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Mega Man 9 Confirmed For US Release On Monday!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The wait is almost over! Capcom has announced the US release of their highly-anticipated Mega Man 9 WiiWare title this coming Monday, September 22. This also means that WiiWare will see a release of the game before any other download service on the competing consoles.

As if this good news wasn't enough, Capcom has also announced a bit of downloadable content for Mega Man 9 in the form of the Proto Man character. On October 6th, gamers can shell out an additional 200 Wii Points for this new character. Proto Man comes with a host of new game play features including:

  • The ability to slide and charge his shots up
  • Can deflect some bullets with his shield
  • Bullets striking Proto Man push him back twice as far as Mega Man
  • His charge shot is interrupted when he takes a hit
  • No Rush adapters as he has his own set of adapters

While we're not sure how many gamers will want to shell out an additional 200 Wii Points for one character, it's definitely nice to see Capcom at least making it available. Who knows, maybe this will lead to even more Mega Man 9 downloadable content in the future.

We'll have more Mega Man 9 information as it becomes available. We'll also have the full Mega Man 9 review early next week when it's released to the WiiWare service.


Source: Capcom
Source: GoNintendo

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Twilight_Crow said:

YAAAAAAY! Finaly my prayers were listened, MEGAMAN on monday!!!!

Also I have 200 leftover wiipoints and I think Protoman it's more than a great way to spend them.



Dazza said:

LOL @ PS3 and XBLA getting this after WiiWare!

This is one game I will not begrudge paying extra for DLC for. Oh yus!



Wiiloveit said:

Oh, and yay for the release - especially since WW gets it before any other service - Friday for us, maybe?



Dazza said:

Yeah, Europe has to be Friday 26th for WiiWare, otherwise you'll be waiting until 10th October!



Corbs said:

Well I better get back to playing all the NES Mega Man games in preparation for this one coming on Monday. The sacrifices I have to make for this site.



Wiiloveit said:

I really don't think you needed the smiley face there Dazza, we can't all afford a US Wii aswell!



WiX said:

I'm happy for you, and I hope that we get this next friday.

I think that Protoman thing is good, and I will - if not right after available, at least someday - download it! He is like Mega Man should be, with sliding and charging. I just hope that they are useful, for something like some secret parts on some stages... Maybe there are two ways to go in the last castle? And I hope that more DLC will come: Some new bosses or stages would be great! Of course, if they don't cost too much... But we'll have to wait and see! Argh, i wanna play it!

And yeah, Wii is definetely the best option for this

EDIT: If we don't get this next friday, something bad is going to happen somewhere... You know, Strong Bad!



PHANTOM93 said:

Yay! Definitely getting Proto Man, just so I can get back to having 500 Wii Points (so annoying getting Wii Points down to 0 after getting a SNES game )



thewiirocks said:

Looks like I was wrong. According to the press release, Capcom didn't even put pressure on Nintendo. (PS3 is the 25th, XBLA is Oct. 1st) I still think it's a weird idea to release the preeminent game in the series (MegaMan 2) a week before the new game, but what do I know? (Obviously not a lot. )

I look forward to monday!



Terra said:

Great that it's finally coming. DLC is welcome to me but 200 Points for one character seems a little steep. However, if they add a little more and he plays quite differently, i wouldn't mind.

They do that to either make people familiar with the series before the new game comes out or to cash in on it's release. I'm still waiting for the other NES Games



thewiirocks said:

@Terranigma - I was talking about the time difference. Capcom was supposed to have released 1 game per month. Instead, we saw Megaman, a long drought, then Megaman 2 on Monday. If you check Monday's thread I predicted that MM9 would not come out next week.



Mario64DStyle said:

I can't wait =D
Megaman games are amazing... can't wait for monday =)
(Also Prays for Bomberman)... A man can dream big, huh?



MrPoo6321 said:

AWESOME! Definitely downloading this on Monday.... I wonder what else will come out.



