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Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on XBLA

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you were one of those hopeful types who thought that Banjo-Kazooie's Xbox Live Arcade announcement meant that it could still come to Virtual Console, it might be time to give up hope.

Earlier today, Microsoft published a press release containing Banjo-Kazooie's release date, saying that it would be coming to XBLA "exclusively". It's set to release on November 26th this year, with Banjo-Tooie coming to the service early next year. Strangely enough, not long after, the press release was removed. Perhaps it was not for the public eye yet? Oh well, too late now!

Certain other "exclusive" games in the past went on to be released on other consoles, so of course there's always a chance Banjo-Kazooie might be released on the Virtual Console, but for now, things aren't looking very good!

Source: Joystiq

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Mike1 said:

Well, that really sucks. It was a Nintendo game to begin with.



BB_Sting said:

So what does that mean for Donkey Kong 64. Rare only developed that game, they didn't own the rights to it. Hmm, I guess we'll never see Conkers Bad Fur Day on the VC either. On a side note, Microsoft doesn't really consider Nintendo or the VC to be much of a threat to there target market of 18 to 30 year olds therefor there's still hope that we might actually see these games in the future although not much I'm afraid



Kawaiipikachu said:

@BB Sting .
Nintendo owns the Donky Kong franchise meaning if thaey want to release it on Virtual Console Nintendo have full right to relesde it on Virtual Console & Rare can't do a thing, they even said it themselfs .

All we need to do now is send complaint letters .
NOT Emails as they can easily be filtered out but physical letters to both Rare & Microsoft .
Unfortunately in the end Rare let themselves be bought out by Microsoft .

Theres a fault in the photoshoping .

The Rumble pak logo is still there .



Nadroc516 said:

maybe they are referring specifically to this XBLA remake version of the game, and the orginal banjo kazooie might come out on VC someday



Bensei said:

^ that might be true

Me are saddings...

Maybe we can hope for a DS Remake...
hope... dies last



gaga64 said:


1) The press release was retracted, so could possibly be wrong
2) Exclusivity is usually time-restricted, so it might run out in a few years time
3) The game is being retooled to work with XBLA, achievements and all, and interact with BK: Nuts & Bolts - therefore it's a new version of an old game, and if Nintendo wanted to release the unaltered original version it could be classified as a different game, and thus not contradicting the claims of exclusivity

Having said that, Microsoft are obviously looking to spin this as a way to end the speculation about the Banjo games heading to the VC, so I'm not letting my hopes get up any more, but I'm not going to let them be shattered yet either. God bless those loopholes...



Junichi said:

I think there's a mistake, how is Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie 'exclusive' XBLA? I think you'll find that they're also on the N64. Just play the Banjo games on there like I do.



timp29 said:

If things get through loopholes, they usually take longer. Well done microsoft in a business/competition sense. But seriously, do the vast majority of people who purchase consoles buy them for retro content? I don't see the big deal. They should all freaken share. How much money do they stand to lose anyway? Does xbox having banjo kazooie as downloadable content really make the difference between buying a wii or an xbox?? What a load of toss.



Objection said:

I have Tooie on N64 but I would love to see them come to VC. I think it's still possible, just unlikely at this point. As for DK64, there's no excuse for that not being on VC, since Nintendo owns the game and characters.



slangman said:

Just because somebody says a certain game is going to exclusive on a console doesn't mean it won't come to other consoles. Look at what happened to Bioshock. It would be a shame if BK never got released on the VC.



Digiki said:

I prefered Tooie by a longshot even though the majority prefers Kazooie, but I'm still hoping they come out as they were both amazing, I'd get Kazooie because I already have Tooie.

Anyways if neither come out I'll be sad.



KhaoShar said:

I have owned an 360 for about an quarter of a year now, plus I actually own both Banjo-Kazzooie and -Tooie, so this problem does not really concern me anymore. But if have to say, sorry folks, that I see the chances of anythig exept DK that belongs to Rare will make it to the VC. It's a simple matter of what's mine is mine. Microsoft will allow trespassers on theyr territory as little as BigN will, but at least MS is more open to "alien developers" in theyr god's own kingdom called xbox.

about seeing conker on VC one day: there already was a remake for the original xbox called conker live&reloaded. since this does not only look tenfold better than the original but has extended online funktions and actually plays on the 360 it is really not likely to be released on XBL nor on VC. Really, I think a re-release of conker l&r via xbox-originals download is far more realistical.

