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Helix Coming To US WiiWare This Coming Monday!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ed Roman, CEO of Ghostfire Games, has just sent out a press release announcing that their new WiiWare rhythm title Helix is coming to the US WiiWare service this coming Monday August 25th. You can check out the press release below and you can also check out the telephone interview we did with Ed back in June.

Austin, TX (August 21st 2008) – Ghostfire Games™ announced today that Helix™, a music rhythm game, will be released this coming Monday August 25th on the WiiWare™ service for the Wii™ console.

Ed Roman, CEO of Ghostfire Games, had the following to say: “We’re extremely excited to release Helix™ to the general public. Its one of the most innovative music rhythm games ever designed. You use the Wii Remote™ controllers to do over 30 upper body moves while listening to fast-paced music. You do all this while the backgrounds (and the Wii Remote™ controllers) pulse to the beat.”

“Helix is not only fun, it’s a great workout. You can really burn some calories playing this game. You tend to lose yourself playing the game and forget that you’re even getting a workout, because the gameplay is compelling.”

“We listened to thousands of songs and narrowed it down to the 26 you find in this game. These 26 tracks are amazing and come from independent musicians that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s the type of music you want to hear over and over again because it’s so good. We’ve included over 26 songs to play, so the replay value is absolutely incredible for 1000 Wii Points™.”

For screenshots and videos of the game, see

We'll have a full review of Helix shortly after it hits the WiiWare service on Monday.

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blackknight77 said:

I was kinda hoping the Aquarium game. Oh well maybe labor day:) Anyway I always try to support exercise-based games:)



AlexSays said:

Complemented by SMRPG, perhaps?

So the replay value is absolutely incredible for 1000 Wii Points.
Let us, the gamers, decide that.



Ark said:

If not, we're gonna have some angry Americans in a couple of days.

Well, this game looks pretty good to me. I'll consider getting it, but I'm gonna wait for the review first.
I wonder if it'll have DLC for more songs though...



Terra said:

Wonder when Europe will get it. Anyway, hope this turns out quite good. I think i'll buy it when Europe get it.



worrybomb said:

For some funny reason, I had a feeling Helix would show up this coming Monday to the NA WiiWare service.

I won't be buying it on the first day but I'll be interested to see if Ed really speaks the truth. Let's hope so. =)



professorlayton said:

I'm probably not going to buy it since I have no Wii Points.
When I do get Wii Points though, I'll probably get My Aquarium, Mario RPG (if it's released), and Mega Man.



WeeGee said:

This game looks pretty cool. With the song list be actual songs though?



Dazza said:

Heres the track list. All of the songs are by relatively unknown artists, but the ones I have heard sound pretty decent. It should be quite interesting I think.



battledevil789 said:

dang i wanted plattchen or my aquarium this looks like crap no online its going to be a waste of 1,000 points hopefully SMRPG comes out monday



Ark said:

I don't think online is really needed in a game like this,battledevil. Lack of online=Bad Game?



Ricardo91 said:

@Dazza. I have heard of NONE of those artists on that track list. Hope they're at least half as good as you say they are. Nothing I hate more than playing a music game with lousy music.

@Corbie & Wariofan. lol to both of you.

Like Tony, I too was expecting My Aquarium.
Might (and I stress might) get this if it's as good as Ed says it is. My sister would probably sucker me into buying it anyway, since she's a DDR freak and all.



LAA said:

Cant wait to see how this will turn out!
I'm kinda glad that we're special having My Aquarium for a bit longer.
(No Offence, its just that Europe has mostly had to wait the longest for wii games at the moment, so having this for 2 weeks makes us feel a bit better)
Besides, I didnt really like My Aquairum that much, although the Neon Tetra's look superb, since I have some in a tank behind me.
The Only thing keeping me on now, is finding out what fish I get, which will wear off eventually I think...
Anyway, Helix looks awesome!



Objection said:

I was wondering when this was gonna come out. Now its only a month away from Samba de Amigo, a fatal move in my mind but what can you do? The gameplay is unique but doesnt interest me, especially since you pretty much need 2 wiimotes. I'll wait for the review, but I'll probably pass even though i dont think it'll be a stinker.



jessy said:

I don't care what you all say, I've been looking forward to this one more and more since WiiWare World first started talking about it.



Ziondood said:

awwww dang it =[
ill guess ill just have to keep waiting for my aquarium and eternitys child



Juampi said:

I wouldn't be surprised if this game doesn't get released this Monday.



Naturestee said:

I hope this is good. If the reviews say the controls work well, I really want it.

We'll see if NoA plays nice this week.



Virus said:

I'm really hoping this game is good. And I hope this article is right about the release date. Although they were right the last time about SBCG4AP, I'm still a bit "septic" about this article.



WarioFan63 said:

but it doesnt seem like there is alot to this game in terms of replay value

Its a rhythm game. Those usually have tons of replay value if you can get into it.



WeeGee said:

I say it should have Mii support, I really don't want to stare at a robot the whole time. And it would be a really good game if they aloud you to just randomly dance around to the songs.



Virus said:

Heh, I find it funny how people would rather have a "nongame" (My Aquarium) than Helix. My Aquarium didn't get a bad review, but I think it is rather strange that many people want it. Perhaps the casual games are finally infecting us all...



Ricardo91 said:

@Virus. Maybe, or it's because it's cheap, got a much better score than anyone expected, and many people are too lazy/busy to buy and manage a real aquarium, like me.



Kevin said:

I was hoping for Aquarium and Helix doesn't sound interesting at all. So maybe we will get RPG this monday. Who knows?



Tabbyluigi said:

I'll be getting it when ever I got the money, backed up on pre orders right now. I bet at last a 5 or better. Lets just hope it isn't a very big storage taker. But I do hope this game is worth any of my ime and money.



chiefeagle02 said:

This is one of the games on my watch list. I spent the last of my Wii Points on Super Mario Bros 3, but I wouldn't mind picking up more points for this if the review warrants purchase.

Updated Post

I just saw some more stuff on this at the official website and now I'm more intrigued. I may get some Wii Points anyway. I'll still wait for the review, but I'm more inclined to purchase it on its own right now.



Kenji510 said:

Game looks pretty cool and fun too... kinda like DDR but your using your arms instead of your feet, haha.



Mario64DStyle said:

Wow, this game might not be "that" bad...
I still doubt im going to pay $10 for it...
Prays for SMRPG



SRPirate said:

hey anyone i want a space shooting game i have 800 points, should i get star soldier or gyrostarr



Chipmunk777 said:

I can just see the riots caused by the lack of smrpg on monday.. We are soooooooooooo not getting it monday!

Anyway, helix looks interesting, can't wait for the review!



Bensei said:

@zss_shadow: It won't have DLC, the developers already mentioned that in an interview

This could be good, but since the developers make statements like "So the replay value is absolutely incredible for 1000 Wii Points." it sounds like it will be like that other "Must-Have for Wiiware"



deadbattery said:

Samba De Amigo is coming pretty soon to Wii... I haven't bought any Wiiware games beside Defend Your Castle, and since the Wiiware store is loaded with examples of Nintendo's non-existent quality standard, I'm not buying ANYTHING without a thorough analysis of reviews. I mean, this IS the same company who had the nerve to release My Pokemon Ranch, Pong Toss and SPOGS Racing.



AL3X_M said:

This game is gettin' me hyped, I'm really looking forward to it and hope everyone who buys it likes it.



Wiiloveit said:

This game looks really good, and as long as it doesn't get too complicated with the moves and whatnot, and as long as the motion sensing works, this could be a real winner. Friday over here?

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