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Hockey Allstar Shootout is coming to WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

As hinted the other day in our news on the Home Sweet Home trailer, Canadian developers Big Blue Bubble are soon to be releasing a sports game. We really should have been able to guess which sport this would be given their nationality, but the press release below confirms it! Soon Hockey Allstar Shootout will be coming to WiiWare.

This potentially could be quite a fun game if you are a fan of the sport, as always have your say below...

LONDON, Ontario – Big Blue Bubble is proud to announce that they’re bringing Canada’s game to WiiWare!

Hockey Allstar Shootout will be the first of its kind on the WiiWare platform and is destined to become an instant fan favourite amongst sports enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

Use the Wii Remote as your stick and take the shot as you compete in 3 exciting hockey skills competitions. Whether you’re competing solo or challenging your friends, Hockey Allstar Shootout will put your hockey skills to the test.

Shoot the lights out in Sharp Shooter, by breaking all 4 targets as quick as you can. Think you have a booming slap shot? Prove it in the Power Shot hardest shot challenge. And last but not least, it’s just you versus the best goalies in the world in the Head to Head 5 puck shootout!

With over 30 high profile games in its portfolio, Big Blue Bubble Inc. is one of Canada’s leading video game developers. Each of company’s three divisions (Mobile, Console and Casual) is dedicated to making the best possible games by combining innovative designers with top-caliber artists and experienced programmers. By maintaining a strong focus on the development of technology and showcasing it through award-winning games, Big Blue Bubble will continue to lead the way in becoming a cornerstone of the casual gaming world.

For more information on Big Blue Bubble and its ongoing projects, please visit

Update: Big Blue Bubble were kind enough to send us two photos from a party held earlier this year where pilot testing for their upcoming game was done:



It pretty much looks like you'll just be doing penalty shootouts here. Lets hope there is more depth than meets the eye in the end product!

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calculon said:

Challenge the greatest hockey goalies in the world and break some lights whilst swinging your wiimote like a pillock? Err ... sounds about good enough for the usual five minute WiiWare fodder.

With games like Megastore Madness and I Spy Fun House under their belt, 'quality' surely is the word to look out for. All hail the king of crap - WiiWare!



Bensei said:

I guess this will be a cheap alternative to NHL, but I guess not much more. If it reaches Wii Sports Quality, I'll clap



Objection said:

Could be good, should be cheap, won't be cheap, still sell well.



calculon said:

Expensive and limited and absolutely as far away from NHL as you could possibly get other than in referencing some goalies

But yes, it will sell because most people will buy anything when there's bugger all else to play and of course the casual crowd will buy anything because they just don't know any better. Poor buggers.



danik said:

Hmmm could be a mixed bag with this one! Ill keep an eye on it and hope they suprise us with something good



Ricardo91 said:

I thought this was an actual ice hockey game when I first saw the article and got all excited, but now I read the details, and must say that this sounds really retarded. I guess I'll just have to wait for NHL to hit Wii retail then...
But hey, for all I know, I might be surprised; but I doubt it.



Ricardo91 said:

"With games like I Spy Funhouse and Megastore Madness under their belt, 'quality' certainly is the word to look out for. All hail the king of crap- Wiiware!"

You know, there are some good games coming to Wiiware. So Animales de la Muerte, Mega Man 9, Tetris Party, Alien Crush Returns, and Eternity's Child (I hope) don't do anything for you? Sure, there's not a whole lot beyond that unfortunately, but it's not a total loss.



Digiki said:

Sounds like one of the boring slapshot games easily found on the internet.



calculon said:

I've downloaded Eternity's Child demo on Steam. Trust me, it's ok but nothing to write home about.

Unforunately, as most people on WiiWare World will testify I'm not a bit Mega Man fan and other than a couple of modes on Tetris Party, no. As a pinball game, I'd rather just download the original Alien Crush and Devil's Crush (which I've already got) rather than waste the effort of spending money on dubious episodic downloadable content.



AlexSays said:

I've downloaded Eternity's Child demo on Steam.
What does EC have to do with this new game being announced?

Uhh, anyway...
I've never been a big fan of hockey, so I doubt this will do anything for me.



calculon said:

If you read the comment from Mr. Cheez (four comments above mine) you'll know. Nice try though.



chiefeagle02 said:

I was quite excited when I read the headline for this (for the record, I'm a Leafs fan). Then it all went downhill when I read the actual press release. I was kind of hoping for a full fledged hockey game dedicated to the Wii because the 505 Games look like crap. Ah well, NHL 2K9 for Wii comes out next month.



Terra said:

I have no interest in hockey, so i'll pass up on this. To be honest, i would love to see other sports game on Wiiware to see how they'd compare against a genre which EA are practically king.



calculon said:

@ x.SuperMario.x - I'm always happy, but apologise - I was out of line for being so abrupt with that last comment. Way the Wii's been going lately I should just rename my user Grumpy.

Have a good weekend (that is when it comes - we've got a 3 day weekend. Bank holidays are awesome)



Ziondood said:

this reminds me of Pong toss
Looks Cheep
Will Probably Sell Tons
Im not gonna get this



AlexSays said:

@ calculon- That's okay, it's my fault for not reading the previous comments.

And I've had the entire week off because of Hurricane Fay. So I've only had to work Monday. Which means I'm basically on a 6-day weekend.



CanisWolfred said:

Gahh, just a bunch of penalty shots! I'll just get Blades of Steel, hockey games are one of the few sports games I like, and I would prefer a more complete experience.

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