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Space Invaders Get Even - Stage Pack Details

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Space Invaders Get Even is about to give the phrase "sold separately" a whole new meaning. We announced in our last Space Invaders Get Even news article that, while the game would only cost you 500 Wii Points, it would only buy you the basic game package with additional game content made available at an extra cost. Taito has just released more information to help clear up any questions regarding this additional downloadable content.

The main game package, aptly named the Starter Pack, will cost you 500 Wii Points and will feature the first level of the game along with the basic UFO. There will then be three additional packages called Stage Packs, which also cost 500 Wii Points each. Stage Pack A will include levels 2 and 3, Stage Pack B will include levels 4 and 5, and Stage Pack C will include levels 6 and 7.

As an added bonus, each of these Stage Packs will also come with a new UFO ship that players can use in the game. Stage Pack A comes with the Classic UFO, which resembles the UFO used in the classic arcade game, Stage Pack B will come with the Silver Hawk UFO, which resembles the classic spaceship used in the Darius series of shooters, and Stage Pack C will come with the R-Gray1 ship from the Raystorm shooter series.

The game will also make use of a Wi-Fi national rankings feature for keeping track of the best overall scores as well as the top scores in each of the various stages, assuming you own these additional stages.

Space Invaders Get Even is set to make its WiiWare debut this month in Japan. Hopefully other regions won't have to wait too long for this title to see a release. We'll have more information on Space Invades Get Even as it becomes available.

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DEMON212 said:

I knew that 500 points thing was to good to be true.

For 500 it looks worth it, anymore and it starts looking pretty bad.



Tabbyluigi said:

To get everything that is 2500 Wii Points as of now, but you don't need downloadable content, but this looks like it is worth it. Oh well his game looks awsome. Here's to Wi-Fi and everything else.

Whowhooooooo: Second Comment
Edit: 3rd Comment



Tabbyluigi said:

Lets also hope that they put the original Space Invaders in this game or they make it downloadable in some form. That would be awsome.



Virus said:

I think you'll only have your dreams for the original.

I like the idea of DLC, but now that I know exactly what SIGE's DLC is, I think this is stupid. DLC is for added fun, not for needed gameplay.



Tabbyluigi said:

True, but can't we hope , i wounder if Nintendo will ever make a deal for the Atari systems to come out on the virtual console.....



Chipmunk777 said:

Eh........ I'll definitely have to see the review first.. I'm with Virus, that DLC is a pretty piss-poor idea.



Objection said:

For 500 points to start is awesome, but needing $5 more for more than one level is worrying. Unless its got that DYC addictiveness and then it adds new arenas or something...this could be a gyp. We'll see...



CanisWolfred said:

Okay, now this is just plain exploitation! I mean, the DLC is suppose to be a small part just to milk the game for a little more money, but this, they even call the main game the "starter pack". I was going to get this, but I assumed there'd be a few more levels( like 2 or 3, if not 5 or 6), but no you have to buy the other levels, and 2 levels cost as much as a whole game! I might as well take it off my list, I mean come on!

I suppose if they are just arenas, then it would be okay, but are they really?



Jazzem said:

Uggh, not happy at that at all. I know it's too early to judge (And if the game turns out good I'll still get it) but it's this sort of thing that makes me dislike DLC overall =/



Phantom5800 said:

I was seriously considering this, but at $5 for a single level ... doubtful. $20 for all seven levels doesn't make it sound any better either.



Ricardo91 said:

So the entire game is gonna set me back double what most WiiWare games cost? I knew that 500 point price sounded too good to be true.

