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Home Sweet Home - New Game Play Video!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

If you've ever wanted to be an interior designer, now is your chance. Big Blue Bubble Games is getting set to release their new interior decorating game Home Sweet Home onto the WiiWare service and we can safely say that there's not another game like this available for the Wii console, that's for sure.

In Home Sweet Home, you are given the task of decorating one room of your client's house. You must listen to them and find out what their tastes are in order to design a room that will appeal to them. You'll then have to use the Wii Remote to guide your design team on their way to creating the perfect room design for your client.

For those who are interested in this title, we just got a brand new video of the game in action. This should give you a better idea of exactly how the game plays and functions, especially given how few details we have regarding the game.

Big Blue Bubble Games has told us that we can hopefully expect Home Sweet Home to see a WiiWare release sometime within the next 2-3 weeks, but couldn't give us any specific pricing details as of yet. We'll have more information on this title as it becomes available. This is turning into one of the more unique WiiWare experiences for those who are open to something a little different.

We can also confirm that Big Blue Bubble are secretly working on a sports game for WiiWare. When we get more info we'll keep you posted of course.

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andy836 said:

Nooooooooooo oh well at least when its released i wont have to worry about it ever again. I'm not even going to bother getting this game.



CanisWolfred said:

Oh, so it's a building sim. I was expecting The Sims type stuff, which, aside from the home-decorating aspect, I never really got into it. This game at least focuses on my favorite part, I guess I'll look out for it.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

This looks............


I know what I'm NOT buying.

Who here ever wanted to be an interior decorator as a kid!

Seriously, not buying.



Corbs said:

I took some interior decorating classes while in college. I enjoyed it, but soon found that it was not something I wanted to do for a living.

Of course reviewing video games was certainly not anywhere on my list as a kid either.



Ziondood said:

yea i tottally will never get this game
if i want to mess around with furniture ill go to slumberland



Naturestee said:

All those Wii Fit-buying house wives need WiiWare games too, right? Decorating my house was my least favorite part of The Sims, so I won't be getting this. I can see the appeal for some people though.



Kriqz said:

I think this will only appeal to it's very narrow target audience. Not my cup of tea, but whatever, I won't whine and moan like so many others will probably do when it comes out.



Kawaiipikachu said:

While at first this may seem boring & the video doesn't help but if they can (pardon my pun) build up the strategy side of things with this game right it might turn out to be a great game but we have to wait & see .

And thanks for bringing this up corbie .



Objection said:

I already had low expectations for this, but the short videos did lift them somewhat. I'm curious on how much it will cost (500 is the sweet spot!!) but as of now I'm leaning towards "pass" by a far amount. Also, whatever happened to Helix and PLATTCHEN? When are they getting released?



Ark said:

I don't really know about this. My sister might like it though if it's got building/decorating things...



Virus said:

Eh...looks like it will be a boring week for me when it comes out, but I'm sure others will enjoy it. Perhaps I could gift it to my brother...



StarDust4Ever said:

[YAWN] - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I think I'll pass this one up. Sounds about as boring as a biology lecture on squid anatomy...



Bensei said:

@Outrunner: You're doing unjustice to Wiiware... Maybe they are not your thing but there are many good games on Wiiware too. I considered buying Wild West Guns, Star Soldier R and Toki Tori, but so far, the Dr. Mario demo is the only Wiiware game I downloaded yet, but I'll download Toki Tori soon, since I had a test run at a friends Wii.

Except you expected Wiiware to bring you Mario and Zelda games. I guess Wiiware games from Nintendo won't be as good as their VC friends, since they will release the good things on disc so that anyone can buy them. I expect Nintendo remaking dead series without much depths like Clu Clu Land or Duck Hunt (yeah, I guess that Demo that boy found might be a Wiiware prototype, if it was real). Remaking games like Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman for Wiiware would be a sneaky excuse why they haven't uploaded it yet (in fact I gues they are just too lazy simulating the NES Zapper)

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