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EU WiiWare Update: Plättchen, Bomberman Blast, and Midnight Pool!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It seems that European gamers have hit the jackpot today with an unprecedented three WiiWare releases. Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint, Bomberman Blast, and Midnight Pool have all been added to the European WiiWare service for you to enjoy!

Midnight Pool (800 Wii Points) has already seen a release in the US, but European gamers are the first to get a taste of Bomberman Blast (1000 Wii Points) and Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint (1500 Wii Points.) It's been tough to get a read on the game play in Plättchen, so we're not sure what to expect with it, but we're certainly no strangers to multiplayer Bomberman goodness.

You can check out the full review of Midnight Pool that's already available, and we'll have reviews for Bomberman Blast and Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint within the next day or two. And don't forget to check our interview #1 and interview #2 we conducted with Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint developer BPlus.

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Jazzem said:

I'll be getting a points card this Saturday for Do Re Mi Fantasy on VC and Bomberman. I can't wait!!



andy836 said:

come on nintendo we get 1 a week and they get three...we better get at least two this week. or i'm going to spam them with its not fair emails



WarioFan63 said:

Probable candidates for October! Things are looking up!

...not that they were looking down but now they're up....more!



DarkAkatosh said:

Yay, we can expect a Plattchen review sometime soon. Bomberman...that can hold off for me. Alien Crush please.



Phantom5800 said:


I want my Bombermanszzzzzzz! at least it won't be much longer for Megaman 9 and we'll probably be seeing Bomberman soon as well.



andy836 said:

we should prepare for them cuz as soon as they see this news they're going to start gloating.



Corbs said:

Well considering the Europeans usually come up on the short end of the stick when it comes to video gaming, I'd say they're due a nice surprise. I am bummed that I don't get to review Bomberman, however.



AlexSays said:

I can't imagine us getting both Plättchen and Bomberman on Monday, so we might have to wait a while for at least one of these titles.

So that gives Europe more time to rub it in.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Why are there cranky non-Europeans complaining about another region getting tons of games? I'll never understand this competitiveness between the regions when it comes to what gets released where and when. We should be happy when good games come out anywhere.



Twilight_Crow said:

Can´t belive it, just when I decided I wanted Plättchen suddenly comes out in Europe, and with bomberman, well, lets hope we´ll get them soon too.
In the brighter side we´re getting the reviews with plenty of time to make a choice.



AlexSays said:

I am bummed that I don't get to review Bomberman, however.
You'd just give it a great review....

europe sux
Congratulations, you're now hated by an entire continent, and seem immature to the rest.

Why are there cranky non-Europeans complaining about another region getting tons of games?
I'd make a wild guess and suggest most of the ones complaining aren't old enough to find Europe on a map.



Corbs said:

@ andy836 - No you did help. Thanks! I just changed them over and left the info blank until one of the European editors gets the block data. I wish they would release it with the press release. It would sure make it easier.



Kenji510 said:

WOW!!.. u guys are hella lucky today and u got like 3 wiiware games too as well... u got one of my favorite games and that is Bomberman Blast and prolly Plättchen too... man, hopefully next week for the US, i hope we get some good wiiware games just like u did and at least like 2 - 3 wiiware games too as well.. i would be downloading Bomberman Blast right now and playin it too.



Danieru_Lynx said:

Who said they were all sleeping?

Sadly though, I'm out of Wii Points, ;_;

Which is a shame, as BOMBERMAN!!! DO WANT NAO!!!



Jonny said:

Downloaded and no ones online to play

Anyways up to 8 players offline after all and you can toggle items on/off. However no one player mode at all and miis are not available from the get go. Says in manual how to get them though.

Anything else people wanna know?



Corbs said:

@ x.SuperMario.x - I thought you of all people would appreciate it.



