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Bionic Commando Not Approved For Virtual Console

Posted by Darren Calvert

Way back in April we reported that Capcom’s Ben Judd stated that the NES version of Bionic Commando would not be coming to the Virtual Console.

Not content to leave it there, that old chestnut has been raised again as Bionic Commando Rearmed is due on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC soon. Here’s what he had to say on the subject in a recent interview with 1up:

1UP: What about the original Bionic Commando for Virtual Console?

BJ: We couldn’t get it approved for the Virtual Console.

1UP: Is that because of the whole Nazi thing?

BJ: I can’t say why. I can just say that we tried to get it to work. We’re huge fans of the game. When you think about it, it totally makes sense as a strategy to have the original game out there in some format that people can play and see what was so great about it. But we were told no.

All we can say is this decision by Nintendo is extremely disappointing, would it be any different if Rearmed was destined for WiiWare? Whatever the real reason it’s another kick in the nuts for VC gamers!

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Atlantis1982 said:

I couldn't really get into this, but I really like to know why this has been denied.

And no, it's not because we actually WANT IT or anything.



CanisWolfred said:

I've seen videos of both the original and Rearmed, and I gotta say I'm really disappointed that it's not coming to VC. I guess the reason is that they need to generate more sales for the XBLA version, instead of having the already outstanding original available for half price.



worrybomb said:

We've been hearing numerous times from Capcom why Bionic Commando won't appear on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console. I think Nintendo should give the gamers a response on why it won't release BC if Capcom is all for it.



rbtransformed said:

ColorblindMonk, that is so true! haha

I haven't posted on this site in a long time because the vc has just been one big disappointment this summer. I go back to school next week, and the only new game that I've ended up buying in the last few months was for the DS (FFIV, what else?). Now I did buy some stuff earlier like FFCC:MLaaK, Dr. Mario, and Metal Slug, but I could've completely just avoided those games, because none of them appealed to me as much as I wanted them to. Nintendo really missed a golden opportunity this summer to offer great games on the vc during this "drought" of AAA Wii games. Oh well, it's not my company...

On topic, it's too bad that Bionic Commando won't be released on the vc. I barely know anything about it, but I'm sure there are many of you out there who were looking forward to playing it.

(note: I am very pleased with the great selection of games on the vc, but I would love to have the option of purchasing LoZ: Majora's Mask, Earthbound, and Super Smash Bros. That's all I'm asking for...)



Starwolf_UK said:

So 4 months on and we get the same old rant yet we are still no closer to knowing anything.

Thank you 1-up for polishing this old stone but no thanks for not turning it over and getting to the bottom of it...



David77 said:

a response? from nintendo? to the costumer? really? we talk about nintendo remember. They have their reason and it's ok. But the simple fact that you want a response from nintendo is naive.



Ricardo91 said:

Soooooo... why exactly is BC not appearing on VC? Wasn't there an article that appeared once on this site that said Ninty didn't allow Bionic Commando on VC because it encouraged people to buy Rearmed on competing systems, or something like that? Anyway, this is very disappointing news. I guess I'll just look for Capcom Mini Mix on GBA, then.



Cally said:

So Rearmed isn't coming out for Wiiware anyway, and yet Nintendo still doesn't want the original on the VC?

These guys are a psychoanalysts' nightmare.



Ricardo91 said:

Yeah, why can't Capcom just release Rearmed on Wiiware with scaled-down graphics? Then this conflict can be avoided.



Cally said:

If Rearmed is coming out for everything but Wiiware, I imagine that the Wii hardware must not be up to running it. But Mr. Cheez's explanation of why Nintendo doesn't want the original is the only explanation that vaguely makes sense.



Kultist said:

lol yeah I'm starting to think the VC department is run by a bunch of rhesus monkeys on crack.