Oh, and kiss goodbye to golden eye to, while we're at it.

P.S.: I'm not wrighting this because i think the xbox is the better mashine. It's not the hardware of the Wii's fault that Nintendo screwed up :/



Kafei2006 said:

i own a n64 and both games :lol ... too bad those wo don't have a xbox will never find about stop n swop though :-/ ...



Kultist said:

Meh, I've long made a cross on most of Rare's stuff and I don't really care anymore, except for Killer Instinct and Battletoads... sheds a tiny tear
Anyways, I don't think focusing on what might never come to VC will make it happen... Time to move on people! Nothing to see here!



MarkyVigoroth said:

"Earlier today, Microsoft published a press release containing Banjo-Kazooie's release date, saying that it would be coming to XBLA "exclusively". It's set to release on November 26th this year, with Banjo-Tooie coming to the service early next year. Strangely enough, not long after, the press release was removed. Perhaps it was not for the public eye yet?"
I bet that they changed their mind super-quickly. Then again, I alos want "Twelve Tales: Conker 64" (the game in which Conker appeared BEFORE he got whompy) to be released on Virtual Console.



Drake said:

Here's a gameplay video of B-K on XBLA, some people apparently have it:

Doesn't seem to be different at all, aside from the addition of leaderboards/achievements and, obviously, in-game text referring to buttons on the controller being changed. Strangely enough, while the Nintendo logo is gone the Game Boy on the file select screen is still there!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@MarkyVigoroth: I'm with you on Twelve Tales: Conker 64. Nintendo Power ran a short bit on it a few issues ago, and it looked so near done that there was no good reason to cancel it! It looked like a pretty darned good game, too. Since it was never ACTUALLY finished, it'd probably be Wiiware at best, though. Or worse (for you Nintendo-only fans), Live Arcade.

I recommend anybody here who has only a Wii to also get an Xbox 360. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my Wii a good bit. Thing is, it still can't really stand up as a person's sole gaming experience of this generation. Sure, that's just my opinion, but I'm not the only one who thinks so. Actually, statistics (which I'm too lazy to try to find and wouldn't know how to link if I could, but were in Game Informer a couple issues back) suggest that Xbox 360/Wii ownership is quite likely. A Gamefaqs poll of the day a few months ago found the same thing. For the almost all the best in gaming experience, you just pretty much have to have both. I do (and a PS3, but I'm not recommending that to anybody but super die-hard gaming fans with money to burn), and it's great for me! Just one small example is that I don't have to worry about Banjo on VC. I also get to play the new Banjo game on 360. Anyway, that's my little pitch. If there are good reasons you can't realistically have both (maybe you're young and would have to save up for months to get a 360, or money's just that tight), then I understand. It's just a friendly suggestion to help those of you who could have both if you decided to.



Draygone said:

@Comment 19
I guess it helps that Microsoft doesn't have their old handheld system, yet. I think they could've done something with the sound effect of the N64 logo, though.

Anyway, as another person before me, I've pretty much given up worrying about Rare games on the VC. I own all the old Nintendo consoles, so I could always grab up used copies of games like Snake Rattle N Roll and Goldeneye. As for B-K and B-T, own them already on N64, and they still get played from time to time.



Bass_X0 said:

I don't remember getting Banjo-Tooie... but its one of those games I must have got. I probably just didn't play it much.



Manicfatty said:

Oh for the love of crap. Microsoft owns Rare, Banjo and company are Rare owned IPs, and Nintendo has absolutely no say what-so-ever regarding the handling of ANY Rare franchises. Period. Get over it and get an N64 and a copy of each game. These games were only mildly entertaining to begin with, and certainly aren't 'classics'. If the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia are removed, most of the item gathering and back tracking would be seen for what it is. A played-out game mechanic that Rare went one too many times to the well for when they released Donkey Kong 64. Which, I'm sorry folks, was a bit of a game-play turd. Seriously. All of these games were technical marvels for their time, and some novel approaches to platforming were present, this is true. But none of these games are worth the kind of money Nintendo would have to throw at Microsoft and Rare to get them. Not by a long-shot. And Nintendo knows it. They sold like crazy because they were pretty, and fun for the first half of the game. The boss battles in the Banjo games were fun. But mostly there just wasn't much on the market for the N64 at the time. Nintendo releases were few and far between, and third party support was weak at best. So Banjo, a game that would have normally gotten passable reviews, shown like the sun. Mainly due to Rare's excellent production values, and not the game play.