WiiBoy said:

WOW ... PLÄTTCHEN is right now 18. on the Ranking list in the Shop Channel in Austria while Bomberman and Pool are not visible right now ( >20).
Enjoy the game - and save all the ZeLeLi! =)



Stratos said:

Wow, I hope this is a positive sign of what is to come on Monday in the States. I wonder if the number of completed games being turned in is high enough in volume that Nintendo may have to increase the number released weekly to keep up with the demand.



battledevil789 said:




darkmagi_82 said:

Woah, didn't see that coming. Europe gets Bomberman and Plattchen, while we get stuck with another puzzler. XD



Raptor78 said:


I was lucky enough to find a five man Bomberman Battle which was fun but hard as hell.

You alway know you have gotten a game early on when the top ten leaderboard only goes as far as nine. lol



Kenji510 said:

We already know that were getting Potpourri next week for the wiiware and hopefully we get other good games too for wiiware like bomberman blast and plattchen for example.. thats all i can say and lets pray that hopefully we get these games too!



battledevil789 said:

soo online battles go up to 5 players or is there more also is they any single player?? dang states better get this monday



Objection said:

Wow. Nice update. I'm going to take a brave step and congratulate you on it, since you guys are behind on Wiiware anyway. To other regions, this makes it more likely that we get more than 1 wiiware game as well, so smile!



Raptor78 said:

@Stratos, you get a Friend Code for the game itself rather than using your wii's friend code much like Mario kart wii does. But unlike Mario Kart wii the friend code is valid for all eight of the people you can register to the game which is good. - (edit) no actually you do get one for each profile so its just the same as Mario Kart wii in that respect. I only found out when I tried to go on as one of the other proifiles rather than player online with my girlfriend. When I tried to just go on using her profile even though she had been online with me she didnt have a friend code because she hadnt set the game up.

@battledevil789 Online is up to eight human players four of which can be using the same console. Also there is a single player mode but just battle mode where you can set the rules and A.I. as you want but sadly no story mode.



Naturestee said:

Sweet! Hopefully NA will get both games soon. Until then I'll just have to satisfy myself with reading the upcoming reviews.

I'd really like to know more about Plattchen's game play. I like puzzle games but I want to know more.



Raptor78 said:

It costs 1000 points but the ten stages you can choose from have plenty of options and styles of play. Its a great mutiplayer game both local and online however aside from setting computer ai as your opponents a single player games is virtually non exsistant.
no signs of any lag online although we wont really see any I think until it goes totally worldwide. Good use of mii's and you can set your emotion and a few phrases for your Bomberman which is nice.

overall I think its worth its money but I wouldnt say it is a 10/10 game down to the fact it would get pretty dull if you didnt have any real opponents.

For the points I think its is value for money just down to the decent online alone, but as a game I would rate it 7 out of 10.



Corbs said:

battledevil789 - No, I added the point values in there to make sure everyone would know.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Bomberman AND Plattchen? Man, I can't wait for those to come out over here. Hopefully one of them will somehow come on Monday. (even though we are already supposed to get Potpourrii.)



tantrumario said:

WAHHHAHHHAHH!!!!!! I was waiting for Bomberman Blast for months. And Europe gets it. Lucky Duckys. I hope u guys review it soon. I NEED to know if its perfect.( if u need friend codes for the game, u need like a huge thread for it.)



stedaman said:

I'm here, not sleeping..dw!

Wow what a surprise...This is truely great. No complaints this time. Bet we get rubbish next wiiware day

  • I hope you guys get them Monday....should do really.

But...where to put them? storage solution plz! ^^



mailanbr said:

No way, 3 all at once? Nintendo would never do that over here. Well if they do, SWEET! Hopefully we shall see more updates on if something like this will happen in America. Anyone in Europe get Bomberman yet? If so, tell us how it is!



Abodi said:

Oh My! YES!
What a great day.
i didn't expect bomberman for a few weeks yet.



Kenji510 said:

Yeah that is amazing like how they got MaBoShI wiiware game before japan did too.. i hope we get these games next week on monday 15th for the US!



Abodi said:

Hey guys who have got bomberman ATM, can you confirm you can use a GC controller?



Abodi said:

WOW that is cool and unexpected, thank you for the prompt reply Raptor.



