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Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint Going Up Against Mega Man 9

Posted by Darren Calvert

After lacklustre reviews in Europe the overpriced Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint is now heading to the USA. According to N-Europe it will be out this Monday alongside Mega Man 9!

Since our unfavourable review last week we haven’t seen WiiBoy AKA Bplus post here again. After getting an ex-employee to register here to leave ridiculously over the top positive comments and having that blow up in their face, we hope we have heard the last of them now. It is not likely they will be making another WiiWare game after this disaster.

The news that this over-complicated and over-priced puzzler is planning to be released on the same day as Mega Man 9 does seem like absolute insanity, but since when has anything with Bplus made any sense?

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Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Wow, trashed! I think they know the game is hopeless so they're just chucking it out there ASAP without any regard for the fact that its competition will eat it alive.

Looks like this means North America is not getting Bomberman Blast this week though.



PALgamer said:

Another two WiiWare next Monday? We need six WiiWare releases next Friday to catch up!

Look at the bright side $15 is much more affordable than 15€



Wiiloveit said:

Well, that's nice - now Americans can make a clear descision about what they're getting this week! Presumably, you'll be getting Bomberman the week after, but if Nintendo's "one WW game per developer per month" rule still applies, that'll mean that you get Alien Crush in November, and presumably Tetris the month after that!



PALgamer said:

^ NoA bends the rules for certain publishers (themselves and Gameloft). They can do the same for Hudson.



Supermarioman said:

Wow this means I'm going to have to catch up on a lot of good wiiware games: i'll buy both, Megaman 9 first of course!!!!!!Plattcen later on and now Corbie I can mark my calender for the Megaman 9 review!



Dazza said:

Tetris Party is going to be published by The Tetris Company outside Japan so there shouldn't be a problem. Alien Crush and Bomberman Blast can have a good month apart with Tetris in the middle



Corbs said:

Yep, I've been playing the NES Mega Man titles all week in anticipation of Mega Man 9 coming on Monday. I'm fully prepared now. Bring it on!



WiX said:

You will now have a tough choice: Mega Man or Plättchen! And I wanted to kick your asses in Bomberman... Well, maybe a little later



Doogle said:

LOL what idiots, going up against Mega Man with this steaming turd is suicide!



Zak said:

After reading the comments for days I can only say that it looks like that Bplus couldn't reach the game-designer heavens with their abilities. Ironically someone from the Bplus-team once told me that I don't know the important factors in developing videogames.

Anyway... I don't think that Plättchen will be a match for Rockman 9, one of the most wanted games for WiiWare.



Wiiloveit said:

Just checked the UK shop, and it appears Plattchen has finally made an entry... at 18. I can't really see it being much different in the US either.



Doogle said:

@Zak - That's like taking advice from a bus driver when you want to learn how to win the Formula 1



maka said:

Hmm... do publishers really have a choice of when to release their games? or does Nintendo decide? I thought it was Nintendo...



Dazza said:

The ultimate decision does rest with Nintendo, but publishers still have a strong say in pricing and release dates.



Bensei said:

Bplus wanted to release their game shortly before Bplus' birthday, I guess they didn't knew Mega and Bomberman would come into their way



calculon said:

It'd be funny if Plattchen came out at the same time as Bomberman and Mega Man - how much more of a lesson in ass-kicking would Bplus need?

Then again, looks like they need a lesson in game design first, then sales.



Terra said:

Plattchen will seriously fail against Mega Man 9. I wish Bplus the best of luck in the video game business but this isn't good enough



maka said:

Anyway, it seems to me MegaMan9 and Plattchen are directed a different types of gamers. HC gamers will get MegaMan, but casual gamers won't enjoy a game when they won't be able to even beat the first level... (As confusing as Platchen's gameplay may seem, it is not that hard to play)

I love arcade games, but I'd rather play for example Super Metroid (where I can at least feel I'm advancing each time I play) than a ultra-hard MegaMan game where I will never see more than 5% of the game... (I'll probably get it anyway when it comes out in Europe, although I know it's going to be very frustrating...)



Wiiloveit said:

I will probably freak at MM's difficulty as well - but as long as it's not as hard as SMB:The Lost Levels, I'll (hopefully) manage.
Am I right in remembering that there are difficulty options available though?



maka said:

Interesting, I see Platchen at spot 13 in the Popular Games list... so it seems it's not doing so bad after all



PeGe said:

Well, Wiiboy, if you read this - and I know that you do - I'd advice you to listen to the more critical people around you than those who just nod and say "Yay!" to everything. People TOLD you that the game was over-complicated and had too much stuff packed into it. And people TOLD you when you were too complacent and when they disagreed with your opinion, but instead of listening to them, you would send them away. Now you will pay the price for your lack of vision.

