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Mega Man 9 T-Shirts Now On Sale

Posted by Darren Calvert

Capcom are never shy of making a quick buck here and there. Not only do they have the best selling WiiWare game this week (and dare we say for the whole month of October too probably!) they are now selling the famous Mega Man 9 t-shirt which you can today preorder from their online store for a reasonable price of $24.95.

Get your order in soon and be the envy on all your friends! If you are feeling a little sore that you missed out on one of the Mega Man 9 press kits (as we did!) then worry not, Capcom personally told us today that they will be selling them very soon in limited numbers, so keep your eyes peeled!

Shipping only to the United States

Source: The Capcom Store

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AlexSays said:

Anyone actually gonna wear one of these though? lol
I don't see myself hangin' out with my buddies wearing a Mega Man shirt.



shadows262 said:

25 dollars for a t-shirt is sorta outragous.
but since its mega man 9 its worth while



Ziondood said:

Yea $25 is kinda alot
Hot Topic Sells Shirts for like $15-20 and i thought that was alot
but $25 is alot too
but if someone really loves megaman it will sell. And alot of people love megaman =D



Juampi said:

I absolutely love Mega Man, but that t-shirt looks plain ridiculous...



Corbs said:

I'll pass. I already have tons of these video game shirts as it is. That's a bit steep for a T-shirt.

They do have a really cool black T-shirt with just the 8-bit Mega Man on it for $17.95. Now that I might go for. That cover art is just too ugly for me personally.



chiefeagle02 said:



I'll pass. The game was only $10. I think there's a problem when the merchandise is more than twice as expensive as the actual product it's intending to sell.



mailanbr said:

Wow, wouldnt you be like the coolest person in school if you wore this? Meh, I might not even use this as a night shirt. Just not "cool" enough for me.



Corbs said:

You do realize you have a Pikachu avatar. I think the "cool" boat has sailed on you.



mailanbr said:

I AM cool snorts. No but this Pikachu avy I have... well I dunno. LOL, maybe I should change it. Got any ideas?



mailanbr said:

Nah, I kid. I am probably gonna keep this avy, but still, I am NOT gonna get this shirt, LOL.



Corbs said:

I was just kidding with you. I like your avatar. But let's face it, that Mega Man T-shirt has "give me a wedgie" written all over it.



mailanbr said:

Oh yea, its cool man. But I completely agree with you about that shirt. To anyone on this site, get a picture of somebody wearing it, I need a good laugh.



Mario64DStyle said:

@"But let's face it, that Mega Man T-shirt has "give me a wedgie" written all over it."

Lol, you're scaring away any possible "I'm gonna get that!" posts
Poor kids..

It wouldn't be so bad, if wasn't trying so hard to say "Hey! look at me! I'm a walking target!"
Like.. that black shirt with just a 8bit megaman on it isn't as bad



Mario64DStyle said:

Don't worry.. the Cool boat pretty much sailed on all of us.. around the time cool became "uncool" to say.

Haha.. just messing with you

All this constant posting made me think of something.. this site needs a chat room... unless it already has one I'm not aware of



mailanbr said:

Well, I dont wanna speak for the mods, but I think that they are working on a whole forum for this site, and every forum there is, there is a chat room.



Corbs said:

They're working on it. There are just so many things we want to implement, we're having to prioritize them and get to them when we can.



mailanbr said:

Thanks for informing us about that. I am sure it takes a long time to do all this, and I can wait. Did it with Megaman 9 right? Well, I hope you work hard on it, and it turns out great!



Twilight_Crow said:

LOL, for the press kit that, not so good, cover was a nice retro detail, but for a t-shirt... NO XD.

"Ohh, okay."
nice lol



Objection said:

If it was $25 including S&H, then it'd be an okay deal. Too steep for me, but maybe I'll get one for my friend Mr. J's birthday. He's in need of wedgies.



lockelocke said:

BEWARE! the shirt is actually a minimum of about 35 with the cheapest shipping option.

[edit] 35.96 with economy shipping and tax



XCWarrior said:

$25? No thanks. I mean if I have to pay money have my dignity taken away, I at least want it going toward me having a better chance at sex, not destroying any chance.

Nice shirt, but $8 at the most.



NESgamer said:

That's a high price, to the point the game itself it's cheaper ;S ... but oh well, i think i may get one.



dzei said:

"Do you ship to my country?
We only ship to the United States. "

Damn. Hope these become available in europe too.



Mayhem said:

Just ordered two, one for me and one for a friend. And yes I'm in the UK, but said friend is in the US so they are getting sent there...! I've got quite a few promo and design shirts in my collection, so this is mainly for posterity rather than actually wearing... maybe!



Stuffgamer1 said:

This shirt is a bit too weird for me. Now a shirt with a picture that big, but of a decent-looking Mega Man, that'd be different (but only if the price was more reasonable)! Seriously, I just bought two shirts from for less than the cost of this one, and they're both way cooler (in my, and Strong Bad's, opinion, anyway). I love gaming shirts, but there are limits for me.



SilentJ said:

I would totally wear this shirt! If I had the cash I would buy one to wear and one to keep nice and new!



mailanbr said:

I would so prefer that way more than this. Like this work... its just saying "Hi everyone! I want to see how fast I can get mugged!"



TopHatPangolin said:

I think I'd prefer a sprite or the stage select screen, but it just looks way too cheesy-awesome to not like. xD



ChocoDK said:

Well I got my three Buzz Quiz TV add ons for less then that price and it doesn't even ship to Canada. Oh well I would rather have a little Mega Man in 8bits. Thanks Capcom.

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