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EU VC Releases: Master System Sonic & Two C64 Classics

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Today's releases include Europe's 250th Virtual Console game! We're not quite sure which of the games Nintendo considers to be the one, but all three of them are absolute classics.

Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System is a remake of the Mega Drive game with the same name. While the basic gameplay remains the same (Collect rings, defeat Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, rescue animals), the layout for every single level is completely different, the boss fights are new, the music is different, and there's even a whole new Zone to go through! While the game, overall, isn't as good as the original, it's still quite a faithful remake and definitely worth checking out if you want more Sonic goodness.

Boulder Dash for the Commodore 64 is perhaps the most classic game of the bunch. As Rockford the prospector, your mission is to dig your way through mines, avoiding boulders, fireflies, slime and other nasty things, while collecting a load of diamonds and finding your way to the exit. The game was surprisingly succesful back in the day - It was made into an arcade game (Usually arcade games are turned into home games) and has spawned a whole load of sequels, one of which was actually released not too long ago.

You can't deny Jumpman was influenced by Donkey Kong to some degree - The game's title is an obvious clue, as is the fact that you will find plenty of girders and ladders. The similarity ends there though - There's no giant ape throwing barrels or a damsel in distress. Instead, your job is to run and jump around every level, avoiding enemies and defusing bombs in what is actually a very addicting and fun game. It is considered a cult classic among C64 fans.

Three four-star games - Not a bad load if you ask us. Which do you think is the 250th game?

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User Comments (64)



Ark said:

It's a good thing that Sonic is finally here, eh? I'm sure it'll make people like Bass happy.



KeeperBvK said:

What a lackluster week! Usually I'm not one to complain about the VC releases but this sucks.



MrPinguy said:

My first video game ever...
Sonic for SMS....
I almost crying ;__;
good ol days...



Corbs said:

Sonic SMS is a great title. So many dismiss it because it's on the Sega Master System. And Jumpman is an all-time C64 classic. I can still sit down with that game and play for hours.



The_Fox said:

Meh. Kind of a bland week. SMS Sonic is pretty good, but nothing awesome.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Rats not only Europe get these games an hour earlier than Australia but the delays in getting the commodore 64 titles here mean Australia doesn't have any 250th title yet .

At least theres the master system for me to try out .



bash said:

Any news on Commodore 64 games coming to the US? Kinda surprising that they haven't released any over here,.



RadioShadow said:

@KeeperBvK At least we get more than one VC game although I was hoping for a Mega Drive/SNES release rather than 2 Commodor 64 games.

@Jonny: The game hasn't hit the JP VC Channel let. I don't think we'll be seeing Mario Golf until some when next month.

At least Sonic for the Master System has been released in Europe! I'm counting that as the 250th release! * goes and plays US Version with 60Hz *



Ark said:

@Those complaining about this week

It's not bad, every game here is 4 out of5 stars. Isn't that at least average?



The_Fox said:

@zss_shadow: That's why I said kind of a bland week. Yeah, they're all good, but except for Sonic I don't think there was a large group clamoring for the other two to appear.



Adamant said:

"Remake", "Port"... you guys aren't exactly helping spread the knowledge that StH on the Master System and StH on the Mega Drive are two different games here.

Boulder Dash is definitely the pick of the week here.



classicmike said:

Well it looks like you guys got some decent games this week. As for which one is the 250th game, I think it is Jumpman because it was made with the influence from one of nintendo's classic games. Even though the 250th game should've been a Nintendo game.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Man, I wish we got C64 games, I want to check out Jumpman and Boulder Dash, they sound like good old-school arcade-style fun.



classicmike said:

@ Tides of Chaos: Yeah I don't understand why we don't get C64 games either, I would like to play a few of them that they have for EU.



Kenji510 said:

I would also like to try to play some C64 games too as well and wish we had the Commodore 64 system in the wii shop channel just like all the others are out too.



timp29 said:

I would have to say I am a a little disappointed, if only because I bought into the 250th game hype, expecting a 'classic' nintendo title. None of these games would qualify in that regard. While I played a bit of boulder dash as a kid, and a bit of sonic too, these games don't excite me terribly. Actually, if c64 games were 300 or even 400 points I might be more interested. Jumpman does intrigue me however



Mario_maniac said:

OMG... I just remembered... THIS version of Sonic the Hedgehog was the one I played when I was younger. All this time, I thought I owned the Mega Drive. Bah!