I'm not saying they weren't fun, and I enjoyed them along with everyone else... for a while. I finished them because I had to, not because they game me overwhelming joy! I'm just saying that they aren't seminal gaming classics and there are better games for Nintendo to throw money at.

Let the flames now engulf me



MarkyVigoroth said:

Manic-fatty-san: "Let the flames now engulf me[.]"
Why should I? You just have a different opinion.

Anyways, to all who are reading this, I bet that Conker 64 was fine. Sure, the game was cutesy, yet I bet that the cuteness would have added to the appeal of this game. Also, the soundtrack/level design/gameplay would have made this game worth it. (I remember reading that Yoshi's Island, a baby game, was the best game ever, ironically.)

The bad thing is that Rare tried to fix Conker 64, a NOT BROKEN game, by turning it into Conker's Bad Fur Day, causing the sales to plummet. (R-Rated games do not go as far.) The only good things about the change are that Gargoyle, that Dung Beetle, and that Panther King (and maybe a few others) that appared in Conker: Live and Reloaded...



Rapadash6 said:

Huh? Why would the announcing of this game for XBLA be any kind of indication of it coming to Virtual Console as well? In fact, that was exactly what made me give up ALL hope of ever seeing it on the VC. Of course the video game industry is a fickle business, and the current state of Rare is really best described as "on life support", so I suppose anything is possible over time.



RadioShadow said:

I hate you so much Microsoft! This is the reason I want to smash a Xbox 360 to tiny pieces!



Ricardo91 said:

Meh, fine with me. If I wasn'tI aiming to get one of those things by my birthday (which is next week !), I'd be full of fanboy fury right now.



Manicfatty said:

@MarkyVigoroth - Ha ha... only because I've come to expect it whenever I have a strong and contrary opinion. It's one of the reasons I stopped posting on here for some time now. I found myself getting pulled into protracted debates and I eventually lost interest.

And FYI... I used to work in the Video Game retail industry and as a result got a golden ticket to 2 E3s. One of which included the debut of the original Conker! I can give you an idea as to why it may have changed. It WAS fun, but it was also a bit saccharin and 'me too'. It wasn't broken and it controlled well. It basically felt like Banjo... with nuts. Everyone that I spoke with felt the same... that it was a pretty and fun but that they had seen most of it before. I think we all agreed that we'd pick it up, and that it would definitely move inventory during the holidays, but it wasn't impressive. Rare was kind of in a rut, which is why I actually think the move to Microsoft was good for them. Viva Pinata may not be everyone's cup, but it's at least original and fresh!



Outrunner said:

I hated those games anyway. I found the humour a bit stomach turning tbh. I know, I'm weird...



Waxxy said:

None of this matters to me, as I have an XBox. In fact, I'd rather have these games on XBox than VC. With the VC, I'd get the original game with the same graphics, but with no controller vibration and have a choice between two controllers that don't match the original's layout.

With the 360 version, the least I can expect is acheivements and updated graphics (HD at least), a new controller configuration made to work with the 360 controller, and vibration support.

So why would I care that I can't get this on the VC?

Life becomes a lot simpler when you have two consoles.



The_Fox said:

I don't know why anyone is surprised it won't be coming to the VC. Rare is owned by Microsoft. Why in the hell would Microsoft allow them to release their properties on an opposing distribution service? A handheld version might be possible, as Microsoft doesn't have a hand held the DS would compete with, though.



Betagam7 said:

I think Waxxy has it spot on. For those who can afford it 2 consoles is the perfect mix. Leave the childish squabbling of corporation vs corporation to the boardroom and the playground and experience the best of both worlds.
Also it goes without saying that Nintendo makes no effort with its VC releases (especially its PAL conversions) wheras Live arcade always has some enhancement



Starwolf_UK said:

Strangely enough, while the Nintendo logo is gone the Game Boy on the file select screen is still there!
That not a gameboy. Its a handheld exlectronic device whcih happens to look exactly like one bar and legal logos...still I can imagine the internet going nuts if it was replaced with say a Zune...