Ironic that I finish off this comment about something I don't like with something I like the most, a quote from Star Wars. Heh.



DarkLloyd said:

well i since i know my mom probably like the twist n paint rather then megaman which i think im starting to understand causual little bit more while i rather get megaman 9 first then twist n paint because it still looks like fun

look out i have a causual in my home lol



Wiiloveit said:

It doesn't look casual at all to me, thanks to the serious overcomplications. That's what mainly brought the game down, and why I won't be buying it.



Doogle said:

@PeGe - It just goes to show what a massive ego the head honcho at Bplus has. Such a blind belief in his crappy product that he refused to make the changes needed to make it palatable to the regular consumer. It's as if he designed Platchen purely for his own twisted pleasure.

The sheer audacity to ask 1500 points for it as if it were a first rate game like FF:CC must be applauded, along with the arrogance of agreeing for Nintendo to put it under against heavyweights like Bomberman in Europe and Mega Man 9 in North America.

Seriously this guy must have his head so far up his own a*se that he cannot see any of this, or he is as thick as two short planks.

Oh well, it's his funeral, I just wasted 1500 points on this piece of crap!



Bensei said:

I don't think they already gave up, they still hope for better reviews and the American market.

And wasn't it already, in your words, "insane" to release Plättchen together with Bomberman Blast?



PeGe said:

"Seriously this guy must have his head so far up his own a*se that he cannot see any of this, or he is as thick as two short planks."

Bernd is very selfconfident - too confident - pretty stubborn and has some very weird ideas. That's the whole problem with him.



Objection said:

Wow...a good game I do not want (MM9) and a not-good game (I avoid using crappy becuase its a more complicated awfulness) I don't want (PLATTCHEN.) An actual MEH week IMO, but at least we will get 2 WW games again.



calculon said:

My sentiments exactly. I too think Plattchen sucks and as for Mega Man 9, I probably won't purchase until I play past the second boss of Mega Man 2.

As for not getting past past one boss in a Mega Man game ... I actually got killed in Super Metroid well before my first boss battle. Not that I was put off by boss battles in either game, I find most boss battles rather enjoyable. What annoyed me most about Mega Man 2 was the crappy collision detection with mines.

Having seen the IGN review though, I think MM9 will be quite a bit more accessible which is a word I'd never assocaite with Plattchen.



Twilight_Crow said:

I think you people are being a little hard on Bplus, their game will sell enough, as other games rated bad; you know, I imagine Nintendo wanted to release Plättchen this monday and Bplus was too proud to say no, but I'd rather it coming out another day.

Geez, it isn't a MEH week for me at all, I'll buy Megaman 9 early this monday, and I hope I'll get the money for Plättchen later in the week, after running some errands.



Demonic_St33V said:

Sub-par games often sell well to the "Wow, that looks so cool I don't need to read reviews before I buy it!" crowd and MegaMan 9 is really aimed squarely at it's already entrenched fan base.

Plättchen will do fine and Bplus will live on to make more games, good and bad.



WeeGee said:

WOW, thank god. Not that Plattchen is coming out but now more than one game is coming out at once. I hope this continues. It's the second week now.



CanisWolfred said:

I actually feel sorry for BPlus, worked hard on a game that got not only a ton of negative criticism, but also won't sell because it's keeps going up against some very well-known brands.


Look on the bright side, now you have more time to spend with Mega Man!



Kriqz said:

"I think you people are being a little hard on Bplus"

Sheep love to hate, especially on the internet. It's one thing to give the game a critical review (and the review here on WW-W is just that), but all the hate being spewed in the comments by people who would've never bought the game anyway is uncalled for.

BPlus made the game they wanted, and it tanked, but they'll live on. So what if it's not a 8/10 game? Some people will (and do) still enjoy it.



AlexSays said:

Sheep love to hate, especially on the internet.

You're definitely on the wrong site.
I'll be one of the few people that actually knows what you're talking about.

All the hate being spewed in the comments by people who would've never bought the game anyway is uncalled for.

