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Bomberman Blasting Into Japan This Month

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Hudson Soft has released a new trailer for the Japanese version of Bomberman Blast on the Nintendo Channel, which will be released in the land of the rising sun on the 25th of this month.

The video shows some of the new features the game will have, such as the new weapons - If you ever wanted to actually block the fire from bombs, or use a rocket backpack to go skyward in order to avoid a blast, this game is for you! It looks like the special new items will be motion-controlled, so better practice shaking!

The game's story mode seems to be very similar to the Bomberman games on the SNES and TurboGrafx-16 - A variety of environments, such as grass, lava and desert worlds, all with multiple stages and their own specific enemies and bosses.

Sadly Hudson Soft confirmed to us a while ago that the retail version of the game would not be released in Europe - Only the WiiWare version will be, which is basically just the multiplayer mode from the retail game.

In the most recent US press release Hudson did not mention a retail game either, so it is looking like the US will also only get the WiiWare game. This means that unless you're going to import the Japanese game, all you can do is watch in awe over these things you will probably never get to play:

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Bensei said:

Maybe they wait and look how the Wiiware version sells...
The sahikng remembers me of the mic moves on the DS. On the DS they were pretty useless, except for mic shield. If you noticed you're trapped you normaly scream like "Nooo!" and then the shield you just forgot pops up and saves your life



Jonny said:

Its gonna be hard to go from the 5 player offline player of bomberman 93 to only 4 here. So much so that I'm having second thoughts about downloading this.



Ian_Daemon said:

The screenshots show eight players simultaneous. Anyway, this looks like fun even if we only get multiplayer. This is turning out to be like '93 but better. I wonder if you can turn things on and off like in Brawl?



Marvel_Maniac said:

I'm absolutley going to download this sucker. I don't live in a Dorm so its not like I can have 4 guys over to play easily anyway. Online is going to be the money for me.



worrybomb said:

I wouldn't mind if the retail version doesn't come out in this region. I just hope that somewhere down the line we can get some additional content through Nintendo Wi-Fi like more levels, Bombermen, power-ups, etc. free or not free.



vampirelich said:

Darn, I've been wanting a one player mode since the SNES bomber man games, I would totally get this and the retail game if we get it.



yoshifu94 said:

damn!! getting it for sure no doubt maybe better than mega man 9 slapped in the face by corbie OW im sorry gosh i carried away



Wiiloveit said:

I <3 Hudson.

Slightly worried that 8 players on one screen may be a bit too frantic, though.



Jonny said:

The motion stuff seems real gimmicky and means that 8 player offline battle will be very unlikely. Dunno if online can save it because i get no pleasure from beating faceless strangers online, they may as well be the computer for all i care, and very few people i know have a wii online.



CanisWolfred said:

Anybody know if you can have multiple people sign on as "guest" in multiplayer, similar to Mario Kart Wii?



Mario64DStyle said:

Ugg.. shaking my arms violently to play?
Ehh.. I'm still a fan of bomberman...

I'm just ready for them to finally come out with stage editor... put unbreakable blocks where you wish, multiple levels(floors), teleporters, levers, flippers, conveyr belts... the works.. where ever you want on the stages



Ziondood said:

i need to go get another wii point card
i have 700 points and im guessind the game is gonna cost inbetween 800-1000 points =]



Abodi said:

I love bomberman, i can't wait for this game, it's the only must have game coming to wiiware, thats me always.
4 players is still frantic fun. and 8 while online is great.
i wish it ws soon though, xbox has had their equivilent for like a year or something.



Super_Sonic said:

This game better have the retail version in North America! I am not using 300 block for the Wiiware version! If Hudson think the best thing has to be in Japan they better think again! If the retail version is not in North America I'm starting a online petitation! At least we have a trailer finally! And the music is preety cool to listen to!



CanisWolfred said:

@Super Sonic

There's always another option.

Personally I just want the Wiiware version, and I can't wait until it comes out! I hope Robbo gives us some impressions once it's finally released.



mailanbr said:

Bomberman? Multiplayer? What else could a gamer ask for? Okay, this is a definite must, and this is a HUGE difference from the other puzzle games coming out on WiiWare. This is BOMBERMAN!



AlexSays said:

I am not using 300 block for the Wiiware version!

So you complain about games not being online..
And now you complain about this game taking too much space?

How small could an online WiiWare game possibly be?
Think about it.



Virus said:

I'm pumped. I've been itching for another Bomberman game on my console for months. Who cares about waggle? I ain't passing this up.



Pegasus said:

I'm glad that the revenge mode will be included as well. That's probably the best recent addition in the series.

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