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What's New In The World Of Goo?

Posted by Darren Calvert

It’s been too long since we have had any new World of Goo news. This game is shaping up to be one of the best games coming up for WiiWare from the looks of it so it’s reassuring to see that Kyle and Ron (aka 2D Boy) are now really just putting the final touches to the game before its WiiWare launch, which is hopefully still lined up for September.

Here’s the latest from Kyle in the 2D Boy blog:

  • Translations into 5 languages (english, spanish, french, italian, german) is 91% done. I hope one day we’ll be able to do Japanese too…
  • Cut-scenes: finishing up the very last end-of-game sequence, and the credits movie
  • OCD: We’re putting in “OCD Flags” for each level, “Obsessive Completion Distinction”, received if you complete a level under under extremely difficult criteria (ie. extremely high ball count, very fast, etc)
  • Playtesting: we’re having friends and family play through the whole game, on camera, so we can tune level difficulty, find out if objectives are unclear, confusing, etc. Thanks to the Flashbang guys for kicking this off!

Source: 2D Boy Blog

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Ark said:

This game just looks better and better! =D Can't wait for it.



lockelocke said:

Man, I was just thinking yesterday, "Where the hell is that Goo game that was so hyped up a few months back?" Really excited for this one, sounds like production is nearly complete. Now, we just need to overcome the beast that is publishing!



Ziondood said:

OMG I CANT WAIT for this game =DDD
itz gonna be amazing =DDDD
AHHH I wish it came out this monday =]



Adam said:

I hope the gameplay is as good as the graphics. It sure looks pretty.



andy836 said:

wow the release is right around the corner.... which is good cuz i cant wait anymore.




yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait 4 this game hopefully it does come out next month



Wiiloveit said:

@Mr Game & Watch
AGREED. If it's not on WW (or isn't budget priced) I won't be getting it. 2D Boy said previously it won't be budget or full priced - so that probably means £30-ish. If only there was a chance of the game (-extra content) still appearing on WW in the future.



calculon said:

What's even funnier is that you guys still hope it's actually coming to WiiWare. Retail only guys, it's the only fair way to distribute the game.



Yasume said:

Wait, I'm confused. Is it going to be a WiiWare game for the US or for Europe?



calculon said:

The hope is a (potentially crippled) version of the game WiiWare for the US and a full retail version for the EU (and most likely also the US) complete with 'bonus content' (read: even more crappy cut-scenes, better image quality and a couple of extra levels / challenges)

Basically, the US get screwed over in (possibly) having to buy the game twice (I can guarantee WiiWare will appear considerably earlier than retail in the US) and EU sales will be a total failure because no-one wants to spend £30+ on a game that fits into 344 blocks (43MB) of memory - unless it's FFCC:MLaaK



Adam said:

Have they actually said that is the extent of the bonus content, Calculon, or are those your assumptions?

Personally, I wouldn't buy the retail version either, so I'm glad the US is getting the downloadable version. I prefer short, cheap games. I just hope they don't save multiplayer or online play for the retail version. That would probably prevent me from getting either version.



Outrunner said:

I'm not buying it either. I would have had it been downloadable. But 30 quid is too much.



andy836 said:

new info for World of Goo

World of Goo - more details (retail copy delayed in Europe, WiiWare version hits NA this year)
August 22nd, 2008

  • Euro publisher is RTL Games
  • Final retail price: 39,99€
  • delayed to Q1 2009 for Europe
  • NA to see WiiWare release this year
  • new chapter added: The Moon
  • each chapter has a unique theme (fanboyism, marketing, other tongue-in-cheek themes)
  • 50+ levels.
  • Online leaderboards: your stats are represented by a cloud on the Tower of Goo.
  • Info shown: country with a flag, score, position, height
  • one of the devs is provides voices for the game
  • no Wiimote speaker use, dev team doesn’t like it
  • rumble supported
  • TV advertisements being discussed (most likely for retail version)
  • Nintendo has been “wonderful” and “Very honest”
  • 4 player co-op remains intact




calculon said:

So, basically no clue about what to expect with the retail game - yet again. So I'm holding on to my comment above - sarcasm about extra features included.

Whilst 50+ levels sounds good, what really impresses me is the themes - fanboyism? marketing? err... ok. I also like the way they're trying to break down the Wiimote features like they're something special. Sounds more like a marketing cry to the retail crowd of "This is what you'll get too, but we're trying to make it look like you're getting value for money - honest!"

The £30+ price tag sucks too - I think I'll stick with buying de Blob for my ultimate indie based retail gaming experience.



Objection said:

I love how the talk is how the NA version will suck because some Europeans are angry that they have the retail only version. Seriously? Get over it. Ours is cheaper, yours has more. Both win.



CanisWolfred said:

Man, I would've bought this if it was a Disk game. This is quite sad, though I'm sure the "less informed" would buy it without being spiteful of the rather decent price(for a disk game, I usually have to wait a year for prices to drop that low). That Moon chapter sounds pretty cool, too. This is definitely on the top of my Most-Wanted list.

Edit: Wait, is 40 Euros more or less than 40 US dollars?



Manny said:

This game is looking like a high budget production. well done guys, can't wait to get my hands on it.

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