Well, this is what I'm spending my last 500 points on, now. When I get my next 2000 Points Card, that is...



This would disappoint me. This Monday's North American Virtual Console releases will at least include Mega Man 9, so I know it won't be a total letdown, I've been looking forward to it.



Kenji510 said:

We'll just have to find out next week on the 22th of monday... hopefully this time we get something really good!!



rikru said:

I remember playing jumpman as child,it was awesome. I need to get that game!



Rexy said:

I can't figure out which is game #250, they all have reason for in my book - Sonic SMS for being a fresh spin (no pun intended) on the original Mega Drive release (and yes, I am aware of them both being two different games), Boulder Dash for being an EXCELLENT addition to the C64 archives, and Jumpman for that nostalgia factor and connection to Donkey Kong.

It's a pretty sweet week, so kudos to that



Will said:

I remember playing the hell outta boulder dash on my C64, its one awesome puzzler! And sweet, more sonic too



truercki said:

Wow, what a week ! Boulder Dash on C64 and Sonic ! I do also remember playing Boulder Dash for hours and days.



Bass_X0 said:

i downloaded Sonic straight away and also DoReMi (was saving points to see what else was released today). Still have 800 points left and don't know what to do with them. I think maybe Ys Book 1 & 2.



slangman said:

Not a bad week. Will take a look at the reviews later to try and convince myself to get those games. Maybe the 250th game is Sonic who knows.



Cally said:

What's with the lucky number thing, anyway? Did Nintendo express any intent with that?



Cally said:

""Remake", "Port"... you guys aren't exactly helping spread the knowledge that StH on the Master System and StH on the Mega Drive are two different games here."

I heard it was mostly the same as the first Sonic for the Game Gear . . . which is (yet again) on the Sonic Mega Collection.

I wonder, is someone out there picking off people who know about compilations and collections? (sometimes there is a good reason, but in general . . .) Adamant's still alive, so I guess I can sleep easy . . .



Warioware said:

No bad games but still pretty meh. I played Jumpman recently and it was fun for a while but I think it's more of a nostalgia thing. And years ago I paid about £3 for Boulderdash with three other games (International Karate, Nexus(?) and something else) so I don't think I'll pay more for it now. I may still even have that four game cassette somewhere.....



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Ha ha ha, "game 250", right No, Nintendo ain´t very sentimental about those releasenumbers. Still, Sonic for Master System in very good. The C64 games are slightly interesting at least, but I´ll save space for now.



Objection said:

3 good games which makes me wonder if we'll be seeing more Wiiware in the future as VC inevitably lessens or if it'll stay the same. Well as for the No. 250 letdown, you could have waited for SMRPG to be your 250th as well...what, you wouldn't have wanted to wait this long?



Bensei said:

I guess Sonic is number 250, since Sonic 3 or so was for the 1st year of VC



mamac said:

downloaded sonic even though i still have the game and master systen it is the best sonic game i think!!



Rexy said:

@Objection_Master, comment #38: I don't see it as lessening, just in lesser qualities usually when it comes to hard drive space. Whichever, expectations are up for Mega Man 9 to arrive next week anyway so we can't say that Nintendo are retiring the service early.



MrPinguy said:

^ Amen to that, sis. Mega Man 9 for next week XD
But it's better not making too much expectation or else...

Now for other folks, for the last time SMS Sonic1 =/= MD(Gen) Sonic1, i played the two games to death in my childhood, so hear my (not so) wise words



Rexy said:

I know, but since America and Japan will be getting it next week, us Europeans surely won't be left out in the cold.



Waxxy said:

ARGH! Where the bleep are the C64 games for us US customers?? These represent two of the greatest games ever to be released on the system, and taken along with Paradroid and Uridium, I'm now strongly considering getting myself a European Wii just so I can play them. Come on, Nintendo, it's ridiculous to think all the C64 fans are on only one side of the ocean...



Ricardo91 said:

Not bad, but OUR 250th was way better. I had a feeling you guys would get Sonic SMS this week.

I want Boulderdash.



Rexy said:

Stop gloating - I'd take any of these three over your #250 any day and so will a few others.

Concerning C64 titles over the Atlantic ocean though, I put it all down to it receiving more popularity in Europe during its run (lasting until 1994 out here, four years after America stopped taking interest). At that time, Commodore filed for bankrupcy and was unheard of until the name was revived through Commodore Gaming; this new corporation resides in Holland though, so any links to its American market seem to be very unclear at this moment in time.

