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Potpourrii Coming To US WiiWare Next Monday!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It looks like another puzzler will be making its way onto the WiiWare service next week. Ralph Egas of Abstraction Games has personally told WiiWare World that their first WiiWare title Potpourrii will be released on the US WiiWare service on Monday, September 15 and will cost 800 Wii points.

You can also check out the interview we recently conducted with Abstraction Games if you're looking to get more insight into the game and how it plays.

We'll have a full review of the game once it hits the WiiWare service next Monday.

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Gitaroo_Dude said:


I was really hoping Strong Badia would come out on Monday so I could play the episode before I head down for college.

Looks like I'll be taking my Wii down there.

But seriously, what's with this recent deluge of puzzle games?



ttplayer92 said:

These games were actually announced months ago. It is just they are starting to come out now though.



WeeGee said:

@ Gitaroo_dude

No, that probably won't come for a few weeks, if this month at all.



Objection said:

Dammit, another puzzler. And one that's basically Zuma/Magnetica + Bustamove. I need something cool to go with SMRPG on my next card



mailanbr said:

I am new here, but whatever. I just had it with all these puzzle games. Just give that a hold, or else more than half of them wont sell, because people dont have infinite Wii Points, and arent going to buy EVERY puzzle game. I agree with SuperMario guy.



darkmagi_82 said:

Hmm... I must admit this doesn't catch my eye as much as groovin blocks did. By the way, how's that review coming, Corbie?



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Looks like another Bust-a-Movealike? Will this be coming to the Canadian WiiWare as well? I'm a big puzzler fan, but I'll be passing on this one.

Mega Man 9 won't be coming out until after Mega Man 2. I'd say Mega Man 2 next week and then 9 the week after.



mailanbr said:

Too Objection Blaster: I am not worried about the space on memory, I have plenty on my SD card, just wish that they would separate their Puzzle Games more spread out on their release date, and release other games that are on the waiting list.



Corbs said:

I'm putting the review together now. The editors are all asleep, so I guess no need to hurry now.



mailanbr said:

This is just not worth 800 points. IF they happen to make a puzzle game, just make it online. Thats why Dr. Mario is so far the best one. All these others just arent as good.



tantrumario said:

im really annoyed. I keep coming home from school,incredibly tired, hoping to find mega man 9 or bomberman blast come to wiiware. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,it just had to be corny puzzle games that are remakes of other puzzle games(groovin blocks was interesting though).



Kenji510 said:

Well since were getting this one next week... i hope we get like 2 wiiware games and since this is one of it.. hopefully one of these games we will get.. this is my list here...

Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint
MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade
Bomberman Blast
Tetris Party



Foamyfan231 said:

Okay this is getting annoying. I love puzzle games but this I am getting sick of puzzle games now, I only want tetris but what about Mega Man 9? Animals De La Muetre? BOMBERMAN FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!! sorry, I am tired of the puzzles and want more action. Maybe a little more comedy from Strong badia the free



Corbs said:

Yep, I second the Gradius Rebirth as well. Sadly, I haven't put a lot of work lately into Star Soldier R. I've been playing Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun lately. I'm going through one of those "nostalgia trips" here lately. The more shooters the better, I say. And I'll take Mega Man 9 too. I can't WAIT to review that baby.



Ricardo91 said:

No Gradius Rebirth? or Animales de la Muerte? or Bomberman Blast? or Maboshi? or Plaatchen? or friggin' MEGA MAN 9!?!? FRIGGIN' POTPURRI!?!?!?





WarioFan63 said:

I dont mind. Ill welcome any new additions to WiiWare regardless of genre. The only thing I hate about announcements like these is all the negative comments that are going to pop up about no Strong Bad or Mega Man or what have you and Im really tired of all the negativity thats been spawning from The Internet these days...far too much....I wish I could pull a switch and make everyone happy again.



AlexSays said:

Isn't complaining about negative comments, being just as negative...?
Besides, I don't mind people having personal tastes.
Can you imagine how boring this site would be if everyone responded with "Nice release but I shall kindly pass"...
It'd be unbearable.



Virus said:

Bomberman is a puzzle game? Wow, seems like a severe labeling mistake to me even if Hudson was the one to originally label it like that...

Can't say I'm stoked about this game, but I hope it does well if it's good or badly if it sucks. I'll just wait for the puzzle, non-puzzle game to come out.



WarioFan63 said:

Isn't complaining about negative comments, being just as negative...?
Probably, which is kindve wierd since in trying to get everyone to look on the bright side I come off as a bitter jerkface.

Can you imagine how boring this site would be if everyone responded with "Nice release but I shall kindly pass"...
Id actually prefer it! Much better then seeing "This is the crappiest crap to ever crap" or "Why do you hate me NIntendo?" or "Where have all the good games gone?" etc. etc. all the time.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

@ x.SuperMario.x: This isn't really an issue of personal taste. It's fine for people to want Mega Man 9—that's actually good taste—but it's a little silly for people to expect it right now. It's like yanging that Final Fantasy 14 didn't come out today. Cart before horse.