Sad news, I believe this was one of the first games I played on NES and it was rather cool. Still I don't think it aged too well and I certainly would not download it anyway, but there is something strange and saddening in seeing all those games not getting a second life for some obscure (and very probably inane) reasons.



blackknight77 said:

I would also like to say that Nintendo need to get more licensed titles on the VC like Batman for NES and Genesis, TMNT for Genesis and SNES, X-men 1 and 2 for Genesis and Ghostbusters for C64, SMS, and Genesis. Come on Nintendo give us what we want.

Also if you put Bionic Commando on the VC, I promise I will not be offended if Nazi's are in the game. ALso you could just have the ESRB rate it Mature.
If you have a GBA, you can play it on Capcom Mini mix collection. I guess Nintendo approved that one.



Tabbyluigi said:

Nintendo can sometimes be a butt-hole like in time like this,oh well if we are extremely lucky, which we never will be ther might be hope.......Darn You Nintendo!!!!!!!!



WarioFan63 said:

I dont think it has too much to do with Rearmed not appearing on Wiiware. I thought it had to do with the Nazis but Id figured he come straight out if he said it was the Nazis.

Maybe it just goes hand in hand with why we wont be seeing Kirby Super Star or Chrono Trigger on VC anytime soon. Well we'll probably see Super Star a few years from now but not with the remake coming out. Watch and see if Bionic Commando gets approved for a VC release in late 2009 or early 2010.



Beau_Skunk said:

Didn't Bionic Commando appear on the GBAdvance a few years back in a "Capcom Classic Collection" game? It doesn't make sence to me why Nintendo would not let it come out for Virtual Console.
Was it Nintendo Co. LTD themselves that turned them down, or was it just Nintendo of America & Nintendo of Europe? Either way, that's a bummer. Some of Nintendo's buisness practices/decisions are rather questionable to me. (Why do I have a feeling many more great games will be denied a Virtual Console release?)

As for the nazi thing (whom are the bad guys BTW) weren't they edited out of the USA version of the game, and the bad guys called something else? (Or at least the nazi symbols, and names were edited out.) I never played the game personally, so I'm not sure.



Cally said:

"Didn't Bionic Commando appear on the GBAdvance a few years back in a "Capcom Classic Collection" game"

The arcade and console games are completely different. The arcade version is kinda lame.



J_K said:

Yah like this one isn't obvious.

Capcom screwed Nintendo placing the new BC game that looking at it could easily work on WiiWare on every system but theirs. Then Capcom comes along smiling asking them to upload the old NES game to the system. Nintendo not being completely stupid sees them using Nintendo with a gimpy $5 download as free advertising for the modern game they got hosed out of and give them the proverbial finger.

Seems fair to me.



Smoke39 said:

@Beau Skunk:
Indeed, the Nazis were replaced with the "BADDs" and all swastikas were changed to an eagle sort of symbol in the US version. This definitely doesn't have anything to do with Nazi references. :/



Virus said:

A good argument needs reasons to "move" me. Until I hear something more than claims, I'm not getting worked up about this.



Objection said:

I don't see why BC couldnt be on VC in its NES version (Which removed Nazi-stuff.) I wonder if the exploding-you-know-what gave them a reason to say no. I can kinda understand that Ninty might not want BC to be an Ad for the new Reloaded game on other systems, but its still as stupid as the Goldeneye thing.



alxtlvra said:

And there are still people who defend Nintendo!

And there are people who ask me why I hate Nintendo!

Good news is that you can get a GBA, GBASP or GBM to play it in a compilation named 'Capcom Classics Mini MIx" along with Strider and Final Ffght OR you can always look for a NES and the original game on pawn shops or at ebay.



RoninDennis said:

@21 and 23:
The GBA collection has the console version, the other Capcom Collections for PSP/PS2/XBOX feature the arcade version. And that can't hold a candle to the console version.



DarkLloyd said:

well im not so sure if i should release my game idea in the furture for wiiware when i become a video game developer if nintendo can simply deny your game simply because something they dont like even when theres nothiing bad in it no way im handing my game to a crapy service.



