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Braid Is Too Big For WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

Over on Microsoft’s XBLA, there is an action puzzler called Braid doing the rounds at the moment. It has attracted rave reviews all over the place. I keenly downloaded it and completed it 100% and can verify that this is a top notch game providing hours of entertainment.

Sadly according to Jonathan Blow the game’s creator it has no chance of being made available on WiiWare, even though it is likely to appear on the Playstation Network in the future. Here’s what he had to tell EuroGamer:

WiiWare is not going to happen for this game because the model is just not right - like, Braid is too big of a game to be downloadable on WiiWare and stored on someone's Wii.

A lot of people think, oh, 3D is really complicated and is big, but 2D art - like all the bitmaps in Braid - takes a lot of space. The game is 144MB right now.

Again it seems that the lack of a storage solution is denying Wii owners the chance of playing a quality game. For now the solution is simple, buy a 360 too. Wii60 FTW!

Source: EuroGamer

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Damo said:

Grrrr. This looks amazing and is EXACTLY the kind of game WiiWare should be getting!



Terra said:

I already have a 360, so getting the game isn't my problem. It's the storage problem again. We are missing quality titles on WiIWare because of it and something needs to be done. But i'm only 1 person, how often does 1 person make a difference?



megacody said:

I have been following this game around for a few months, hoping it may come to wiiware. My dreams have been broken. Someday I hope I can play this game. Retail, please?



thewiirocks said:

Hrumph. I wonder how many developers actually try to make their games smaller? Not that I'm defending the fact that the Wii is woefully low on space (hindsight is 20/20, eh?), but a little bit of optimization can go a long way.

Having taken the (virtual) trophy for a 4 kilobyte game before, I know what is possible and what is not. And one thing I know is that there are ways games like this could be done if the developers are interested. Unfortunately, I don't think they feel that there will be enough of a return to make the work worth the effort.



hansolo350 said:

I've never heard of this game but it seems very interesting.

Also, where is the Strong Bad review?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

And I thought it was only fans that suffered from lack of storage.....
These publishers are losin' money that could have been made on WiiWare.



TokiToku said:

this sucks! ninty really needs to do something! save files take up like a third of my space!

SSBB: 128
Blast Works: 128
Elebits: 109
Metal Slug Anthology: 29
Mario Kart Wii: 26
plus all of the 1-25 blocks games!



Cheezel_X said:

if my wii could use sd hc cards i would be more than happy to buy an 8gb sd.

if only the people who made the wii thought that would be a good idea too



Hyper_Metal_Sonic said:

I don't know much about this game, but my friend won't stop talking about it, so I would check it out if it came to Wiiware.



Drizzt said:

That's too bad. It looks like a fantastic game. I don't have a 360 nor am I planning to get one so unfortunately I'm going to have to skip this altogether .

Besides, I wouldn't be able to download it anyway. I have 0 blocks left on my Wii. Exactly zero.



Kawaiipikachu said:

144mb is something if you think about the fact that only just less than 300mb of the Wii's storage is only used for games & storage .
Its a real shame that you can't used the partion on memory that is set aside for the message board photos for that irpose instead .

while that is nothing as compared to using ma 2GB SD card as my card still have a whopping amount of room in it still but let i ended up having to delete a lot of games & it's getting harder deciding what to deleate every time .

I can't wait for Nintendo's solution this this mess .



Peznaze said:

All the complaining... Either code efficiently or put your game on a disc, problem solved.



Objection said:

Maybe someday in the future...of course, I go through hell enough downloading 40MB games like Wild West Guns do to my crappy connection/Crappy WIFI/Crappy Wii shop to worry about 144!



SupermarketZombies said:

Here's a great off topic plan:
Make the freaking gamecube controller work on the Wii's main screen. I'm tired of controller hopping. Soooooo many peripherals soooo many >.< the horror....



iLikeGamesEspecWhenH said:

Braid, what a big game.... what a biiiiiig biiiiig game.... you know what needs more storage space for these types of games? WIIWARE! I'M A WIBBLYWOBBLYWEARWOLF CHECK THE 'TAR.