Donkey Kong 64 on the VC simply requires alot of work to be done on Nintendos VC emulator. If you look at PC based emulator projects DK64 was very hard to emulate perfectly...(though to be fair a few of the other hard to do things have been achieved with Nintendos VC emulator like the monitors in some Mairo Kart 64 courses though the Majora's Mask emulator missed out some special effects...)



Stuffgamer1 said:

What do you mean, Starwolf_UK? Majora's Mask still hasn't been released on VC! Or did you mean the version on the Gamecube Collector's Disc?

Nice that Waxxy is getting credit for something I said two hours earlier... Just kidding, though. I never expect people to read all of my really long posts. A few do, and that's something, I think.

But in this age of too danged many amazing games being released, having two (or worse, three) consoles can be a problem when deciding what games to buy and play. There are just too many to choose from! I don't want to complain too much, though, as I know full well there are plenty of people in the world who can only dream of having ONE console's games to choose from! Always be careful not to complain too much about a blessing.



Twilight_Crow said:

Λ Well said Stuffgamer1.

Many have mentioned it, and I agree, Microsoft owns Rare therefore, owns these games, and they can do whatever they want with them; It's a shame because they're good games, and wii owners deserve to play them, besides some of us like to play games as they were conceived.
To be honest, I own these games in cartridges, as well as most of the N64 games on VC, actually I think the N64 only had a few really good games. Except for the imports, there are no N64 games I may like to DL, including the Banjo games.



miletich3 said:

Well, I ain't surprised.

I just wish Bill Gates wouldn't bother buying Rare out because it truly belonged to Nintendo!



Rootbeer said:

Meh, whatever...I'm not big on 3d plaftforming anyway. I'm still struggling with Mario 64.



Waxxy said:


Remember, just like an argument, it takes two to transfer ownership. Microsoft couldn't have bought Rare if Nintendo hadn't sold them in the first place, so it's equally their fault.



alxtlvra said:

I´d only forgive Microsoft if they launch the original canceled Banjo-Threeie for NDS



Mipsymoodle said:

this doesn't bother me too much because i have both a wii and a either way ill get it



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Meh....I never like Banjo much anyways. I have the first game and it's ok, but the item collecting is a pain in the butt. If it was simply platforming with just a few optional collection quests, I'd be ok, but that game went too far. (also, the new Banjo game for the 360 looks horrible, not only graphics I the only one who thinks that it's a complete departure from the old gameplay/genre?)



Cthuloops said:

Meh, moving on with my life. I really never liked these games too much. I'd much rather have Majora's Mask or Battletanx. Also anyone gets a present if they know about the Battletanx series!



RurouniTeeter said:

Not really a big deal to me... I don't own a Xbox 360, but... I was never a huge fan of this game anyway... Call me insane if you wish. Besides, I still have my working N64 and I could always buy the game off Amazon or something. That is, IF I wanted it. I was really not even a huge fan of DK64 as well... I just wish we could get Perfect Dark... That's the only Rare game I really, really want on VC. Don't care much for the others.



Cocoa_Man5 said:

does'nt matter to me as i have both banjo kazooie and tooie on my N64 already with manuals intact.



classicmike said:

Well this is horrible, but who knows, maybe the press release was taken away because they are going to think about putting it on other consoles first before saying it is a XBLA exclusive. Also, I know this might sound crazy, but maybe Microsoft put that up so people would buy any Xbox because a lot of people might want to play Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, but like I said, it sounds crazy for any company to do that just so they can sell some of their consoles.



I'm sure others have already said this on this article, but this doesn't mean anything. This game will probably come out for the Virtual Console eventually, especially since the demand is as high as it is.

Me personally, I didn't like this game.



chiefeagle02 said:

Funny that Banjo is STILL playing a Game Boy by the Fireplace. Part of me was half expecting a Zune.



cecesigue said:

the are working together sometimes, i mean Nintendo and Microsoft, there there is that piñata game on DS so, there is hope.



carson said:

I really wish Banjo Kazooie would come to the VC. it would be my dream. Even if it Eventually made it on the VC i probably wouldnt get it.....because i will have already downloaded and beat it 1,000,000 times on the XBLA......ill buy it and play it on the xbox....but i wish i could just buy it and play it on the VC



carson said:

Bad news. the Press released was put back up....claiming banjo-kazooie "EXLUSIVELY" for XBLA... : l



Ricardo91 said:

@Beastmaster. I know about Battletanx! Haven't played it, but one of my friends told me about it. Now what do I get?

