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Mobile Phone RPG Coming To WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It would seem from the current issue of Famitsu magazine that Kemco is in the process of bringing their popular mobile phone rpg series Sorcery Sword over to the WiiWare service. The game is tentatively titled Sorcery Blade and has a radically different look to it than previous mobile releases in the series.

As you can see from the screenshots, the game shares some similarities to the Monster Hunter series. We just hope it plays as good as the Monster Hunter titles. From the article we know that the game will feature 1 or 2-player simultaneous play and will cost 1000 Wii Points. This could be a great addition to the WiiWare service that's in desperate need of a new rpg.

We'll have more information on Sorcery Blade as it becomes available.


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Terra said:

I So want This. WiiWare really does need some RPG's, though with the Size Limitations on the service i imagine it would be difficult. Glad to see that it's happening though.



Corbs said:

I'd actually like to see a good old-fashioned 16-bit style RPG ala Lufia or Final Fantasy. But at this point, I'll take what I can get.



Terra said:

Has the series been released outside Japan? Would it be likely that Europe and America get the game?



Corbs said:

Since it's going to be released on WiiWare, I'd say there's a chance it will see a release outside of Japan, but with rpgs and the sheer amount of text that has to be translated, it's hard to say if Kemco will want to go to that much trouble. I'd say it's got about a 20% chance of being released outside of Japan. And even that's probably being generous.



Terra said:

True. Let's hope Kecmo make the effort as i'm sure it would be brilliant and as a Rare RPG on the service, sales would probably be quite high. Has it not been localized before then?



Corbs said:

I don't think so, although I don't keep up on mobile phone games much.



AlexSays said:

@ Twilight Crow- Ignore the 20%, Corbie is mathematically illitera.... actually nevermind!

Oh, and someone needs to pick an avatar!



Ricardo91 said:

An RPG..... on Wiiware!? Is that even possible!?

Great that it's happening though. Every download service is in need of more RPGs right now. Especially Wiiware.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Finally! I was hoping for a real RPG (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is more like SimCity) in WiiWare, and it may come! * does the Daddy dance *

Terranigma-san:"WiiWare really does need some RPG's, though with the Size Limitations on the service i imagine it would be difficult. "
If it is small enough to fit in a phone, I bet it can fit in the Wii.



Corbs said:

I've done 365 avatars, one for each day of the year. So I'll rotate a new one in every morning at 10am US Central Standard Time.



Terra said:

Yeah, guess you're right. I just mean, in General, like original RPG's or games that isn't a Mobile Phone series. If the Size limit increases, then there'd probably be more.

That San comment makes me want to go watch some classic Japanese Cinema. I'll have a look in my Toho and Daiei collection. Big Kaiju Film Fan as well.



Mario64DStyle said:

Thats a lot of Avatars...
I've actually been thinking to change mine myself.. Havn't even actually played Brawl in awhile haha.. Need a new one.



shadows262 said:

hopefully they`ll put an actual final fantasy or some kind of dragon quest. if they would put an old school pokemon game on wiiware it plays like the game boy ones that`d be good for wiiware i know i`d buy it
@ 365!? ugh wow do u have a kirby avatar just wondering



Ben__Harlan said:


@Corbie I think the chance, and being generous is just 15%. They will need to translate at least to english to go outside Japan, and that's very expensive.



Corbs said:

Actually I'm kidding about the avatars. I just did a few and I'm trying them to see which one I like. So far, this current one is probably going to be the one I keep. And I'd never steal your avatar x.SuperMario.x.

I do hope we begin to see more rpgs come to the WiiWare service.



AlexSays said:

@ Terranigma- I was responding to the post above yours.

@ Corbie- I think everyone here knows me by this avatar.
So you couldn't steal it.



Mario64DStyle said:

Lol wow SuperMario, nice new Avatar
I was changing mine too.. weird.

I can't ever decide on these types of things



DarkLloyd said:

This is exactly what i wanted for wiiware
if this comes out soon here id gladly get this alongside with megaman 9 when i can finally get a freaking wireless router since the device to connect the ds and wii only works on windows xp



Ricardo91 said:

@x.supermario.x. Couldn't give up your old avatar, eh?
Your new one was actually pretty nice.

So, are avatar changes the hip new thing now? I mean Corbie, Dazza, Tantrumario, Mr. Chippy, Mario64DSstyle, Wiiloveitonline, and me. All with new avatars.