Say it with me: RIPOFF



andy836 said:

your all crybabies Strong Bad is 50 alltogether this is only 20 all together.
i hate crybabies suck it up its a smart buisness move. if you like the game you can getthe other levels if you dont well you only wasted 500 points sheesh.
btw i think strongbad is dumb and expensive but you dont see me complaining.
EDIT this is like a new star soldier its time based, online scoreboards, but its 7 levels for 20. Star Soldier was 800 for 2 ... so about 400 a level for SS 1600 or 1500 for 4 levels in the end if they had added more levels to star soldier it would have been more expensive or the same as space invaders......or maybe i'm talking nonsense oh well just trying to make a point to justify the price.
BTW no offense is meant with the crybaby thing



CanisWolfred said:

...When you put it thay still sucks. I mean, come on, I was only going to get it because it was cheap, it doesn't look that good, and certainly not good enough to just play one level. Albiet, I only play one level in Star Soldier R, but that was a good level. I'll wait and see.



andy836 said:

well you dont know how long the level will be it might be just as long as the star soldier levels so then it would only be a matter of which one is better.



Virus said:

It's a smart business move to give people only a fraction of the game initially and then make them pay for the rest? Yeah, I guess you're right. I think that's how people operate ransoms too.

You're also right in the sense that we don't know how long the level will be. If it's under ten minutes, then that's stupid. If it's gigantic or kind of like a stadium instead of a level, then that's a good buy. Regardless, the initial download isn't an entire game; it's a piece of one. FF-MLAK is an entire game even without the DLC--perhaps a lacking one, but a game nonetheless. Strong Bad is also an entire game; it just has multiple sequels--if you wish to call them that. As for Star Soldier, I don't even call that a proper game.

And I may not see you complaining about Strong Bad, but go ahead and do so! C'mon, complaining helps others think!



andy836 said:

@ Virus

well think about it this way with the more expensive games lets say you get a game like Toki Tori i'm using it as an example so please nobody kill me.
you buy it thinking its great then about sometime through the game you realize you dont like it or get bored that 1000 points down the drain. But if its only 500 points you can try it out and see if you like it much safer.

Though i do agree that is its very short its crud but we dont know yet.
lol no thks complaining isnt my style but justifying my points is hahahahahaha



Virus said:

Excellent point! That's why I got DYC after all. Well, although I'm disappointed with the DLC, I'm not disowning the game entirely. Despite my dislikes, I'll still keep an eye on this one.



andy836 said:

@ virus
same reason i got DYC to hahahahahahaha ......exactly you never know ,it might turn out to be the best wiiware game yet



DarkLloyd said:

ffmlak was worth 1500 to me has alot more levels i'll just call it. but 500 for one level if i had to choose between this and eternity child id choose eternity child obviously has more in it to make it feel like a full game well i`ll just get that kirby game for the nes instead



Peznaze said:

Hmm... If it's "you have to buy all the DLC to see the game to its end", then BOO!!!!!

If, however, it's "you get one level for $5, additional levels for varying enjoyment cost $5 for packs of 2", then OK, that's just fine. Star Soldier R might have done a lot better if you could have changed up the stages with some DLC...

Still not enough info to grab the pitchforks and torches...



Raptor78 said:

Im not sure how bad this actually is... after all it just depends on how much there is to each level and how much replay this game as.
To be honest I would rather spend 500 points and see if I like it or not than waste 1000 points and hate it.
soooo, 500 points gets you the game and 1 level, 1000 points(standard wiiware price) would get you the game and 3 levels, 1500 (FFCC without DLC) would get the game and 5 levels and 2000 points for the full package.... be honest folks it doesnt sound that bad a deal to me actually, ive spent a lot more than that on FFCC:mlaak without batting an eyelid and with that I had to risk 1500 points just to see if I liked the game or not.

As I see this is that they are trying to cater for all gamers -
500 points for casual gamers and 2000 points for hardcore. Most people would probably only spend 1000 points on this anyway which is no different than most other wiiware games.



Wiiloveit said:

Hmm... unsure on this. I think I'll probably give it a miss, but depending on how many spare points I have in the future I can see myself getting the starter pack.

Two things I want to know: how many blocks will each pack take, and would I be able to skip to pack 3/4 without getting pack 2?



Terra said:

I'm gonna wait until the game is released and reviewed before i consider it now. 500 points really was too good to be true but at least it's relatively cheap to start off with, not like FFCC: MLAAK



dark_moogle said:

500 points for one level with the entire game costing over 2000 points. NO

NO and go ** yourself your corporate dogs! This is going off the must buy list right now



Kawaiipikachu said:

Seams like the Pay'nPlay service really taking off .
First Final Fantasy: Crystal Cronicals: My life as a king then Guitar Hero: World Tour & now this .
I would be wondering what the next game that uses the Pay'nPlay service .



