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Euro Update: Wild West Guns and Defend Your Castle

Posted by Damien McFerran

Lucky European gamers have been gifted not one but two WiiWare releases today. Hurrah!

Wild West Guns is a neat-looking shooter that attempts to capture the thrills and spills of traditional light gun titles. It reminds us a little of Konami’s crusty old arcade shooter Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters – hopefully it’s a bit better! Expect our review soon. This will set you back 1000 Wii points.

Defend Your Castle is the second game and is easier for us to give an opinion on as it came out in North America ages ago. Check out our Defend Your Castle review and decide for yourself. It's a big improvement over the original Flash game in terms of graphics and multiplayer option. For a measly 500 Wii points you can't really grumble.

As usual, there’s no Virtual Console releases this week. Boo.

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User Comments (55)



Bass_X0 said:

Not interested in either. The next WiiWare game I'll probably get is Megaman 9. I don't think there's anything else I want coming out before that does.



Dazza said:

Wild West Guns is out this Monday in the USA. At least you'll have our review by then!



Shortay said:

Ok week I suppose, could be better though.

I look forward to the Wild West Guns review, even though I don't think I'm too interested in it. I definitely won't be getting DYC though for obvious enough reasons.



Raptor78 said:

Just spent about twenty mins on Wild West Guns and I loved it. It does seem somewhat like a cross between wiiplay and links crossbow training but in a good way. I actually found it a bit more accurate than LCT. Also on this game you are able to play it with two players at the sametime unlike LCT which is a lot better.

I know that the graphics style isnt to everyones taste but I myself like how it looks and the sound and music is pretty good too.
This game isnt going to win game of the year but Im looking forward to spending more time on it tomorrow and it seems (so far) like a game that I would visit quite often. I would definetly give this game an 8 out of 10.



Objection said:

You guys got a pretty good week! Next time might not be so great, unless they throw in Strongbad with the lesser game(s).
Excited to hear. i'm highly considering it, but will obviously have to wait for review anyway since we're getting it Monday at the earliest.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

@ Shortay
What's the obvious reason? That it was originally a flash game? Don't let that fool you. It's much better than the flash one and well worth a measly 500 points. It's actually the only WiiWare game I have so far (although I would like to get Toki Tori)



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Europe you have a good week! Lucky......................

I suggest DYC. It's only 500 Wii Points, is simple to play but has a lot of depth (trust me), easy enough for begginers but has challenging levels later on for experts, has FABULOUS multiplayer, and it never ends. You'll be happy once you buy it .

It's also a great way to take you anger out.

"Hey look, a stick figure. I'll name you "Boss" ........................ DIEEEEEE!"



Symphonia_King said:

DYC dosent get the respect it deserves. Its way better than the free game. there's no reason not to buy it.



Raptor78 said:

DYC at 500 points I would imagine that it would indeed be value for money. Sure there are NES games for the same price, but this is an original title (well kind of) and makes use of the wiimote so even half an hour to an hours entertainment is good. Everything else is a bonus.



thewiirocks said:

@Symphonia King - I'm completely with you on this one. After the great reviews the game got over here in the States, I'm shocked that more Brits and Europeans aren't excited for this title.

On the bright side, I'm waiting patiently for Demon212's review. Should be interesting...



Raptor78 said:


As a Brit I honestly think the excitement just faded over time and if we had got DYC at the same time as you guys did im sure we would have been much more excited. That is the problem with these regional releases. Im sure that others like myself will still buy DYC and rave on about it and at 500 points why the hell not. We just may not seem as excited as we should be because of the wait.

...saying that, im rather glad we never got Pong Toss this week, mabey sometimes these regional releases can be a blessing in disguise. lol



Bahamut_ZERO said:

You guys get DYC AND the Western Guns.

We got Pong Toss..............

Well, at least I get to go another week without deleting something...



Krueger said:

I Downloaded Wild West Guns and have played through Normal-mode.