Abodi said:

i rekon this game looks interesting, as long as it isn't a straight up bustamove in a circle.



calculon said:

x.SuperMario.x wrote:
Isn't complaining about negative comments, being just as negative...?
Probably, which is kindve wierd since in trying to get everyone to look on the bright side I come off as a bitter jerkface.

Can you imagine how boring this site would be if everyone responded with "Nice release but I shall kindly pass"...

WarioFan63 replied:
Id actually prefer it! Much better then seeing "This is the crappiest crap to ever crap" or "Why do you hate me NIntendo?" or "Where have all the good games gone?" etc. etc. all the time.

My Ten Cents:
Nope, I have to agree with x.SuperMario.x - passive comments do bugger all to elude to how well a game will be received and how people feel about the service.

The main reason why people whine so much about games like these is because most of them - like myself - are getting sick and tired of seeing some uninspiried money-sucking lame-game idea arrive. There's a reason why most of these types of game end up on the web (or a retro-remakes for PC download) for free because there's too many of them and most are either too obscure or too similar to existing ideas to warrant most people's excitement.

As a programmer, I've had plenty of game ideas but am sensible enough to step back and look at them before coding. I think the only reason some WiiWare developers are writing half of these games is because the service is flawed in the fact that there's little or no previewable content before people buy. The service literally guarantees a good whack can be made before the alarm bells set in. You only have to look at the US Top 20 list to see what I mean.

Everything has its place and Nintendo's usual screwed up approach has opened the door for people to take advantage of the situation. Whilst it means that Nintendo and the developer gain large amounts of income from these flawed products, many people are starting to feel wary of the service.

Oh, and just to make myself even more popular, I for one believe retro content belongs on the VC. I wouldn't feel cheated if MM9 arrived on XBLA or PSN and not on WiiWare and I feel the same about Gradius. Nor would I care if they didn't exist at all - I know if they hadn't been mentioned they'd have been the last thing on my mind as a remake. It's not the fact that they could be great games - it's the fact that there's still tonnes of retro content available for the VC and projects like these just go to show that companies like Capcom have more money than sense.

Most importantly though, I feel that Nintendo should seriously rectify the glaring issue of non-previewable content. Otherwise I see their current approach doing more harm than good to the service. Wary buyers do not make good buyers.



Bensei said:

You can be glad hearing your releases a week in advance, we don't even know what we'll get on Friday!



Ziondood said:

dang another puzzler =[
im still looking forward to Animales de la Muerte this september



Ricardo91 said:

Now for my two cents...

Sorry, but I have to side with Supermario here. Maybe in your land of pixies and fairy dust, people will except what they get every week and then move on , but this is the internets, bud. This month, people are looking forward to such high-profile Wiiware games as Mega Man 9, Plaatchen, and Animales de la Muerte. The last thing they want is something as Mediocre-looking as Potpurri, especially since we been getting and apparently will continue to get a constant stream of lame puzzlers. In other words, people will be pissed off.

You have to understand that the internet can be a very cruel place. Compared to some game forums, We're the nice ones. I'm sure on another site, there's a morbidly obese Nintendo nerd who just heard this news, and is plotting a terrorist attack on Ninty headquarters as I speak.

I also agree with Calculon that Nintendo REALLY needs to add free trials to Wiiware/VC games, especially Wiiware. Sometimes, I question if I actually want a game, and I need to trial it first to see if it's right for me, and preview videos don't cut it. Someone should write a letter to tell them to do such a thing. The question is, though, will they listen?



Bensei said:

@Mr. Cheez: It would be against the priciples of Wiiware. It would mean extra work if they had to make a demo.

But maybe if they make something like in Brawl...



Corbs said:

Once I saw people actually griping about Super Mario RPG and Do Re Mi Fantasy I realized something. No matter what game comes out, or how good it is, there will be some people that will complain. End of story. The best thing to do is accept it and move on. People are entitled to their own opinions.



blackknight77 said:

I do feel a little ovewhelmed by all of these Wii Ware titles that I have never heard of. But thats cool, I guess thats what the service is about. I thought I heard somewhere that MM 9 would be out on Xbox 360 the week of the 9/22. I am sure it will hit Wii Ware about that time. I think Alien Crush will come out next month and Bomberman in November. Even if people do complain, I still enjoy Wii Ware and VC games. They cannot take away my enjoyment.



CanisWolfred said:

I'll give it a pass. As far as I can tell, It's basically Bust-a-Move, and I hated that game. At least Groovin' Blocks is out, I'll just get that one come Monday.




