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Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (20th August)

Posted by Darren Calvert

It’s Wednesday again, time to look at what the most popular games are in the Wii Shop. To check for yourself simply log on to your Wii Shop channel, go into the WiiWare section and then view “Popular Games”.

We are checking the list for the American region, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Here is the list for 20th August:

1 (1) - Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
2 (4) - Wild West Guns
3 (3) - My Pokémon Ranch
4 (5) - Dr Mario Online Rx
5 (2) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss
6 (6) - Defend your Castle
7 (7) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
8 (8) - TV Show King
9 (9) - LostWinds
10 (11) - Family Table Tennis
11 (12) - Cocoto Fishing Master
12 (10) - Pirates - The Key of Dreams
13 (13) - Gyrostarr
14 (16) - Block Breaker Deluxe
15 (14) - SPOGS Racing
16 (16) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
17 (17) - Major League Eating: The Game
18 (N) - Midnight Pool
19 (18) - Magnetica Twist
20 (19) - Pop

N denotes a new entry

The WiiWare casualty this week sadly is the excellent Toki Tori. When we reviewed this fiendish platform puzzler back in May we awarded it a mighty 9/10. We weren’t alone in rating it highly as Metacritic will attest. It’s a great shame that disappointments such as SPOGS Racing are still around, but a great game like this gets overlooked by the masses. If you haven’t downloaded this yet, why not take a chance on this today? You won’t be sorry!

Thankfully the woeful Pong Toss begins its inevitable decline from its undeserved #2 spot. Hopefully we’ll see the back of it soon.

Gameloft continue to make the WiiWare service really work for them as Midnight Pool enters the chart at 18 and will surely rise much higher by next week. Wild West Guns impresses the most by stealing the #2 spot since its release 3 weeks ago. TV Show King was a launch title and still holds firm in the top 10. Block Breaker Deluxe is still hanging around too – way to go GameLoft!

So there we have it folks, another week of WiiWare madness, as always lets your thoughts be known below!

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Hydroswimmer12 said:

Toki Tori!!! O won't forget thee =(
Anyway as glad as I am to see Gameloft have success, it's time for nintendo to expand and release High Voltage and other companies' games =D



Link79 said:

Yeah I just don't understand how a great game like Toki Tori is being ignored while Pong toss seems to get higher on the list every week.
Are people even reading these reviews? They might as well put on a blindfold and randomly point and download games from the shop.
Sadly it looks like there are alot of Ignorant Wii shoppers out there who will buy anything.



Link79 said:

If Mega man 9 gets ignored like this I would almost be willing to gift it to everyone just to make sure it gets a deserved position on the chart.
Come on guys give Toki Tori a chance. It might look simple but It's a hell of alot better than Pong toss.



Negative_Zero said:

Im pretty sure it will take atleast a half a year before Megaman falls out of the top 5, its been 10 years how can it go wrong



thewiirocks said:

@Link79 - Mega Man 9 will do fine. It has major brand recognition, which is one of the key factors to success on the WiiWare service.



lockelocke said:

Aw, sorry Toki. At least the other quality titles are hanging in there amidst a sea of mini-game type stuff. If mini-games are what the people buy, mini-games are what the publishers will release, so I'm glad people threw their money at Strongbad, because it opens the door for more cult releases.

Exactly, just look at Strongbad.



WarioFan63 said:

Ah geez, dont overexaggerate so much. Its not like once your off the Top 20, theres no way to get back on.



ReaperJ21 said:

I agree, i would have bought all the good games that are out, but i only have 200 blocks left so i can't download anything impressive besides crap like beer pong, or "pong toss" now >=( wish i could help revive the dead great games, but until theres a hardrive 4 more memory, i can't



Ark said:

WarioFan has a point. Besides,isn't it only representative of that particular week, not overall sales? But still, I wish Toki Tori would get more recognition.



Objection said:

I thought Toki Tori was a lil overrated but its "demise" is still unforcunate. Beer Pong (it might as well still be called that) deserves the fall from its freakish figures last week. Kudos to Gameloft for supporting Wiiware with a good title every month!



SRPirate said:

toki tori is a really fun and challenging game, it didnt deserve to fall out this quick:(



SirToasty said:

Toki Tori fell off the chart?! NOOO!!!!!!! It dosnt make sense of how Pong Toss is still up there and Toki Tori is a awesome game and fell off the chart!?But im still happy that Strong Bad and Wild West Guns is doing well



Kawaiipikachu said:

Poor Toki Tori .
At least its still im my Wii's main memory which shows that i loved the game & its great .

For those who want Toki Tori but restricted by storage then may i suggest you get a 2GB SD card to store some of your least played games on it as it contains approx 5 to 6 times stroage for games & save data as compared to under 300MB of the 512MB internal storage thats been set aside for games & save files .
That way then you could help & bring Toki Tori back to the list .