@Tides. I don't think Nuts and Bolts looks very good either, but when I get a 360, I'll preorder it anyway, cuz I heard that if you do that, you'll get a free card with a code on it that lets you DL Banjo Kazooie and Tooie for free.
That's what I read in IGN anyway.



Corbs said:

Great news! I'm glad I'll get the chance to play these games again since my N64 finally bit the dust. Although it would have been nice to see the game on the VC, the slightly tuned up version on XBLA looks pretty sweet. One of my all-time favorite video games.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Manicfatty-san: "One of which included the debut of the original Conker! I can give you an idea as to why it may have changed. It WAS fun, but it was also a bit saccharin and 'me too'. It wasn't broken and it controlled well. It basically felt like Banjo... with nuts. Everyone that I spoke with felt the same... that it was a pretty and fun but that they had seen most of it before. I think we all agreed that we'd pick it up, and that it would definitely move inventory during the holidays, but it wasn't impressive."

No wonder they wanted that change. However, did they have to make Conker vulgar? That just broke the game. A lot.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@comefrutas: Actually, that's because Microsoft doesn't TECHNICALLY own Rare. Not all of it, anyway. When Microsoft "bought" Rare, what they actually did was buy the exclusive rights for all of Rare's CONSOLE video games to be released on Xbox. Rare's actually made several GBA games since that happened, which isn't a problem, as Microsoft can't (and probably doesn't even particularly want to) stop them, legally speaking. But as far as that goes, it's also worth mentioning that Rare wasn't involved with Party Animals at all, and THQ helped them publish Pocket Paradise. The whole point was to say that unfortunately, your logic is flawed. Not trying to bash anyone, I'm just stating the facts in an effort to inform the masses who don't have tons of time to waste researching all this junk.



CanisWolfred said:

Well, on the bright side at least I'll be able to try a demo before I buy it. I don't remember getting into these games when I played them as a kid, but I can't remember what I didn't like about them, or if I'd be able to enjoy them nowadays, so a try-before-you buy option would really come in handy for me.



classicmike said:

@ Mickeymac: Yeah, you wounder why Nintendo doesn't do that for the VC games or the Wii Ware games at least. That would make it easier for me to make a decision if I should get a game or not a lot simpler.



Cthuloops said:

@Mr. Cheez
You shall get absolutely nothing but your own pat on the back! Wow! btw it is beastMAN, so since you did that you now get a poison cupcake. Enjoy!



Objection said:

Twelve Tales: Conker 64 became Conker's Bad Fur Day. So, no, it's not going to come to VC because it doesn't exist. I don't think CBFD is coming either.



I wish they would release TMNT 3 for the NES, and Mystical Ninja for the N64 (the first one, not the sequel). I love those games so much, but they haven't even been rated, so I don't expect to see them at all, if anytime soon.



The_Joker_72190 said:

Why is this such a problem?! If you truely want this game than just buy an xbox 360. Theres no point in buying a N64 again if you have a Wii. Nuff, said.



The_Joker_72190 said:

I wonder if RARE will ever release BattleToads again. I have so many memorries of me cursing out at the tv with that game...good times lol



Virus said:

And I thought this was a press release for the games released on the VC in Europe. Dam wishful thinking...

Well, it seems I sadly might not get to own this game ever again. I probably won't be purchasing an Xbox 360 or N64 any time soon. Heh, I think it's funny how people mention how others should buy two systems so they enjoy everything. I wonder how much money they have...



Cally said:


Personally, I think this generations' consoles have the worst bang for the buck EVER. Right now, I don't think any of the consoles' libraries stack up to that of, say, the PS2, put together! (of all five, I think the DS is probably my favorite platform . . .) So yeah it seems like you have to spend a lot just to get an even amount of games in each genre. (Contrary to PS3 price-haters, I don't think MGS4, Uncharted, R&C, to name a few, are worth taking lightly).

Otherwise, I'm really happy about this news too for the 360. I'm not sad that it isn't coming to the VC either, considering how the VC emulations of N64 games screw up the framerate.



