Tetris Party - New Game Play Video!

We already know that Hudson's Tetris Party will support the Wii Fit Balance Board as well as Wii Remote 'point and shoot' control. Couple that together with online play and 18 different game modes to choose from and what you have is a fairly impressive Tetris package overall.

We still don't have a firm release date for Tetris Party, but Hudson has said to expect the game sometime this Fall. You can check out the Official Tetris Party Site for more details on the game.

If you just can't get enough of the Tetris Party game play videos, you're in luck. We have a brand new video of the game in action to help tide you over until this newest rendition of Tetris hits the WiiWare service later this year.

If one video isn't enough for you, you can always check out the other Tetris Party videos courtesy of 1UP.