Stratos said:

High Voltage's next game in not done yet so they can't release it. IGN used to have Animales de la Muerta (sp?) set for a September release but recently just changed it to just 2008. So maybe next month we will see it.
@WiiWare World Crew
Do you think it would be possible to release the European top 20 list too? I am curious as to how it varies.



Jazzem said:

Toki Tori; the year's most underrated game

I hope it's sold well enough to meet Two Tribes' expectations at least.

The UK chart:

1.My Aquarium
2.Defend Your Castle
3.My Pokémon Ranch
4.Wild West Guns
5.Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner
6.TV Show King
7.Lost Winds
8.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
9.Cocoto Fishing Master
10.SPOGS Racing
12.Dr Mario & Germ Buster
13.Pirates: The Key of Dreams
14.Block Breaker Deluxe
15.Star Soldier R
16.Toki Tori
17.Actionloop Twist



Tabbyluigi said:

The reason Toki Tori isn't selling well is because you can still find the gameboy version easily still and casual gamers don't know what this game is, it just looks cute to them, and they are afraid to buy it. Why must the crap overtake the HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Corbs said:

Why must the crap overtake the HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess if it didn't then it wouldn't be hardcore, now would it?



HOT-ROD said:

The reason Toki Tori isn't selling is because it looks like a stupid game. Who wants to play a game with a with a weird cartoon bird. In reality the game is fun as heck, Its one of the best on wiiware. Its basically people judging a book by its cover. If I didn't read these reviews, I wouldn't have given the game a chance.



BiggerJ said:

Here's the Australian chart:

1 (N) - Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
2 (N) - My Aquarium
3 (1) - Defend your Castle
4 (3) - My Pokemon Ranch
5 (2) - Wild West Guns
6 (4) - TV Show King
7 (5) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
8 (6) - LostWinds
9 (7) - Cocoto Fishing Master
10 (8) - Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
11 (9) - Pirates: The Key of Dreams
12 (10) - Pop
13 (11) - Toki Tori
14 (13) - Block Breaker Deluxe
15 (12) - Star Soldier R
16 (14) - Actionloop Twist



Virus said:

I wonder if a game will ever reappear on the charts after falling off. Or will there ever be a time when a new release doesn't even make the top 20 at all like the VC? Hmmmm...



Ricardo91 said:

Pong Toss is failing! Hoorah! But it's got ways to go before it's where I want it to be: friggin' off the chart.
And yay Wild West Guns is #2!
I am surprised though at how Homestar Runner is taking the top spot, since I assumed most casual Wii owners don't even know what Homestar Runner is.
goodbye, Toki Tori. We barely knew ye.

@HOT-ROD. Same here. If I didn't read alll those reviews online, I would've passed this one up too. Just like I did the GBC original. Though the Message Board compatibility the Wii Shop spoke about sounded pretty cool to me.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well i never seen the gameboy version & only recently i learned of the gameboy version .

Unfortally its not selling well & its a great game .

At least im showing support by having a Toki Tori wallpaper on my PDA .

I guess we all need to give Toki Tori a hug



StarDust4Ever said:

Wow. You'd think Toki Tori would've been given a boost in Europe with the Fifa Soccer Promo. I guess not. Sad...



Bensei said:

I looked into the Nintendo Channel, and SPOGS is the only Wiiware game that hasn't got a public rating, which means it's the only game that hasn't got enough players who use the Nintendo Chanel/players who could stand it more than an hour.
Even My Aquarium already had one!
Btw, Can't find Strongbad in the Nintendo Channel, not even in New Releases!

Btw, I played Toki Tori at a friends, and now decided after it's American death I'm gonna buy it tomorrow.



Bigby said:

@Mr. Cheeze
I don't know if this will make a difference but collage is starting....
I wouldn't doubt if Pong Toss will rise again



I wouldn't pay money for more than half the crap on that list. I won't bicker though, because WiiWare has a few good things, and it's going to be redeeming itself in spades with stuff like Mega Man 9.

As it is, my only WiiWare game is Dr. Mario Online Rx, which I love, and I would probably have bought Toki Tori already if I wasn't so financially concerned right now.

I loved the GBC game, it was great puzzle-solving fun. Speaking of which, I can't wait for a certain other GBC one-hit wonder to hit WiiWare.



Smash_Eggs_Garlic said:

"No time for emails right I've got other plans for my lappy today"

Looks like toki could not handle Strong Bad's style. Excellent game btw.