DarkLloyd said:

by the way i would like to know if nintendo benefits releasing certain vc games u know like shared profit or something thats the only way it makes sense to me if they carefully decide what goes on thier digital service. thanks in advance



Starwolf_UK said:

Indeed, the Nazis were replaced with the "BADDs" and all swastikas were changed to an eagle sort of symbol in the US version. This definitely doesn't have anything to do with Nazi references
They forgot to change the final bosses graphics (it was still Hitler) but that kind of thing can be done easily. Look at Star Tropics (how the Yo-Yo became a star).



Bensei said:

I don't think it's exploding heads or Nazis, I'm pretty sure it's the Wiiware thing



Kidpit said:

It can't be about the new B.C. appearing on other system. If that was true we wouldn't have Golden Sun or Splatterhouse on the VC anymore (since they are new version of those games coming to the 360/PS3).

I think that Nintendo rejected BC (for now anyway), becuase they have a huge catalog games they annouced and haven't released yet. The last thing they need is another high profile title added to the list of games people are going to complain about every freakin week its not released.



Bensei said:

@Kidpit: That sounds plausible, maybe we all got it into the wrong throat...
Let's see what the future brings, after Earthbound, SMRPG and Co. have been released



WoRMaSTeR said:

@ 35. Kidpit: Yeah that must be it, too many good games, no more room for good releases. We are flooded with them week after week, wow I can't take this goodness anymore.



Rapadash6 said:

That's too bad. It HAS to be the head exploding scene, though. I hope this doesn't go for a lot of other NES classics like Blaster Master, although I can't really think of any reason NOT to let that game come to the VC.



Draygone said:

"1UP: Is that because of the whole Nazi thing?

BJ: I can’t say why"

I see this as being one of two possible translations:

  • Nintendo is a big bully but we're afraid to speak against them or else they'll beat us up (that is, refuse us as a developer altogether). Or...
  • Nintendo is a douchebag and won't tell us what's wrong with putting our game on their system.

Personally, I think it's the former. (Looks at Capcom, Hudson and SNK Playmore and their sad and afraid eyes.)



Bensei said:

You forgot a third option:

  • We can't say why, because it would hurt the name of our company because we were the douchebags

just to be fair. It COULD have been, although I don't think so



Terra said:

This is ridiculous. There are quite a few bad games on the VC, so Nintendo are idiots to not put a good one on here when they have the chance. If it is to do with Rearmed and that it's not coming to WiiWare, that may clear things up slightly and this could be revenge but we can't be too sure. If they put it on XBLA though, who would buy it when Rearmed is there for a slighly higher price.



CanisWolfred said:


You mean the Shining games right? And I don't think they needed to announce it for people to complain.

I don't like to speculate, and I won't. Nintendo had their reasons for why they won't put it on their service, and it's not my business to speculate on what they are.

There are other ways I can obtain the game, so I don't really see the point of worrying about it.



mattrob24 said:

I was under the impression Nintendo didn't allow NES Bionic Commando on Virtual Console because it would be promoting the new current-gen Bionic Commando coming out on non-Wii consoles.



deadbattery said:

I CAN'T BEGIN to tell you how much I HATE interview questions being answered with "I can't say why." It always brings a chill to my spine, because it's another step toward totalitarianism. What, is Nintendo's crack team of lawyers gonna car-bomb his family if he simply says what the problem is? What happened to simple questioning and answering? Will breathing be outlawed next?

If it's a case of being afraid to release the game due to Nazi imagery or exploding heads...GROW A PAIR, NINTENDO.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

This has nothing to do with Nazis or with Nintendo bullying anyone. They simply don't want a big company using the VC to promote games on other systems.

Capcom "can't" say why because it would make them look like idiots for not throwing Nintendo a bone on the remake.



FalcoLombardi said:

The guy over at Capcom is lieing. Ben Judd just wants to paint Nintendo in a bad light because the new Bionic Commando games aren't coming out on the Wii.



stinssd said:

Nintendo should have negotiated with the third parties MUCH BEFORE it ever released the Wii.



