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Mega Man 9 Opening Cinematic - Retrotastic!

Posted by Darren Calvert

Feeling as if you haven’t had enough Mega Man 9 news lately? Of course you haven’t, who can ever tire of the blue bomber? Today a trailer showing the opening ‘cinematics’ for Mega Man 9 has been revealed and it goes a little something like this:

Dr Wily has made a fool out of himself, Mega Man has given him a good kicking yet again and peace is restored to earth. Oh noes, don’t talk so soon, those pesky robots have gone mad! Blooming heck, it seems as if it’s Dr Light that’s causing the havoc this time, who’d have thought it? Send money to Dr Wily’s Swiss bank account, you can trust him now, honestly! What’s that? Somebody answer the phone! Quick call Mega Man, Dr Light’s good name cannot be tarnished like this! Mega Man to the rescue!!

Or you can just watch the video for yourself if you prefer!

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JeroenZM said:

Never use 'oh noes' in a sarcastic manner, Darren. I could've sworn you played Strong Bad or something equally unfunny.



RetroWare said:

I can't wait for this game! This might be the first 8-bit Megaman game I complete. I have played the other 8 with little success. They are the hardest game of all time, right up there with Ghosts n' Goblins!



Objection said:

Pretty long intro. Interesting. I wonder how much many more story sequences will compliment this title?




If this is 500 wii points and 20-50 blocks ill definitely buy it, I dont think of buying an expensive nes game, max 600 wii points.



Kevin3085 said:


It is priced at 1000 Wii Points. Also I really doubt it will be of that small block size. Also, it is not a NES game, it is for WiiWare. Why do you think it is on



Objection said:

Speaking of "new" 8 bit NES games, how about Earthbound Zero as a Wiiware game? Sure its not new, but we non-Japanese people can pretend to not know it.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Hehe, looks like Japan is following in the footsteps of Street Fighter: The Movie (aka, Chun-Li as a news reporter).



rbtransformed said:

That video was so cool! I never got into the Mega Man series back in the day (partly because I never owned an NES), but this clip still got me excited for it. It'll be so nice to play a challenging, "new" game. I would love to see other companies try to rebirth old franchises for WiiWare using their original graphics/capabilities. Imagine playing an original 16-bit Zelda, Mario, or Kirby game or even something like "Pokemon Stadium 3" or Starfox with N64 graphics! Not only would the games be cheaper, but if done right, they could be more fun than their modern-day counterparts.



Bensei said:

Lol, Chun-Li
Galdly, 8-Bit Style doesn't mean we have to miss story sequences like in MM7 and MM8, although I miss the Anime ones (even if they had bad dubbing )



StarDust4Ever said:

WOW! - this really does look 8-bit!!! Although the graphics look sharper and brighter than their NES heyday, but damn.......

Me mights have to get this, show some support for recreating the classics. On a technical note, I am a Megaman virgin, meaning that I have never played any of the Megaman games before.....



Hyperfludd said:

I hope this is the only game that gets the 8Bit treatment...please don't make it a fad capcom..



Kevin said:

That was awesome. I can't wait for the game to be released next month.



Jeph said:

@ Hyperflood

I hope it does become a fad. While games like lostwind are cool, I would love to see a rehash of 8 and 16 bit games. WiiWare should be the beginning of the 2d comeback. Give me new 2d Castlevania, Mario, Sonic... All the classics should be taken back to their roots while still making innovative disc based games. I would love to see a "New Super Mario Bros. 2"...



Stratos said:

@ Ian Daemon
I would love an 8/16-bit Smash Bros like those videos on youtube.
Would you rather see a NSMB 2 or an 8-bit Mario? NSMB really bugged me for some reason. I would rather have a new Mario 1 or 3 style game instead of the flashy 3-D side scroller. Maybe its the retro-traditional gamer in me though since I grew up with Mario 3 as my first Nintendo game I ever owned (aww the memories, I remember carrying the NES/Mario 3 bundle in a paper bag out of the target promising my Mom I would always love her because she got it for me...SNIFF)



Clayfrd said:

@Jeph -
As much as I'd love a New SMB 2, I'd prefer a new Sonic. Sonic has failed to release a truly good 3d game, and I'd love to see some new 16-bit Sonics that are of the Sonic 2 caliber. Lately I've been working on beating Sonic 3 and Sonic 1 MS, and those are the kinds of games that are actually worth mentioning. I'd like to see Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad return to subcon, though. What would REALLY be good is a New Super Mario *World*!



rbtransformed said:

Stratos, I would love to see a NSMB2 for the DS. (I'm sure nintendo will release a sequel before they bring out the new handheld.) Of course, I would also love to see a true 16-bit side-scrolling Mario game for WiiWare so long as the difficulty is equally as high as the originals, if not more-so.

(touching story btw, haha)

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