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Fun! Fun! Minigolf - Screenshots And Info

Posted by Darren Calvert

Shin'en Multimedia, developers of acclaimed titles such as Nanostray 1&2 on the DS have provided WiiWare World with 9 screenshots of their upcoming WiiWare game Fun! Fun! Minigolf.

It’s all looking pretty snazzy we have to say, this is on our watch-with-interest list. See below the fold for the screenshots.

Here’s more info about the game:

  • 1-4 Players.
  • Fun! Fun! features Golf courses in America, Europe and Asia.
  • There are 27 different holes to play.
  • We expect to release the game very soon on Wii Ware.
  • We will announce the release date in the next weeks.
  • It will be released in Europe and the US
  • The game runs fully at 60fps (NTSC) or 50fps (PAL).
  • The game does support 16:9 and 4:3 TV screens.
  • Some graphical specs. Fun! Fun! features:
    -HDR Lightning
    -Image Based Lightning
    -Soft Shadows
    -Normal Mapping
    -Environment Mapping
    -Bump Mapping

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User Comments (32)



Falk_Sturmfels said:

A good looking game, really, no discussion about that.
So it comes to the main point, the one-and-only-point, the big question, which is asked on every sport game:
Whats about the controls? Does it feel like the Wii Sports Golf?



Ricardo91 said:

Damn! just missed first comment!

Hey, this game looks really nice! Now If it has decent controls, we'll be in business. I hope they're as good as wii sports golf!



siavm said:

This game looks pretty good. Better than some upcoming minigolf retail games. And it sounds like it has more features than those titles too. If it controls well I may just download it.



cyrus_zuo said:

Visually good-looking for sure, and if it is $10, it's no more than going mini-golfing, so big pluses there. In addition to the controls question, I wonder about the approach.
I would have liked to see more exciting holes. The holes don't look very imaginative and the obstacles are all realistic, but if I was golfing that course in real life I'd look at it and call it boring.
Still, looking forward to the reviews .



WiiBoy said:

Shin'en is a great company and I am sure they are currently also working on an Iridion/Nanostray for Wii(Ware?). I am not a fan of standard MiniGolf but the graphics are fantastic and if there are some really crazy tracks too, I will give it a buy for sure!



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Looks like it has potential. Good visuals except for the weird characters. If the motion controls are tight, it could be a good purchase. Look forward to seeing some reviews!



Yasume said:

I like MiniGolf so I'm probably going to buy this when I have money (sigh).



Terra said:

MiniGolf is all good for me and as it sounds and definetly looks quite good, i may buy it.



NikeXTC said:

It seems a neat idea... I just hope the holes will be quite complex and that it won't cost much (7-800 Wii Points at most)



danik said:

looks pretty good doubt i will get i though as i will be purchasing tiger woods 09 when i get some money



blackknight77 said:

I love Mini Golf. I wonder if has Mii Support? Pretty game

This game better be Fun! Fun! like the title suggests:)



Wiiloveit said:

Cool, it was only the other day I was wondering when more info would turn up. It does look good, and the vast number of courses makes up for the lack of mini golf depth. It's looking good, but what about the multiplayer options? Will it be turn based, co-op or mini games?



Draygone said:

Whoa, a mini-golf game on WiiWare? I'm so there.

So long as the courses get more interesting than the two I saw in the screenshot. Also a tad disappointed that those characters aren't Miis. But hey, as long as the game's fun.



calculon said:

Looks good. As long as the price is right and the controls work, it might be worth the purchase.
Hopefully the other courses are a little more inventive.



Dazza said:

@WiiBoy - I have a lot of respect for Shin'en myself having really enjoyed Nanostray 1&2 on the DS. As such I have high hopes for this even though it is a much different genre.

For the record when we spoke to Shin'en they confirmed to me that currently they have no plans to bring Nanostray to WiiWare (yet!), however they are working on another WiiWare title. Hopefully we will hear more soon!



Terra said:

Did they say if they have plans to release Nanostray 2 in Europe yet? If not, I'll just import it but it would be nice to know.



Peznaze said:

Yeah, Mii Support and more importantly the controls being close to 1:1 will make or break this one.



Ark said:

I'd rather play Mario Golf(64)when it comes to the VC because it has Mario tacked onto it, but I'm willing to give this a chance as well.



mrchillz said:

mario golf 64 was one of my favorite games on the 64. I pray to my mario shrine everynight that it comes to the VC, Mario Tennis was another great game (I know that was on gamecube but was it also on 64?).



RadioShadow said:

"The game runs fully at 60fps (NTSC) or 50fps (PAL)"

What about PAL 60? Thank god my Wii is set to run VC and WiiWare games in NTSC mode.

Let's just hope the game turns out to be 'fun'.



CanisWolfred said:

I personally prefer regular golf over Mini-golf since Mini-golf has too many weird courses, and is too focused on putting( I suck at putting), but since it's a video game, I can at least drop all the f-bombs I want when ever my ball goes over a hole without having to worry about kids being around.


I too have a fondness for Shin'en due to their Nanostray titles. The first one is my favorite, since it had a decent amount of challenge without being completely unenjoyable to neophytes of the genre( such as me). Then again, I've only just got Nanostray 2, and haven't really had a chance to get into it, though so far it does seem quite promising.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Nice graphics, pity the characterdesign is pretty bad. This game is a little interesting at least, if it plays well (and I have space left) I might get it.



Atlantis1982 said:

The characters are the offspring of We Love Golf characters and Gameloft 'Midnight' game series characters. @_@



Stratos said:

With that many courses and that nice of graphics, how big will this game be? 315 like SBCG4AP?
Oh please give us a storage solution soon Nintendo.



Kirk said:

Well it does looks pretty good for a Wii Ware game and even for a general Wii game but the fact that it has a bit of a cartoony look, as opposed to being realistic, makes it hard to tell just how advanced the graphics really are. It still looks pretty nice though, so all that really matters now is how well it controls because if it controls as well as and better than Tiger Woods 09, especially for putting, then it really could be a winner.

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