Adamant said:

@Joker: There's definitly a point to buying an N64 today. The wau things seem to be heading, it's doubtful we'll get a particularly impressive N64 library on the VC, and the console has a lot of great games you can get really cheap nowadays.



NESgamer said:

@ Stuffgamer. Well done!, you are well informed and know what you're talking about, i do read these long posts.

Now about the Banjo games, did you guys never saw it coming?, it was obvious to me that these RARE games won't be on VC, they may be old but RARE and Microsoft have future plans for some of these franchises (Killer Instinct 3 for example), so i don't think they would "let go" easily. Either they get them or let the games in the "legal void" forever (like Golden Eye; everyobody looses).

We should forget about Golden Eye and Perfect Dak too (besides i have them anyway).

You should see it from the side that Wii owners have access to a LOT of old jewels (both exclusive and not) already, if you compare the library i think it's fair that they get a game like Banjo when you get all Ninty classics and more. Just trying to see the "half glass full" xP.



gaga64 said:

Which would I rather do - spend £7 on a VC re-release, or £170 for a second console (which is allegedly prone to breaking down regularly) PLUS the cost of the XBLA re-release?

This does make me reconsider buying a 360, but I really don't have the money or the space under the TV for 2 consoles.

I'm not even that bothered by the Banjo games - I sold the original after 6 months of completing it twice. It was fun, but not as good as Mario 64, and I hated having to replay the entire thing just to get to my favourite bits. Annoyingly, Rare continued this trend with DK64 and Conker, but I kept them as more distinctive.

Also, as for the Conker remake on the 360, didn't they censor a load of the swearing that made it through the N64 version (which is funny remembering the times Nintendo insisted on reducing gore in Mortal Kombat and the like)? I don't care about online extras and shinier graphics, it'd still feel like a lesser game.



KhaoShar said:

It's true, as gaga64 said, much of the dialoge in conker l&r got some workover and not all of it was to the better. And there actually are some beeps in the voiceovers, but i'm not sure if those were not there in the original anyway? I played both and I defn'tly remember the written text in the original showed yust the same symbols of skull, stink-clouds and such but I'm not all that certain if they were beeped out or not. some of the the more distinctive lines ("eat this, motherbuzzer!") are still there.

Well, to make this clear: albeit the graphics in the remake are far more crisp, the dialoge ain't quite as crunchy as in the original. That's the thing most of the players on the web complain about. But wenn l&r came out it was mostly about the new "squirrels vs. teddyz" warfare online modes with the original storyline as 'solo campaign' as an 'optional extra', so it sold well enough.

To wrap it up: if you played the original CBFD and want authenticity, play it again. If you don't know the original, try the remake and be prepared for some humor from the bottom of the bowl that alltogether was a bit funnier at the beginning of the millenium than it is now, but is still... squishy X-D



BJ1 said:

If they release DK64 however, Nintendo is going to have to replace the Jetpac game that Cranky Kong allows you to play to unlock the Rareware coin, though. Hoping for Donkey Kong arcade again.

@ Badknux
I agree on TMNT 3.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Objection_Blaster: From the look of it, I'd say it's more like they scrapped Twelve Tales and made Conker's Bad Fur Day afterwords. I figure there's probably at least a prototype-coded game out there somewhere, like how you can download the prototype for Earthbound Zero. After doing some online research, however, nothing seems to be available. Still, Rare COULD bring it back if they wanted to. I just don't think they will, as they'd rather keep Conker's reputation in the toilet.

@Virus: Not all that much, relatively (to date, I've made about $4,000 before taxes this year), but I also don't have much in the way of financial responsibility (live with parents). So that makes buying games pretty easy. That obviously won't last forever (or at least I hope not. I'm 19 now, and would like to move out well before I'm 25), but for now, it's a gamer's dream! I am well aware of people's money concerns. In fact, I referenced them in my first post here! Did you bother to read that far down before complaining? It was just a suggestion for those who could buy two systems. If you can't, I respect that.