Tell that to every fanboy who criticizes games on another console.
Oh, let me guess. That only applies on this site, right?



mailanbr said:

I have been waiting for Megaman 9 for a longer time. I shall get that first, and seeing on how other people enjoy this game, shall further decide whether or not to get Plattchen. 1000 points each, and all puzzle games are done with making WiiWare come out with all the GOOD games! I gotta get a job and some money FAST.



dr_mario said:

I don't think Bplus has anything to worry about, last time I checked, shovel-ware games that were given poor ratings here are the BEST ONES! Apparently the masses don't listen to this site anyways and it is going to sell as well as beer pong and Pokemon ranch. If we want this to stop we all have to buy megaman 9!



Mario64DStyle said:

Well.. I would like to say a few things.
@The topic- That seemed a little harsh. yah, they failed on their first game.. but I HOPE they do make more.. They can learn from their mistakes, and have better plans for their next one. Maybe actually making an amazing game

-UNLESS of course they do just keep making mistakes..
then they can just quit.

@"(where I can at least feel I'm advancing each time I play)"
Well.. To be honest, Playing Plattchen (or many different puzzlers at that), you barely ever feel like you are advancing anyway >_>
I don't see the difference.. other than megaman actually has levels and bosses.. and puzzlers have.. well.. "Levels" and just trying to get higher scores.

@The topic once again..
At least we will get this game, and not have to worry about getting it pushed on us later =P.. and we are getting it with Megaman 9 anyway =D, so it won't feel like we are losing anything.. just think of it as getting one game.

Also.. I can't wait for Bomberman =)!!!
Thats going to be a great day



MarkyVigoroth said:

Grrr... (or is it "Hisss..."?) Bplus should get another chance... since this was their first WiiWare title, they were bound to make errors! I actually support the idea of a Plättchen sequel in hopes that the sequel becomes better than the original!

But still, I feel bad for Rockman 9. Since WiiWare is mostly aimed at casuals, most people would buy the casual-looking and modern Plättchen instead of the boringly-antiquated Rockman 9 (Think: "Eeew... Megaman 9 looks so old! And for $10? Why not $5? It's a NES game! I'll buy Plättchen instead! It may cost +$5, but it's worth it! The graphics say so!"), and when the majority of that majority would feel disgusted with Plättchen, they will turn themselves off Rockman 9 since Rockman 9 was unfortunate enough to be released along Plättchen. But still, this setback will be temporary, since Rockman 9 IS that good.

dr.mario: "Apparently the masses don't listen to this site anyways and it is going to sell as well as beer pong and Pokemon ranch. If we want this to stop we all have to buy megaman 9!"
I do not want My Pokémon Ranch to be stopped (huggles hypothetical Origine Forme Giratina), but I support the fall of "The Drunk Man's Game!"

Yes, I AM attached to Pokémon.



Wiiloveit said:

Never mind a sequel, all BPlus need to do is knock it down to 1000 points (as soon as the sales plummet - right about Tuesday in the US - though they may) get away with a 1200 price point) and remove the asteroids and simplify the controls a bit (I'd rather use the D-Pad than the twisting mechanism any day).

We all know that despite your lack of posts, you do still check out the posts here BPlus - so heed these words: dumb it down and knock 500 points off and you'll be in the top 5 WW sales throughout the world.



Mario64DStyle said:

Yah.. what WiiloveitOnline said
A little cheaper, a button press to change the colors, and no more flying objects.. well.. and a better point system...

man.. there were a lot of things wrong with this game >_>



Wiiloveit said:

I was trying to give some helpful, simple advice. The points I made would change it for the better, but I can't really see them wanting to change much else (if they were updating it in the first place). If they changed what I said, it would have (probably) doubled it's score.

Remember BPlus, games are for relaxing and enjoying - not for frustration at the concept (never mind the gameplay). Just a few tweaks here and there and you'd sell MUCH more copies.



calculon said:

@ x.SuperMario.x: Have been playing for a while, but it never clicked. Really struggled to get into it, but suddenly I'm storming through MM2 and loving every moment. The original Mega Man is still a complete b*#t'*d though - think I'll save that one until I've finished MM2 and MM9



calculon said:

@Kriqz: Sheep? Really? I hated most of the ideas I gleaned about Plattchen well before it was reviewed on this site and the review only confirmed my fears. Plus I don't appreciate companies who try to self-promote their products through subversive methods like passing an employee off as a commenter.

I'm just glad WiiWare World caught them out and if Plattchen is an example of how Bplus work, I wouldn't care if they dropped of the face of the earth along with their crappy side projects.



Kenji510 said:

This is gonna be a cool monday for everyone in US and ill definitely gonna get both games for sure and i already bought my $50 wii points online too, so then ill be ready!.. cant wait!!



