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My Pokémon Ranch To Be Updated For Platinum

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Fans of Pokémon who have already purchased Pokémon Platinum (An update of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl), which was released in Japan a few days ago, may have noticed something - It's not compatible with My Pokémon Ranch.

Not to worry however, as Nintendo has already announced that they'll fix this. They will soon release an update for My Pokémon Ranch that will allow it to be linked to Platinum, so you can transfer your Pokémon from that as well.

Pokémon Platinum's release date outside Japan has not yet been announced, so it remains to be seen if the rest of the world will see an update like this.

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ReaperJ21 said:

Well good to know there is an update, instead of having to buy a my pokemon ranch, platinum edition I don''t have platinm yet, but maybe i'll get it from japan



Objection said:

Second comment says: I don't care. But I am slightly interested in Platinum, if only because D/P only have 1 save slot



ReaperJ21 said:

same here, it looks cool with better graphics and looks alot more fun, especilly re-battling gym leaders



Terra said:

I Reckon the update will be added to platinum for when it's released over here as it will probably be awhile before it comes to Europe and America



Starwolf_UK said:

From what i'm told the update means you'll actually see the special Pokemon forms from platinum be present in the ranch. I think the game worked without an update its just you won't see the special forms.

Shame the update won't address the main flaw of My Pokemon Ranch of being unable to withdraw Pokemon in the ranch if you are not the person who deposited them.



Wiiloveit said:

I won't be getting either (Platinum or MPR) because I already played (and traded-in) Diamond, and see little point in MPR. I mean, come on - My Aquarium is better! As for the update, I agree with Terranigma. If they don't update until the DS western release, it will put importers off. Maybe.



Twilight_Crow said:

I like pokemon and I'll surely buy platinum, but I just don't like MPR graphics, those mii shaped pokemon give the creeps; but I need it for my pokemon games collection; I'll just wait 'till having a lot of extra wiipoints, I guess when I finaly buy MPR, it's already gonna be updated.



Supermarioman said:

Forget Pokemon, I will never play there games again!!!!!!!! They are flat out horrible now nad way to easy!!!



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I guess that's good news but I wish Nintendo would give a release date for US Platinum already....or at least announce that it's coming! (because we all know it will)
As for MPR, it's an ok game as I enjoy having the game give me missions to catch Pokemon I haven't gotten yet but like post #5 said, I wish you could actually use it as a real storage and be able to withdraw from any game instead of the lameness that it currently is.



lucario13 said:

Will nintendo milk this franchise bone dry? Ranch is rubbish and platium hasnt got enough differences to warrant £30.



mailanbr said:

Eh, Pokemon Ranch IMO isnt that great of a game. I wasted 10 dollars on it, and completely regret it. Just used it to get the Mew and Manaphy. Seeing that Platinum can be compatible with it really doesnt make it that much better of a game.



mailanbr said:

As for getting Platinum though, I am definitely getting it. Updating this, I could care less. Now that I think about it, I should have saved myself 5 dollars and bought My Aquarium.



MarkyVigoroth said:

EEEEEEEEHH! (Mother 3 16-hit-combo cheer) It finally gets an update! (As some of you remember, I plan to get Pokémon Platinum, since I missed out on the other 2...)

takes out Lucastick in case of My Pokémon Ranch-bashers



Kawaiipikachu said:

Oh rattata i allready put my ranch in SD storage & i have to take it out for an update .
Im sure hope the Pokémon Battle Revolution will be platnim combatible .



Digiki said:

I might get Platinum, if it's not as pitifully slow as it's D/P brethren. I'm still not getting MPR, but I don't have some unwarrented hatred for it like some people.



mailanbr said:

ZOMG, your right. I play PBR way more than MPR and I just realized (with your help of course) that they never said anything about PBR. Man, and PBR is more popular than MPR, so what is Nintendo thinking...



Virus said:

Well, Nintendo is improving their supposedly crappy game. I'll give them props for that.



XCWarrior said:

They aren't going to improve it, they will just make it compatible with the new game. it will still be crappy.



Virus said:

I find your logic rather confusing, but if you think extra compatibility isn't even a slight improvement, so be it. I guess one man's improvement is another's façade for crap.



scagtard111 said:

hey dead battery if you are an 18 year old male then why @!$? sould you be a !@#$%^ pokemon fan.............................STILL



MarkyVigoroth said:

scagtard111-san: I once read a magazine that hailed Yoshi's Island as the best game ever, yet, paradoxially, it was a BABY game! If that is possible, then an 18-year-old can enjoy Pokémon.

By the way, I noticed that your avatar is the same as x Super Mario x-san's.



dottio716 said:

I hear from that the update is going to feature more terrain, like water, there's also new animations, and a 26th level, so you can fit 1500 pokemon. There's also a few other things, though they're not that important, new background music, more Club Look-See, more picture capacity(30), toys...



dottio716 said:

Besides all of you MPR haters. It's not really a game anyway. It's just an extra storage space for you pokemon that's more interactive than the other ones.

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