Ricardo91 said:

<ponders about Groovin' blocks, looks at article.>

No friggin' way! And just think that we'll be getting Potpurri next week, and nothing BUT it.

I pray that we get these games in the States within the next 4 weeks! Maybe Nintendo will surprise us (in a good way for once), and we'll see one of these games or Maboshi along with Potpurri.

I hate NOA. T__T



Homer_Simpson said:

Hmmm....I just got Bomberman Blast and I am having a few problems connecting to people on wifi. I can connect to wifi, and then I can briefly find people but they always almost immediately dissapear. Is anyone else having this problem? I have no problem playing online on any other game, and I''m pretty dissapointed because the online was the main reason I downloaded BB.



Abodi said:

Hey homer, give it a chance, if ther are issues, im sure they will be resolved.



Kenji510 said:

Im jealous but im not hatin on EU though, they really got good wiiware games and hopefully we will get some good ones too next week on the 15th of monday in the US... hopefully we get 2 wiiware games this time or 3!!



Virus said:

Gah! My heart! Jealously has ravaged it entirely just like the Wii Shop would have ripped apart my wallet if Bomberman came out for us too. On the bright side, I have time to save up pennies now. A few more weeks and I might have enough money to buy another game. Cheers for the small hopes.



Wesbert said:

For all those crestfallen Americans: View it from a different angle. You might get Strong Bad Episode 2 (or some other great games) next monday, but we'll have to wait a full two weeks for our next WiiWare update.



Dbc said:

Oh My God ..This is the best week ..Damn this is what i was waiting for something good to happen on this eu wiiware
Yep ,gonna buy me a point card as soon as the stores opens...and some bag of weed and start gamin!
i hope usa will have a super monday , maybe they'll get that minigolf too.along with platchen ,etc.



Wesbert said:

I have tried Plättchen, and honestly, I think MaBoShi was better (Great, now all the Americans here will REALLY hate me...)
Seriously though, I think this game won't be for everyone. At it's core, it's a slow, deliberate game that forces you to maximize your score with as few moves as possible. To break up the deliberate pace, however, objects float onto the screen that interfere and can be shot down.
As you can see from these opposing concepts, the makers tried to cram a lot into this game, and I fear it might have been a little too much, because together with the gravity changes it can become a little intimidating and disorienting.
However, to fully do this game justice, one would have to spend more time with it, to get used to the concept and the (unfortunately a little hazily described) intricacies (it might have helped if the main menu was a little more intuitive), so anything less than a full review will, I fear, be of little help.



Abodi said:

Thanks wesbert, that is really strange hey.
i love looking at avatars, looking at yours while reading you above post, gives the feeling that you were truamatised by the game.



LAA said:

OK, I take every thing back about the US being better than us.
We're the 1st people to get more than 2 wiiware after launch of wiiware!
Bomberman Blast + More importantly Plattachen!
Its wereied that WiiBoy (Bplus) said plans about the US (last time I saw him) and it gets released here when he does!
I should definately be getting Plattchen, but for bomberman blast, I'll wait for a review, I'm not that familiar with bomberman, so I'll have to see.
Yeah, Strongbad 2 is definately being released next week!
I could kinda predict more than 2 though, there are a lot of games announced for us in september and we only have 2/3 wiiware days a month.
P.S Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



that_dan_guy said:

It is important to remember that while we get 3 releases today, our wiiware releases come out fortnightly not weekly like they do in North America, with the alternate week having only VC titles.



Atlantis1982 said:


But most of the time, Europe gets around 2 - 3 WiiWare games per bi-weekly. Europe still gets more WiiWare games than NA.



Wesbert said:

@ Abodi

Hmmm... now you mention it, it DOES rather give off that impression...

As for the game, I think the best words to sum up my first impressions would be "enthusiastic first-time effort", with all the positive and negative associations this raises.