Kriqz said:

@xSMx"Oh, let me guess. That only applies on this site, right?"

Nah, I'd say it pretty much applies to the entire internet in the most general sense. Just an observation is all.



AlexSays said:

@ calculon- That was pretty ridiculous, having an employee make an account.
I'm just glad he was called out.
That'd be like Corbie making another account, and complimenting his reviews.
(Not to give Corbie any ideas or anything )

@ Kriqz- If people stopped criticizing games they've never played, every forum on every gaming site would die in a matter of seconds.
And no particular breed of fanboy is guilty of this more than others.



Corbs said:

I could never create an alt account because everyone would spot it when the avatar kept changing.



WarioFan63 said:

If people stopped criticizing games they've never played, every forum on every gaming site would die in a matter of seconds.

You know at this point...I really wouldn't mind...



Mario64DStyle said:

Well... does anyone have an 'idea' of when tetris party is coming out?
cause MM9.. bomberman, and tetris party are the main games im buying for sure....

Also.. is there any other games to actually look forward to after those?



shadows262 said:

@ Mario64DStyle
idk when bomberman and tetris party are coming out but there are good games coming out like swords and soldiers, world of goo, and space invaders.



Kenji510 said:

1 more day until it hits monday the 22nd and we get our MegaMan 9 and Plattchen for those of you people are still interested in it and i know i am... gonna get both and got enough wii points to get them too.



Loooca said:

Was NoA was trying to be amusing with putting these two together? Haha, very funny, Nintendo.



Atlantis1982 said:

To be frank; I rather have Bomberman first, but good thing the upcoming week is going to be hectic for me.

About Plattchan; never was interested in what I read about it when I first heard of it and the price tag didn't help either.



JoshZTP said:

If people stopped criticizing games they've never played, every forum on every gaming site would die in a matter of seconds.




maka said:

"@"(where I can at least feel I'm advancing each time I play)"
Well.. To be honest, Playing Plattchen (or many different puzzlers at that), you barely ever feel like you are advancing anyway >_>
I don't see the difference.. other than megaman actually has levels and bosses.. and puzzlers have.. well.. "Levels" and just trying to get higher scores."

What I meant is that in a game like Platchen or other puzzlers with levels (like picross) I can complete them at my leisure and each time I play, advance a little (or a lot). In a ultra-hard arcade like MM, each time I play I will be confronted with the same level one (and luckily level 2) each and every time I play, never seeing more than that (unless I decide to dedicate a huge amount of time to get good at the game). At least in other arcade games, there are save points...



dark_moogle said:

Wow, guys I know they may have made some f' ups with their first WiiWare game, but comments like that are NOT the way to encourage developers. Its a wonder why so many small time PC indie programmers are too scared to jump the shark and try a big retail/online console distribution release. Sure constructive criticism may be too logical for the gaming masses, but words like that do not help upcoming talent.

Seriously, what the hell!?!?



Supermarioman said:

Remember the last 22 for America, May One awsome game and one crap game, Dr. Mario and Family Table Tennis, History repeats in some cases One Great Game: Mega Man 9 and One Crap Game: Plattchen, even though that I don't count Pattchen as crap.....



ttplayer92 said:

@ dark moogle

I know right. I would like to see you guys make a game and see if you can walk the talk on your first try.



Wiiloveit said:

Check out the "coming soon" section on the menu bar and you'll find many a future game to get excited about. Fun! Fun! Minigolf, LIT, Liight and Alien Crush returns are a few such examples.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Regarding dark moogle, ttplayer92, and Pocketim-san's comments, it feels nice that I am not the only one who wishes another chance for BPlus, sinced your first game is mostly bound to be not that good, especially if you have never before entered the gaming business.

By the way, Pocketim-san's comment regarding Rockman 9 is interesting; you should not say that Rockman 9 is good if you have never played it. It may flop!
prepares sword in case of anti-Rockman-bashers (even though I was never against Rockman)



Dazza said:

@Pocketim - I don't think it's fair to say that we've been particularly harsh with Bplus. We gave Plattchen a honest review and our sentiments were shared by the Eurogamer review a few days later. Whilst their score was slightly higher we argeed on the fundamentals of what was wrong with the game.

Our main beef with Bplus is that they got their mates to write covert comments to try and influence people as if they were a fellow reader. Say what you like about games like Pong Toss, at least the developers at JV Games had the decency not to resort to sad attempts to make out the game was great (that we know of!)

