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First Impressions: Space Invaders Get Even

Posted by Robert Bazin

Players across the globe have been shooting aliens in the Space Invaders series for 30 years now but Taito has decided to put the shoe on the other foot this time as Space Invaders Get Even puts you in control of the Alien UFO, and your goal is to crush mankind once and for all!

Now that this game is out on the Japanese WiiWare service we took it upon ourselves to give you the inside scoop - is this epic tale of mankind's destruction something you might want to put on your wish list or not?

Controlling the action is pretty straightforward. The Wii remote and Nunchuk are used to control the UFO with the analogue stick moving the ship around, and the Wii Remote controlling an on-screen pointer to direct the alien attack. The B-button cycles through five different attack formations. These include a standard attack, a screw attack, a bomb formation and more. The A-button is used to fire your chosen formation. You are given a maximum of 100 invaders to use in these attacks, but because each formation uses a different amount of invaders, and each one requires different reload times, choosing the correct one for the job is vital.

Unfortunately for you and your alien buddies, those pesky humans won’t sit back and watch while you wreak havoc on the landscape. They will do everything they can to blast your little spaceship out of the sky. Tanks, planes, helicopters, battleships and gun turrets are everywhere and each have their own firing patterns to weave through. If you get hit by these projectiles you could lose precious invaders which will leave you with less attacking and defensive power. However, if you find yourself bombarded with bullets and low on invaders, all is not lost. Shaking the Wii Remote will bring reserve invaders out of your ship and bring you back to full strength, but these reinforcements come at a price - using this feature has a negative impact on your score.

Each stage in ‘Get Even’ is split into three areas. At the start of the first two areas you are given a specific task to complete, whether it’s destroying certain structures or picking up a set amount of cows using your tractor beam. The tasks are nice and varied and provide a new challenge for each area so the game always feels fresh to play. The third area is boss level featuring large mechanical vehicles to take down.

Time is an important aspect of ‘Get even’ because all the areas in the game give you a time limit to complete the task at hand. This doesn’t mean you need to rush through the levels though, because every building or enemy you destroy will give you a time bonus and every hit you take reduces your time. With this system, an area can last up to four times its initial limit or it could be game over in 30 seconds; it all depends on how good you are. If you’re playing for a high score, the ultimate goal is to destroy everything in sight and level the whole landscape, but getting to this stage of proficiency obviously requires you to put in some serious practice.

Rather annoyingly the game is sold in four parts: there's a 500-point starter pack and three 500-point stage packs. The starter pack only contains one stage so unless you repeat this stage over and over for high scores, it will be a very short-lived experience. The stage packs are downloaded through the in-game shop and provide better value for money as they contain two stages each providing a further 6 areas to play through. Buying the whole lot for 2000 points will give you a fairly large game which could have been a full price retail release. Why this unorthodox distribution method has been chosen we're not quite sure, and it's a fair bet that many people will come away from the game feeling very short-changed but at least it allows you to sample what the game has to offer for a mere 500 points. If you like what you see then you can collect the other segments over a period of time. When the game is released in the West there's every chance this will change and the game may be sold 'complete' for something like 1500-2000 points. We shall see.

After taking a short period to get used to the controls, Space invaders Get Even proved to be a very fun and addictive game. We played the starter pack and stage pack A for this preview, so to find out how the later levels hold-up - and for the official, full-bodied WiiWare World verdict - check out the full review when the invaders launch their attack on the rest of the world.

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Ricardo91 said:

Wow, this article came fast.


Anyway, It's good to hear that the individual levels are worth the cash, so I guess I'll keep looking out for this one.




Ricardo91 said:

@Corbie. Rats...Curse my slow typing...

But one of these days, first comment will be MINE! HAHA!

<Raises fist triumphantly>



AlexSays said:

Rather annoyingly the game is sold in four parts

@ Mr. Cheez- He continuously clicks the refresh button in hopes of being the first comment.



Stratos said:

Nice to see its fun, but after the points I dumped into My Life as a King I'm going to be very hesitant to do that again; both in buying add-on stuff and also high point games.
Though I am open to getting the starter and pack A as Robert did. Though it strikingly reminds me of a CCG like Magic or Star Wars or the board game Settlers of Catan with the 'Starter Kit/Game' and 'booster/expansion packs".



Corbs said:

@ x.SuperMario.x - Actually when I put up the news item on World of Goo I saw that the Space Invaders impressions were soon to be published. Sort of an "inside" job, so-to-speak.



AlexSays said:

@ Corbie- Well I guess that, and the immediate popularity, makes up for the negative salary thing.