BDPatVCR said:

What the ?!?!?
This is just plain dumb. I don't know what's more laughable, the fact that they think 1 level constitutes a game or the fact that they think this is a good idea. Whenever i see DLC available from the launch of the game (especially multiple packs) it's clear it shoulda been part of the game to begin with. I was interested in this but 5 € for a game i cannot complete is too much. Just call it a demo then.



Draygone said:

So, we're basically only paying for a demo initially?

Maybe it's not that bad, but this information at face value indicates that that is indeed the case. Okay, yeah, if you get every piece of the game, it'll still cost less than retail games. But it would also cost more than most WiiWare games, and you'll be concious of the fact that you're paying for the game piece by piece.

And maybe paying for a demo works for some of you, but for me, it's robbery.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Dang. I thought about getting this when it came out, but now........
5 bucks for 1 stage? And people call Star Soldier R repetitive.
Actually that would be sweet if SSR had downloadablle stages and 2 minute mode let you chose a stage.



Bensei said:

@Bahamut Zero: It's 5 bucks for 2 stages and 1 UFO

@TabbyLuigi: Starter, A, B and C makes 2000 to me...
1000 for 7 levels and 4 UFOs would have been okay, but 20 bucks is to much imho, let's see how thin that game really is...

@Picture: Why are there $ c and Pounds but no € ?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

For the origional first package I meant,
It's 500 points for 1 stage and a UFO.
All other 500 point packages are 2 stages and 1 ufo.
Wow. It really IS Star Soldier R!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

For the origional first package I meant,
It's 500 points for 1 stage and a UFO.
All other 500 point packages are 2 stages and 1 ufo.
Wow. It really IS Star Soldier R!



thewiirocks said:

Taito just failed. Big time.

Hey Taito, remember the shareware games? Remember how they had the first episode free, but you had to pay for the other 3 episodes? Remember how each episode was a complete game? Yeah, that was a good idea. It was called "shareware", and it appealed to game players despite (or perhaps because of) the rampant piracy of the day.

What's interesting is that the market also had a name for a game like yours. Rather than having the nice, pleasant, "first hit is free" shareware name, games like yours were called crippleware.

That's right, I just said it. Taito, you are selling crippleware. So you might as well take those dollar bills (Japanese yen?) you spent on development and flush them down the toilet.



Tabbyluigi said:

Who cares as long as the game is good, pushing their chances with the game starting out with only 1 level, but who knows this game just looks great.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

DLC is the new greed. No way I´m paying more than 500 points for this, I´m not sure I´m interested in the title at all. 500 for 2 levels is expensive.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I'm not getting this. Really, they give you nothinng so you HAVE to buy more. At least MLAAK was a complete game for 1500.



Atlantis1982 said:

I would rather get this than Star Soldier R; at least with 1000 points (Game w/ Pack A); you get a bit more to chew than something like the previous game I mentioned. At least think of this way; the starter game is practically an expensive demo which I might treat it at such.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

If you have 1000 then you could buy SSR, which has 2 stages, Wi-Fi scoreboards for replay value, and it's the best WiiWare game.
Or you could get SI which gets you 3 stages.
With SSR you have 200 points left over so I would get that instead.

It's funny rerally, people whine about SSR being short and repetitive, but this is only 1 stage. They're really the same.



0-Watt said:

I knew this would happen the moment the last Space Invaders news story came up. Other sites described the Stage Pack stuff when the previous details were made, and because there was lag between then and now, people had high hopes that were crashed.

The big thing to note here: This was going to be a FULL RETAIL GAME before it became Wiiware, as far as I can remember. They changed it to WiiWare because it was a viable platform, and due to the size requirements, they could not provide more than two levels per Wii Store download (40-something mb max, right?). So, in order for the company to do this right, they incorporated it into segments.

