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USA WiiWare Update: Midnight Pool

Posted by Damien McFerran

This week’s WiiWare release took us by surprise – we knew that Midnight Pool was coming out eventually, but had no idea it would be this soon - very little has been seen or heard about this game. What we do know is that it’s based on Gameloft’s mobile phone version, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your opinion of mobile phone games!

If you’re a fan of hitting shiny balls with long sticks then this game should hold considerable appeal to you, and at a mere 800 Wii points this may be worth a go even if you’re not.

Here’s the press release:

Take a trip across America to make your dreams come true in a pool tournament worth millions. Visit the most colorful bars and meet seven of the coolest players on the circuit, from country music star Travis to Alison the biologist and John the sheriff. Learn the tricks of the trade through tutorials along the way, while advanced players can take on challenges to show off their trick-shot abilities. Keep things interesting with three sets of rules.

Alison the biologist? Gameloft wins the award for most bizarre videogame character ever! As always, you might want to wait for our official review before touching this one!

Elsewhere, Mega Man finally makes his North American debut on the Virtual Console, and is accompanided by the rather excellent Neo Turf Masters.

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Bass_X0 said:

probably the best pool game on the wii. there's not that much competition.



Hyperfludd said:

Nothing for me this week. Not a huge fan of golfing sims, and I can't say I'm a poll affcianado.

I was "shopper savvy" as they say, and bought the Megaman collection on the cube for 10$ sealed ;d



Hyperfludd said:

I think I might be done with downloads, the last ones being Strongbad and Star Parodier. (Both great games you might want to look into) I really don't want to delete anything else. Well, maybe strongbad when I complete it 100%. The storage problem is really getting to me.

Only way I'll download a game now is if they release SMW2: Yoshi's Island on the VC. I would buy that game 100 times!



Terra said:

Hurray, a game Europe get first that the US don't get straight after. I am of course talking about My Aquarium. I have tried to keep things positive with Midnight Pool but whether they worked i don't know. Really didn't expect this so soon after Wild West Guns, now Gameloft hold the record for most WiiWare games in the west. In the east, i don't know.

Anyhow, can't wait for the review of the game to come up to see if Gameloft have indeed done another great Mobile port. I also wonder if Midnight Bowling will arrive soon.



Wiiloveit said:

I'll wait for the review but in the meantime keep hoping it's not a load of tosh. Gameloft have done good so far on the format so I'll keep my hopes up.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Well there's a suprise.

There was practicaly no information on this. I hope the review compares it to the Wii Play version at some point though, because if they're practicaly the same I'll spend my money elsewhere.

Like Mega Man



aaronjayhead said:

I was about 95% sure that My Aquarium was going to come out today because it came out in Europe on Friday. This is a big surprise. Let's hope that Midnight Bowling doesn't come out next week.



Pegasus said:

I think Gameloft's Midnight Play Pack for the DS might be a more worthwhile purchase: twenty bucks for Block Breaker Deluxe, Midnight Pool, the upcoming Midnight Bowling, and two other games...



slambert215 said:

I played the cell phone version and it was pretty fun! But, where is Plattchen Twist n' Paint????



andy836 said:

I knew my aquarium was not coming out this monday they said it still needed to be approved for us. Anyways this sucks i was looking forward to Plattchen but instead we get this. I thought there was the one game a month rule that applied to gameloft.... i mean WWG did just come out awhile ago. This just sucks period i dont care what rating that game gets i'm never getting it.



Bass_X0 said:

"I thought there was the one game a month rule that applied to gameloft.... i mean WWG did just come out awhile ago."
I never heard of this but if so then WWG was supposed to be their July game but it got delayed until early August instead.



Gabbo said:

It'll be up soon. So far, let's just say I'm pleasantly surprised.



Ziondood said:

Yea im deffinetatly not gona get this
i already have a pool on wii play and super monkey ball i dont need this
i was so looking forward to myaquarium or eternitys child =[
oh well



TokiToku said:

the last time we got 2 games in one day was June 16th (Block Breaker Deluxe and Cococto Fishing Master). Is it a new rule that there can only be one game a week!



Stratos said:

I bet it could go two WW and one VC game in a week. I have a feeling that this is the sweet spot for the highest average of sales Nintendo gets. This may be why the game numbers have varied is from Nintendo gathering sales data and seeing where and when the most people will buy things. Any less than this and less people find something that they are interested in. Any more than this and the whole weeks sales are hindered because the initial week typically receives the most downloads.
Another theory along this line is that Nintendo releases enough each week to equal a 2000 point card in an attempt to get people to more consistently pick one up when they are shopping. I know that half of the time that I go to Fred Meyers I grab one with my groceries.
I think it is all in an attempt to get more casual, curious and impulse buyers onto the WW-VC service.



blackknight77 said:

I think I really want to start playing pool at midnight
after seeing the picture up top.