Will said:

Looks like VC gets nothing BUT kicks in the nuts. I had BC on the C64, yeah it was real good



MrDziekuje said:

Not being able to bring a classic to VC is one thing, but rejecting a classic is not acceptable, Nintendo.



blackknight77 said:

Dear Nintendo,
I promise not to buy a Xbox 360 or PS3 if you release the original Bionic Commando.
Tony from the United States of Bionic Commandos



Virus said:

Guys, please tell me why Nintendo did not allow BC to be on the Virtual Console! Please tell me! I don't want speculation; I don't want rumors; I don't want insults; give me unbiased evidence! Until you guys can give a reason, I'll think all this Nintendo bashing is bull crap. When I have that reason, I'll shut up, but not until then.



Bass_X0 said:

we know no more than you do. BJ said he can't say why and nobody else here knows why. we can only speculate, sorry.



LordJamak said:

Those of us with 360s and Wiis are set... those of us with NES emulators are set too...

Am I the only one who could take or leave this one?



Cally said:


I think people are mostly mad at the fact that Nintendo doesn't give answers to questions one way or the other. Nobody has their facts completely straight, and that's kind of the point. When nothing is said at all, it's rather easy to assume that the reason for the silence actually is because the reality would make people nuts. I've never seen so many interviews with people saying "I can't answer that" with games as with the VC. So most of us suspect that the real reasons, therefore, probably don't have our short-term interests in mind.

Morale on the Wii front is kind of on the low side right now without major releases happening and looking rather distant, and Black Monday was a serious insult to injury, seeing as how it's all but certain Nintendo could have totally given the green light to that crowd-pleasing trio of releases.

I dunno. Maybe people should be more trusting?

EDIT: Granted, I'm not really. I generally think it's good for people to speak their minds and feelings (honesty the best policy) to give the powers that be a clue what they can do for their consumers.



Kidpit said:

@38 Bensei and 44 Mickeymac
Sorry I ment to say "Golden AXE", don't know why I said Golden Sun.
I could also take it or leave it. Since B.C. Rearmed is available on PC (according to IGN anyway). I can just download that game whenever I want, just as soon as I can find a controller for my PC and after I buy my books this semester.



CanisWolfred said:


Oh yeah, I try to forget about the new Golden Axe game .

I guess I could take it and leave it too, since there are a ton of different ways to get it.


You mean VC front right? There are some great third party games coming out on disk, so I'd say the the Wii front's looking pretty bright.

But yeah, people should be a little more trusting.



Virus said:

I understand why people are mad; I just don't agree with the way some are letting it out. I am perfectly fine with people complaining, but I'm not okay with people randomly whipping up comments that declare Nintendo is some evil/stupid empire made to hurt us all. Complain and speculate! That's fine, just don't be crazy or vindictive with your comments.

I too am questioning some of Nintendo's choices, but I'm not going to say they are out to teach somebody a lesson because they got out of line. Strangely, the two people who answered me I have no complaints against! Unless my mind decieves me, neither you nor Bass XO made outlandish claims. I just wanted to see if any of the outlandish ones would answer me, but thank you anyway.



WarioFan63 said:

Really I think it wouldnt be put up even if Rearmed WAS on WiiWare. At least for now. Its like I said before. Its why we wont see Kirby Super Star and Chrono Trigger on VC. For now. It has nothing to do with cross-console promotion but putting the original version of the exact same game up. Or something like that.

You see where Im coming from? Maybe? I cant think of too many VC games that came out right around the time of a remake of the same game. At least, not one as anticipated as Rearmed is.



alxtlvra said:

Facts like this make me doubt about the release of NAM-1975 for Neo-Geo or the importing of Devil´s World for NES, they are great games but lots of maturity, knowledge and sensibility are needed to appreciate them, and saddly Nintendo has shown us they havent any of them with their STUPID secrecy policy, changing their target market to people who dont even know about Nintendo and then banning some games without even letting us know and without having a single solid reason, AGAIN ... I HATE NINTENDO !