This is based on information that I've looked around based on the Commodore name in the recent past, so it might provide some insight to this matter O.o



Wiiloveit said:

To my surprise, my mate was using a Ye Olde Commodore calcumalator the other day, which looked totally awesome.

Back on topic: pretty good, though sadly I'm still saving for upcoming WiiWare titles / Guitar Hero, meaning that I'll pass... for now.



Mike1 said:

If Nintendo didn't make a big deal about a 250th game like they did with ours, then maybe they don't consider any of them to be the 250th. Nintendo made a big deal about the 100th game (Zelda 2) and the 250th game (SMRPG) in the U.S. but didn't make a big deal about the 150th or 200th.



Rexy said:

That's because I doubt that Nintendo of Europe cared about what to release for those milestones. It's a harsh statement, I know, but unless there were some stellar releases for any of the 50th-increment milestones out here, then it's fair to say that they don't see numbers to be as important as you do.

[EDIT: Actually, I think I made a mistake regarding my calculations: our 50th was Kirby's Adventure, 100 was F Zero X and 150 was Super Metroid; the 200th dawned on the unveiling of the C64 on the VC, so if they count the 200th might have been International Karate, otherwise the honor would go to Fantasy Zone. I'm still partially right in that they started to care less about numbers since the advent of some of the non-Nintendo systems here, though we could also think about whether to include C64 games since they aren't available in Australia.]



Waxxy said:

"I put it all down to it receiving more popularity in Europe during its run (lasting until 1994 out here, four years after America stopped taking interest)."

Well, maybe the rest of America did, but I finally got rid of my Commodore 64 only at my wife's insitence (since I never used it ) about 4 years ago...



BB_Sting said:

Well. there's still plenty of systems that still haven't made it to the vc, Atari Jaguar,.....2600......Intellivision, etc., etc.

Sure, it would be great to get Commodore 64 available over here, but let's not forget all of the other failed systems out there.



gamerwizz said:

these are great releases sonic was one of my favourite games on the master system and boulder dash is similar to that rocks n gems on that playstation demo disc



Rexy said:

Hey, a fellow Net Yaroze player!
Of course, Rocks n' Gems WAS based on Boulderdash, which can be easy to make the connection.



timp29 said:

I played the crap out of my dad's c64 from the age of 6 through 10. I broke many MANY joysticks from sprinting in summer games or whatever it was. In fact some joysticks ended up being a chopstick jammed into a joystick base. I had several friends with c64's and we all worshipped the game last ninja.

Anyway, why australia and north america have not gotten the c64 yet is beyond me. Rexy, your theory looks pretty solid, but I hope its wrong. No offense, but if NA and australia don't get c64 just because of a popularity contest 30 years ago, its a real shame.

(Not that it matters, I changed my wii's region to uk and downloaded ninja 1 and 2, but the girlfriend didn't like wii fit in imperial units, so I had to change the region back :/)



Rexy said:

Lol, units is units: upon doing my gym subscriptions at University I always recorded my weight in kilograms rather than pounds. I hate to be speaking illwill to my own gender here, but that's really fussy if you ask me.

I hope my own theory turns out to be wrong too because you guys across the Atlantic and at the other side of the world have expressed a lot of interest regarding the C64 and its appearance on the VC. Like I said, I have no idea what kind of links the new Dutch-brand Commodore is like regarding licensing outside Europe, but I hope they'll be able to understand there's a high amount of interest outside its current home continent.



jesus_666 said:

I'm starting to lose hope that they'll ever release any good C64 games on the VC. Wheres the Rainbow Arts games?!! where's the Thalamus games?!? where are the Codemasters games?!?! where's the Ocean games?!!?!?!? The C64 Virtual Console is an utter joke :@



timp29 said:

the last ninja series is the pinnacle of 80's gaming for the c64. Give it a crack!



Cally said:

MY 250th game>YOUR 250th game pthhhhhh!

If I were on Nintendo's staff and watched these boards, I'd be lmao all day. Indeed, I would feel like a powerful influence over society.

NA and EU games are like 90% the same anyway. Paying five bucks for a C64 game is a tiny bit unfathomable to me right now, but that could change I s'pose.



jesus_666 said:

No they're not. But i'll admit they are pretty decent games, Last Ninja 2 was actually one of the first games I ever bought for my C64 (along with Saint Dragon), and I did get some enjoyment from it over the years, also Uridium is pretty good too, they are just both very low on my priorities list compared to other C64 games.

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