Kidpit said:

Umm guys... This game is also going to be released for the PC this year, according to the officail Braid Game website ( So I would hold-off buying a $300+ consloe just to play one $15 dollar game If I were you.



Ricardo91 said:

Hmm, I never even thought about this game coming to Wiiware, but it would make perfect sense, due to all the Super Mario Bros. references it's supposed to have. Hell, if I'm right, the whole thing is supposed to be one giant Mario reference. It would make a great compliment to Toki Tori too. But it doesn't matter, as I'm getting a 360 anyway. But still, Penny Arcade and this. Both too big for Wiiware. Nintendo, TAKE THE HINT ALREADY!!

@Demon. All those review sites don't seem to think so. You should try playing it before you dismiss it.

@Kidpit. I don't want a 360 just for Braid, I also want it for Rez hd, Project Gotham, Pacman Championship Edition, Geometry Wars, Dead Rising (even though it'd coming to Wii), Ninja Gaiden, Gears of War, CoD4, SoulCalbur IV.......

@Drizzt. You have absolutely NO blocks left at all? How's that possible?



Adam said:

I thought the game looked ugly and boring from all the previews, but I just saw it in action and it is quite a surprise. All skeptics should try the demo of it if they are able to.

I got to the doppleganger world and began to get a bit too frustrated to enjoy it, but that's certainly not enough to write it off as a bad game because I didn't give it much time, and it was a lot of fun before then.

It makes much better use of the time-rewind mechanic (which should be used in more games in place of complete level restarts) than Prince of Persia: Sands of Time did, anyway.



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

Stop it, you're made me drool! Throw in UT3 and N+ and you got my reasons for wanting that console right there.

Too bad, this is a good game, and contrary to what the initial reaction to the price was, it's selling pretty well. Now it's releasing on PC and PSN to become even more successful. Considering how it's already doing so well, I can see why getting it on Wiiware isn't exactly high priority, and without the ability to download demos, I don't think it would help it anyways.


It looks and sounds like a lot of fun to me, but then again, I love platforming, puzzle solving, and time-control elements, so it'd be the perfect game for me.



DEMON212 said:

@ Mickey.

So do I.

Everyone said that LW was amazing and while it has great controls & graphics, it's boring.

This looks like Blinx crossed with LW.

I hated Blinx too. I'll try the demo at some point, but I don't hold out much hope as after watching Zit worth it. I learned all I needed to know about it.



Clayfrd said:

My fanboyishness refuses to let me give in and buy a 360. I shall instead continue to ineffectively bitch about a hard drive on websites like this! My voice will never be heard by anyone other than the "geeks and otaku" on this website, but I don't care. Also, how can I fit Ocarina of Time or Paper Mario on my Wii, but not Braid? If I can keep the lion's share of my 45ish VC/Wiiware games on my Wii, why can I not keep this?



CanisWolfred said:


I guess it's all up to your interests. I like games that put forth new ideas, and put them to good use. To me, Blinx looked cool, in fact, it was the only game on the original Xbox that looked worth owning back in the day. I loved Lostwinds, and there was rarely a dull moment for me. Braid seems like XBLA's Lostwinds, and that's reason enough for me to get it, but if you didn't like Lostwinds, then you're probably not going to like this, albeit there's more going on, and the puzzles are far more varied.

I don't suggest Echochrome to ya Mac, since it's PSN's Braid, a smart, unique puzzle that's a little on the short side. I loved it personally, but our opinions don't exactly match up.



Cheezel_X said:

id pay $100 straight up for an external hard drive just for the wii, i dont care if its ugly it bloody needs one!



DEMON212 said:

I really hate it when games with artistic looks come out, and everyone says that it's something new.

LW did nothing new. It's basically Kirby Canvas with tacked on Wii controls. Only Kirby had an interesting story and fun gameplay.