Virus said:

Nintendo did release an "M" game on the VC, guys...I don't think this is a matter of mature content...



alxtlvra said:

@ Virus : Many contents fit in both, the 'M' and ' T ' ratings; 'Gore', 'Violence', 'Blood', 'MILD suggestive themes', 'Language', 'Gambling', 'Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco reference' (ESRB content descriptors) could SOMETIMES make it through Nintendo´s STUPID policies (Remember Pong Toss changing its name...).

But in this article and through history we can see that other themes such as any degree of 'Sexual content', high degrees of 'Use of Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco', 'Blood', or some other way controversial themes not even "offensive" enough to be classified by ESRB or other raters such as crime, historic international wars, religious, racial, and any other kind of discrimination may NEVER make it to Nintendo (At least NOA) because they lack the maturity, knowledge and sensibility needed to appreciate many games (NAM-1975 for Neo-Geo or the importing of Devil´s World for NES) and lately because they think their new target market (casual) could find it offensive, which is funny because casual gamers may actually not even know about this issues and sometimes they may not even know about Nintendo, many only play on their PC.

Besides you said "Nintendo did release - AN - "M" game on the VC". Look what you´re saying ONE OUT OF 200+, ONE AFTER 2 YEARS OF VC, ONE THAT COULD EASILY FIT AS ' T ', 'M' AND NOT 'A'. And analyzing everything, it IS matter of content! c'mon man its Nintendo!



firebrand said:

I think Nintendo chooses games for the Virtual Console completely at random. I don't think they have a master plan for what will or will not be released. I believe Bionic Commando will show up on the Virtual Console one day. When is anyone's guess.



Bass_X0 said:

When the VC eventually does come to an end, I can guarantee there will still be a large number of games not on it that fans want.



Bensei said:

Quote from BJ's last interview: "I don't think it's exploding heads"

Nintendo doesn't block brutal games, in fact, they said they have nothing against GTA or such, and an exclusive title of this series comes for DS. Also there are games like RE4, Metal Slug or RE:UC with exploding heads and blood fountains.
I'm pretty sure it's definately NOT the M rating that blocks this game from the VC.



Cally said:

Guys . . . look up "Mad World," "No More Heroes," or BMXXX or whatever it was called. 'Nuff said.
And Wolfenstein 3D (full of Nazis) came out on the GBA.



blackknight77 said:

It seems Nintendo is really getting alot of negative press lately. Look at the E3 apology, the mixed up monday, and denial of BC. I noticed BC comment was on X-play. I hope Nintendo can do some things to generate positive press. Releasing Super Mario Kart or allstars might do the trick.



Bensei said:

I wonder if they'd release Allstars for just 800 points... Since nobody who just wants those games, not caring about the version, will buy the Original games anymore...
I guess a combo price of 1500 would be fair (all 4 = 2000)

Anyways, Nintendo still needs to release the games that were promised for this month, Earthbound and SMRPG



FalcoLombardi said:

Let me repeat. Ben Judd is a lier. He's trying to get Wii owners angry so they'll buy the competition. Capcom never had a say in the first place because Nintendo bought up the distribution rights to Capcom's NES games. It's up to Nintendo to decide when to release Bionic Commando, not Capcom. For Ben Judd to claim that Capcom tried to get Bionic Commando released on the Virtual Console is ridiculous.



Bensei said:

@FalcoLombardi: Well, I suspected something like this in comment 42.

Either he's a liar or he said he wanted to try to convince Nintendo releasing it together with the NEW Bionic Commando to advertise it, but Nintendo said it's up to their decision when they release games on the VC.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

This is probably the wrong place to ask, but are the forum name/password same as my account name/passwods? I tried and it didn't work.



hal said:

actually, nintendo would never approve BionicCommando on VC, --it was written about months ago! that's sad.. bcause BC:Rearmed is AMAZING!!!! just played it! nintendo seems so.. !



puresthatred said:

Bionic Commando Rearmed is about 240 meg in size, so that would be a bit too big for the Wii without having to delete loads of content off. Secondly, its terrible. I just played it having loved the original but wow they made a few terrible decisions. The graphics look like a homebrew game, pseudo 3D rendered characters, terrible colour choices and not worth the 200 meg plus waste of space. Would have been better doing a Mega Man 9 and just rewriting the game in the original style or just improving the graphics instead of what they did. Trust me, youre not missing out on anything by it not being on Wiiware. Wait for Mega Man 9 , Gradius Rebirth, Last Flight...loads of great games are coming.