Wiiloveit said:

The crappy redesined ign have a review up, and have given it 8.6. They also say it's quite short and "hard as nails", but as always, I'm still looking forward to the WWW review (whilst waiting for the EU release, of course)



Ricardo91 said:

Mega Man 9 comes next Monday!? With DLC to boot!?
'Scuse me a second. <goes to other room>.....


<Comes back> * Ahem *
That's nice.



DarkLloyd said:

sweet hopfully at some point they will release megaman 64 for vc for the holidays or something



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I don't think it's Capcom's fault, it's probably NOA's. They probably just release the games whenever they feel like it and this is what happened. Also, don't be surprised if some other game comes out on Monday instead of MM9, knowing Nintendo.



dr_mario said:

lucky for me, I will have exactly 200pts left which are impossible for me to spend since the only games I want now are 1000 pts each. hopefully they will see how popular these types of games still are and make more of them. I think there's an adventure island retro like sequel in progress and hopefully a super mario bros 4 or Super Mario World 3 and Zelda 3 in progress and are done as well as this one is.



shadows262 said:

@Mr. Cheez
i agree with u cheez walked into the closet with a big smile
comes out all sweaty huffing and puffing
ya im sooo ready for mega man 9 yo!! falls over



Yasume said:

Nice. Europe probably gets it the 26th. Now I only have to wait for Fun! Fun! Minigolf. I'm going to get that game + this and Bomberman Blast on the same day. I also have 200 leftover points for the DLC of MM9 =)



tantrumario said:

O HELL YEA!!!! I just convieniently had a 1200 wii points. Now i can download proto man with the game. =) And we also get the game before Japan. What a miracle!!!!



MarkyVigoroth said:

My guess was correct! It will come out this Monday! EEEEEEEEHH! (Maybe I will get this in Christmas or another time after I hypothetically spen more than $60 of my college-refund money on Wii Points cards...)

(I copied and correctedthis from one of my comments in VC Reviews to explain the avatar change.)
"By the way, due to the talk of avatar-changing in WiiWare World, I decided to change my avatar. I changed it to a certain character first, but then I wanted to put up the "Strong Badia Snake" one so badly that I changed the avatar in the same day. (Since I plan to show all of the avatars I have, you will see the "certain character" I mentioned.)

By the way, the avatar came from a screenshot I took of the Strong Badia the Free trailer in WiiWare World. If I have to take the avatr down, I will gladly comply."



Corbs said:

Remember, Proto Man won't be available until October 6th, not on Monday when Mega Man 9 is released.

And I like the new avatar MarkyVigoroth.



Twilight_Crow said:

@dr. mario
I hope for those games too, but, Zelda 3? isn't that the SNES "A link to the past"? If it is lets hope for Zelda 4.

still... YAAY! for megaman 9.



Link79 said:

I think my shorts just exploded. Yay Woo hoo! This is definetely a great time to be a Mega man fan. I never thought I'd see another classic series game. I think it's funny that all those PS3 and XBOX 360 owners have to wait longer. They shouldn't be getting it at all. It would serve them right for putting down the less powerful Wii all the time. Mega man started on Nintendo and that's were he should have stayed. If you own a Wii you better be buying this game. I know where you live.



tantrumario said:

wow after reading proto man is being released at oct.6, i got a little depressed. O well, more time to beat the game with mega man. O and IGN already reviewed this game. THEY ONLY GAVE AN 8. A BUILDING GETS BURNT!!! I just had to say that



Digiki said:

Proto Man sounds cool, but the bad thing is if I download him it'll leave me with only 400 (I'm pretty sure I have 1600 ATM...)



worrybomb said:

MM9 would be one of the few games in the present where I would purchase no matter what even if it had awful ratings. It's great to hear that IGN gave it a great review. And to those that are complaining "omg it's not a 9 or 10" or "bleh 10 bucks for a NES game", keep in mind that Mega Man 4, 5, and 6 came out for a retail price of $50 and it looks they fail in comparison to MM9 (okay I apologize for being too harsh on MM4). Plus it has DLC , rankings, and such.