Quimby said:

Whats with all the awesome games recently? Do Re Mi, SMRPG, Bomberman, Midnight pool.... Im just pissed that I gave up on finding any worth-while games awhile ago and blew all my spare points on utter crap like cocoto. I had to run out and buy a card after SMRPG came out but I'm now torn on how to spend the remainder.... Do Re Mi, or Pool?



calculon said:

/I checked out the manual for Plattchen and in all honesty, I know how it's meant to play and I can safely say I'll stick to MiniClip for that sort of game.

As for Bomberman - it's awesome. Played my first match against five people and it is intense to say the least. The fact that you can still interfere with the game after you're dead (by firing bombs onto the field) is quite cool too. Looking forward to playing all of the battle fields so I can unlock my Mii.

WiiBoy, I wouldn't expect Bomberman to stay of the top twenty list for too long.



Yasume said:

Oh yes!! I love Europe =D Midnight Pool and Bomberman Blast are must-haves for me and Plättchen seems like a good game too.



calculon said:

@Quimby - I hear ya there buddy! But don't worry, I'm sure WiiWare still have plenty of shovelware to share around.



blackknight77 said:

I think NOA wii ware schedule will go something like this
9/15 -potpourri
9/22- Mega Man 9
9/29- Strong Bad 2

I am thinking these games (BB and Pl) will have to wait till next month. Lets see what NOA thinks.
All I know is I am eagerly waiting these reviews



Yasume said:

My guess for NoA is the following:

9.15 - Potpourri
9.22 - Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free
9.29 - Mega Man 9
10.06 - Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint
10.13 - Bomberman Blast
10.20 - World of Goo
10.27 - Strong Bad Episode 3: ???
11.03 - Space Invaders Get Even
11.10 - Fun! Fun! Mingolf
11.17 - MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade
11.24 - Strong Bad Episode 4: ???
12.01 - Gradius Rebirth
12.08 - Animales de la Muerte
12.15 - Alien Crush Returns
12.22 - Swords & Soldiers
12.29 - Strong Bad Episode 5: ???

But hey, you never know. Surprises as Groovin' Blocks will most likely appear more.



opeter said:

Wow, best week ever here in EU for Wiiware! What a great titles! Cant wait to get home



RadioShadow said:

I was hoping Nintendo would release a VC and WiiWare games at the same time but they've gone back to their old method.

We may have got three games but only Bomberman is the only good one out of the bunch. If you like Bomberman and want online, you can't go wrong.

Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint looks a bit expensive for what it is but I'll wait and see what the review says. Although I'll save my Wii Points.

As for Midnight Pool, I think I'll just stick to playing real Pool. I'm keeping my blocks free for Mega Man 9 or Gradius Remix.

I brought Bare Knuckle 3 yesterday so that will keep me happy until US and EU VC Update.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm a bit concerned about how Bomberman is going to be reviewed before its strongest aspect; online comes into play.

Currently it is too early due to too few opponents (hopefully this will improve when it comes out in other the reigon that gets it last should'nt have as much trouble with opponents).



Bensei said:

Are they serious? Plättchen AND Bomberman? 3 Wiiware Games for the first time? One of them must be a dissappointment...
Btw: Are there already Videos for Plättchen?



danik said:

What an awesome update with 3, possibly going to try out midnight pool and bomberman when i get any points that is. Still hoping for helix sometime soon aswell.



mrchillz said:

Quimby - get midnight pool. one of my favorite wii ware games, if not my favorite. and i download lots of them, my disc reader is busted, so i cant put cds in it, so i can only play VC games. midnight pool is really good.



blackknight77 said:

@ Radio Shadow
I like your taste in fighting games

Lets not forget Madstone is ESRB rated so it should show up on the service soon. I have to admit I thought Europe got 3 games the US did not have. I completely forgot Midnight Pool is already on Wii Ware.



Jonny said:

Just sat down for half an hour on bomberman, not bad at all and theres a really good variety in the stages. About to go take my new mii online to get my ass kicked.



MegaRockman_1990 said:

I was so hoping to play megaman9 today but this games are great to i wont complain. I am just so hyped to play the new megaman game its like waiting for christmas but not knowing which date it is.