I mean i like a good puzzler. However, it would be nice to see a really good not puzzler hit the wii ware sometime very soon.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Potpourrii? Really? Not interested. Looks kind of bland and uninteresting to me. And to whoever it was that said we were lucky to know about this ahead of time, I don't agree. I don't like knowing what Wiiware game is coming out because it ruins the excitement and anticipation of Monday. The only schedule I would like is a monthly one so we have a general idea of what to expect.



Stratos said:

I had completely forgotten about Animales de la Muerte!
Strong Bad 2, Animales and Mega Man 9 for the rest of this month would be crazy amazing if they can hold to their projected release dates. Though I bet one or two of them slip into October. We haven't even seen Mega Man 2 on VC and that is supposed to be the herald to Number Nine.



Clayfrd said:

@tantrumario (16)
You said exactly what was on my mind. Mega Man 9 would make the worst day of tiresome school a good day. I have 1100 points rotting away until Mega Man 9 comes to swallow my points. Eww... rotten points.



Super_Sonic said:

Please tell me this has Wi-Fi! If this doesn't this goes to the "dump list" for me just like it Groovin Block is in the "dump list". No online play! This better not come without it!
But then again their are loads of Virtual Console games out so I'm not bored.



Ziondood said:

yea im really looking forward to all of those =DDD
except strong bad 2 cause i didnt get the first one yett
@Super Sonic
u talk crap about everything



Ziondood said:

btw i should probably change my icon cause everyone proly thinks im a chick xDDD



yoshifu94 said:

i also want swords and soldiers i heard their the creators of the famous “castle crashers” or something if so then it`ll be very good indeed



mailanbr said:

Okay here's how it is. I do have enough patience to wait for Megaman 9, Bomberman, Gradius Rebirth, etc. But here's the thing about Nintendo which is probably why they are the failing company currently. When making puzzle games, dont all release it at the same time, or else no one is gonna buy all of them, and only the "best" will be picked (Dr.Mario Online RX for example). If they spread out their publishing of the games, say about every month, that would make it so OTHER WiiWare would be able to come out the other 3 weeks of that month, and people can have their satisfy of that one puzzle game for awhile. But since they all cram it in at once, not that many sales are truly made, and only the "successful ones" will be picked often. Wow, that was a mouthful, but I am glad I had the time to say this.



mailanbr said:

Darn, I forgot the mention this. One thing that made Dr. Mario stand out is that it had Wi-Fi. Most of these puzzle games dont include Wi-Fi, and yes Tetris is fun by yourself, but some of these looks better with friends. Seeing that there is no Wi-Fi that means you will usually need to find someone else that would also want to play with you, just so you can have an "enjoyable" time.



AlexSays said:

But here's the thing about Nintendo which is probably why they are the failing company currently.



Super_Sonic said:

"You talk ** about everything."
What do you mean?
Mailanbr I have no one to play games with me in my house so maybe thats why I turned down every single Wiiware games so far. (Except for Dr. Mario Online RX & Toki Tori. (Support Toki Tori by downloading it today!))
I do have to agree. Their are WAY TOO MUCH PUZZLE GAME! Maybe they should make it one puzzle games per month and one to two Wiiware game per month with games that has entirly different genre. That way deloveper would have more time to work on the game.
Even if Tetris didn't have Wi-Fi as long it has a 9/10 I would still buy it.
I'm also patience for new games to come out like Megaman 9, Bomberman Blast, Tetris Party, and Alien Crush Returns. But I really getting impatience with puzzle game not having Wi-Fi. (I wish Tetris Party would not be the only Wi-Fi games.)



AlexSays said:

Even if Tetris didn't have Wi-Fi as long it has a 9/10 I would still buy it.

So you base your decisions on what this website says?



Ricardo91 said:

@Finalkingdom. I thought you were a chick lol. XD

Anyway, for this game, I smell a 5, a 6 at best.
Hey, Geddit? Smell? Potpourri? Haha I just made a funny!



Ricardo91 said:

I would be a little happier if Nintendo would just release more than one Wiiware game a week.



Kenji510 said:

Yeah i know at least like 2 - 3 wiiware games at least and not just 1 a week.



Super_Sonic said:

x. Supermario .x
"So you base your desicion on what the website say?"
Sometime I do. (Toki Tori is a example. I didn't want the game at first. But when I saw the rave reviews I knew I had to get the game. So I downloaded and is not dissapointed although don't play it every day.) Sometime I don't. (Defend you Castle is a example. Also has rave reviews but don't intrest me.)
In most case (Toki Tori and Megaman 9 despite having online feature. No Megaman 9 won't be out right now.) inclusion of online play determind if I want a Wiiware game or not.



mailanbr said:

@x. SuperMario .x
Basically yes. This site influenced me to buy Dr. Mario in fact. Another thing is that this site happens to go into great detail of games, and seeing that other people really dont seem to be that satisfied with it, or maybe its just me. I just base if off the review mainly. If it sucks, then it sucks, end of story basically.



AlexSays said:

I'd say this site helps guide my decisions.
But if I see a game I think I'll enjoy, I'll give it a try.

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