Future titles like Tetris and Mega Man 9 will make the WiiWare even better.



vherub said:

maybe toki tori will have a pricedrop, it seems that $5 is a magic sales figure



professorlayton said:

I downloaded Toki Tori in July and I love it. I never got around to finishing it yet because of the difficulty.
Here's the Canadian list [as of this morning]:

1. Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner
2. My Pokemon Ranch
3. Wild West Guns
4. Dr. Mario Online Rx
5. Defend Your Castle
6. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
7. TV Show King
8. LostWinds
9. Cocoto Fishing Master
10. Family Table Tennis
11. Pirates: The Key of Dreams
12. Gyrostarr
13. Midnight Pool
14. Block Breaker Deluxe
15. SPOGS Racing
16. Pong Toss - Frat Party Games
17. Magnetica Twist
18. V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
19. Major League Eating: The Game
20. Toki Tori

Toki Tori is still hanging on in Canada!



Mr_chippy said:

man all these people saying i should get toki tori i'm starting to feel a strang pulling to get it...



Wiiloveit said:

*except on the hard levels

I see Pop has been bumped off in CA - it could be worse.

My Aquarium was disappointing for me though and shouldn't have quite reached number 1 (UK)

Quick question WWW: why do you do the charts on Wednesdays? Why not Sunday to give newer games a chance?



blackknight77 said:

It is such a shame people don't research the games they purchase. I am sure the guys on this site don't do reviews for their health. No I say! They do it for a noble cause, they do it so people can avoid shovelwiiware.



Airola said:

The most popular WiiWare titles list here in Finland:

1. My Aquarium
2. Defend Your Castle
3. LostWinds
4. Strong Bad Ep. 1
5. Wild West Guns
6. My Pokemon Ranch
8. Cocoto Fishing Master
9. Toki Tori
10. TV Show King
11. SPOGS Racing
12. Pirates
13. Dr. Mario
14. Block Breaker Deluxe
15. Star Soldier R
16. Actionloop Twist
17. Pop

Finnish people seem to appreciate Toki Tori the most when comparing to other countries



Falk_Sturmfels said:

It is nice to see some charts - but where the hell do we get any NUMBERS, how often these games are downloaded?
For myself, from the wiiwaregames i just took WILD WEST GUNS - a nice quickie with some points which could be better next time. Great that the zapper is used more and more.



Bass_X0 said:

"Quick question WWW: why do you do the charts on Wednesdays? Why not Sunday to give newer games a chance?"

I think its because that is when it gets updated.



professorlayton said:

@Bass - The popular titles section of the Wii Shop Channel is updated several times a day.

Oh, Toki Tori moved up a spot in Canada. V.I.P. Casino fell from 17 to 20 in just 24 hours.



Reuf said:

Thanks for all the kuddos guys! It's unfortunate that Toki Tori has dropped below position 20. But... we haven't given up on it yet



Hydroswimmer12 said:

Everybody should be Toki Tori's friend on Facebook ( I already
Anyway, I just hope the crap stops and that World of Goo is under $15 =D



Bensei said:

Okay, I finally got myself over it and bought my first Wiiware Game: Toki Tori.
I'm glad you don't give up yet, this game is great and I'm looking forward for more!



Wiiloveit said:

Why is everybody buying TT NOW? It should never have gotten so low in the first place.

Here in the UK, it has always been in the bottom three, along with another game that doesn't deserve awful sales: Actionloop (Magnetica) Twist. Everyone should buy it before this one gets knocked off the bottom aswell.

@Airola: Finnish people has got good taste, which is why I now likes the country more than all the other Toki-slayers (for the time being, at least). Oh, and what happened to Lordi? (Finland Eurovision 2006 winners - youtube/google it if you don't know)

@ +Matthew2 (44/46): Rub salt in the wound why don't you?



Bensei said:

I guess I realized now why Star Soldier R and Toki Tori are selling worse than SPOGS and Frat Pong: They are single player games, multiplayer games are more likely to get bought by Wiis main audience: Casual and Non-Gamers.
Also: Casual or Non-Gamers don't inform themselves when they are buying games, they decide on the packshots/descriptions when they buy games. SPOGS and Beer Pong are famous to non-gamers too while Toki Tori

@Wiiloveitonline: What would you do if you have only 70 blocks left but around 5 unfinished VC Games and 25 other games untouched on your shelves It's only bad timing that Toki Tori is dropping now that I have finished Super Metroid and several other of the 25 games



SRPirate said:

hey anyone i have 800 wii points left and i want s space shoting game should i get star soldier or gyrostarr



Wiiloveit said:

@Matthew2 and Negative Zero: Woo! Go Canada!
In an unrelated point, my grandpa's from CA and I'm older than him due to his Birthday being on Feb 29.

@Matthew2: We still get some games before you, though (COUGH Super Mario RPG COUGH).


@SRPirate: Wait for Alien Crush Returns. If you want a new game now, I would probably say GS because due to the limited modes and length in SSR.

EDIT: New charts up tonight. Who's going off this time? I'm going to hazard a guess at Pop.

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