CanisWolfred said:


Graphics looked alright in the videos. In any case, thanks for explaining the size issue, at least now we know why Rearmed won't appear on Wiiware. I guess Nintendo wouldn't have any reason to be mad, especially if they put the original on there. Minus new graphics and multiplayer, it appears to be the same as the original.



bobuido said:

That makes me a sad panda. I do have it on the NES, so anyone near London can pop round and play it if it means that much to them
I have PS3 and will probably get Rearmed and the new 3D one. I didn't read the whole thread but I think the word to sum it up would probably be "pissed" A much loved game it would seem.



J_K said:

Give it time with anything, the VC isn't going away for a great many years. Brother of mine works as a producer at a company and the word is the VC games and WiiWare will be transferrable to a new console, so you got this lifetime and a next to get stuff.



mattrob24 said:

@Mr. Cheez: Sorry, there were so many replies to this topic that I missed your original statement.

Great minds think alike? <G>



CanisWolfred said:

Wasn't Eternal Darkness Published by Nintendo? I think they've loosened up on those policies by now.

I'd like to go with the whole advertising idea, but it doesn't make much sense. I mean, if you can have the original, why would you want the marginally improved remake that costs twice as much, especially if the remake is on a console you don't own? It's not advertising, if anything it would hinder the sales of the remake. Which might be why the VC one isn't out yet.



hal said:

@Bensei: read them. at the time pettiness didn't find them sufficient but, point taken. thnk u!

@puresthatred: wouldn't want to see ReArmed on Wiiware - the PS3demo alone is def too big! they should release the orginal on VC, especially with the possibility of the BC sequel being released on the Wii!!!!
ReArmed may b an 'acquired' like! lol liked the scale of the game alot, + the character-graphic is [☆☆☆☆☆]!

@Mickeymac: Rearmed looks so diff. from the original! personally wouldn't mind playing them back to back.also, nintendo slips M-content every once and awhile(NoMoreHeros,MadWorld, ect.) alot of times seems 'forced' or 'deliberate', --but, probly just another opinion!

edit: ☆s, copy+pasted. the line,not even sure. lol



CanisWolfred said:


I didn't get to play much of the original, so that was more of an assumtion. Good to hear the remake is actually a little different, I'd like to play both of them, too, if only to see the differences between them.

By the way, I don't know how you figured out how to cross stuff out, but I think that was stuff that you wanted to keep. Oh, and how did you come up with those stars?



Virus said:

It seems others have answered for me, but since you have been kind enough to answer me intelligently, I shall do the same to you (no sarcasm in that comment--you did have a sufficient argument).

First, the developers of Pong Toss decided to take out the alcohol in their game, not Nintendo.

The second matter will take a whole paragraph. You are right in reasoning that Nintendo USED to be harsh on more mature games (i.e. Mortal Kombat, Devil's World), but since then, I believe Nintendo has let up. I have heard no news that says Nintendo will never re-release the games you mentioned. If you have, please direct me to the information. As for Wii games, Nintendo has been entirely open to mature games (not Adult mind you, but neither has Sony accepted games with that rating). Both Bensei and Cally mentioned games that were pretty mature if I say so myself. For now, I don't think Nintendo is being squeamish.

For your final argument, yes, there has only been one M game in the last two years on the VC, but I don't believe that is a sign of Nintendo's hesitation. After all, there weren't many M games back then, considering the ESRB wasn't even established until 1994. Even then, to my knowledge, Nintendo's consoles weren't home to many M games, if any at all before the N64. As for the Genesis and the like, although there may have been a number of M games, I think it is the game companies who do not want to release their M games. Why would you want to release an M game on a family-friendly console when you have other "nicer" games in your catalogue? Get the more welcoming games out first then maybe the mature ones can come next. Well, that's just my reasoning. I don't think Nintendo has much to do with it.