I think they should have waited to release this since Break In just came out.



lockelocke said:

More mobile phone filler...
I'm sure there's a market for this game, and folks will enjoy it, but I can't help the feeling that innovative WiiWare games are few and far in between.



SirToasty said:

I think ill just save my wii points...i was sorta expecting My Aquarium too come too USA next, but it didnt.Oh well



chiefeagle02 said:

I hardly touch the Billiards on Wii Play anymore (gave up on the Platnium Medal), so I don't see me playing this for longer than half an hour. :-/



Kevin said:

I figured we'd get my aquarium. Oh well. This shouldn't be too bad since I no longer have Wii Play.



worrybomb said:

I was hoping My Aquarium to come out today too. One redeeming quality about Midnight Pool is that it doesn't have competition (aside from Billiards in WiiPlay and a couple of VC titles). Look at Block Breaker Deluxe, a mobile game ported to WiiWare that was actually kind of fun.

I'll be waiting for the review on this.



Dazza said:

Just added some screenshots to the game profile. First impressions of this game are pretty good. If you are in the market for a pool game this certainly isn't bad for the price.



LAA said:

This is unusual!
Usually, whenever we get a new game, the USA have always got it 3 days later, but today its different.
Its good for us though because mostly every time we get a new game, you get it shortly after, but if you get a new game, we wait months to get them e.g Defend Your Castle, Pop, Super Smash bros. Brawl etc.
Its good for us now, we're special...for now...



CanisWolfred said:

We had to get this someday, sadly(never liked pool). Oh well, there's still next week to look forward to.



Dazza said:

I won't get much time to play it today to give impressions, but Spencer's review should be ready by tomorrow. I quite enjoyed the 5 minutes I got to play on it.

Just added the game trailer to the game page so you can judge for yourselves!



Chipmunk777 said:

I'll wait for the review. The Wii Play pool game was really a lot of fun, and I've been hoping for a better pool game for the wii! So, perhaps I'll check it out



Peznaze said:

Ah, once again the Regginator's Drunken Staggering issues forth a surprise from one of its many orifices...

800 points and 312 blocks? I'll wait on a stellar review of the best use of a Wiimote in a pool game before even thinking of getting this one...



MasterMario said:

i don't think that WiiWare needs a biliards game. Especially when Break In was released on the VC last week. I don't think that it's worth getting, especially when Break In is 100 points cheaper. But I woudn't know since I don't have it.



Kokstra said:

Gameloft puts out some pretty good (not great) games on WiiWare. The mobile version of this one wasn't bad, however the DS version sucks, so we'll see how this one will turn out.



Objection said:

This IS a surprise. I dont know. I initially liked WWG but soon found it shallow, like most Gameloft games. Just get Wii Play, which is about the same price when you take out the wiimote's value.
PS- I thought PLATTCHEN would be out by now.



Gabbo said:

@Chipmunk 777 & Peznaze

Your wish is granted! The review is in editing as we speak. Although it probably won't get posted until tomorrow as those Brits go to bed early.



Gabbo said:

@Bahamut ZERO

Well, I'll just say this. I sold my copy of Wii Play as I never wanted to play it again. But I'll be keeping all 312 blocks of Midnight Pool on my Wii for a long time to come.



Naturestee said:

Hm. The pics actually look pretty good. I might pick this up if the controls work well. It looks like it has more options than billiards in Wii Play.

Gameloft might not put out anything terribly innovative but at least their games all seem solid.



Kriqz said:

As far as pool sims go, this looks pretty good. A good addition to wii-ware i'd have to say, especially for those like me who never bought wii-play. As per usual I'll probably wait for the review before making up my mind.



Virus said:

Well, I got a chuckle when I saw this. Mildly surprising. It gets a good review and it comes out unexpentantly. Oh well, if Gameloft continues with WiiWare, that's good. Now if they could only make an epic game with all this money they're making...



Bensei said:

I guess this comes to Europe next week.

Ha, I waited to be able to say that

And as far as I understood it Europe will get Eternity's Child first. Would make sense, since this game comes from Europe, and most of the European publishers finish it for the homeland first

I'm sad we haven't seen any High Voltage Wiiware in Europe yet



Rapadash6 said:


Not much to get excited about here unless you're a pool fanatic. Sure I enjoy the occasional game of flash pool but I wouldn't pay money for it. More power to those that would though.

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