Maybe if Bplus show us more respect in apoligising for this behavior then we might be more inclined to look favourably upon them. Whatever people might think about Luc, he's always been open and honest with his critics. I prefer his open and honest approach rather than the sneakiness we have so far seen from Bplus.



RadioShadow said:

I thought it was up to Nintendo what VC/WiiWare games get released? So how can Bplus been insane for it's release date being the same as Mega Man 9?



shadows262 said:

is anyone here getting wario land shake it and kirby super star ultra this week besides me!?



Corbs said:

I'll be getting both Wario Land Shake It! and Kirby Super Star Ultra. Those are two I've really been looking forward to. And Mega Man 9 of course!



AlexSays said:

de Blob.
Wario Land.
Lego Batman.
Mega Man 9.
Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Disgaea DS.
This week is going to be a terrible week for my bank account.

Ironically, the game I want most probably won't even come out this week.
That being Plättchen.



Twilight_Crow said:

Your'e right about being mad at Bplus, at least wiiboy admited who he was, but they shouldn't have send that second guy that wrote at the Plättchen review comments, but come on, nobody is perfect, lets wait and see if they learn from their mistakes in both making and promoting their games.

I would if I could, but tomorrow I'll be totally out of money (MM9 ), so no new retail Wii or DS games for me in a long time (games cost the double here, you know), I may buy them in the future, I hope.



Serpent said:

Good becouse everyone would get megaman 9 and ignore Plättchen.

Whats with all the good games coming out lately.



Mario64DStyle said:

Thats my most anticipated game too =P
my friends and I were playing the VC game of bomberman all weekend to get ready for the Blast's release =).

Tbh, I'm more interested in the local multiplayer than online multiplayer.. but I guess if people on this site want to challenge me, its more than welcome



shadows262 said:

dude i`ve got them both reserved UUUGH!!!! i just remembered if u look kirby dreams land 3 is on VC coming soon list and since the new kirbys coming out this week Dream land 3 should be on VC tomorow or next monday YAAAY!!

for the rest of the month
Wario Land Shake It
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Sonic RPG
de Blob
Bomberman blast
and yet my wallet is already crying bcuz it knows its gonna be starved on and off again severely tehehe



AlexSays said:

Only 5 hours and 20 minutes until Mega Man!

...Forget this, I'm going back to bed.



Mayhem said:

Heh... well I'll be on the VC when I get home... watching it slowly download as loads of others do the same



MarkyVigoroth said:

I got bad news: intense rain cancelled college for today. How is that bad? Aside from the obvious missing opportunities of learning (Seriously, I want to learn, especially since examinations are around the corner, one of them being a "Mondays-only" class.), I have to wait until 1:00 PM for Rockman 9 to be released in PR. (No, Nintendo does not carry fault in this, but rather the Earth; time zones play in effect.) Ah, well. I bet I should study some more... or go into Neopets... or play Persona 3... but I should study...

P.S. Hehe... I remember you, Serpent-san (even though I did not sign in until recently)! I always liked that avatar of yours! (Hehe... two members with snake avatars...)



Digiki said:

I'm getting:

Mega Man 9.
Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Disgaea DS.
DQ4 (which I bought like 2 days ago)

de Blob doesn't really appeal to me, I may get Wario Land but it's probably too short for me to get $50 worth, and Lego Batman is probably not too far off of Lego Starwars which I don't enjoy much.



Ricardo91 said:

@Shadows, #79. I don't think I'll be able to get them this week, what with school, my mother refusing to take me to a game store, and the fact that I can't drive on my own yet. But They're definely on my list!

Also on my list:

Dragon Quest IV
Chrono Trigger
Sonic RPG
Mega Man 9, SMRPG and several other VC/Wiiware games that came out recently that I haven't had the chance to get.
De Blob
An Xbox 360 and all the games I want that are on it.
Bangai-o Spirits
Disgaea DS
LEGO Batman (maybe)
(added) AC: City Folk
Wii Music (when hell freezes over. ZING!)
Diablo III (yes the latter 2 are PC games, but they look totally awesome!)

I think my wallet just cried fowl.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

For anyone who was waiting for me to finally post my impressions, you can find them on the Review page.

And this is the second time lackluster has been misspelt.



Wiiloveit said:

Since our unfavourable review last week we haven’t seen WiiBoy AKA Bplus post here again. After getting an ex-employee to register here to leave ridiculously over the top positive comments and having that blow up in their face, we hope we have heard the last of them now. It is not likely they will be making another WiiWare game after this disaster.
Hmmmm... you got that one wrong, WiiWare-World!

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