@NESgamer: EGO STROKE! Purr... purr... Okay, that's a bit creepy. Thanks, though.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@BJ: You make an interesting point. I wonder if Jetpac has had anything to do with DK64's lack of a VC release so far. After all, they were quick enough with the DK Countries!



kingmario said:

I'm lucky enough to own both on the N64, I could still see them coming to VC as with the financial crisis as it is how can they turn down such an easy chance to make money, it wouldn't detract from XBLA sales. Anyway Mario 64 is better than the pair of them and you can get that if for some strange reason you haven't and don't forget Rare made a much better game in DK64 and surely it can't be long before Nintendo release that and more N64 games like Shadows of the Empire



Virus said:

I wasn't ragging necessarily on you; I was just contemplating the situation. And yes, I did "bother" to read all your comment before "complaining." I'll admit my comment does seem like it's attacking you a bit, but I assure you I was not trying to.



Manicfatty said:

@Stuffgamer1 - Actually Microsoft DOES own Rare lock, stock, and barrel. The Stamper Brothers who founded the company sold their majority ownership to Microsoft. The rest of the company was owned by Nintendo - something under 50% - who later sold their stakes in the company. So Rare is in fact owned by Microsoft, as are their intellectual properties. One can only speculate as to what allowances were made regarding the games in the gray area; those that were jointly developed with Nintendo but did not have Nintendo IPs in-game. It seems clear that the lines were very clearly drawn at the bargaining table, but neither side has commented in-depth on the deal. Just the usual corporate talking head stuff.



Loooca said:

I saw this coming, but it still saddens me. Banjo-Kazooie was a delightful game in its time, and it really, really saddens me that I won't be able to play an originally Nintendo 64 game because of such absurd reasons. I can borrow an Xbox 360 to play it, but...

The funny part? Those Xbox fanboys who are going mad because of this, even though most (and that's what I've actually read) are anti-Nintendo and never really played the game — just, argh.



CanisWolfred said:

Suprisingly enough Banjo-Kazooie and N64s go for pretty cheap these days, so I don't see a problem with getting an N64 for this if you really hate the Xbox so much( or just can't afford it).



BJ1 said:

I wondering if Banjo will even sell all that well considering alot of Xbox fans are currently playing shooters like Halo, these days.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Virus: Ouch, now you make me realize just how much I sounded like I was attacking you! Sorry about that. I'm way too good at assuming people are either insulting me or ignoring me. Contemplation that appears to not account for previous statements increases that in me. It's a flaw I'm working on. Anyway, my sincerest apologies.

@Manicfatty: I had thought that at one point, but then got confused by their continuing to develop for Nintendo handhelds. Further research shows that you're right about the acquisition, and Microsoft just let Rare continue to make games for Nintendo handhelds because they don't have a handheld at all. If they ever make an Xbox Portable (or whatever they'd call it), I'm pretty sure the last of Rare's ties to Nintendo would be cut. Rare also started using THQ to publish their Gameboy (and later, DS) games in 2003. So the point is, the company's history is a bit hard to follow, and that's what confused me. I'm always interested to learn the truth behind such things, though, so thanks for inspiring me to do some research!

@BJ: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will. After all, Viva Pinata went Platinum Hits, and it didn't have a pre-existing fanbase like Banjo! Add the fact that anybody who pre-orders Nuts & Bolts gets to download Banjo-Kazooie two weeks before everybody else, and for free instead of 1200 MS points, and you've got a sure-fire seller on your hands! While it's true that shooters are very popular on Xbox 360, the system is infinitely better at catering to fans of other genres than the original Xbox was.



dleet said:

I think that Banjo-Kazooie and tootie will hit the vc for the sure fact that the story of both the game made fun of Nintendo products in the game and if microsoft takes it out it wont be the same game and i would not play it



BJ1 said:


That's something I noticed with Microsoft now. They finally realized that expanding their audience with variety of games is the way to make more money. Ironically though, Sony seems to be taking the route of the original Xbox with very little games that appeal to casual gamers.



nate said:

This really isn't bothering me that much even though Banjo'Tooie is my all-time favorite game and Kazooie is second. In third is another Rareware game, now just Rare, Donkey Kong 64. This isn't bothering me because I own both Banjo games. What is bothering me is the fact that I never played Conker's Bad Fur Day and this article probably means Conker won't see it to the vc either.



Jave said:

You know, I'm wondering that even if Microsoft/Rare would let Nintendo release BK on the VC they'll ever release it. We haven't gotten a single N64 game in over 4 months by now!

I remember reading somewhere that a very likely reason as to why DK64 and Majora's Mask haven't been released yet is that they used the Expansion Pack and that might be tough for the Wii to emulate. It's possible, but it'll require tons of extra work to make it look like it did on the N64.