Buy this game and show Capcom and other developers/publishers that there is an audience for new "retro" games. =)



Ark said:

This'll give the game more replay value. Replay with Proto Man for a different flavor.

Too bad the game is still only getting a seven though.



zeeroid said:

OMG, wanna play this naow

but going to wait and see how things go for the PS3 version before plopping my money here.



Digiki said:

I loved 5 and 6 but I'm biased as those were the ones I owned as a child.



Mario64DStyle said:

TBH, I havn't played any of the megamans other than 1... I just bought the collectors thing for $10 with all 1-like 7 ish i think.. I can't remember.. and havn't gotten a chance to play them.. But after playing 1.. I can't wait for 9..

And @Mr. Cheez
Haha, I'll keep it then =P



Drizzt said:

Awesome! I agree with Mr. chippy. Next week after should be Bomberman Blast and I'm more than satisfied.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Corbie-san:"And I like the new avatar MarkyVigoroth."

Thank you for the compliment, the one who put up the video for putting up the video, and to Strong Bad/the real-world people asscoiated with the game for designing the flag!

(Hehe... I kinda liked all your avatars, and you liked mine? Thre has to be something here...)

P.S. Now you made me speculate on the reasoning behind the price, worrybomb-san. I bet it is due the extra features/deliberate glitches, the fact that they are not porting an old game but rather making a new one, the effort on people reverting to their low-technical activities (though sprites like that ARE easier to make, hai?), and the downloadable content support. There may be more...

Hnn... now I am hoping for a sequel of Rockman 9 due to someone's comment on Rockman 10 better having a perfect score...



Rawk_Hawk said:

I am blown away!!! This is awesome with DLC. I will be getting this and I will be in so much debt because of Nintendo



Mario64DStyle said:

"Hnn... now I am hoping for a sequel of Rockman 9 due to someone's comment on Rockman 10 better having a perfect score..."

Haha, My bad, that was me =p
I was kidding about Megaman 9 getting a score of 9, and Megaman 10 getting a 10..



Wesker said:

'As if this good news weren't enough'

It should be 'As if this good news wasn't enough'

Get it right please!



Clayfrd said:

No! I only have 1000 points! I guess I'll have to buy another card to get Proto Man. I will get him, though.



Steviis_Father said:

But, isn't the game also coming out to PSN and XBLA on the same day? I've heard that it's a worldwide release set for all three download services... am I wrong?



Kenji510 said:

Alright!! Cant wait for monday to download and play this game!! Wooooo!!

People are gonna be very happy on monday that we gettin this game!.. gonna need to buy some wii points right now to stack up.



ttplayer92 said:

I never played a megaman game (except for a pc version from a bunch of roms that I like played for 10 seconds)

On a unrelated note, why the hell isnt there a link to VC Reviews on this site? Seriously, once I come on here I become trap here. Can you guys please just add a link to VC reviews Like what VC Reviews has done for you? I dont want to have two bloody windows open at once.



MarkyVigoroth said:

"Haha, My bad, that was me =p
I was kidding about Megaman 9 getting a score of 9, and Megaman 10 getting a 10.."
No bother, yet I still wish that that would happen (even though I would really like it if both got 10s...).

"So is it 1000 points?"

"Mega Man 9... hmmmmmm... meh [gets stabbed]"
/gets in front of WindofFire/
/to the stabbers/ YOU DARE TO ATTACK WINDONFIRE BECAUSE HE IS NOT INTERESTED IN ROCKMAN 9? You should know that you are fighting against a SNAKE with a SWORD here, so you are in trouble! Do not make me change my avatar into a Persona, people!



ChocoDK said:

Hmm thats cool that its getting released on Wiiware first and the DLC is nice. However, I got only 100 points on my Wii left right now so it sucks I would be once again 100 points short. That leaves me to the problem of which system to get it for. XBL has the achievements but the D-Pad is crappy so the heck with it. The PS3 has a nice D-Pad but I get charged tax on purchases but its an exact purchase amount. However, it comes out a few days later. The Wii I wouldn't need to pay tax for but be 100 points short of the DLC. Ah well I will see which system I buy it for.