I must say that Im pretty disapointed. It starts of really good but after three levels there are no new challenges, only old ones remixed. The level-backgrounds also starts to repeat. And seriously...I got platinum medals on all six levels the first time I played them. Now I have unlocked hard mode, and of course it will be much more challenging, but it just feels like I have seen about everything this game has to offer after 20-30 minutes of very repetitive playtime.

And also, the achievements which may sound fun, is nothing more than a typical statistics screen with small icons (emblems) and text that tells you how many objects you've destroyed or how much money you've earned total. Nothing impressive.

It's not bad, but I can't really say that it's very good either. Links Crossbow training is better. And Umbrella Chronicles, one of my favourite Wii-games which I've played for 25 hours and still haven't unlocked close to everything in, is much, much better. And yes, I know that they are both more expensive and bigger games. But after 30 minutes I allready feel bored with WWG. I don't think that it's worth 1000 points.



sadpanda212 said:

Well We've downloaded both games and both are good fun and Value for money IMHO.

DYC looks as though it will be fun in multiplayer and I already know WWG is great fun in multiplayer mode.

It strikes me as a high score type game in the single player which is where the replayability will come into it.

@ Bahamut

Christ, I am sick of moaning whining Yanks at the moment. Last week you also got 2 VC games so you got 3 games to our 2, and one of those was a Wii Ware launch game that you guys have had for months. Yeah, you are really hard done by. Your Wii points are cheaper than ours too.



DEMON212 said:

Yup, I wish I could quote that because ↑QFT↑! @ Panda.

@ Objection. It's a high score game, so if you like beating your scores and like beating a mate real time, then it's worth the cash



Peznaze said:

So.. EU gets DYC and Wild West Guns for the fortnight, last two weeks in NA brought Pirates and Pong Toss...

Yeah, EU definitely getting better WiiWare, there.



Raptor78 said:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank WWW's mole who was able to forewarn us of this weeks wiiware. I was able to plan my points proir to them becoming avaiable. Mabey Nintendo shouldlearn something from this and possibly forewarn or at least teasse us with some info regarding the wii shop updates we have.



sadpanda212 said:

@ battle

We only get one per week too, we will get VC only next week and then Wii Ware only the week after.



Raptor78 said:

we have to wait two weeks for wiiware and two weeks for Virtual console games.
Personally I would like it like you guys where you get a combination of Wiiware & VC EVERY week then I would have so much more to look forward to.



sadpanda212 said:

DEMON has Gameplay footage of Both up on You Tube now. A Review of DYC and a First look at WWG. You Tube Channel is DEIVION212



thewiirocks said:

@Raptor78 - I understand what you say completely. Game makers need to realize that we live in a global community. All those communication barriers that used to exist are no longer an issue. The only thing separating Japan's market is a language barrier. Thus it's incredibly frustrating to see things so out of sync in the western world.

Unfortunately, the physical barriers of laws, currencies, and localizations are NOT going away. They're getting better, but these issues still present challenges to synchronizing game releases. I imagine that the first game company to figure out how to solve these issues will manage to capture a massive amount of goodwill in the market. (Of course, they can start by eliminating the EVIL known as region locking.)

On another topic, I am also happy to hear that you didn't get Pong Toss. Then we'd have to refer to Brits as "a bunch of tossers". (rimshot) Just like us yanks. (rimshot)

@sadpanda212 - I wouldn't put too much stock in anything Bahamut ZERO says. His posts have been rather random, inconsistent, and often contradictory. In this particular case, though, I think he was trying to say something positive. As in, "isn't it cool you guys are having a good week?" So don't be too hard on the poor chap.



Naturestee said:

Hmm, two opposite opinions on WWG right now. I'm really interested in it. It actually made me put Wii Play in to play the target shooting mode again, but a 5 minute game just doesn't satisfy me. I should really pick up that Link Crossbow game, I just don't want the stupid plastic shell.

I hope this is what we actually get in NA on Monday!



Ricardo91 said:

You guys sure got lucky this week. While you Brits and Germs and all enjoy DYC and WWG, we Americans are stuck making fun of Pong Toss.

