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Major League Eating Coming to Japan, With New Characters

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Did anybody really expect Major League Eating: The Game to be released outside of the US? We certainly didn't, but apparently the game is heading to Japan next month!

The game is set to be released in the land of the rising sun on October 14th. It comes with a change specifically for Japan: The characters representing Rich LeFevre and Juliet Lee will be replaced in favour of the Japanese Noboyuki "The Giant" Shirota and Hatsuyo "The Witch" Sugawara. Aside from this, the game looks exactly the same.

Still no word on when (Or if!) the game is being released in Europe!

Source: Famitsu

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LAA said:

Shame that it might not be coming to europe, but I'm not really that bothered really.

I hope strongbad 2 and megaman 9 get released here tomorrow as well.



danik said:

Id still quite fancy getting this if it was released in europe, kinda forgot about it since its release in the us.



Bass_X0 said:

Megaman 9 had better come out tonight because if it doesn't...

*shakes fist*



Twilight_Crow said:

MLE is not a bad game, some japanese are gonna be happy, but I don't think it will come to Europe. Btw good luck getting MM9 tonight.



Gitaroo_Dude said:

Bought this on an impulse back when it came out in July because it reminded me of Clay Fighter (Don't judge!).

Decent title, just too bad that no one played it online after the first week, and the leaderboards don't seem to work.



Ian_Daemon said:

Clay Fighter wasn't necessarily a bad game... not a stellar one, but not horrible. Major League Eating for WiiWare looks very similar to the "Bite Night" mini-game in the The Simpsons game on the Wii. (And "Bite Night" was very dumb.)



Gitaroo_Dude said:

Yeah, just used to seeing Clay Fighter get terrible reviews. Wasn't a good game by any means, but my adolescent self enjoyed it enough, haha.

Oh, just wanted to thank the admins for the avatar.

Very cool!



mailanbr said:

Wow, this game coming to Japan? This game just totally blew past me head, and just gave no attention to me. I just thought, why bother eating fast in a video game while you can do it IRL?



Mario64DStyle said:

Hey, better to act like you're eatting, instead of actually doing it =P
And then you can burn off that fat you never gained by playing Helix and Wiifit haha



blackknight77 said:

Will Proto man be a new character in this game.. er.. wait. thats Mega Man 9 not this junk

@ Gitroo_ Dude
Don't let the naysayers put down clayfighter. Thats a cool game



mailanbr said:

SPOGS, IMO sucked. But man, this game just got me hungry.

@Mario64DStyle- Dont have either game, I could always buy Helix for no problem, but what is the point in losing weight, you just regain it back later.



Objection said:

Interesting that they changed some of the characters. What say you, Europe? Are you interested in this title?



AVahne said:

its cool that they added new characters,but will this game even sell?



AVahne said:

its cool that they added new characters,but will this game even sell?

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