I am on my PS3 more then my Wii though so that might be a factor but I shall just see. Either way I am glad that WiiWare gets the game first before any other system.



Dazza said:

@ttplayer92 - We want to trap you here! hehe

If you can't be bothered to bookmark VC Reviews, then I suppose you could use the link in the footer below



Vortex99 said:

This better come out in Europe on Friday along with Strong Bad, or i'll eat my Wii Remote!!!



Corbs said:

@ wiiware4trolls - I goofed. I originally had that paragraph at the bottom and it said "as if these two tidbits of good news weren't enough" and then I changed it to only talk about the release of the game and changed "these" to "this" and forgot to change "weren't" to "wasn't" before I published it.

That's what happens when I start cutting and pasting stuff around instead of just typing it out. Thank God you caught it when you did!



Wiiloveit said:

@Vortex99: I know how you feel, but I wouldn't go that far - you don't want indigestion to make the whole situation worse now, do you?



Bensei said:

I don't see the point why they haven't included Protoman into the game but ask 200 Points for it. I hope he's more than just another costume with other strengths, and I hope that the Roll costume doesn't cost 200 Points too...



CanisWolfred said:

Cool, it's a good thing I decided to save my Wii point card! Now all I need to figure out is whether to get that Groovin' Blocks or a VC game along with it.

Also, any clue on how much the DLC will cost? EDIT: Oh wait, 200 points, and it's Protoman! Yes, I can't wait! And there are adapters in this game, this just keeps on getting better!

EDIT again: I don't have VC-reviews bookmarked either, I just use the link on the bottom.

@Stevii's Father

Since XBLA updates on Wednesday, and PSN updates on Thursday, Wiiware will be getting MM9 first.

As for MM5 and MM6, I thought both of those games were great, especially 6.



Mayhem said:

Indeed... I already knew what I was doing when getting home from work on Monday



DaVeMaN99 said:

Sweet, i gotta pick up a points card. Mario RPG and Mega Man 9 .
Btw for people that live in canada, it would be a smart idea to get it for wii, not 360. Dont know about ps3.
For one, 2000 points card for wii cost $20 here.
And 1400 points card for Xbox cost $20.
Megaman would cost 1000 wii points
And 800 x box points. So wii version costs $10, and xbox version cost $13 (i think)
Unless you want those achievements, i suggest wii version. And besides it comes out this monday for wii

Edit: Actually i think instead of mario rpg, il get mega man 1 and 2, just to have all of them



mailanbr said:

FINALLY, all these painfully long weeks. I am ready. Got my 1000 points ready, and right when I come back from school that day, screw homework, I am going straight to Megaman 9!



Kriqz said:

I hope MM9, BMB and ACR sell well in Wii-Ware. It would be nice to see some more higher profile games come out for this service, (along with the smaller indy releases of course.) Maybe other developers will follow Hudson's suit.



Wiiloveit said:

@mickeymac (81): same here - does anyone check out Nintendo-Life any more though? Over there it's all quite... empty.

@mailanbr: I just realised you don't get games at midnight in the US. You could always skip school (Note to lawpeoples: I don't recommend skipping school), or you could hide your Wii and TV in your school book during lessons and play it ASAP that way. Or you could blow up your school to get the day off anyway, and then blame it on a bad influence from Bomberman.
OK, I'm fresh out of ideas. NO, WAIT - you could forget homework and play the game straight after school. Yeah, that'd work



DaVeMaN99 said:

@mickeymac: Yeah i know, i dont know why they only come in 1400 points. Aww well. Anywho the game is amazing, and im going to pick up points card after school on monday. I still dont know about mario rpg or megaman 1 and 2...



Mike1 said:

Finally, I've waited so long for this to come out. Nintendo better not be giving us some other piece of crap instead at the last minute. Plus, we get it before PS3 and 360!



tantrumario said:

@mailanbr: couldn't have said it better myself. Screw Geometry and all my other homework for that day. I'll copy it from people at school.



