; SNES/Mega Drive/NeoGeo: 600; TG-16: 500; NES: 400 and C64: 300 would be much better).
The only reason I can see myself getting a PS3 though (games-wise) would be for LBPlanet and the "good" Crash Bandicoots - especially at their price. If the console had much more choice, I would happily follow the PS3 as well as the Wii for my retro gaming fill.

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