Mario64DStyle said:

@Mr. Cheez
I don't think he decided on that new one himself =P
Someone kind of forced it on him haha

EDIT: Also, I changed mine because it was the same ever since this site started haha, I felt like having some change
-Well.. I wasn't here RIGHT when this site started.. So I guess, It was the same since I first signed up



Corbs said:

I used to review mobile phone games along with DS and PSP games when I was working at Mobile Tech Review. That's been about 2 years ago. Since then I've lost touch with mobile phone games, but I still play quite a few DS and PSP games fairly regularly.



RetroWare said:

Those graphics look pretty good for a wiiware game. My interest is with this game as of now.

And i'm thinking of changing my avatar too.



Ziondood said:

RPGS are my fav. genere and my life as a king i hoped was gonna be an rpg . . .but wsnt but now were gonna get this =DDD



Objection said:

I would LOVE--!!! to see RPGs on Wiiware. The only thing is that their battle system better be super amazing because they likely won't have the space for cutscenes, voice work, or typical RPG length (what I look for in an RPG besides a good battle system.) All the same, I hope it comes over because there's a 80% chance I would get it.
EDIT: Anyone know what the 3000 in the article is referring to?



XCWarrior said:

If it is a true RPG, bring it on. Would love to see it. THough first I must get through SMRPG, but this could be one of the next in line after that.

Though need some time. How many Wii points does more rec time cost?



Corbs said:

@ Shadows262 - No problem. Gotta love Kirby. I'm excited about Kirby Super Star Ultra on the DS. I've always been a sucker for the series since the first one appeared on the Game Boy years ago.



Virus said:

Hope the game makes it out of Japan even if it sucks. We need more of these "epic" games on WiiWare.

EDIT: @ Corbie: Heh, I have a faint memory of severely disliking that monster in your avatar. Must've been one of those monsters that kicked my arse in Dragon Warrior Monsters. Gah, now I have regrets about giving away my Gameboy and that game...Joker did not satisfy my needs for DWM...



Clayfrd said:

I usually remember people by their avatars, not their names, so it really throws me off when people change them (Corbie). I'd like to think that people recognize my Weegee avatar by now, but I used the SMW sprite for a while on VCR. I'm thinking about changing to Captain Falcon...



Corbs said:

I enjoyed Joker, but I still prefer the first two Dragon Warrior Monsters games personally. And I'll be keeping this avatar for quite some time. I just wanted an avatar that accurately conveyed me and my personality. If I were a monster, I'd most likely be the Facer that's my avatar and not the scary monsters I tried out. Sad, but true nonetheless.



Virus said:

Well Corbie, if I ever try to imagine what you look like, I'll make sure to give you obscenely large ears and saggy cheeks.



Corbs said:

Well I meant it was more like my "personality" than my looks.

And if anyone was ever that curious, we're all on Facebook and fairly easy to find. Although you've all been warned - it ain't pretty.



Stratos said:

I like your 16-Bit RPG idea back in comment 3 Corbie. Seeing a new 'old school' style 16 RPG ,or any genre game for that matter, would be awesome.

I'm part of the WWW Facebook group but there isn't much activity there. Any ideas to vitalize it?

And I do hope this game comes out in the West. It would be a nice change of pace from the current fare.



Corbs said:

We need to kickstart the WWW Facebook group, but right now these two sites are taking up a lot of our time. And with the holidays coming, we don't see things letting up anytime soon.

As for the 16-bit rpg, that's something that would be perfect for WiiWare. You could keep the file size down and still have a mammoth quest. I'll admit, I enjoy the current rpgs, but nothing will ever touch the good old 16-bit rpgs in my book. I played through Final Fantasy III (6) on my Super NES last week again and it's still fantastic.



Stratos said:

If Squeenix wasn't so enamored with remaking classic RPG's on DS for $40 they could remake them in 2-D on WW.
Are there any similar old game that are not being remade? Lufia and Earthbound come to mind (though EB is a looong shot).

What ideas did you have for the Facebook group? More tournaments and gatherings related?



Digiki said:

I also enjoyed Joker but it had nothing on DWM for me, although it was crazy addicting for a little while ( 8 hours on day 1), I preffered the random dungeons to the islands, aswell as everyone having the same caps allowing every monster to be really great, and in Joker you don't get enough exp. ( parties of monsters in the final dungeon only give your party around 400exp). Oh and there were quite a few palette swaps ( original had maybe 6?).
I miss Blizzardy, Ironturt, Kingleo, and Rainhawk.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Terranigma-san:"That San comment makes me want to go watch some classic Japanese Cinema. I'll have a look in my Toho and Daiei collection. Big Kaiju Film Fan as well."`
I use "san" if I do not know the gender of the target person. If I did, I would use "Mr." or "Ms." Using titles of respect is an Internet habit I developed.