Loooca said:

But I still lack the space! And my Internet connection is screwed * wails *! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S FINALLY HERE. Woah, okay, must delete to make some sufficient space. Any idea on how many blocks it's going to take? Doesn't matter, I'm launching everything on yet another DS card.



pikmin95 said:

I can't decide between this and Helix. They both sound great, but is this really worth 1200 points for everything included?



BXG said:

yay! im so glad i will be able to play as Proto Man (my favorite character in the mega man series). and luckily, i bought super mario rpg so i still have 200 points left which i will get proto man in october. cant wait till monday



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

Thanks, I appreciate it. I figured( hoped) that he was the "new Bass" of sorts, but he'll do just fine as a boss.



Cally said:

^You know, for all the ways they said they'd make MM9 so "traditional" that's pretty much the most un-traditional thing they could have done. Not that I'm complaining--they should have made them all women! Why not?

Actually, if it turns out that you can download this to a PSP from a PS3, I'll be all over the PS3 version. Plus, I'm tired of swapping stuff from the dinky Wii storage to the the SD card and back anyway. (But at least I discovered how to use an SD card unlike a lot of people who are always wondering whatever they'll do once they fill up their channels/flash drive)

I know this is kind of the wrong place to ask, but does anyone know if the PS3 version can be transferred to the PSP?



RadioShadow said:

"laughs at his brothers Xbox 360"

Can't wait until tomorrow! I would happily pay an extra 200 Wii Points for Protoman.



Mr_chippy said:

get one wiipoints card and get both and then wait until you get some extra wiipoints then get proto man because helix is by far the best wiiware game i have now



pikmin95 said:

Ya, problem is that I only have 1800 points left. I had 300 points the other day and decided to get a 2000 points card. Then I downloaded Mega Man 2, and I'm left with 1800. Thanks anyways. =]



Wiiloveit said:

@Corbie: I missed her; does she have boobs?
@pikmin95: get Megaman 9. Problem solved.

Oh, and does anyone know who gets it first in the EU, I want to laugh at my 360-owning friend (though he won't care because he'd be more bothered about playing through another freakin FPS)



Dazza said:

XBLA releases are worldwide usually. I would imagine that EU 360 owners will be playing Mega Man 9 this Wednesday



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Hm. Will I buy Protoman? Not for starters anyway. I hope for new levels, that would be a great way to spend money!

Wait! "His charge shot is interrupted when he takes a hit" Wasn´t the deal NO CHARGE SHOTS for this game?



MarkyVigoroth said:

That Guy from Faxanadu: "Wait! 'His charge shot is interrupted when he takes a hit' Wasn´t the deal NO CHARGE SHOTS for this game?"
I bet that if you exclude downloadable content, Rockman 9 would have no charge shots.



Wiiloveit said:

Dayum - it sounds like it's going all FFCCMLAAK/Space Invaders on us (yes, I know it's not that extreme. Yet.)

@Dazza: Dammit. Ah well... I suppose Wii owners will be left waiting in Europe then (for once...)

Looking forward to your review - can we expect it tomorrow since ign said it didn't take that long to beat anyway, or have you got an early review copy already?



RadioShadow said:

Well Xbox 360 Users won't be playing this until next Wednesday (1st October) according to Capcom.



NESgamer said:

That's great, in a couple of hours we will have this game (i'm assuming until the morning), i will get this on the afternoon after i get home, i have waited for so long for this game, i'm sure it won't disappoint me.



Kenji510 said:

Man cant wait!!.. tomorrow is the day when it hits after 9am in the wii shop channel updates and first things first to grab me the MegaMan 9 and then prolly Plattchen too!!



Wiiloveit said:

6 hours to go. Man, even I'm excited - and I'm not gonna get it until Thursday night (I'm off to see a production down in Hull on Thursday night as part of Drama coursework and get back at midnight - perfect timing!!)

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