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Square-Enix Gets Invaded!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It would seem that Square-Enix isn't focusing all of their attention on RPGs these days with their recent announcement that they'll be publishing the European release of Space Invaders Get Even. Square Enix Ltd. has just issued a press release regarding the upcoming European release of their Space Invaders Get Even title on the WiiWare service.

Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces the TAITO® game SPACE INVADERS GET EVEN™ will be available, to download exclusively from the Nintendo WiiWare™ service, across Europe in October 2008.

30 years after the original SPACE INVADERS® ignited an entire entertainment medium and founded a gaming generation; players can now prepare for role reversal in this brand new action-invasion, where the fate of the Earth is in their alien hands.

Players will control mysterious UFOs and give orders to hordes of Space Invader underlings in an attempt to overrun Earth and battle Earthlings' attacking human weaponry.

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd. comments, "SPACE INVADERS EXTREME launched earlier this year recaptured the hearts of many gamers, and launched the SPACE INVADERS series to a new generation of younger fans. SPACE INVADERS GET EVEN promises to be a great follow-up release for this the 30th anniversary of the series."


  • Intense action-invasion where the roles have reversed and you, and your Space Invaders are attacking Earth!
  • Control mysterious UFOs and give orders to hordes of Space Invader underlings, as you attempt to destroy the feeble human weaponry
  • Five unique attack modes to fit any battle situation you will face. Choose between Shot, Homing, Burst, Drill and Hopping
  • Be prepared to battle the onslaught of Earthling technology including Tanks, Battleships, Fighter Planes, Fortified Buildings, Attacking Helicopters, not to mention the Bosses!
  • Battle across seven unique gaming environments
  • Upload your High Scores via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and battle for the world's highest score!

We'll have more information on Space Invaders Get Even as it becomes available.

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Negative_Zero said:

Cool I hope it comes out this Monday in N.America
It will be great to destroy humanity, just like DAH!



BlueRider said:

That cool that you can put your high score and all but what about online co-op but yeah it still looks like a game though



lockelocke said:

The little description of the game posted above has really sold me on the game, even with the ridiculous DLC catch. I love the idea of battling with tanks and other military gear, instead of just wreaking havoc and blowing up buildings, which is initially what I thought the game might be.

Thinking about it, maybe the DLC thing ain't so bad. I mean, 500 points is a great starter price, and then we have the option of moving up to the next level when we're ready to. For example, I've owned Star Soldier R for months, but I was so intent on breaking a mil in 2-minute mode, that I hadn't even played the second level until two days ago. So, if the gameplay has the right level of replay value, taking it one level at a time may not be a bad thing, especially since the game has online scoreboards. I know that I'll for sure be focusing on score rather than getting on to the next level. Lord knows I love me some online scoreboards.



thewiirocks said:

Ike-Mike nailed it. I couldn't figure this out either until someone pointed that fact out to me. None the less, it seems like a pretty crappy use of brand recognition. Taito == Space Invaders in the minds of consumers. Why would you try to make them think that Squenix == Space Invaders? To lure in the RPG crowd?



Objection said:

I dont need Square. That said, I hope this game gives enough from the start and the DLC adds, but isnt required(to get your money's worth).



Cipher said:

Space Invaders Extreme on DS was an excellent game, so let's hope this is too.



fco said:

They should do like Capcom with Mega Man, and bring the old C64 version to the Virtual Console prior to the release of this one.



Jazzem said:

Woo leaderboards!

I'm not terribly happy about the pricing but Space Invaders Extreme was ace, a real handheld gem. I expect good things from this Taito!



Tabbyluigi said:

I heard the orginal was coming to the virtual console, so lets prey that would be awsome for the original space inavders to come back, awsome.



Virus said:

I'd still like to hear more details about the actual length of one stage...



danik said:

This looks good just not sure about 500 wii points per stage! Have to wait and see if its worth it



Wiiloveit said:

The game looks good, but I still don't "get" the pricing for it. I understand it and all, I just don't see who'd going to pay 2000 points for the whole thing. And why do we get it in October? GAAHHHH!

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