Rafii said:

Bomerban Blast looks very interesting. But it's really expensive, too. Is there a online-mode at Bomberman Blast? If yes, I'll maybe buy it!



Jonny said:

8 player online and that is the whole focus of the game, no single player stuff at all unless you take on AI



Abodi said:

i just finished with bomberman for the night, close to 4 hours all up, and that was all local, 3 players, plus some AI. for 1000 points i don't think i will find better money spent.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I downloaded all three last night. I'm sorry but I hate Plattchen. I like puzzlers and shooters but I just can't find any fun in the gameplay. I played it for two hours last night and I still don't understand some things. Perhaps when I get more used to it I'll like it more, but atm, I highly recommend you either play/understand/read a review of it first.

Oh yeah, 100 hours? Yeah, 90 of which are needed to "get" the game. The poorly translated tutorial doesn't make much sense either. Not worth 1500 points.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Where's the BPlus guy Wiiboy? Tell him I want my 1500 points/11 quid (pounds) refunded please.

I'd probably say WWW will give it between 5 and 7, depending on how much the reviewer likes it, of course.



Terra said:

Great Week. I'll be downloading all of the games when i get the points.

I Expected Plattchen soon after the last news article and Midnight Pool was a game we were due soon but Bomberman i did not expect at all. Gret Stuff. Would be better if Europe were getting the retail version but i'll save my annoyance for another time



Outrunner said:

Good update. Already downloaded Bomberman and picked up Ys too. Bomberman is awesome but the other 2 dont really interest me.
Here's hoping America gets these on Monday so I can play my friend from Canada online.



xSJx said:

Wow guys congrats, what an awesome update. Now you guys have three games I want really bad, Plättchen, bomberman, and MaBoShi. Hopefully this means that there will be more weeks with multiple WiiWare releases for all regions .



Digiki said:

Sweet week for you guys! I'm guessing us in NA are going to get a 2 game week or two soon.



Drake said:

@ Mr. Cheez: A lot of people (Including NoA phone line reps) claim that Nintendo of Japan decides the releases for every region.



Terra said:

I would have thought that (Obviously) the Different Nintendo's in each region would decide but what do i know. Nintendo acts in secretive ways



Wiiloveit said:

Any first opinions on Plattchen? I want the game, but I haven't heard a good enough bunch of praise for the game yet.

As for Bomberman, it's already at nine in the charts, whereas the other two are yet to enter - oo-er!



Abodi said:

So far only negative comments for plattchen. not looking good. even those who said it isn't looking good are trying to be positive, but i guess you gotta if you feel you might have wasted 1500 points



Ricardo91 said:

Yeah, all this negative reception has me worried too. But I'll wait for the WWW review before I conclude that Plaatchen is $15 down the toilet.



Wiiloveit said:

Thanks Nero! I guess the video does a fairly good job at explaining what we were all thinking: "WHAT'S GOING ON?!"



Twilight_Crow said:

Yes!, Nero thanks for the video, I've been pleading for one; the game still looks like fun to me, I can't wait for the WWW review, Plättchen looks hard to qualify, give it your best guys.



Wiiloveit said:

Corbie does say above that the review will be up within "the next day or two", so just be patient. If BPlus were right about the game length (300 lvls, 100 hrs) , it will take a while before they've seen evrything the game has to offer anyway.



Objection said:

Well PLATTCHEN is reviewed, and I think even it might convince KnucklesSonic8 not to get it.



Kenji510 said:

yeah the review score they got is 3/10 and i thought it would have a better score as well but still ill get the game cause it looks cool and fun when it comes to the NA.



Twilight_Crow said:

The Plättchen review finally came, 3/10, well for what I heard I was expecting a 5/10, the review made it's work, I understood it prety well, it made me see the game is not for everybody but I liked what I read, so, it is for me, still, the high price and other really good games coming (Bomberman, megaman... ) will delay my purchase, lets see when it comes out in NA.

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