I hope this is a sign that We'll be getting WWG next Monday. It just might be the first WiiWare game we got this summer that's actually worth buying.



CanisWolfred said:

WWG doesn't look so bad, once I looked at a video, though I'm still cautious about it. Oh, and congradulations Europe on finally getting DYC, I'd give ya a medal but playing DYC is probably reward enough!



AlexSays said:

US-ers can't complain when it comes to WiiWare.
We still have 7 more games than those pesky Europeans.



WarioFan63 said:

It just might be the first WiiWare game we got this summer that's actually worth buying.

Whats wrong with Gyrostarr and Block Breaker Deluxe and Magnetica Twist and Toki Tori?



Ricardo91 said:

Oh yeah. Whoops. My mind was on Pong Toss, Major League Eating, SPOGS racing and Cocoto Fishing Master. I apologize. I can be such a Negative Nancy sometimes...

Let me rephrase that to "this might be the first WiiWare game we got since mid-late June that's actually worth buying."



TokiToku said:

oh-no! if wild west guns gets released here on monday, then there may be no Plattchen! there's a 2 game limit per week!

if Plattchens not out on monday...



Ian_Daemon said:

This looks like 'Lethal Enforcers' or maybe 'Link's Crossbow Training' gameplay with a 'wild west' setting. Not bad. Not bad.



Virus said:

I think Americans can complain a bit. Of the games we have that our Europeans friends don't, most of them aren't very good. Besides Gyrostarr, we've been "lucky" enough to have MLE, Pong Toss, Family Table Tennis, and Protomediocrity. That Blackjack game is okay, but nothing amazing. Still, with how August is shaping up, I don't think we can complain for long...or at least I hope so!

In other news, I hope WWG is good!



RGVEDA said:

Defend your Castle only with english text? And THAT took they so long to release it here? Shame you Nintendo. I thought they translate it in different languages and that´s it why it tooks so long....



BDPatVCR said:

DYC !!! That was the game I was waiting for
I'll be playing this as soon as i get home
also, this summer is shaping up nicely for WiiWare, Nintendo finally realized that more free time (no school, no work) will increase sales if they release good games



Bensei said:

So Helix was a lie from the Nintendo Channel
WW Guns sounds interesting, maybe I'll get it after my holiday week



RGVEDA said:

But we already know, that Helix is translated in different languages. When DYC was on the List a few weeks ago, it says only english text. And it comes true. So, Helix will be translated



Shortay said:

@ Tides: Yeah, pretty much. I'm sure it's an upgrade from the flash game but if bought it I'd feel that I'd regret spending even as small amount as 500 points on something that I could play online for free. Using a cursor worked fine in the flash game too.

Not a bad week by any means though.



Warioware said:

Not bad I guess, but I'd still rather have virtual console games. Actually, I have a question for anybody - I'm about to move abroad to Korea and I plan on taking the Wii with me. Does anybody know if there will be any compatibility problems with NTSC TVs (obviously I'll need power adapters and the like but I'm more worried about the PAL/NTSC thing)? Any help would be great thanks!



Warioware said:

Thanks BuzzDee. That's an annoyance though, I have my TV set to 60hrtz anyway but I thought there might be some issue with the some of the games. I'm hoping that at least the Wii games themselves should work though..... Otherwise I might have to look into a monitor out there although I don't know whether that would resolve the issue. Hopefully there TVs support 50hrtz the same way ours now normally support 60hrtz. Thanks again!



danik said:

Just downloaded wild west guns! Thought it should have bean cheaper but knew it was going to be out at 100 points! Anyway had a good half an hour play on it and unlocked a few levels! My opinion so far is good, its a simple effective shooter and is alot of fun. Haven't tried multiplayer but think this will really make it. Im enjoying it so i definltey think its worth a try!



Wiiloveit said:

I don't see the appeal in Wild West Guns really. DYC would be my preferred choice, but I suppose it just depends what you're into. Probably won't be getting either for the time being (getting Actionloop you see).



alxtlvra said:

I'm surprised to see some europeans not satisfied, an enviable WiiWare update!

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