And yes, this is how I spend my free time.



Bensei said:

@Virus: Nintendo said they should, but it's true, it was their decision. And it wasn't because Nintendo doesn't like beeer, but because American parents were too lazy to control what their kids play and so they gave Frat Party Games the fault of their Parental Failure to tell their children the effects of alcohol that Beer Pong doesn't.

And I don't see a difference in releasing M games on VC and on shelves. I mean, the whole Metal Slug Collection has been released with Metal Slug Anthology, and I'm pretty sure the other parts will follow to VC too.

Wiiware, however, is a different thing, there aren't much games yet, so it's hard to overlook one. So you can even be hunted down if you make a game about beer. I wonder if considered parents will hunt down Animales too...



J_K said:

Shocked to see some fools spewing the assumption it's Nintendo being PC. You have no evidence of that, and given it would be the NES version being released anyways it's already been sanitized as of like 20 years ago so it's not an issue. Odds are it's them not wanting to give advertising for the new BC game the jerks at Capcom won't put on Wii despite from visual evidence it being capable.



MaxPlastic said:

@ J.K.: Agreed

Besides, you can pick it up on the Capcom Classics Mini Mix for GBA if you really must play it again... Along with Mighty Final Fight and Strider



blackknight77 said:

Maybe Nintendo is waiting for the new BC hype to die down. They may focus on other Capcom title like Mega Man. There are so many other Capcom games for NES, Genesis and SNES that Nintendo may sneak this game in down the road.



whalleywhat said:

It's weird how people seem to always rationalize that Nintendo has some elaborate plan for VC and that's the reason that they put garbage on the service instead of all the good games they could be putting up. Nintendo doesn't care about VC and they clearly have no idea what games are good and what games are bad. The rationale behind being offered one of the greatest NES games that has what looks to be a pretty successful remake coming out for XBLA, PSN and PC for your download service and responding "Nah, lets put out Sonic for the SMS," is inscrutable. It's like peering into the mind of a madman. You shouldn't, you won't understand any more and the experience will scar you.



Eltigro said:

I've played it, but it was a really long time ago and only for a short time (I rented it). But I do remember that I had trouble at the beginning getting over the fact that he can't jump.



hal said:

@whalleywhat: agree 100%! they could have some of their R&D (at least) make their pick [,or suggest] for VC! that would prob. never b boring!



AlexSays said:

You know the VC is going through hard times... when a website TOTALLY dedicated to it can't find a single thing to write about.



marktheshark said:


or maybe they're playing Kriss Kross: Make My Video for the Sega CD to make up for the fact that Bionic Commando won't be on the VC for a while now.



Bensei said:

You realized that just yet? Since the Wiiware release there aren't much more news than "coming soon" and VC Updates. And the week wasn't newsles, there was an Update on Monday and Friday

Yay, 100th Comment



MaxPlastic said:

Maybe our kind reviewers at VC-Reviews decided to stop hyping games that may or may not come out, because regardless of how many times they "confirm" something, they just aren't the final say in the matter

By the way, Bionic Commando isn't that great. What kinda game is that? A platformer where you can't jump? Please... Next topic

Just my opinion, please keep your preaching to yourselves



AlexSays said:

Maybe our kind reviewers at VC-Reviews decided to stop hyping games

Maybe there's just generally a lack of news.
Your idea is good and all, but let's go with mine.



michinmuri said:

This is horrid news. Such a classic would earn bank for Nintendo and Capcom, but I understand it's just not in the works. There are still other ways to play it.....



Cooldued59 said:

Hahaha so this is where the homebrew scene comes in and saves the day..... The Unofficial Way! It has already happened but I am not going to post links and tutorials unless prompted by the mods themselves. I really don't reccomend unless you have bought the original Japanese Cartridge (for best results hahaha notice I didn't say NTSC American/PAL but you can buy them to) .

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