I really can't see myself downloading this game though.
2000 points for the full experience is a little too much. At least Final Fantasy had the ENTIRE game up front, and allowed you to download extras.
I got 10-12 hours out of Final Fantasy before I even touched the DLC.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

"When the game is released in the West there's every chance this will change and the game may be sold 'complete' for something like 1500-2000 points. We shall see." Doubt it. Have you seen the top 20 chart for the US? Mainly cheap games are topping it and Space Invaders Get Even is cheap at 500 points. And people won't know what hit them when they later find out it's sold in parts....but too bad for them, as they already bought the first part! It's a great plan, really.



danik said:

I'll probalay try out the first part for 500 see how it is but not sure i can warrant spending 2000 points for the whole lot. Looks like a good game, just wished they had sold as one maybe at 1,000 or 1,500.



Dazza said:

Great first impressions Robbo, you are getting pretty good at this!

Whilst the game does sound right up my street, I am not that happy with the pricing structure. I would rather just have the whole game for say 1500 Wii points.

I wonder if splitting it up is a sneaky way of getting past the 40mb download limit on WiiWare. Robbo can you confirm how much block space the main game and stage pack A take up if you get a moment?



darkmagi_82 said:

It's good to hear from this game again, I've been looking forward to it despite its horrible price.



Robbo said:

@ Dazza - The starter pack is 301 blocks and the stage packs are about 120 blocks each.



Draygone said:

Yup, then it's definately a case of "we wanted to release a retail-size game on WiiWare but there were memory restrictions so we split into parts to fix it". So how long does it take to play through the starter pack?



Atlantis1982 said:

Think of it this way, everyone wants a demo and you got a demo version ala Starter Pack. Plus I wouldn't even considered it a 'tech demo' as DarkAkatosh mentioned earlier.



Mario64DStyle said:

This game never has, and still hasn't caught my attention...
I'm not sure what it is exactly.. but it looks like it would be kind of boring to me...
Alwell.. I'll just wait for MM9, Gravitronix, Bomberman, and what ever else comes along..



Abodi said:

ouch and that is gonna take up a massive amount of space.
but at least that explains the pricing the why it's split into packs. sounds like it was a work around and not something they wanted to do, can't argue with that until nintendo release the storage solution.



AlexSays said:

So 2000 points, and around 650 blocks.
Which is $20, and about a third of the Wii's total memory.

Survey says......... ERH!



Abodi said:

you americans always cry about pricing of video games, try live elsewhere. here in australia, even though our dollor is almost 1:1 with yours, we still pay $15 for 1000 points.

and once nintendos phantom storage solution is released then (hopefully) 650 block will be small biskits.



AlexSays said:

you americans always cry about pricing of video games

Nice way of generalizing all Americans.
Oh, and if you could read... crosses fingers...
Americans aren't the only ones complaining about the price.

Oh, and Britain has higher gas prices.
So do I have to keep my mouth shut even while I'm paying $4 a gallon?
Nope, crawl back into your hole down under, and try again.



darkmagi_82 said:

x.SuperMario.x, I always get a kick out of watching you slam what people have said back in their faces. You take no prisoners.



Abodi said:

Don't need to try again, my comment stands.

when you say 2000 points is high compared to all other wiiware games out atm, then yeah cool, but when you're like oh noes $20, when other places such as australia will pay $30, then people should really just open their eyes and see how good they have it sometimes.



Super_Sonic said:

If this is 1,500-2,000 Wii Point then I defindently except Wi-Fi play. Otherwise this is a waste of my time.



CanisWolfred said:

Wow, sounds like it's shaping up pretty well, I can't wait until arrive in NA. I don't mind the price, since chances are the starter pack will last me at least a week, since I love playing for highscores, especially if there are time limits involved!



AlexSays said:

Don't need to try again, my comment stands.

No it doesn't.
It makes absolutely no sense.
Actually, it makes negative sense.

Here's your logic.
I've been working all day, studying all night, and haven't gotten a chance to eat in like 36 hours.
But can I complain? No, because someone somewhere else hasn't eaten in 37 hours.

Ridiculous, right? Yeahp, it sure is.
Oh, and here's another thing.

You're basically asking Americans, Europeans, and any other non-Australian person to say..
"Well sure it might be expensive. But good golly, I sure can't say anything. After all, Australians have it worse than we do!"

Besides, if living in Australia had absolutely no benefits, nobody would be living there. So take your pity party somewhere else. If Americans knew/cared enough about Australia, I'm sure we'd find something Australians shouldn't be complaining about.



mailanbr said:

Wow, this is surprising. Only 500 Wii Points for this? This game really doesnt seem to stay with the Space Invaders theme, but I have been a fan of it and will probably get it just for 5 dollars. Probably gonna be playing Space Invaders Extreme more though.



mailanbr said:

To feed who? GAWD, just 5 flippin dollars is all I am saying. If is what you are saying that I could be spending my 5 dollars on donations or something, you got me wrong. I do a hell lot of stuff to help with the community. Dont know who your talking to, but it seems like me, and you got me completely wrong.



mailanbr said:

@ x. SuperMario.x
Ya, I joined this site yesterday. I'm not making a good first impression am I?



AlexSays said:

No, it's okay, everyone's welcome!
But see in my post, comment #31, how I italicized the first sentence?
That's because I quoted someone, in comment #25.