Of course, they also learned from sales of WiiWare: 500 point games sell well, and DLC works (Taito IS part of Square-Enix now, after all). So, they devise this system, which for me, works pretty well:

If you try it and don't like it: 500 points and 1 level. Okay.
If you try it and like it a little, you can get a level pack
If you try it and really like it, you can get two!
and if you love it, get all packs! So the game costs 500-2000 points depending on your enjoyment level of the first level, pretty much. And you don't need to purchase them all at once! You can buy one or two packs and wait until later to purchase the later levels.

So, the enjoyment of the game's Starter Pack will reflect how much more you are willing to buy. I for one am willing to put in the 500 points and try. If I love it, hey 2000 points ain't bad for an arcade game (remember Ikaruga was 40 bucks...for 5 levels).



Naturestee said:

I like how everyone is focusing on the price. LOL

What I want to know is how many blocks is each piece of the set? I bet it was split up this way to get around WiiWare's tiny size limit. After all, wasn't this originally planned as a retail release?

$20 for a full game is still pretty good, provided that the content is good. Maybe this will lead the way for some of the better games on XBLA or PSN to go to WiiWare (provided we get a hard drive to put everything on...).

I'll wait for reviews before I buy though, to make sure I'd actually be paying for a decent amount of content.



thewiirocks said:

@0-Watt sez - "they could not provide more than two levels per Wii Store download (40-something mb max, right?)"

Officially, there is no 40MB limit.

@Naturestee sez "$20 for a full game is still pretty good, provided that the content is good."

That's the problem, though. I didn't see anything during the retail announcement to convince me that this would be a game I'd want to purchase. But as a WiiWare title, they had my interest piqued. (Partly because of the lower cost of entry.) When they announced the Stage Pack plan, I figured we'd probably see something like 4 stages per pack. Never in my dreams did I imagine 1+2+2+2 all at 500 points each!

Sorry, that's just a ripoff. Taito can either sell me the entire game for 1500 points (the upper end of what I'll consider) or they can sell it to me piece meal (as they are planning), but in reasonable sized chunks. Selling one level of the game as a full title is the very definition of crippleware.



Kriqz said:

IMO it will come down to how big a level is. If you can finish a level in 5 minutes than it's just another SSR, and I'll probably pass. I'll wait for the game to actually come out before making any type of decision, but it's not exactly something I'm waiting anxiously for.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic said:

I think I'll purchase the "starter Pack" just to see how it is, it's only 500 points? I've made much worse choices in my life xD.



CanisWolfred said:

You know, I remembered the whole Braid thing on XBLA, as well as SSR, so I'll give this a shot. Star Soldier R is one of my favorite Wiiware games, so I'd imagine this couldn't be much worse.



Satans_Therapist said:

Buying one level might not enable you to make a judgement on the game. They should just be up front and say the game is either 1500 or 2000 points but they dont want to do that because it makes the game look expensive, which it is. I only have one wiiware game at the moment and at this rate I wont be getting a 2nd as the prices continue to creep up. They can take this game and shove it where the sun dont shine



theberrage said:

im ok with this, i can spend only 500 points and at least find out if it sucks or not. although i would prefer a free demo



StarDust4Ever said:

Dang it, people, just release the game as a free demo (0 points), then add the other stages as DLC for 500 points a piece. Paying 500 points for a demo is bullcrap.



Satans_Therapist said:

If the game is being released in sections because of file size issues are you then meant to play stage 1 then delete it? then play stage 2 and then delete it? This method might work for strong bad but for a shooter this is completely unsuitable. If it takes approximately 250 blocks per pack the whole game could take up to a 1000 blocks. I dont see how this can be released before there is a storage solution and then what about the people who feel they dont need or want extra storage.



lockelocke said:

@Satans Therapist
I'm pretty sure the block size of all the Level Packs is included in the initial download; In other words, I don't think the DLC adds block size, just costs money.

EDIT: Nevermind, the mission packs are about 120 blocks a piece. They save as "data" instead of as a part of the Get Even "channel" so you can add and delete them separately.

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