Corbie-san: No bother about you wanting to be that smilie guy. I would like to be a Great Argon Lizard, even though I never played Dragon Warrior/Quest (except for one of my brother's Dragon Warrior Monsters...)



vherub said:

I also would like 16-bit rpgs.
But I would also take an 8-bit rpg that had decent music, a strong story, and some of the modern advancements of the genre.



Wiiloveit said:

RE: Avatars
Corbie's new avatars really are confuzzling my very small brain, since I too remember people on this 'site by their posts. The only names I can currently put to avatars are Dazza, WiiBoy (RIP), x.SuperMario.x and the obvious Calculon one. If I ever annoy people, I'll just change my pic, and I bet that no-one'll remember me

RE: This RPG thingamajiggy
Looks good, and I'm happy for all you RPG fans out there (if it makes it out here). Sadly though, I'm not an RPG fan (as my - erm - fans, should know), so I'll give it a miss.




Sweet. I hope this comes to America soon. The Wiiware needs some rpg love, as a matter of fact it needs games from every genre except puzzlers.



blackknight77 said:

Next week a new game called My Avatar is coming to Wii Ware. Its a avatar sim for 1500 wii points.

You can watch your avatar move all over the screen for hours! Oh Boy! And if you get bored you can feed him! And then post the avatars picture on Wii Ware world. It will get a score of 7/10

Ps- Hudson this is my idea don't steal it



Twilight_Crow said:

I'm an RPG fan but there's so many games that are realy hard to find in Mexico (like DWM, never played it nor seen it) I love WiiWare because we get exactly what USA gets. So bring on the RPGs please!

Those DWM mosters are neat, I really liked your past avatar (I'm fond of big, ugly, fanged monsters with bad attitude) but this one is OK, you put a lot of smilies on your posts, I have the impression that Facer it's right for you.



Terra said:

I use "san" if I do not know the gender of the target person. If I did, I would use "Mr." or "Ms." Using titles of respect is an Internet habit I developed.

I'm Male. I see what you mean with internal habits. I get the urge to watch Japanese cinema whenever someone mentions something Japanese (Apart from the Atom Bombs).



Big_Sexy said:

Kemco? As in "Kid Klown" Kemco?
The last thing they brought stateside was in like, 2005 right? It'd be nice to have anything from them at this point.

While we need more RPG's on Wii in general, I don't know if 16 bit is the way to go. Sprite based, sure, fine. But do we really need to lower our bits to just 16? Wouldn't it be nice to have a high-res sprite based RPG? Just throwing it out there.



Corbs said:

I agree. The 16-bit was more of an example of the type of game and look. I'd take high-res, although the Wii isn't capable of HD. Enhanced Definition will do just fine.



shadows262 said:

I cannot wait for kirbys dream land 3 and earthbound on the VC
@ corbie
i cant wait for kirby super star ultra either i reserved it big time!! does it come out the 22nd along w/ wario land shake it and de blob which both look amazing



PHANTOM93 said:

Ahhh DWM, all of this talk about it has made me so nostalgic. Such a wonderful RPG for the GBC, it still annoyed me though that I had to breed off my whole team to beat the boss of the Gate of Reflection (though I completely pwned him shortly after )
Wow, now I really want to go play it again....

curses himself for misplacing his GBC games



Ark said:

Just judging from what I saw, I'm already very interested and if this were to randomly appear in the near future, it'd be an instant buy. WiiWare needs some more genre diversity and this is how to do it. Very excited.



Big_Sexy said:

I didn't mean like HD hi-res. Usually when I hear Hi-res sprites it usually refers to the kind of sprite work you see in Arc System's games (Guilty Gear, Hokuto no Ken, Blaz Blue) so that's really what I meant. I don't really see a substantial difference between the traditional yellow-white-red cables and the component or HDMI ones when it comes to sprite games.

But yay! You get what I mean. Yeah, a throwback to the more classic days of RPG's is nice, but we don't have to give up newer conventions in the process - look at DQ8. (Though it is kinda irritating that you're playing as Gohan and the DBZ gang) This is the kind of thing that bothers me when people say "MAKE MM9 SUPER OLD SCHOOL WHICH EQUALS GOOD" because Mega without a slide or a weapon-pickup-organizer was sad times.



Bensei said:

RPGs are really a rarity on Wiiware (and VC hasn't got much more). I hope this game will encourage other developers to make more than puzzlers



AL3X_M said:

oooh character grapics look nice, like Pokemon Colosseum or Custom Robo Graphics. But I want to see it at least get an 8 for a review if it comes out in the states.



AVahne said:

an rpg for wiiware?a REAL one?holy crap im buying,even if for 1500 points



Objection said:

The chat has died and so has the hope of this coming over, at least for now. I really hope it does though.

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