Ricardo91 said:

@Jave. You could be right about the Expansion Pack thing. I've heard that the Majora's Mask port in the Gamecube Zelda collection had framerate problems and constantly froze up, or something like that.

And yeah, at the rate we're going with N64-to-VC transactions, I'm starting to think about just BUYING an N64 from ebay. It had more than 200 games in it's library, and having less than 20 of 'em for download after almost 2 years is ludicrous.



KhaoShar said:

@ Mr. Cheez:
There might have been many more games worth it, but for every Mischiefmakers or Jetforce Gemini we are longing for there is at least one Knife Edge or Superman^64 you should be thankfull to never see again. So, pure numbers are to be be taken with caution at best

BJ wrote:

I wondering if Banjo will even sell all that well considering alot of Xbox fans are currently playing shooters like Halo, these days.

I played halo, but I still love the way the banjo games entertained by making you think at the same time as testing your skills on the contoller, they are what I truly call "action adventures". Likewise, i played ProjectGothamRaceing but I still enjoy MariKart and I played ES IV: Oblivion but i still love every new Zelda game. So what?

I guess there are a lot of kids spoiled for retro-gaming by the fact that they held their first controller at the brink of the millenium and haven't played any console before the PS2 or original xbox. But I bet there are many many die-hard gamers who owned a NES some 25 years ago and now own a X360 simply because they got fed up with how Nintendo ignores their fanbase and/or couldn't afford a PS3. Just like me




ILoveWii said:

I know that certain exclusives came to other consoles, but that's mostly the Xbox to PC, and it's the same company.

So I think it's not happening. But it's stupid, and now I hate Rare.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@IloveWii: Actually, a lot of Xbox360 exclusives (some of which were actually 360 and PC, but no other consoles) keep leaking over to PS3 right now, like Bioshock, Overlord, Eternal Sonata, and Monster Madness (that's just a few examples, too). And now Dead Rising is coming to Wii. But in the end, you're probably right about Banjo. Not because of the "exclusives" theory, but simply because of Microsoft's ownership of Rare and its IP's. And you really shouldn't start outright HATING a good company just because they're owned by a company and have to follow certain rules. Especially since you already have a 360.



laconfir said:

That's really sad... BK gave me countless emotions during the n64 era and unfortunately i couldn't manage to play BT at all (thanks to the italian distributor of the time). In fact i'm seriously thinking about buyng a copy of BT on ebay and play it on my old fashioned 64.



yoshisegg said:

i no its stupid that an N64 game isnt being released on the VC but just get it on XBLA, and if u dont have u a 360 their decent consoles with some rly beasty games so i recomend buying one and also if ur a banjo fan you will probs want nuts n' bolts anyway and if u preorder it u get a code which gives u the banjo kazzooie for free so i think that pretty decent.



mc_chick said:

Back in tha day Rareware developed both BK and DK64 for Nintendo. Nintendo owned Rareware as Microsoft owns it now. I think we all can forget games developed by Rareware to appear on the wii as long as Microsoft is there.

DK64 won't see the daylight on the xbox 360 as the wii. Nintendo owns the rights of Donkey Kong but Rareware owns the rights of the game. Nintendo can't force Rareware to publish the game on the wii. And Microsoft will not allow Rareware to publish a game on a rival console.



antihero82 said:

Rare IMO was the most cutting edge developers back in the day. Obviously Microsoft is paying them off better so more power to them. Anybody with their head on straight would switch companies if the money is there, but in any case it is sad that we will miss out on this title. Does anybody know anything about Bionic Commando going to the PS3 and if it is any good?



Rhansley64 said:

Hmm target a game towards a console that mostly support FPS didn't Viva Pinata prove that no one cares about Rare games on the Xbox? Better yet Rare why the Hell do you still with Microsoft come back to Nintendo already. We want these games not "Boxfixmenow"360 cracks. Have you forgotten that the Nintendo fanbased like your games.



RetroNL said:

I can' t believe it, this was one of my must haves for the VC. Dreams shattered * - *



colmtheperson said:

Here's one for you....

Maybe they'll release Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie on the DS

Since Microsoft isn't taking part in the 7th generation handheld consoles war

Rare have already released a few games for gba and ds so what harm would banjo-kazooie/tooie cause?

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