Braid as aforementioned is Blinx and LW.

And Echochrome was one of my most wanted games until I played the demo. However it's not new.

I hated the controls and the camera. And for a game like that, they've got to be spot on.

As for time games, what's the point?

If you give people a reverse time option the game becomes far to easy (POP, Blinx, that awful 360/PS3 Time game etc...). If you boast about being able to control time as a feature but then put a limit on it, it's not really a useful feature, nor is it really a feature at all.

I can't wait for LBP to hit, although like 99% of everything released this gen, it'll look amazing but play terrible. Or be easy. Or be boring. Or have tacked on crap that'll ruin it. Or be amazing but then the console will die wiping your data as you reach the last level.



Dazza said:

I don't know if anyone is saying that Braid is something new, but pretty much every review has said that the game is excellent on it's own merits.

I played through Braid to 100% completion last week and can only say I really enjoyed it. If you like puzzlers then this is certainly one of the better ones out there.

Why do you keep going on about Blinx anyway? OK so on both games you can rewind time. In Blinx the way this feature is used is not particularly clever and it also gets more stupid when you have to start recording, etc. Braid uses it in a completely different way, which varies from level to level.

The reverse time option isn't used to save your bacon like in Prince of Persia either. It is fundamentally so you can manipulate your environment and complete the puzzle.

There are not really any valid comparisons to be made between this and LostWinds other than both have good art direction. They look very different.

Why do you insist on writing all these negative thoughts on games you haven't bothered to play?



CanisWolfred said:

Okay, so maybe it's not the most original, but I think I'll just take Dazza's word on it for right now, and just say it probably does good in what ever it does.



MrPoo6321 said:

Oh, well... looks like I might be getting this game on the PSN... I just downloaded Pixel Junk Eden and I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm waiting for something good to come out on Wii Ware... I'm kind of curious about the Strong Bad game, but I'm waiting on reviews for it.



DEMON212 said:

Again, I watched Zit worth it. Where the guy shows and explains that you're doing all the same time stuff over and over again, that's been going on for years.

He shows a part where you have to collect a piece, rewind time, play it back and collect another piece. So that there's 2 of you on screen at once.

That's the same thing you had to do in Blinx.

And my comments aren't negative.

I'm saying that it does nothing new. That's not negative.

I'm saying that it looks like Blinx. Not negative.

I'm saying that personally, it doesn't look as good as Toki. That's not negative.

Lost Winds sucks. Now THAT'S negative

As I've already said, I'll try the demo when I can.



David77 said:

If a was Nintendo, i remove the Wiiware service. It doesn't stand against PSN or XBoxLive. Everybody can see it. Braid, Pixeljunk Monsters,Bionic Commando:Rearmed, Super Stardust HD and many others are way better than anything Wiiware have. The only good thing Nintendo have is the VC. But for new stuff, Nintendo have lost. .



Ian_Daemon said:

Sad to hear that Braid won't be making the leap; it sounded like an interesting romp.



MasterMario said:

When Nintendo releases the Wii2 console in the future, it will probably have bigger space for games like WiiWare.



jayz_a said:

Off course it wont fit in wii ware, it is a game coded for both SD and HD. if developers of Braid are just not lazy to just optimize the code to remove the codes for HD, then I see no reason why they can't port it.



DEMON212 said:

@ David77.

So far I'm in total agreeance. Once they finish off the SBC series, if they don't get the big hitters out, they might as well can it.



StarDust4Ever said:

There's the problem right there: bitmap files. Absolutely no effort to compress the textures at all. Use PNG compression for textures with low complexity (like text or color gradients), and Jpeg compression for textures with a high complexity (like photos or bump maps). Actual pixel resolution most likely can safely be reduced by up to 33.3%, since the Wii is only 480p and not 720p or 1080i like the PS3 and Xbox 360. So it should be possible to to compress textures down to at most 1/10th their original size. Individual textures are decompressed on the fly as they are loaded into memory. Problem solved.

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