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BPM Racing Gets the Green Light For WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

Here’s an interesting press release we received today from a company called YUKE’s Company of America about their upcoming WiiWare game BPM Racing:

BPM Racing Gets the Green Light

YUKE'S Company of America To Bring Innovative Rhythm Racing Title To WiiWare

CHICAGO - Sept. 30, 2008

YUKE'S Company of America, the U.S. publishing arm of Japanese game developer YUKE'S Company Limited, today announced it will be publishing BPM Racing for WiiWare™. Set to turn heads out of the starting gate and turn up the volume on television sets, BPM Racing complements white knuckle racing with a pulsating, diverse electronic soundtrack for a complete visual and audio driving experience. Riders will be rewarded for staying in rhythm with increased speeds, handling, and score multipliers, even getting the opportunity to be the DJ by adding their own samples and effects to various soundtracks.

“The racing genre is ripe for a new, innovative direction and increasing the aural experience seemed like an obvious choice.” said Ken Koyama, Director of Business Development at YUKE’S Company of America. “BPM Racing will reinvent the relationship between a racing game and its soundtrack."

BPM Racing isn’t the only title being driven onto WiiWare by YUKE’S Company of America. “We have several titles in addition to BPM currently planned for WiiWare,” added Ken. “The opportunity to be a part of Nintendo’s surge into the online market is very exciting.”

BPM Racing is scheduled for release in early 2009.

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CanisWolfred said:

I recognise the logo, but I can't remember where. In any case, I'll be keeping my eye on this, because I love racing games, and games that incorperate rythm into it's gameplay, so this should be perfect for me( if done correctly).



Wiiloveit said:

I agree with x.SuperMario.x, though it doesn't sound too much like the usual racers us Wii peoples are used to. Here's hoping the "something different" angle works



Ricardo91 said:

Wiiware definitely needs good racing games. Let's hope this one doesn't turn out like SPOGS.



shadows262 said:

i hated Spogs sooo much i hope this aint like it at all.
i want it to be like mario kart wii and hopefully this game has some sorta online multiplayer



Objection said:

Well if its a good Wiiware racing game, it would be the first of its kind. I'll keep my eye on it when we get closer to its release. Currently, my eyes hurt from watching all the awesome stuff that's coming out right now!



DarkLloyd said:

i thought no one was ever going to say the word spogs again after it went off the 20 top list lol



Corbs said:

I still wish they would bring Micro Machines to WiiWare. I used to love that game on the NES and Genesis systems. Simple but fun. Or maybe even RC Pro Am. I'd take that one as well.



Cthuloops said:

Hopefully it does end up like audiosurf, but keep the ability to add your own songs.



danik said:

This sounds interesting! Considering i own a pair of technics 1210s and love djing and love racing games ill watch out for this one.



Ark said:

I'm not about to jump onto the hype train, but the concept sounds cool. If it gets a good rating, I'll nab it. Here's hoping this won't be another SPOGS.



Twilight_Crow said:

It's not that I don't like games to be diferent but, there are very good small racing games out there that would fit perfectly on Wiiware (Corbie mentions some) I'd rather have something like that.
Btw we should all forget about SPOGS, lets hope for this game to be as good as it can be, and stop that "I hope this ain't like SPOGS" thing.



Ren said:

This could be pretty cool, I could also use some more old school nes style racing games like RC Pro-am (which won't ever be on VC since Rare owns it). Micro machines or whatever. Little cars in an almost overhead view can be suprisingly satisfying and simple. Remember "off-Road" in the dawn of 4-player games on NES. a game like that would rock my world.



Hexrapper said:

Regarding Audiosurf, the devs of that should bring it over to WiiWare with MP3 support from SD cards. I know the install for it is like, 300+ mb but if they could somehow make it work I'd be all over it =X

Isn't Yuke's the company that put out Double D Dodgeball on XBLA? That game was awful, and they charged 800 points for it too. I could be wrong about Yuke's doing that one, but for some reason their name comes to mind with it, and if it is them, then I'm not so sure I have such high hopes for this new racer.



Corbs said:

I still play the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive versions of Micro Machines and Championship Pro-Am all the time. Both are outstanding version of the originals. Maybe someday they'll at least show up on the Virtual Console.



CanisWolfred said:


Yes, they did do Double D Dodgeball. They also did NEVES, which I an okay casual game, and D1 Grand Prix, a less-than-stellar racing game. And yes, they are doing that Card/strategy game I mentioned( just localizing/publishing).



shadows262 said:

i juss want a good racer w/ online play and DLC dont care if its a remake or import from PSN or XBLA



Objection said:

I dont know how related this is, but if that game came on WIiware with SD music support, it'd be an instant-buy, espeically with online.



pagster said:

lols. if the game had sd-music support, i wonder how many people would buy it just for that feature

not that i would...



Virus said:

There's a small sensation in the back of my head that is warning me about this game. I'm looking forward to a good WiiWare racing game like most everyone else, but this one doesn't seem like it is the one that will do it for me. I don't like being skeptical this early, but...well...I'm skeptical.



WindOnFire said:

@Corbie- Back to your old grim reaper?

Anyways, this game could be really good, especially with online and able to add your own songs off an SD. WiiWare needs more racing games.

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