So although it seemed like I was responding to you, I was actually responding to the sentence someone else had typed.




mailanbr said:

Ya, I get it now. Sorry for the whole misunderstanding here. I see exactly what you are saying now, and I agree with you on that.



Mario64DStyle said:

@at arguement about American's complaining about pricing-

Ummm? what?
Since when is it a problem to worry about how much we spend?
Didn't people always used to get mad that we wasted to much and threw money away? Now we get yelled at for wanting to save it?



AlexSays said:

@ Abodi- Take a lookie here.

People in parts of Europe and South America pay more than Australians for their Wii points.
So guess what?
You people "down under" aren't allowed to complain either.




yoshifu94 said:

their better be wifi multiplayer and just look at the graphics their really good but the only way i`ll bye it is if nintendo solves the storage problem and its wifi online otherwise a pass for me



mailanbr said:

Put the channel on the SD card. The channel is the thing that takes up the most memory. Also, if you have downloaded a game once, and then deleted it, you can re-download it for free. Nintendo actually made a smart move on this. Dont worry, this isnt rumor it is true. I tried it on Metroid, because I finnaly beat that hell of a game, and I tried it out. Result: SUCCESS! So just get an SD card and your good!



AlexSays said:

their better be wifi multiplayer

You say this for EVERY game.
And yet you still can't spell "there" correctly..



Mario64DStyle said:

He might as well just wait for this "storage problem solution" instead of wasting money on an SD card... depending how long it will take to come out



mailanbr said:

Wait, Nintendo is making a 'storage solution'? Since when was this news? I have never heard of this LOL. If you would go out of your way, could you show me something proving your point here. Many people also have SD cards from cameras and such too, so I was just throwing it out there.



Super_Sonic said:

So x. Supermario .x? Unless this is a 1 player game and because of the high price I expect VERY HIGH standards for the price were going to have to get. Also I never have friend who would play Wiiware games with me. (Except for my next door neighibor.) So that why I ask for non-mutiplayer games. Maybe that explain why I want online play (Except for small companies and 1-player games.) for every single game!
Bplus can't provide online feature for Plattchen but I respect that because even though I'm not buying it it is a small company.
But Tatio is famous because of Space Invader: Get Even and if they don't add it they fail to impress me.



AlexSays said:

It's okay, I don't have anyone to play with either.

It gets kind of predictable though when you post the same thing under every article. Which is usually always "I'll buy if it has online".

But with all this online-love, you probably can't wait for Bomberman or Tetris, can you?



Ricardo91 said:

So the entire game takes up a whole points card's worth of points AND takes up a total of 661 blocks? Well then, forget what I said about this game being a good value. It is a ripoff after all.

These points are going to Gravitronix now!

Edit: @Milanbr. Welcome aboard.



Mario64DStyle said:

@Mr. Cheez
Wooot, Gravitronix =D
Can't wait for that.. even though I have noooo idea what its going to be about..



CanisWolfred said:

$20 is expensive for a Wiiware game. Technically this is a retail game, which usually cost $50. I'd say this is a pretty good deal.



andy836 said:

i suggest if you dont want to waste $20 on this game then get either Zak and Wiki , Blastworks, or geometry wars galaxies. Each one is worth $20.



Big_Sexy said:

@Super Sonic:

I don't know about that. Taito recently merged with Square-Enix because they were having financial issues and couldn't stay afloat. Considering how little Squeenix cares about games that aren't Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, I'd say that Taito is a small company. Honestly, I had no idea there was a Space Invaders Extreme until I looked for it. I'm sure Squeenix could have put some effort into advertising some of its games, though we all can see that some clearly don't need help. (Cooking Mama, anyone? published by Majesco, sure, but my point is still valid)

Even still, I wouldn't give them any special allowances. Video games have only one requirement in my mind - fun. If I have fun, then it was worth the money.



Objection said:

Looks like Taito was simply loopholing the size limit. 650...ouch. I have an SD, but that would take a while to transfer.



Wiiloveit said:

Mailanbr: Welcome, and just so you, x.SuperMario.x and others don't get confused at who comments are aimed at, try to state so in posts, and rather than commenting on something in two seperate comments, just edit them both together.

As for the game: sneaky pricing/memory technique, but I'm not sure if it'll be my cup of tea yet, so I'll just wait for the full review.



xSJx said:


All three of those games are amazing. I think that the godfather: blackhand edition and no more heroes are two other discounted games that everyone should at least try. Good reccomendations

PS: Hi everyone! The lurker finally posts lol



Stratos said:

The 650 block total is interesting. I wonder if Nintendo is recommending developers do this to work around the storage issue until their 'superior storage solution' arrives.
Also the size gives me hope for the quality and quantity of long as their programmers aren't just terrible at compression and coding.



zomgbear said:

Is this game with english instructions?
I have both us & japanese wii so I can play some games in advance but I always worry that the game won't be self explanatory.

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