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Wii Fussball Anyone?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

505 Games announce the launch of more sports related budgetware for Wii, this time in the format of Table Football.

To celebrate the start of the football season, 505 Games is pleased to announce that Table Football for Nintendo Wii™ is heading on to the pitch today.

Table Football uses the motion-sensing abilities of the Wii Remote to make it feel just like you’re playing a fast-paced game of fussball in the comfort of your living room. By twisting and pushing the remotes, up to four players can take control before trying to score the perfect goal.

What’s more, this is the first ever videogame to have the support of the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), which means you can play the game using official table football rules or create your own custom matches. Plus, there are even official fussball tables to play on.


  • Fast-paced football action
  • Create your own team of players
  • Play using official International Table Soccer Federation rules
  • A range of official ITSF fussball tables
  • Multiplayer for up to four football fanatics

It's out now, just in time for the new season. This will be the first of a bunch of footie games for Wii and probably one of the worst, if anyone bothers to pick up this title please tell us what you thought!

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Wiiloveit said:

Joy of joys. Anyone who buys this deserves to be shot.
If it was a WiiWare release (800 points?) then it would be an entirely different matter.

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