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My Aquarium Coming To Europe This Friday

Posted by Damien McFerran

Hold the front page! We’ve just had confirmation from Hudson that its virtual fish tank simulator My Aquarium will be hitting the European WiiWare service this Friday (15th).

There's no word on the North American release date as yet. Our contact at Hudson has revealed that the company is still waiting for final approval from Nintendo of America, but is hopeful of also granting the game an August release in that territory, too.

Give the recent release date tomfoolery that has blighted the both WiiWare and its sister service the Virtual Console we have to admit we’re ever so slightly skeptical about publishers giving out release dates, but for the time being we’ll trust our very good friends at Hudson on this one.

You can check out information on this intriguing game by visiting our dedicated My Aquarium game page. Hudson has also launched the game's website here.

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Bensei said:

I hope that's not the only game we get, for those who don't like sims...



Yasume said:

Oh no...

I was hoping for Gyrostarr >_< Oh well, so we get this and Strong Bad.



ChocoDK said:

My Aquarium kind of reminds me of that PSN download that you use with the PS3 Eyetoy. I would hope though for Europe this isn't the only game since it is probably dull to most users (not saying the game is bad).



Raptor78 said:

@ChocoDK we usually get 2-3 wiiware games every two weeks ans then 2-3 VC games on alternating weeks.

Hopefully our second game this Friday will be Strongbad
I dont think it would be such a bad week then, I could do with a nice point and lick game to last me until the next wiiware week.



DEMON212 said:


So much for my hopes of Strongbad and Gyrostarr

@ Choco.

I think this will be as dull as Beer Pong & LW.

And I actually like SIM games.



Wiiloveit said:

I bet that Ninty are storing all the really bad games up for the Uk (critter round up, pong toss, table tennis, protothea, vip casino etc.) and then unleashing them in a hellish burst all at once just to knock us all backwards in shock after we remember how much Noe really hate us deep down inside.

I want this and strongbad - yet I have no room (even after finally deleting all my unplayed Vc releases) on my Wii. And I have no money for points thanks to the new Terminator and Chuck Dvd boxsets out.




jordanr said:

We are also getting strong bad. Here is an extract from a news letter email they sent out on the 12th:
"The Wii version sells for 1000 Wii points and is available in North and South America today, with releases in other territories coming this Friday. "



blackknight77 said:

I am looking forward to this, but its going to be different style game. I will give it a chance because I like Hudson's games.



Terra said:

I had a strange feeling this would be released soon. This was before the press release.

Alongside the rumours of Strong Bad, i heard somewhere that Europe would also get either Plattchen or Critter Round Up



AlexSays said:

What does that even mean anymore?

We should all know by now, we really don't know until it actually happens.
It's kinda like the weather. The meteorologist tells you it'll rain, and yet you don't receive a drop.
But then being a meteorologist is the only job where you're paid to be wrong, right?



Objection said:

@Bahamut I think its Apocalypse
@Article I hope you get a real game to compliment this. And US probably wont get this next week. In all likelihood we'll be getting PLATTCHEN. But of course, I dont work at NOA, so I could be wrong.



Terra said:


Good example. Hopefully we'll see it on Friday as it sounds quite decent and for 500 points, i ain't complaining. I'll have too find some more stars though. Last game i bought through converting stars was Mega Man 1.



Terra said:

Well, it's not the most exciting game but for what it's trying to achieve, it's looks good. I will wait for a review though.



Yasume said:

@Bahamut: Actually, Objection_Blaster is right. My name should be Apocalypse, but I made a typo during the registration xD



sadpanda212 said:

Well this looks about as interesting as watching paint dry. Just as with My Pokemon Ranch this is not even a game, it's an interactive screensaver at best. An absolute waste of points.

Would prefer MLE / Pong Toss / Vip / Critter Round up to this, they may be crap but they are at least games.



battledevil789 said:

Damm i hoped tht Europe would get Plattchen so hopefully america would get Plattchen monday but now idk NOA better give us Plattchen Monday



battledevil789 said:

and this game doesnt look tht bad i mean you can raise the fish from small to big u can breed them thts wht makes it sold for me and for only 500 points its a good price



Kenji510 said:

Well either Plattchen or My Aquarium we get next week on Monday will do for me... either one will be fie for me to buy, download and play... we'll just find out.

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